just sick of things

my least favorite thing is where I don’t intentionally procrastinate and instead just suddenly find out that I totally didn’t do the thing and it is now too late

I hate that thing

  • Me: *inhales*
  • Anyone I've communicated to in the past WEEK: YES, we KnOW. You love Alex Fierro, Alex Fierro is your CHilD, Alex Fierro is lIFe, ALEX FIERRO, FIERROCHASE, JUST. SHUT. UP. PLEASE.
  • Me: *backs away slowly*
  • Me: *whispers*
  • Me: a l e x f i e r r o

The dog world is exhausting. The concept that we should treat these wonderful animals with respect, gentleness, and kindness is one that shouldn’t be a controversy. Manhandling, yanking, choking, pinching, pinning, grabbing, prodding, and hurting dogs in general is NOT fucking okay and there’s no excuse for it. Abuse dressed up as ‘training’ or ‘handling’ makes me sick.

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you:

who gets sick more often:

who is the better caretaker:

who is the most needy when they’re sick:

who gets startled/worried every time the other sneezes:

who stocks the house with cold medicine and orange juice:

who is more careful not to spread their illness and who doesn’t care:

who gets cuddly when they’re feverish:

who tries to pretend they’re fine:

who tries weird/old-fashioned remedies:


My dear Hal,

you look absolutely delicious all wet and rumpled. Your hands are the most beautiful ones I ever saw. All slender, with delicate fingers and so long. And I’d love to lick that throat of yours. Touch that bulging vein with my tongue. You are sexy beyond description and make me think about debauchery things. My mind wanders to places that make me equally wet as you are. You are really filthy and dirty. And I don’t mean that in a good way. The mud is coming of in pieces from your skin. Please take a bath in something else than wine or ale. I’d help you with that. 

I think one of the biggest issues at play here is the definition of the word “harassment”. What most people don’t seem to understand is that there is a dictionary definition of a word and a contextual, or real world, nuanced, applied version of the same word.

It could be easy to read the definition of harassment as “something that disturbs or upsets” and immediately snap to the conclusion that yes, these people are harassing these other people because their word have both disturbed and upset said people. But let’s put that into a twenty-first century, Internet based context.

You may not like someone’s opinion. There are plenty of things I read on the Internet on a daily basis that I find gross, wrong, reprehensible, or in disagreement with my own ethos. This doesn’t make them harassment. For example, I had a news story done about me when I was seventeen years old. My parents consented to have my story, my likeness, my face, my voice, my words, all of it under the control of the network who presented that story. This story was a public story, available for public consumption and commentary. And trust me, the commentary was plentiful and a good majority of it was not nice. In fact, it was downright awful.

It wasn’t harassment, though. I had, momentarily, become a public figure. (By no means a celebrity, let’s not get dramatic and be honest here lol), portions of my life and story becoming public along with them. If these people had made threats against my person, had threatened my personal information or safety, or had repeatedly contacted me personally, THAT would have been harassment. But rude remarks? Cutting words and opinions about my public story and situation? That’s not harassment.

“But people have been repeatedly contacting the family with these words”, you say. Fair enough. But the legal system in this country takes things on a case by case basis. Which means the “one person represents all you Larries” bullshit that is a beloved line to drop doesn’t apply here.

The blogger in question has stated her opinion on public stories made available for public consumption on many occasions. That is not harassment, no matter how you dislike it or disagree with it, it simply isn’t. Taking someone’s home address and phone and likeness and giving it to a stranger without that person’s consent? That’s definitely harassment.

Just because someone says things you don’t like doesn’t mean you have grounds for legal action. So… try again, I guess.