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dunkirk || part two

(part one)

y/n’s always been there for harry, so why does he want to take little miss kendall jenner as his date for dunkirk’s premier? 


“What the hell just happened?” Harry scoffed, glaring at the front door you had just slammed shut after storming out, claiming you needed some ‘fresh air’. “Remind me never to bring up Kendall around Y/N ever again.” He joked, the smile dropping on his face when he noted the boys’ stoic expressions. “Wha’? Are you guys mad at me too??” 

“Oh my god, I just remembered. How could we be so stupid??” Liam gasped lightly, his eyes widening as he looked over at Niall. His memory was a bit fuzzy, but Liam did recall you accidentally blurting out your feelings for Harry. Of course, you had made him pinky-promise to keep it a secret, since you didn’t want to risk jeopardising your friendship with Harry. Liam was usually good at keeping secrets, but he had to tell Niall. And then Niall and to tell Louis - Heck, even Zayn knew! The only person who didn’t know was obviously Harry. 

“I t’ink she’s mad cos I took the last juice box t’is mornin’. I left her wit’ the orange juice when I knew she wanted t’e apple juice.” Niall muttered, slapping himself on the forehead gently. “Do ya t’ink a whole Costco sized container of juice boxes would make her happy?” 

“No, Niall, don’t you remember what I told you a couple months ago? About Y/N and her..” Liam trailed off, pointing to Harry very subtly. 

“Oh, right!” Niall’s eyes lit up as he sat up straighter before letting out a breath. “T’ank god I didn’t do anyt’ing wrong. It breaks my heart when Y/N’s upset.” He laughed lightly, looking over at a very confused Harry. 

“I literally have no idea wha’ you guys are talking about, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t done anything wrong. And let’s be honest, she’s probably a little miffed about that last juice box, Niall.” Harry leaned back against the couch after picking his phone back up. “I know Y/N. She’ll cool off in a couple hours, we jus’ have to leave her alone, s’all.” He shrugged casually, the rest of the boys staring at him in astonishment. How could Harry not know why you were upset? Was he really that oblivious? 

“Do you really think Y/N would be that petty to get so explosive over a fuckin’ juice box?” Louis furrowed his brows, raising his hands in surrender when Harry did nothing but nod confidently. “Alright, then. You do you.” 

“Stupid Harry. Stupid Harry and his stupid war movie.” You grumbled to yourself, sucking up the remainder of your juice before angrily tossing it into the bin. “I’m taking her as my date, he says. Didn’t even get a thank you for ironing his dumb costume. Should’ve tossed the costume into the ocean when I had the chance.”

Life just wasn’t on your side. You had always been there for Harry, supporting him with whatever decision he made. He wanted to wear that floral suit to the AMA’s, fine! You were the one who picked it up for him. He wanted to chop all his hair off for charity (and for the movie, obviously), of course! You were the one who physically cut his hair, and you even dropped it off at the charity itself. You helped him during outfit changes for his Another Man shoot. But no, you didn’t get anything in return. You weren’t even invited to go on that damn yacht. All you were in Harry’s eyes was his little assistant - Could you even call yourself his best friend anymore? Probably not! People were always calling you up because they thought you were a representative for Harry. 

“You’re not all that, Harry Styles.” You muttered, rubbing your hands together for warmth before shoving them into the pockets of your coat. (It was Harry’s coat. You liked wearing his clothes.) What were you even doing with your life? Your days including running all over town to do things for Harry, and you weren’t even getting paid for it. Harry had just been taking advantage of you right under your nose, and you thought he was taking you to all these things and asking you for all these favours because you were his best friend. The sudden feeling of your phone buzzing in your pocket snapped you out of your thoughts, making you stop in the middle of the street. You took your phone out and walked into an empty alleyway, your brows knitting together at the sight of none other than Harry himself calling you. 

“Y/N? Where the hell are you, love? It’s nearly 10.” You told yourself to stay calm when you heard Harry’s voice from the other end of the phone. You raised your wrist to glance at your watch. 

“You took four hours to call me and check to see where I went?” You asked in an unimpressed tone. You could practically see Harry trying to come up with an excuse as to why he didn’t call earlier. There was a moment of silence before Harry cleared his throat and spoke up again. 

“I figured I’d give you a little alone time to blow some steam off.” 

“Oh? Blow some steam off? And what makes you think I have steam to blow off?” You scoffed, raising your free hand to make air quote gestures. 

“Cos you were clearly upset when you left. Niall said he’d replace your damn juice boxes, Y/N. You don’ have to be so immature about it.” Now you were the one in shock. He thought you were upset over.. juice boxes? 

“You- what? You think I’m- Can you give me another reason as to why I could be upset right now? Because I think I’m over the juice boxes.” You scoffed, hearing Harry let out a small groan of frustration. 

“Can yeh just come back? We can talk about this.” 

“There’s no need to talk, Harry. You, out of all people, should know why I’m upset.” 

“Well, I don’t know why! You’re going to have t’ help me figure out why you’re upset!” Harry’s voice became a little more gruff at this point. 

“I shouldn’t need to help you!” You snapped, clenching your fist so tightly you could feel your nails digging into the flesh of your palm. “I’m just so.. Sick of you!” Again, nothing but silence. 

“You’re sick of me?! I’m sick of you! You’ve been so moody and childish lately!” Harry growled, cursing quietly to himself. 

“Maybe I wouldn’t be moody or childish if you could just figure out what you’ve done wrong!” You gasped, a little offended by his words. “God, I don’t even wanna talk to you right now! I was in a decent mood, and I was actually alone with my own thoughts until you call-”

“You know what? If you’re going t’ keep acting this way - jus’ don’ even bother coming home, then! You always think I need you around, but guess what? I don’t! I don’t need you!”

Your heart pounded wildly in your chest, a lump beginning to grow in your throat. How could he say something like that? “You don’t need me around?” All you could hear was the heavy breathing of Harry on the other end. 

Y/N-” You didn’t give Harry a chance to explain himself before you hung up and shoved your phone back into your pocket. 

He didn’t need you around anymore? Fine. If that’s what Harry wanted, that’s what he’d get. 



  • France: hey, England, what are you going to do for Valentines Day?
  • England: dunno... probably binge-watch Harry Potter... again.
  • France: HA! So lame!! Unlike your boring and sad life, I actually have plans on Valentines day with the people I love and friends and-
  • England: shut up, I'm pretty sure you don't have any plans for Valentines day except probably sitting down on your stupid chair, drinking wine, and looking out the window or watching chick-flicks.
  • France: ... fine... but I'm in charge of snacks this time.
Dating Roman Reigns would include:

× He was shocked the first time he saw you.
× “damn uce, who’s dat girl?”
× “i guess she’s (y/n) dude, she’s new”
× Him being very quiet whenever you’re around
× asking yourself if maybe he hates you
× Dean and Seth would tease him relentlessly
× like “well, (y/n) isn’t Roman just the greatest?”
× “oh, shut up, Dean”
× “Reigns, guess who is training right now?”
× “oh, be quiet Rollins… where is she?”
× He didn’t realize that you were flirting with him.
× You saying stupid things everytime he’s around.
× “so… why you hair is so amazing? I mean, mine looks like a rag”
× You being tired about him being so shy
× He being scolded by Dean, Seth and his cousins for being so stupid.
× While both are training, he asking you if you want to go out on a date.
× Havin’ a lot in common
× Once you started dating, he’d become so comfortable with you.
× He’d want to hear all about your day.
× I mean, like every.single.detail
× when you had a bad day, he’d stop whatever he was doing and bring you so much chocolate and cuddle with you
× Him being the big spoon like all the time
× “c'mon babe, just today I want to be the big spoon”
× “but you are so small princess, it’s gonna look so weird”
× Sex when you win your fights
× Sex when he win his fights
× Sex every fuckin’ time
× “you know you’re daddys girl, right princess?”
× Him being worried everytime when you had rough sex
× “It’s everything right, love” “Yes Ro, I’m ok” “Ok… are u sure”
× You’re his rock afted that shitty crowds.
× “You know and I know that you are amazin’ Roman, just let them talk”
× He fallin’ more and more in love with you
× Think about starting a family with you everytime he sees you with a baby.
× Him being super cute
× “you know that you are the most beautiful girl in the world, right”
× And he always makes you blush
× He LOVE IT everytime you wear his shirt
× “oh babe, you look so hot”
× Him being so cocky
× “what did I do to have somebody like you in my life”
× “oh, I know that im amazin, (y/n), you’re so lucky”
× “…you know that im the lucky one, right? so… will you marry me, babygirl?”

can’t you just picture being the 5th member/only girl in the band and doing an interview? it’d be so cute oh my. fans would send in questions and when someone asked you which boy was your favorite to cuddle with, you’d be hesitant to answer because you didn’t want to offend anyone but all the boys would be looking at you and hoping you’d say their name. luke would probably cockily lean back and drape his arm over you while pulling you closer to him and be like, “i’m her favorite, no doubt about it” so you’d reciprocate by saying, “just because you’re being ridiculously stupid, i’m gonna have to say you’re not my favorite. it’s cal.” that would cause calum to turn bright red and a playful fight to break out between michael and luke because they weren’t chosen and finally ashton would shut everyone up by going, “LISTEN, HERE’S THE THING. who she cuddles with depends on her mood. i don’t really think she has a favorite.” because michael’s cute, he’d most likely start talking about how much he loved when you cuddled with him and make all the fans in the audience collectively shout “AWWWW!!!!!” calum would be uncomfortable and want to quit talking about sappy stuff, so he’d say, “she’s like….a serial cuddler”, causing everyone to break out into uncontrollable laughter. then it would be a running joke in the 5sos fam for the rest of the band’s existence omg i want


Sweet, Sweet Revenge

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So, this was requested by @leyarren​! Hun, I hope you enjoy! Words written in italics are in the past! Feel free to request again, okay? 💖💖❤❤😘😊😊

“YOU BASTARD!” I screamed.


I slapped Jay with all my might. There was a red handprint on his face and a look of pure anger was directed toward me.

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Stuart: You have to eat something, Naomi. The only thing that’s passed your lips all night is wine, and we all know what happens when-
Naomi: Do shut up, Stuart. I’m not in the least bit hungry. I just want to go home and create. Why is that so difficult for you to understand?
Stuart: I’m sorry, but I promised Alex I’d look after you while he was away, and we’re not leaving here until you’ve eaten something. What about a sliver of Camembert?
Naomi: No, Stuart! You of all people ought to know how long it’s been since I was visited by my muse, and it’s making me angry that I’m wasting valuable time sitting here in this stupid restaurant listening to your inane conversation- 
She breaks off in mid-sentence and starts to smile for the first time since leaving the penthouse this evening.
Naomi: Well, well, well. Speaking of muses, guess who just walked in?

Just finished crying my manly tears after watching tonights episode of Jane the Virgin.

Decided to come onto Tumblr to see how people reacted to this fantastically devastating episode….

Shut the fuck up all of you bitching bitches.

This has been planned since season one. This was not a spur of the moment decision.

Sometimes life doesn’t go the way we want it to. Sometimes the one we thought we would spend the rest of our life with dies. Its stupid and mortal.

But its life. Its sad. Its stupid. Its heartbreaking. But its life.

I am looking foward to seeing how Jane copes with this terrible thing. If she ends up with Rafael then ok. She was able to move on.

This is how I plan to remember Jane and Michael. Happy and full of love. They were an all too brief flicker of light in an ocean of darkness.

RIP Michael Cordero Jr. You will be missed.

Thought these were cute...

These are from the Pokemon Fusion video today.

“Hey there! I think i’m about to get into a bit of trouble when it comes to today’s video…”

“BLEEEEHH!  I’m a Lickitung! “

“And i saw that Incineroar use Crunch….And it was like….OUCH.”

“I don’t even know what i’m even doing anymore. I’m very confused.”

“Hello, beautiful.”

“Oh my god, what the hell did i just make?! Was that a grimer and a cubone?! Uuuuugh!”

“Don’t look now, but i think there’s a beedrill behind you.”

“What? I know i’m cute. What’s the big deal?”

“I am so done with your shit.”

“Yeah….I know i said something stupid. Shut up.”

“I’m not kidding! I once caught a Shiny Zorua, and it’s now a Zoroark! Come on, you gotta believe me!”


dating joe sugg would include …

  • he would constantly be pranking you and visa versa.
  • constantly asking if you love him, and saying that he loves you. though, at this point, you’re like, “joe shut the hell up i’m beginning to fucking doubt it” every time he asks
  • lately you two have been going out a lot more, so that means tons of hangovers. you’re the one that takes care of him more though.
  • you guys are like bonnie and clyde, except without the killing, just partners in crime and in love.
  • if he is ever going to pull a prank on a friend, you’re usually helping him.
  • doing stupid things to see you smile, upset or not.
  • always cute hugs always.
  • you are sometimes ( most of the time ) the man in the relationship. only because joe is so whipped.
  • his friends remind him of that, and are always like, “joe she bosses you around a lot” but he doesn’t care because he’s in love and happy.
  • “that may be. but all i have to do is wink and she’ll be down for sex, how long does it take you guys?” and they go quiet because they know they can’t have sex whenever and wherever they want.
  • okay but you guys have sex a lot, i’m not going to lie. joe is still a guy and because you boss him around you let him have sex whenever he feels like it.
  • literally everywhere.
  • but you guys are the cutest couple and everyone is jealous because they’re so alone.
  • you’re better than zalfie.
  • Qrow: Winter why are you drunk?
  • Winter: Anything you can do I can do better.
  • Qrow: Look if this is all about how I said I was irreplaceable to our operation, unlike you, I was mostly kidding. You don't have to-is that Ruby slung over your shoulder?
  • Winter: I'm picking her up from school like a good uncle.
  • Ruby: Help me
  • Qrow: Winter you don't need to try to be me what possessed you to-
  • Winter: Shut up, I can be irresponsible and get away with it while making snide remarks just as well as you. *Hic*. Uhhhhh, you're stupid.
  • Qrow: Winter you're terrible at this.
  • Winter: Than what am I good at? Completing missions? Look I try to act all business like and shit but somedays I just ask myself how people look at me and, frankly, I've come to the conclusion they don't. What's my identity? My gimmick? My edge? I'm not *Hic* cool and shit like you and Ozpin and all the kids think I'm lame. I thought if I drank I'd...
  • Qrow: Yeah i get that but right now you're just pathetic.
  • Winter: No I'm not I'm charming and charismatic like you are. *Barfs*.
  • Qrow: I think I should take you home.
  • Winter: I'M HIP. I AM STYLE. *takes out hip flask and takes a sip*. God that's the stuff.
  • Qrow: Okay Winter that's real nice now come on let me take you back to Ozpin.
  • Winter: No You won't take me alive. *Draws weapon*
  • Qrow: Winter you're holding that backwards.
  • Winter: I'M BEING QUIRKY
I win (Negan x Reader)

Prompt: “I win”
Word count: 2.4k
Warning(s): swearing

You’re plowing through them, swinging your machete every direction, blood splattering your clothes with every swing but they just keep coming. You hear him laughing to the side of you, fighting just as hard as you are. You’re determined, he won’t beat you, not this time.

The last body falls and you look towards him, a giant smirk planted on his face. You groan, ignoring whatever stupid comment he’s about to throw your way. Always so arrogant. In spite of yourself, you smile back at him, after all, it’s just a bit of friendly competition.

“I win.” He says proudly.

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Kylo Ren Headcanons

- Being the only one who can calm him down

- Being the only one aloud to call him Ben, only when he’s in a good mood though..

- Hux and Phasma teasing the two of you since they found out about you two

- ‘‘Who would have thought, Evil Kylo Ren and-’‘

- ‘‘Shut up, Hux.’‘

- Him being a cuddler

- Sweet, long kisses,

- Angry sex after fights

- Passionate sex

- Just a lot of sex

- Kylo crying when he sees you cry

- Knowing Han and Leia

- Snoke not approving

- You not giving a shit, because you hate him

- Pillow fights

- Asking him if you could braid his hair

- ‘‘No, (Y/N), stop it!’‘

- ‘‘But I just want to braid your hair!’‘

- Him thinking that the mask looks cool

- You telling him that it makes him look stupid

- Meeting Matt the Radar Technician

- Knowing it’s Kylo

- Him being embarressed about it

- ‘‘Really, Kylo, Matt the Radar Technician? Why?’‘

- ‘‘So I could spend more time with you’‘

- Tickle fights

- Forehead kisses

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Aw Hell No

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Steve Rogers x Howlett! Reader



A/n: this is such an awesome request because Logan gets to be the lil asshole he is :3 by the way, I hope you do not mind me making the reader a mutant like her brother Logan and Victor C:


Genre: Humor, Romance, Family

Rated: Everyone

Warning: Crude humor, swearing, mutant reader.


Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines


You were sitting on the couch in your brothers’ home. Currently, Logan Howlett was arguing with Victor about something stupid.


You thought.

'Why can’t they just get along for once?’

I yelled to the mutants in the kitchen.

Hey! Shut the hell up!”

I stood up and crossed my arms, glaring at them from the kitchen’s archway. They looked at me and I growled out.

“If you two don’t stop arguing like a bunch of cats and dogs, I swear to fucking god both of you are going to have your tongues cut off. I cannot believe you two cannot get along for once. Logan, don’t you fucking dare open your howling screamer.”

I growled at him. Victor sighed and looked over at me. I stated, taking a step forward.

“Got something to say? Say it. I dare you. You know I’m right.”

Victor looked at me and Logan sighed, rubbing the back of his neck.


“Whatever. I am taking a walk. Don’t wreck the house or I’m going to kick both of your guys’ asses and skinning your hides.”

I walked off, slamming the front door and took out my phone. Scrolling through, I picked the contact labeled as 'Stars N’ Stripes’


“Hey Steve.”

“Hey doll. What’s up?”

“The Log Man and the Meow-Festation are arguing again.”

“Let me guess, someone scratched the others back?”

“Yeah, basically. Can we go for a walk or something?”

“Sure. I can actually see you right now.”

You waved furiously and he chuckled. You spotted him and gave him a smile. He smiled and waved.

“I’ll be right there. Don’t wander off, Cat-dog.”

“Ha-ha, very funny. Don’t make me bring the claws out.”

“Ooo I’m scared.”

“You should be. Mroof.”

You heard laughter and Steve held open his arms, closing the phone. You walked over and hugged him. He whispered.

“Can you show me?”

“Let’s go to the lake, and then I will.”

Steve smiled and held your hand. You smiled and walked to the lake, your senses picking up many things. Birds, people, the water washing on the shore. Scents assaulted your nose and you sneezed.

'Bless you.“

"Thanks. There are so many smells here.”

Steve chuckled and you two sat on the shore. Steve watched you as your nails grew into claws and long, jagged claws ripped from in between your knuckles. Steve gently caressed the bones and you smiled softly. Steve stated.

'I’m still so amazed how you have saber-tooth and wolf DNA in you.“

"X Chromosome.”

“I thought Victor was your half brother and Logan was your full blooded brother?”

“They’re both my full blooded brothers. Meow-festation just doesn’t like Logan so he calls him his half brother.”

“What about you? Is Victor nice to you?”

“Victor loves me. When we were younger, Vicci would call me so many names like 'Cub’, 'Kitten’, and even 'Fluffy’.”

Steve chuckled and asked.

“And Logan?”

“Logan likes to keep to himself. However, he will open his howling screamer when need to. He hated it when Vicci called me only feline names. Therefore, Logan is only allowed to call me canine associated names. His favorite is 'Bitch’,”

Steve snorted and you giggled. Steve gently kissed you and you let your claws retract, running your hand through his hair. You froze when you heard.

“Oh hell no.”

You pulled back and there stood Logan and Victor. Logan was scowling while Victor quirked an eyebrow up, a smirk on his face.

“(Y/N), don’t tell me you’re dating Mr. Rogers.”

Victor said. You blushed and smiled, a fang popping out.


Logan snarled and stated, pushing you away from Steve and standing in between you two.

“No you are not.”


He looked back and growled.

“I’m your alpha, you listen to me.”

“I listen to nobody.”

I stated, getting in his face. He snarled and growled out.

“Don’t you try to fight for dominance, (Y/N)! I’m your alpha-”

“-I will. You are not going to take the only thing that makes me feel human away.”

Logan was taken back and I stated.

“I didn’t act like this when you were with Jean.”

Victor whistled and said beneath his breath, dragging Steve his way.

“Low blow, Kitten. Mr. Rogers, you might want to stand back.”


“It’s going to get ugly.”

Logan glared at you and you let your claws out, growling. Logan stated.

“You know I’m a lot stronger than you.”

“Too bad your stupidity overrides it!”

You tackled him and went to scratch his face. Suddenly, arms gripped you by your hips and a voice whispered.

“Kitten, it’s not worth it.”

“Victor! Let me go!”

“I can’t do that. You will kill him. Go with Steve, I’ll take care of this idiot.”

You glared at Logan and Victor set you down. He turned you around and you looked into his eyes. Victor smiled softly.

“You tell me if he hurts you, I’ll let him have a taste of cat.”

You cracked a small smile and stated.

“I can take care of myself, Meow-festation.”

Victor grinned at the name and patted your back, pushing you toward Steve.


You nodded and gave one last look to Logan. You took Steve by the hand and quickly led him off. You heard yelling behind you and Steve whispered.

“Ok. I have to admit this. That really made me nervous.”

You looked at Steve, stated. “Bite me,” and rolled your eyes.


I wish men would stop excusing cheating by comparing themselves to fucking animals that desperately need to fuck everything they see and like it’s a natural thing because they just need sex. You debase and dehumanise yourself and make yourself look stupid. Shut up.

Can you IchiRukis/RUGOS just please SHUT UP!!!???  I am really irritated by the stupid posts complaining complaining complaining about Bleach’s ending and especially how terrible Orihime’s character is in making choices.  Especially that mizu.lily which according to her, she’s still young and inexperienced (inexperienced, my foot!)

Have you all ever looked at yourselves in the mirror and tell yourselves that your lives are already in pieces of shits and that YOU ALL HAVE NO RIGHT TO CRITICIZE KUBO TITE for creating a terrible Bleach ending masterpiece.  Time to come to a fricking reality THAT YOU GUYS CAN BE WRONG; I wanted to say ‘You guys can be stupid’, but hey let you guys yourselves realize it without me saying it.

Comparing Kubo Tite to Naruto’s Masashi Kishimoto ??  No you pieces of shit.  Kubo Tite never admitted that he didn’t know how to write romance, you pieces of shit.  It was reflected by the so called ROMANTIC POEMS THAT YOU GUYS STILL CLINGED ON AND STILL GLORIFIED AS ICHIRUKIS.  Why don’t you relinquished those IchiRuki titles away, since Kubo Tite already announced who really loves who??  Kubo Tite never admitted that he was at any moment indecisive who is going to be with who, he already know which pairings would it be.  That AUTHOR ALREADY SAID HE DREW ABARAI RENJI AFTER KUCHIKI RUKIA AND NOT KUCHIKI BYAKUYA AFTER KUCHIKI RUKIA.  AND HE SAID THAT ONLY AFTER HE REALIZED THAT RUKIA WAS NOT A PROPER PROTOGONIST, HE THEN CREATED KUROSAKI ICHIGO!!!

to put it simply…..while Kubo Tite was toying with Rukia’s character ….Renji’s character was created to pair up with Rukia, and not Ichigo’s.  Ichigo’s character was then paired up with Orihime.  You could see by the designs of all Ichigo’s other friends, Kubo Tite decided Orihime would be the one interacting with him in the pilot.

Time to admit you all guys are wrong in betting the wrong horse.  I mean, how wouldn’t you all not be wrong?  This is the faction who only emphasizes in manga panels and cover pictures and comparing to other mangas and other manga authors……Remember?  One even went to the extreme of drawing ‘VISION LINES’ and ‘How many MILIMETRES DILATED YOUR EYEBALLS ARE WHEN SEEING YOUR LOVER’  and my favourite…..ROMANTIC SHOUJO BUBBLES SCREEN.  And now…..oh, look, how SAD KUCHIKI RUKIA’S FACE IS IN HER WEDDING CLOTHES.

You all think it’s so cool to still criticize Kubo Tite now despite the fact that he admitted how hard it was to continue Bleach with all the sick body and with fans coming hounding him in twitter?  What’s wrong with Orihime working in a bakery shop after graduating despite being the smartest girl in the school?  Her aunty gave her the money to study.  Orihime shouldn’t be demanding her aunty to finance her to study the top course WHICH OF COURSE IS VERY EXPENSIVE.  Have you ever thought that maybe she rather stand on her own, live on her own without depending on others?  Isn’t that A VIRTUE EVERYBODY SHOULD BE ADMIRING?  THAT SHE’S NOT DEPENDING ON OTHER THINGS LIKE HER BODY BUT DEPENDS ON HARD WORK TO SURVIVE??

You guys have no right to come on Orihime hard.  Remember, Orihime didn’t confess to Ichigo.  Ichigo was the one who initiated the relationship, Renji gave him the balls to go for it.  Orihime almost kissed Ichigo but she didn’t, no?

Winter magic.

PS! The change to first person in a certain part is supposed to happen ))

Ben stood up from his bed and looked carefully out the window of his room over to the neighboors

A new family had moved in next to them

A mom and a dad and their daughter who Ben had immediatly gotten a crush on her depsite her being older than him

She was 22 years old and named grace, she had beautful blonde hair and the cutest smile Ben had ever seen in his entire life

Ben looked out his window over at the other house hoping to maybe spot Grace but was suprised as he felt a cold chill down his neck

he slowly turned around to see his sister Catherine standing there looking at him and let out a small sigh

“just talk to her stupid, its not like she is sitting at home waiting for you, if you want to talk to her, go over or are you to afraid?”

“shut….shut up, and im going to, its just…she’s 22 and im just 16…and she is way out of my league”

“just talk to her Ben, seriously, okay?”

“Fine…tommorow, its getting late”

“whatever” Catherine said and walked out of the room brushing some hair away from her ears

Ben just sighed and looked out the window one last time and spotted Grace fixing some candles by the window

she gave ben a kind smile and waved as Ben did the same back and then she walked away

Ben sighs to himself and decides to take a warm long shower before heading to bed to get some sleep

The next morning Ben wakes up and slowly crawls out of the bed and puts on his clothes

just a regular white t-shirt and some jeans and socks

He walks over to the window and removes the drapes as the winter sun shines into his room almost blending him

But a rather nice suprise is that he spots Grace walking out of her house and over to the her mailbox, getting the mail then walking back inside

“Huh…” Ben says to himself and walks downstairs and grabs himself some breakfast as his mother, Tina looks at him

“So….going to talk to her today?”

Ben turns and looks at her

“what ?”

“the neighboor, Catherine told me that you like her”

Ben takes a bite of his food and just looks at Tina


Ben shrugs and finishes up his breakfast and walks over to the sink and gets himself a cold glass of water

Tina then giggles and grabs ben’s hand and drags him with her over to the door and pushes him out

“now, go over and talk to her! if you dont im not letting you back in”

“But He-…!” Ben tried to yell but tina just slammed the door shut and locked it while ben let out a huge sigh as he heard something behind him

“Parents right?”

Ben turns around and sees Grace standing just a few feet away from him

“oh…Grace right?”

she nods and smiles

“why…why are you here?”

“i just wanted to ask if i could borrow some milk”

“oh…let me get some” Ben smiles kindly and rings the doorbell as Tina opens up since she saw Grace standing there

“What can i do for you ?” she says looking at grace while ignoring Ben

“Hello, i just wondered if i could borrow some milk…”

“oh, give me a sec” Tina smiles and walks inside and gets Grace a bottle of milk

“is this okay?”

Grace nods “thank you”

She smiles and locks the door back again

“so…uhm…Ben right?”


“do you want to come over? im kinda home alone and its a bit boring, i am making some cakes and stuff so if you want to help that would be awesome!”

Ben looks at her not sure if he heard right or not but managers to stammer out a weak “yes”

They then walk over to Grace’s home and walks inside

Grace walks over to the kitchen while ben sits down on the sofa in the living room feeling awfully shy and not quite sure what to say

“So…lived here your whole life?”


Grace walks over to him

“have you lived here your entire life?”

“oh, yeah…”

she smiles “its kinda nice here”

“i guess, you get used to it” Ben says smiling gently at her as she gets him a cup of cocoa

“thanks” he takes a sip and looks at her

They end up chatting for a couple of hours and Grace takes quite a liking to ben but not in the romantic way, rather she starts seeing him as a younger sibling instead

she smiles at ben and pokes her cheek

“Hey Ben, a friend asked me over for dinner so i gotta go but it was so nice hanging out with you, and please come over tommorow if you want, im home alone for the next two days”

Ben nods ‘that sounds great Grace’’ Ben smiles and gets up from the sofa as grace leads him out she smiles and they give each others a hug as ben walks back home to find Tina and Catherine waiting for him in the living room

Ben just sighs and walks upstairs to his room and lets out a small sigh and lies down on the bed just waiting for tommorow

The next morning Ben is woken up by Tina knocking on the door asking him if he wants some breakfast

Ben just sighs and gives a tired answer “yes…” he says and forces himself to get out of the warm cozy bed

Ben puts on the same clothes as yesterday and trudges downstairs and gets himself some breakfast

He lets out a gentle sigh and takes a glass of water and catches a glimpse out the window to see snow falling ever so slowly from the skies

“damn it…is it snowing ?”

“it is, isnt it beautiful ?”

“i guess but its such a pain..” Ben took a bite of his toast and then a sip of his water

After finishing up his breakfast Ben walked over to the living room and sat down on the sofa and just looked at the blank empty tv screen

since yesterday all that was in his mind was Grace….but he knew they would never be togheter…she being 23 and he just being 16..

he let out a sigh as his phone buzzed

he looked down and unlocked to see something suprising, it was a text, from grace of all people

Ben looked at it “Hey! its grace! found your number but wanna come over ? im home alone and i would love some help with some baking and such if you want”

Ben read the text a few more times to himself before replying “i’ll be there in 10 min” he said and rushed upstairs and got on some new clothes and brushing his hair, as well as theeth

And so after those ten minutes Ben stood outside Grace’s home and rang the doorbell

he could hear steps inside and Grace opened the door and gave him a hug

“thank you for coming Ben! i really need the help” she said and walked over to the kitchen while Ben took of his shoes and followed her into the kitchen

She turned around and smiled at him while wearing two large red kitchen gloves

“im just going to get some gingerbread cookies out of the oven, why dont you sit down on the sofa and turn on the tv Ben?”

“Sure” Ben said smiling but as he turned around to leave he could feel Grace’s hand on his shoulder as she spun him around

“here! take this” she said cheerfully and handed him a red santa hat

Ben put it on and smiled at her

“thanks” she just giggled and ben walked over to the sofa and sat down

He looked around the house and saw a few pictures of Grace’s parents as well as other stuff

it looked like they had a decent amount of money just looking at the stuff on display

But while ben was distracted looking around the room what he didn’t notice was a gentle white light coming from the santa’s hat for a split second

Grace peeks her head in and looks at Ben who then looks over at her

“Are you okay ? i thought i saw something”

“im fine…did something happen?”

“No, maybe just one of the lights are messing up”

She walks over to ben and sits down on the sofa and smiles at him

“So ben, i wanted to ask you something”

Ben takes a quick breath and looks at her


She just smiles and looks at ben some more as Ben starts to feel a gentle warm sensation inside him

“What is this…im feeling so…warm” Ben says while looking at Grace who just smiles back at him

As i felt myself getting warmer i looked at Grace who where still smiling at me, those white teeth and those eyes

it made me blush and i felt my cheeks turn red

I opened my mouth to speak but not a single word came out for some reason no matter how hard i tried not a single sound would come out

But Grace just kept smiling at me and poked my cheek

“Are you blushing Ben?” she said

i wanted to reply back to her but i just couldnt

But what i managed to was even more embarrasing

For one second it was like my whole body exploded in pure pleasure

i let out a loud moan as i felt my whole body warming itself again

But something else had began to happen, i looked down at my socks to see they had changed from my normal thick black socks to a pair of white and red socks with a tree and some bells on them

the changes kept creeping up me as i could feel a gentle smootheness to my legs i had never felt before

I even felt my legs stretching, growing longer making me a bit higher

But even so i was amazed when i could actually feel them touching…for some reason my jeans was just gone…replaced…by a red skater skirt

I suprisingly stod up on the floor as Grace looked at me, she was about to open her mouth to say something but for some reason she stopped before a word came out

I again tried to speak but nothing came out

But i could still feel my body changing

My…boxers…i could feel them getting tigheter and thinner as i felt my manhood press against its soft and gentle fabric then it grew weaker and weaker and soon enough i felt nothing down there

For about 20 seconds i felt nothing, it was just like it was…nothing down there

But that soon changed, it was….strange, it was a feeling i had never felt before as i just knew what had just happened to me

The skirt…the smooth legs…my new…equipment

i was turning into a woman

Right here…with Grace watcing me!

I gathered all the strength i had in my body and opened my mouth to speak

my voice was…weak and not nearly as clear as i wanted it to be but i managed to get out a few words

“What…is happening to me…?” i said in a shrill voice as Grace stroked some hair away from her ear

“…it’s and early Christmas gift…Ben” she said kinda weakly, suprised i had talked

But despite that, her answer made me fall back down on the sofa

As i sat down i felt the fabric of what i just assumed were my panties brush against the lips of my womanhood

it was an odd but…powerfull sensual feeling…

But i knew i was just halfways there, i could feel alot of rumbling in my stomach

i was already pretty skinny but i noticed i looked alot more flat and my waist had left me with a nice hourglass shape

I hadnt really though about it but i would totally say that my butt had gotten bigger too…atleast it felt alot more comfortable to sit down now..

The rumbling kept on happening as i felt like something inside me “'connected” i just gave it a wild guess and just assumed my inner organs…had changed…giving me a womb and eggs…

But as soon as that realisation came in i felt my chest beating

it was like my heart beat faster and with more power with each beat but it felt weird since it was on both sides

i looked down to see my normal black T-shirt had slowly changed into a red woolen sweater but i managed to get a glimpse of my chest

My nipples looked almost twice as big as they kept pushing themselves outwards, growing larger and larger as well as the fat around them

They kept growing from a simple A-cup to a proud pair of C-cups i even felt something materializing around them, a red push up bra appeared above them and wrapped itself around my shoulders and hooked itself up on my back

I looked down on my breasts and i could feel the bra helping them, i wanted to scream or say something but my voice would still not reach my lips

But on the other hand Grace’s kind smile had turned into this intense stare, like she was…waiting for something

She just stared at me with her beautiful eyes as i could feel myself getting lost in them

i just looked deeply into them as i could feel my own face cracking and changing but for some reason i just could not focus on it, it was all on Grace’s eyes

My bulky nose turned just as pretty and petite as hers, my lips grew fuller and more feminine, even my eyes changed, not that i could

And so without really knowing my face had changed, i had no mirror so i didnt see it myself but i did see a strain of blonde hair on my left shoulder

And i then felt something, it was like someone was gently stroking my throat as i felt my adam’s apple vanishing completely and a word escaping my lips finally

“I…m a woman ?” i managed to say

Grace blinked her eyes and looked at me

“Yes Ben…but not only that” she giggled kindly and walked over to the shelf and got out a nice looking mirror and handed it to me

i carefully moved it up to my face and i was not sure what i saw

i mean, i know what i sawi but….i mean, i saw…Grace

my own reflection mirrored herself perfectly

But i guess…the clothing…the hair….not only was i a woman but i had turned into Grace

i had become her…Twin-sister…

My mind was racing a million times a minute i stood back up from the sofa again and just looked at Grace

“C-Calm down Ben…its okay just sit down”

“S-Sit down ? How can i sit down! look at me! i mean! im like! im a woman! look at me!” i said cupping my breasts

Grace stands up and looks at me and opens her mouth slowly

“that’s right, you’re a woman now Ben, and you’re my twin sister too”

I was taken back by her words…i mean i knew it was true what she said but that she said it…so casually like she had done nothing wrong

“just sit down please Ben..i need to tell you something”

Ben sighed and reluctantly sat back down and crossed her legs without thinking

“i know you like me Ben but…its just you were 16 and im 23…and it would never work between us”

I just looked at her, not saying anything

“i dont really like to put myself in a booth by saying this either but i just dont feel like i should be with a man Ben”

“it just feels…off to me”

I gave her a slow nod as she turned and looked at me with her beautiful eyes again

“So…i am sure you understand”

I just look at her, i know what she’s saying but i just have a hard time focusing on her words

“i like women Ben” she finally says

Hearing those words ben can fell a weird heavy feeling in his chest, he knew they would never be together but now…

“so thats why i did it Ben”

“Did…turned me into you ? so we could be togheter?”

She smiles and nods cutely “but…im…im still a guy in my head, i dont know anything about being a girl..”

Grace just giggles and strokes my cheek

“i’ll teach all you need to know but first let us pick a new name for you”

“A new name for me…?”

“Mhm! Ben does not really suit you anymore dont you think?”

“I guess not…”

“How about…” she giggles and smiles at me



“yeah, thats kinda cute and it was one of the names my parents wanted to give me so it works out”

“i guess but…what about…i mean i…how is this going to work i mean…”

“just relax Stacey, it’s going to be fine okay?”

i looked at her, and for some reason, i belived her….everything would be fine….she was right, this was a huge deal but i was still alive and with the girl i loved

i was a girl as well but when i think about it, thats not really a bad thing, i dare to say it’s a good thing

And as i thought that Grace stood up and held my hand as she lead me to the middle of the living room and smiled at me

She looked up at the celing as i did the same as i saw a mistletoe hanging from the celing

“you know the rule Stacey” she said giggling

i couldn’t help myself, i giggled back and smiled at her, everything just felt so natural as i put my lips together and moved closer to hers as she did the same to me

And once our lips touches i knew that it was right

We break of the kiss and we both smile at each other

“This is going to be the best christmas ever, Grace” i said happily

“ it will, merry Christmas Stacey” she said as she pulled me into a warm and cozy hug and kissed my cheek

“Love you Grace” i said lowly to her as i cuddled into her and it felt just right


Stupid werewolves you thought as you and Liam entered Derek’s loft.

You could tell just by the grins on all their faces that they knew what you and Liam had done last night.

‘Well well well, is that a popped cherry I smell?’ Derek smirked.

‘Oh but I think it’s two.’ Scott added while looking right at Liam who looked torn between being embarrassed and proud.

‘I can’t smell a thing but I can spot that hickey from here.’ Stiles said making you quickly cover your neck.

‘Shut up.’ you blushed as you walked, well more like limped, over to the couch and carefully sat next to Malia who was covering her nose.

‘Oh the walk of shame, how cute.’ Lydia teased. 

‘Looks like little Liam here ain’t so little,huh.’ Scott teased as he slung his arm around his beta’s shoulder.

‘Stop teasing them.’ Kira said.

‘Thank you.’ you said gratefully.

 ‘Besides (Y/N) had a rough night.’ Kira giggled.


‘OK, am I the only one who can’t stand the stench of a fertilized egg?’ Malia asked suddenly.

The whole room went silent and your stomach dropped.

‘What?’ you asked.

At that Scott walked up and sniffed your neck (despite the growl from Liam).

‘Oh my God. Derek, smell her.’ Scott said lifting you up and pushing you to the oldest  werewolf.

Derek sniffed and his eyes widened.

‘Oh my God, she’s…she’s only sixteen and she’s-’

‘I’m what?!’ you yelled in frustration.

‘Pregnant, you’re pregnant (Y/N). We didn’t smell it right away because its so early but it is definitely there.’ Scott said.


You turn and see that Liam is on the floor, fainted.

‘Congratulations.’ Stiles said.

okay so we have Alix and Kim being rivals who probably piss each other off on a daily basis and their classmates are probably just like “kiss already for the love of God”

and we have buff Marinette who can canonically lift Chat/Adrien over her head

please imagine Alix and Kim arguing AGAIN over something stupid and the class is so done like oh my god shut up where is the teacher

and Alix is just “do the thing Mari I’m done”

and Marinette, who was just chatting with Adrien post-reveal, just peels off her cardigan and goes and chucks Kim over her shoulder (okay so it’s a bit of a work out, harder than carrying Chat, but she can do it) and just dumps him at his desk and he’s stunned as is the rest of the class

Adrien looks at her lovestruck as always and probably murmurs, “you can lift me any day Princess”

Kim can’t decide if he wants to challenge Marinette to a weight-lifting contest or cower from her


next day Kim decides to pick on Alix again and she is done too so she finally shuts him up by pulling him down and kissing him

{ please message me if you want to write/draw anything based on my posts }