just shut up dumbass


anonymous asked:

Shut up DUMBASS!! Stop complaining

ok im just gonna like. nicely ask you as nicely as i can to stop. dont want to see posts from me? great. unfollow/block me. like what i reblog but not my personal posts? blacklist my personal post tag—i always tag it as “taylor.txt.” i don’t care what you do, but please don’t send me ridiculous anonymous messages. imo it’s really cowardly of you, for one, and for two just really pointless, because i, frankly, don’t care at all about what someone who won’t even show their url online when telling me to stop talking thinks about me. if you have a problem with me, let’s resolve it together. privately. if you can’t do that, i’ll just block you myself and have it done with. calling me names isn’t doing anything for you. if something’s wrong and you feel the need to lash out, whatever. i get it. but it’ll help if you just talk about what’s wrong instead of sending a stranger online messages to shut up. i’m allowed to complain! so are you! but there is no reason to call me names and tell me to shut up, so please take a step back for a moment, yeah?