just shut up dumbass

i’ve stopped giving a shit and just started going “shut up dumbass” in lfr when elitists try to go “too low on dps” or “kick for wrong mechanics”. like i don’t care who they’re accusing, my automatic reaction is “shut up” 

2ps vs Urban Dictionary (Axis)

2p Italy:

“Beautiful? Thank you very much. Smokes pot? Please, drinking wine has a lot more class than this.”

2p Germany:

“I don’t get lost very often mister! Just in Luci’s eyes~”

Luciano: Shut up, dumbass.

2p Japan:

“Who would know that a stupid internet thing wroten by stupid people on the internet could be so right talking about my beautiful name? And sometimes seem to have a heart? Excuse me, is not my fault if most of the people don’t deserve my heart.”

2p Austria:

“Oh thank you, mister person on the internet, you are cool too if you recognize my amazing self.”

Luciano: Never shows off? That would be the only thing on his life that he never shows off. Bitch, you even tell everybody how your soap makes your clothes fluffy.

2p Prussia:

“I have all the answer??? All??? Even for the meaning of the life? That is what people expect of me??? THIS IS TOO MUCH PRESSURE!!!”

2p South Italy:

“You saw that fratello? I’m a legend, a very very cool legend! Flavio Vargas, the legend of fashion!!”

Luciano: I really wish you were a legend.


Luciano: Cause you’d not be real.

KHwingedAU! #2

This is quite long, so be prepared. This is my second little contribution to @craziiwolf’s KageHina Winged AU! I also took inspiration from @sugasvolleyball’s little fic for this AU (thank you ♡) and the following scene is set after hers.
Remember again that English isn’t my first language and yeah, I hope you like it!

“Wow! It’s awesome!” Hinata shrieked, staring at the little wooden tree house.
Kageyama raised an eyebrow, annoyed: “Shut up, why do you have to be so loud?”

They approached the tree in the middle of Kageyama’s yard and looked up to see the house better. It was nothing more than some wooden beams stuck together on a big branch, but Hinata was able to be happy with anything, so he found it beautiful. Also, the idea of going up there to look at the stars with Kageyama was so good that he had to restrain himself from screaming even louder.

“When did you build it?” Hinata asked, observing the house and catching every possible detail.
“I was very young.” The taller shrugged. “My wings were still small for me to fly, so my parents built this tree house, so that I could learn… and “fly with my mind”, like they said.“
Hinata turned around to face him. “It’s awesome!” He repeated.
“Yeah, yeah, I know.”

Kageyama bent his knees and opened his big black wings, almost touching Hinata with the tip of his right one. He jumped and flapped them just three times to reach the top and land on the roof, leaving some feathers behind in the process.
Hinata stared at him in awe for a moment, but then raised a finger against him. “This isn’t fair, Kageyama! I can’t do that!”
Kageyama looked down at him and pouted, but the smaller couldn’t see him because of the dark. “Sorry.”

Hinata noticed the wooden steps on the tree trunk right after that. He sighed and went up, trying to keep calm. The thought of their wings burning was still disturbing and he didn’t want to be angry with his teammate more than necessary.
Once arrived, he entered the house, followed by his friend who jumped inside from the big hole in the roof. It was the only source of light; all around them was quite small and dark.
Hinata sat down and opened his mouth. “It’s wonderful…”
Kageyama settled next to him and looked at the night sky above them as well. It was clear, some stars noticeable despite the city lights. “Yeah, I think so.”

It was a weird answer, so Hinata turned to see Kageyama’s expression. There was amazement and probably a spark of melancholy in his eyes and Hinata couldn’t help smiling.
The middle blocker leaned against Kageyama’s shoulder and kept staring at the sky for a while. The setter shifted his eyes towards him for a second, but the thought of their wings burning was still disturbing and he just sighed, without complaining like he usually did.

“Do your parents have wings?”
Kageyama didn’t expect that question and hesitated with eyes wide open, before answering. “Yes, my whole family has wings.”
“Oh. My sister and I are the only ones to have wings in my family, actually.”
“Mmh. That’s weird.”
“Why?” Hinata snorted, expecting some kind of hasty prejudice.
“Because now your sister is the only one to have wings.”
“Okay, okay, I take it back!”
No pain or strange feeling came from their back and they knew they avoided another possible cause of fire. They stayed in that position for some long minutes, eyes on the stars and just their breaths to be heard.
It wasn’t easy for them to stay quiet like that. Silence didn’t really belong to their relationship and made them feel a bit uncomfortable, but if silence was a solution against the risk of fighting and burning their wings, then they would have accepted it.

Still, they both felt uneasy. Hinata in particular, because he was always the lively one. He started getting nervous.
“Kageyama… Can I hug you?”
The taller parted from him, confused. “Why? Your wings aren’t burning.”
“W-Well, if they glow and recover a bit when I snuggle up to you…” Hinata murmured, blushing and pouting with his eyes down. “I guess I have to hurry up if I want them back and…”
He wasn’t brave enough to go on and Kageyama was too much embarassed to say anything either. He pressed his own lips together and hid his head between his shoulders. “Fine.” He blurted.

Hinata felt immediately relieved and didn’t wait a second to sit in his lap, press a cheek on his chest and encircle his waist with his tiny arms. The pressure they felt until a moment before disappeared and a sigh of relief could be heard from both of them.
While Kageyama put out his hands around Hinata’s hips casually, the few feathers on Hinata’s back started glowing. It was a little golden light, warm and cozy, perfect to brighten that tree house around them, but even more to brighten their hearts, that were beating a little faster now.

At a certain point, Hinata closed his eyes, feeling good in that hug. “Kageyama?”
“Mmh?” His eyes were still on the stars, his eyelids a bit heavy.
“Do you think my wings will recover soon?”
“I have no idea.”
“I really hope so… so that…” Hinata lowered his voice and frowned. “So that I can fly again with you.”
Kageyama blushed violently and didn’t move a single muscle. The redhead waited for him to speak and then heard a barely audible “Me too.”
Hinata lifted his chin to see again what kind of expression was on Kageyama’s face. It was so shy and embarassed, that his heart skipped a beat. He thought he was cute.

“Oi, will you stop staring at me like that?”
“…Kageyama, kiss me.”
The raven boy was totally upset now. “Hah?!”
“I want to try something.” Hinata just said.
“What the hell is wrong with you tonight, dumbass??”
“Shut up and listen to me. If a hug makes my wings glow, can you imagine what will happen if we kiss? Maybe my wings will grow faster!”
“Are you kid-”
Kageyama realized a second after and blushed even more. That reaction made Hinata laugh.
“Stop it, dumbass Hinata…!” The other one hissed, covering his face with embarassment.
Hinata laughed some more and then smiled tenderly. He slowly took Kageyama’s hand away from his face. “Don’t you want me to fly again? We are… a pair, after all…” He blushed and felt silly, but his smile was still there.
Kageyama looked at him. Hinata was cute, he admitted to himself just now, and the weak light on his wings made him look like an angel.
Kageyama went crazy with a vision like that.

He moved forward and surprised Hinata, touching his lips with his own. The middle blocker blinked and closed his eyes almost right away.
It was new, so they didn’t move for some embarassed seconds, but it was so sweet and simple that their lips parted with a smack and they wanted to kiss again immediately. Kageyama’s touch was soft and light, Hinata’s lips were warm and curious and the kiss deepened slowly without them even realizing. Before they noticed, Hinata clinged to the setter’s shoulders and Kageyama’s hands were already on his cheeks. It became soon a mess of many short kisses, repeated and slightly noisy, and every time they heard the sound of their lips, they wanted to kiss more and more and more.

Suddenly, a stronger warmth surrounded them. They parted slowly and opened their eyes wide, looking at each other.
Part of their astonishment was because of their kissing session - damn, it was good! - but the main reason behind their expression was around them: the whole tree house was glowing, full of golden light coming from Kageyama’s wings. Every single feather was shining, just like Hinata’s.
“Well…” Kageyama started. “Your wings aren’t back.”
Hinata bursted out laughing and then smiled, and his smile was bright as much as their wings. “I guess it’s not so bad, Bakageyama!”
In the end, even Kageyama couldn’t help smiling.


I love the idea of pairs, life and death etc and I decided to include it in this fic, even though the thing isn’t almost mentioned at all. What I found interesting as well was the fact that Kageyama’s wings were shining too! So I thought “What if Kageyama’s wings glow like Hinata’s in very special circumstances or gestures, like a kiss?” Now I’m like “If they have sex, the entire surroundings will glow too?!” HAHAHA
Well, this is it. I hope you like it, even though there could be some details which don’t concern the original author’s concept. ♡

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“it’s just a cut, really.” For Kiribaku....(with an injured Kirishima) ?

Five word prompts

“Its just a cut, really.”

Bakugou had rushed onto the scene of the sudden out break of villains, no one knew their motives but all he knew is that Kirishima had been in the area when it all went down. What scared him the most, is that Kirishima was off duty. He could have been seriously injured with the unexpected attack.

There were still people rushing away from the area, trying to escape any last villains that were still roaming about trying to get away. He knew he should have been more concerned about the villains and getting them to the police but his mind was set on finding his boyfriend.

 Of all the times for Kirishima to be off duty it had to be now. He rushed past civilians and several pros ignoring their shouts for him to stop or else he could get hurt, every word ignored as he charged into the mess head on.

There was fear, anger, and worry all mixed up into one making it hard for him to focus on actually searching properly but the sight of bright red hair sticking out in all directions and that familiar, loud colorful shirt that could only belong to Kirishima was what got him calm down and rush to his aid.

What he found when he got to his boyfriend, was him lying on the ground, half conscious and looking like a wreck. The first thing he did when he saw Bakugou was smile weakly and try to reach out for the ashen blonde kneeling at his side looking ready to cry.

There several cuts and bruises in random places on Kirishima’s body, but the one that frightened him the most was the large gash across his chest like he had tried to fight but only ended up losing. 

“What the fuck Kirishima..?”

“Its..just a cut, really..”

He sounded weak, almost as if it were to difficult to speak. If only Bakugou had gotten there sooner he could have kept Kirishima from getting hurt this way. It was his fault for not getting there sooner, shaking his head he reached out carefully placing Kirishima’s head in his lap gently brushing some dirt from his face.

“You’re fucking stupid..”

“Then..what does that make you..?”

Of course he was going to try and make jokes at a time like this. Sighing Bakugou carefully picked him up, carrying him away from the scene of the attack in hopes of getting him to safety before it was too late.

“Thanks..for saving me..I owe you one.”

“No you don’t dumbass..just shut up and wait, you’ll be fine.”

I was tempted to make it worse but that’s more angst then I need rn,,,

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Hi :) Could I get a scenario with sanji, kid and law where they get extreme jelous and protective? :)


Who would’ve ever guessed that Sanji would have to step up to the plate when it came to the art of being a gentleman. Sure as hell no one that ever knew Sanji would guess that their would be someone else just as lovesick, yet respectful to women in this world. We all know their can only be one. And that was exactly what was going through Sanjis mind. 

The Strawhats crew is currently on some random island they decided to landed, all eager to get off and explore and do their own thing,  especially Sanji’s dearly beloved, (f/n)-chwan. 

Sanji was currently just washing up the dishes created by the monsters he feeds every hour the day, and was damn ready to offer his services and undying love to his (f/n)-chwan. He told you and the crew he would catch up to them later. 

Later came, and so did hell. 

The second you walked into that tavern, there was a bartender who just reminded you of someone, almost like a cheap rip off you thought, and that made you giggle a little bit. Your giggle caused the said rip off to quickly spin around and face you, his eyes sparkingly. 

“Why ma’am I don’t believe I seen a star so beautiful out this morning,” he said grabbing your hand and kissing it. 

“…Its nighttime?” You replied a bit weirded out about how he seemed so…so.. familiar and fake. 

 “Really? You must of brightening up my enter day.” He spoke, with grace, his voice velvety, just no the same. Unaware from the daunting aura he will soon have to collide with. You of course knew all to well, and smile quickly spreading across your face at the site of your lover. The man currently trying to charm you, mistaking it as good response to what he thought was the smoothest line possible. Yet, someone clearing their throat and the smell of smoke sounded, and smelled very, very close. 

“My (f/n)-chan may have been kind enough to brighten up your day, but (f/n) brightens up every moment of my day, week, month and year. And I’m damn sure (f/n)-chan would be able to brighten up the rest of my life by her being my side. Only I could imagine to mean as much to her as she does to me. So I’m not leaving her anytime soon, nor am I giving her up anytime soon. So piss off.”

With that, your jealous prince charming spun you around so his hand were wrapped around your waste, spouting words of his undying love to you. It clicked for you who he reminded you of, but could never, ever be. 


In the most inapporiate, worst situation possible, a fucking marine decided to flirt.

In battle.

With a pirate.

That happened to be the significant other of the Infamous Captain of the Kidd Pirates. What a dumbass. You rolled your eyes really crossing your fingers that Kidd wouldn’t notice, because he was already pissed they couldn’t find any place to drink in this town. But no, he wasn’t going to leave from the 3rd bar, even if it did have marines crawling around the area. He wanted a damn drink and whatever Kidd wants, Kidd gets. So being apart of his crew and being his lover as well, you go along with all of antics, because you loved the man. 

So when a bunch of marines decided to shoot first, hell broke lose, shit was flown and destroyed and you weren’t really paying much attention as your boyfriend, Killer, and Heat were laying marines down left and right. That was until one decided to shoot at you, breaking your glass of sake in your hand. Kidd’s head snapping around to your direction. 

Damn, you can just sense it coming.

“Baby you know I’d have to take take you in, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do something to shorten your time,” The marine Vice Captain said sending a wink your way. Kidd face was starting to redden.

What a dumbass. Just shut up, just stop talking. 

“I’d think they lessen your time, because I want you to know I’m ranked well, in many, many other activities,” You rolled your eyes, starting the countdown. Kidd started to lift up his hand. 


“Could you use them moves elsewhere?”


“Because we’d be fighting all nigh-” The marine was quickly cut off from his sentence as Kidd sent every metal object within a 5 mile radius his way. Damn you thought, you didn’t even get to one.

“And just who FUCK, do you think your talking to?! Thats my Fucking woman you piece of shit, I’m about to fuck you up in the worst way possible,” The metal Kidd was controlling started to get closer, in distance, about 500ft away. 

“Attacking MY woman?! Trying flirt with MY woman.” Kidd spat right on the marines face. You bit your lip, admitting to yourself his jealously was getting you a little hot and bothered. Kidd turned around after the metal flying towards to marine did its job. Kidd walked over to you, staring you down intensely, something in his eyes you recognize, extremely well. 

“Come on, you need to reminded that your mine, for fucking flirting with that marine.” 

Kidd said in a rough, husky voice, yanking you along. You had a smile growing on your face, and following willing with a little kick in your step knowing for what was to come once you both got back on the ship. Because whatever Kidd wants, Kidd gets, and Kidd definitely wanted you. 

Law(He’s not a shishibukai)

You always thought Law never got jealous or too over protective. Law never showed any signs, so you just assumed he never was even able to even feel jealous. Little did you know he just never showed any signs to you. 

He left you completely in the dark about his true feelings on the way men and women would stare at you. He left you in the dark on how he go back out and completely redo the bodies of people who dared spoke about you within earshot of him. He also left you in the dark about how he gave a serious talking to crew about how to protect you at all cost from any idiots of any strength, also because you were a bit naive. 

You were currently walking around, a bit cluelessly in town, not givings a rats ass to the marines that were eyeing you. 

“I lost Law and the others…Where am I again?” you mumbled to yourself, a bitt annoyed at yourself. Then you saw it. You saw the largest room law had ever created, and you knew your quiet the distance away from Law. How the hell did he make a room so big, he’s never even done that before. 

Law was beginning to lose his nerves. He was edge, being in his hometown his crew and (f/n) just had to visit, but they never knew he born there. He gave his crew one flipping job on this island, and they can’t even keep track of (f/n). They were going to get it till he saw (f/n) again. Law didn’t want to have two haunting memories in this town. 

“Room”. This lead to Shachi and Penguin switching bodies as a temporary punishment. As he was about the close his room, his memories he locked in came flooding out, and the ‘what ifs’ piled over. He closed his eyes.

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And he snapped. The emotions, the memories, everything flooded back into him at once, and he had to find you soon his possible. 

You picked up your pace to what you believe was the center. Law was doing the same once he recognized your presence is his room. You two were quickly walking towards each other, and once you saw you Law, you recognized an emotion you never seen before. Stress, you could see stress lines forming, yet its only been like 4 hours since you were separated. 

“Law, whats wrong?”

“(f/n) I’m going to need to you be a way more careful and cautious about how you explore. This town is crawling with marines-”

“Law I was only gone for what.. 20 minutes?” You replied trying to soothe his worries down, yet blushing at the same time because this was new, and it made you feel warm inside. 

“What may have been 20 minutes to you, felt like hours to me, especially in a town full of marines that would take you away from me. (f/n) I’m not ready…to lose someone again. Just stay close to me in this town ok?” You could hear the relief in his voice when he saw you, but you heard the smallest worry in his voice. 

You held him for as long as he needed.

Sooooooooooooooo yeah, I was feeling the emotions with Law’s. I don’t know what happened. Tell me what you guys think it of it! It was fun to do.

The Counsellor's Surprise.

{ AU belongs to @doritofalls ! Check them out! }

Peace and quiet.

Serenity filled the crisp and cool air, not even a butterfly flittering anywhere in sight to disturb the silent and still morning.

The honey-gold sun slowly crept into sight, touching all areas with its warm and radiant light. Birds chirped their good morning songs, grass blades drifted gently in the soft breeze, nothing could ruin it. Max, appreciating the noiseless morning, took the opportunity to sleep in and catch up on all of those missed hours of shut eyes. Drool trailed down the corner of his lips as he snored, though, it wasn’t loud enough like a bear’s to stir up any true annoying noise.

But it was like as soon as he thought he had earned some well-deserved rest, an all too familiar jovial and perky voice echoed through the branches, an even more bothersome guitar started to play almost straight away.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHH! There’s a place I know that’s tucked away, a place where you and I can stay where we can go out to laugh and play and have adventures everyday! I know that sounds hard to belive, but guys and gals it’s true! Camp Campbell is the place for me and you!”


Of every possible way a morning such as tranquil as this could be ruined, it had to have been ruined by David.

(Un. Fucken. Believable,) Max thought. With an angered growl, he emerged from his cot and felt a dizziness arise in his head, making his environment spin a lot harsher than it should’ve. To his dismay, a throbbing, stinging pain erupted in his skull, a migraine following after. This always occured if he had been awoken too abruptly and far too early.

Rubbing his temples, he walked through the flaps and shot David the most aggravated expression he could think of. “David, what the hell?! People are trying to sleep you dick!”

As always, David merely greeted him with his default bright smile and cheerful tone. “I know! They’re going to miss out on a bea-utiful sunrise!”

“A sunrise? That’s what you woke up us for?!”

The other campers, who tried to ignore David’s admittedly annoying wake-up call, soon came out of their tents when the argument had began. Each of them were groaning and rubbing their eyes.

David’s breath hitched somewhat. “W.. Well, yes! Sunrises are an amazing feature about nature, Max! And–!”

“No. NO. Shut up, just shut. Up. No one gives a flying fuck about your dumbass sunrises and not a single goddamn shitty camp activity you planned out for us! Can you even call it planning; it feels like you just make shit up on the dot and if it goes to hell but it works, then by all means, just throw away any original plans!”

Neil blinked himself awake at Max’s berating, frowning slightly as he warily approached him. “Whoa, whoa. What’s your problem? You’re acting like a bigger douche than usual.”

“What’s my problem? My problem is that David woke us all up at ass in the morning for something as stupid as a fucken sunrise! Sorry if I’m a bit cranky!”

Nikki shook her head and stood next to her clearly upset friend, placing a hand on his shoulder. “You have to give David some credit, Max. He was just trying to be considerate.”

He glared. “Maybe I would if he had done it in a less obnoxious way. Did you know that was the one time – The one time! – I could actually close my eyes and sleep for a solid eight hours? But nope! Camp Man here decides to fuck it all up because he thinks he knows what’s best for us instead of just letting us gain our own happiness in our own way so he can figure it out!”

Soon, his attention averted to the male. Everybody held their breath when Max pointed a finger at him.

“I can’t believe you have the audacity to claim you’ve been working with us kids for a good portion of our ruined summer and yet you don’t use your fucken brain to see a pattern here! Hell, I’VE noticed that this is the TENTH time you’ve done this in nearly three fucken weeks! You ever stop and wonder what we want?

It’s all about what you want and what you want to see. I wouldn’t be half as pissed if you didn’t pull this shit on Saturdays. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go try and go back to sleep. Good. Night.”

Without another word, Max turned himself around on the rock of his heel and charged back inside of his tent, shock and unease thick in the silent again air. It was Nikki who was brave enough to reach up in attempt to hold his hand. “David–.”

Attempt failed.

He jerked his hand away and forced an insincere grin, clasping his hands together in a single clap. “Campers! Change of plans. Why don’t you, ah, take the day off and um.. H-Hang out with Gwen for the day? I just.. Remembered I have a very busy schedule today, sooo.. Gwen’s in charge.”

Preston felt his heart stop beating. “W-What?! But.. Who’s going to help me with my costumes for next week’s play?!”

“You can always ask Gwen, Preston.”


“I don’t see the issue in teaching them to her.”

“You don’t understand, it..”

The child paused and frowned, his heartbroken expression triggering a pang of guilt in David’s chest.

“..It wouldn’t be the same.”

“Who’s going to help me with space camp?” asked Space Kid.

“Who’s going to help me repair the ramp?” asked Ered.

“Who’s going to help me with my painting?” asked Dolph.

“Who’s going to help me clean out the dove poop from my hat and actually get me to laugh about it instead of feeling embarrassed about it?” asked Harrison.

“David,” started Neil gently. “Who’s going to actually care about us? The last time Gwen was left ‘in charge,’” he air quoted, “we were raided by the Woodscouts and she moved not a single bone in her entire body to do something about it. You forget that she’s the same woman who’s recorded another grown woman attack a child in hopes it would go viral and she would earn a fair amount of cash from it.”

Nikki crossed her arms. “Yeah. We’ve tried going one day without you in the past but things never turned out well.”

The male bit down on the edge of his thumb before sighing lightly and patting himself down in search of his keys. When he found them, he started to depart from the children. “It’s just for today, kids. Come on, give her a chance, please? For me?”

Not like they had a choice. Before they could argue again, he had made it crystal clear he was going to head out for the rest of the day. Neil sighed in exasperation and defeat.

“That’s just great. The one adult that gives a shit about us just walked away because Max was on his man-period. Did you guys see the hatred in his eyes?”

“Yeah,” replied Harrison. “I would say Max had been holding that in for a while now.”

“Probably longer than we think,” added Nerris. Neither of their comments put Neil’s nerves at ease.

“No, I mean.. I think Max wanted to hurt David the way he did. And, granted, he tries to hurt him almost every day of the week, this time it felt.. Different, didn’t it? If there’s been another time where he struck where it hurt, I don’t think any of us were there to see it.”

Nurf grunted. “I don’t see what the big deal is. So David’s feelings got a little hurt, big whup.”

Preston stomped his foot on the ground, somewhat offended himself the other had dared to say that. “THE BIG DEAL, NURF, IS THAT DAVID IS THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN KEEP SHIT IN CHECK! WITHOUT HIM, WE CANNOT FUNCTION PROPERLY AS A CAMP OR EVEN OURSELVES!”

“Don’t yell at me. You know what I’m like when I’m angry.”


“Not everything is about YOU, Nurf,” Preston spat out, retracting his hand after it had left a large red handprint on his cheek. “Then again I’m not surprised that someone as thick-headed and insensitive as yourself would only think about yourself. He has been there for every single one of us when we needed him to be. I say we do the same when he returns! We can write him a song or even throw a play! Who’s with me?!”

Neil nodded with a smile at the idea. “Hey, that’s actually a really good idea! We had a Quartermaster appreciation day. I don’t see why there shouldn’t be a David appreciation day!”

Nikki gasped. “And him being gone gives us the perfect time to work on a surprise!”

Neil rubbed his chin. “Alright, gang. Any idea you have, just go for it. All that matters is that we show David how much he means to us. Let’s get to work!”


Everyone had worked hard that night to set up a surprise. They had baked a cake, tidied up the cabin – Why, Neil even managed to convince Max into apologising to him and help everyone make the camp look nice. But everybody, even Gwen, noticed just how late it had gotten and their fellow camp counsellor had yet to return. Max sat down at front, anxiously waiting for his car to pull up at any second.

Gwen volunteered to clean up David’s room and make his bed.

She was alone.

David left at 5:09 A.M. and it was 8:32 P.M. The thought made her chew on her lip.

Her phone soon buzzed. When she read the text, she was beyond relieved to know David was still okay, the feeling of her stress vanishing immediately returned and doubled when reading his text.

She felt sick.

She felt appalled.

She felt unsure of what to do.

| Moron. |

{ Gwen. Get QM and meet me out in the back. }
{ Don’t tell the campers that I’m here yet. }
{ I killed a man and I need help hiding his body. }

She couldn’t believe David – Of all people – Had killed a man, let alone he requested she helps hide the evidence! If they get caught, they’d be thrown in jail and the campers would forever live in fear and shame and be forced to carry around the burden of knowing two murderers who were counsellors in disguise.

But for some odd reason, a reason Gwendolyn herself may never know why..

| Moron. |

{ Gwen. Get QM and meet me out in the back. }
{ Don’t tell the campers that I’m here yet. }
{ I killed a man and I need help hiding his body. }

{Gwen, please answer me. This isn’t a joke.}


{Sorry. I got distracted.}

{Okay. I’ll help you.}
{Just. This. Once.}

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22 with Justin? Where they're 18 and just got married and are arguing?

A/n: hope you like this baby 💕 idk if you wanted me to include them making up or not or whatever but I honestly had fun writing this. Also should I turn these into like actual imagines and not jusst little prompts? “You’re so over dramatic!” I yelled at Justin angrily.
We just got married maybe a month ago. We’re only 18 but I’ve been very sure of myself he’s the one. But he always gets to jealous and it’s so annoying, I wish he’d give the fuck up and trust me.
“I am not! He was all over you!” He screamed back.
“No he wasn’t Justin! Goddamn I don’t care was a fucking piece of paper says. We are married, you don’t own me.” I’ve always been against that. Like girls who let their husbands run their lives.
“Just shut your dumbass up, would you please?” He said not yelling anymore and just annoyed.
*im adding Nicki lyrics fight me*
“Get the fuck out!” I yelled. Who the fuck does he think he is?!
“Don’t yell at me.” He narrowed his eyes on me.
“I DON’T KNOW WHY I MARRIED YOU!” I screamed stomping up the stairs.
“Ditto!” He said loud enough for me to hear.

[SUMMARY: Rubys brother Jesus comes back to the hilltop bruised up with Daryl and Rick by his side. Ruby is very protective of Jesus and automatically isn’t welcoming to these men although Jesus insists that they’re trying to help their group.]


Daryl and Ruby.

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“Kageyama, I’m trying to do my homework here. Stop staring at me, it’s scary.”

“Shut up, I’m not scary. That’s just my face. And I wasn’t staring at you, I was staring at your lips.” 

“Why would you do that?” 

“…have you ever kissed anyone, Hinata?”

“What?! No! Why - hey, if you wanna make fun of me just because I haven’t kissed anyone, cut it out! Wanna fight? Just - just because I don’t have girls come to me and confess all the time, just because - “ 

“You’re an idiot. I haven’t… either. Kissed someone. But I think I wanna.” 

“…well why don’t you, then. Won’t be hard with all those swooning girls.” 

“Jesus Christ, did you receive so many volleyballs with your head that you got no brain left? You’re so fucking dense! Alright, I’m done. Get over here - stop moving, Hinata, I swear to - “ 

“I’m not - mhmphh. …Kageyama? Did you just - that was - oh. A k-kiss…?“ 

“…looking at someone’s lips means you wanna kiss them. Daichi told me. Was - was it bad? I’m sorry, but you’re just such a dumbass sometimes - !” 

“Shut up! And I didn’t say it was bad. But you should do it again. Just so I can make sure.” 

“Y-yeah. To make sure, ‘f course. Now c’mere, I wanna - mhm. Yeah. That.”

Five Fingers

Fandom: Haikyuu

Pairing: Kagehina

Summary: Their relationship begins with a rivalry.

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SOBA @kidovna. Bhavna you asswipe, ilysm. Thank you for existing, and I hope you like this little present! 

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The Winner

Prompt: An exploration of Uchiha Setsuna’s love life. Sort of a sequel to this.
Submitted by: prettycosmos  (I know this took FOREVER! Sorry, love!)
Setting: Post series (about 20 years after the war) 
Parings: SasuSaku, NaruHina, ShikaIno (all are married and have reproduced) and OC couples.

Summary: Naruto and company watch their kids’ chuunin exam battles.

Setsuna crouched into a defensive stance. It took every iota of her willpower to resist moving her dark locks out of her face. She wouldn’t be able to break focus in a real battle, so she wouldn’t do it in a spar either. 

Her chosen opponent, Hyuga Ryoji, spared her a half-amused glance. “That ridiculous hair clamp is going to get you killed someday. It’s a nuisance.”

She smirked at him, arms crossed petulantly over her chest. “Nothing’s more of a nuisance than you are, Hyuga.”

 The long haired boy pointedly ignored her commentary. “Tie it up.” He handed the the heiress a rubber band from his weapons pouch.

“Hn.” With a pronounced eye roll she pulled her hair into a messy ponytail. She found it comical that he carried more hair devices than she did. “Let’s finish the spar.”

“The fights are starting in less than an hour, Setsuna. We should conserve our chakra.”

“You’re probably right.” They moved to sit on the back porch of the Uchiha main house. “Isn’t your match the first one?”

“Yeah.” His pale eyes turned skyward thoughtfully. “I’m up against the Hokage’s brat.”

“Uzumaki Jiraya.” A strange feeling came over as she pictured the blond idiot. She inclined her head towards the boy. “Try not to bang him up too badly.”

“Whatever happened to no mercy?” The kunoichi he’d grown to admire was ferocious in battle.

Setsuna shrugged. “My sister is pretty fond of him.” She took a swig of water from her canteen. “I’d like to avoid her anguished crying keep me up at night.”

“How compassionate of you,” he deadpanned. 

“Hn.” Her lips curled upward into a devious yet incredibly adorable grin. “I try.”

He shook his head at her. “Apparently not hard enough.”

“Yeah, yeah.” She rolled her eyes and gave his shoulder a playful shove. “Just don’t mess this up. Tsunade-sama has most of the hospital staff betting on you.”

Ryoji began sharpening his weapons. The methodical nature of such tasks helped him focus before a fight. “It’ll be the safest bet Godaime’s ever made.”

Setsuna laughed despite herself. “Such modesty,” she quipped, voice dripping more sarcasm than a leaky roof. 

“Modesty is for those who win by chance.” He glanced up at her curiously. “Besides, who’s your money on?”

"I don’t gamble.” She would never participate is such blatant idleness. “It’s a waste of time and money that could be used to improve one’s skills.”

“Of course, Uchiha-hime.” He only used the courtly title when he was trying to get on her nerves. “Don’t ever let anything stop you from storing the knowledge of the ages behind that forehead of yours.”

She glowered at him. “One day I’m just going to headbutt you, Hyuga-dono, and you’ll see stars for weeks.” The Uchiha stood and collected her things, ready to head to the arena. “However,” she turned back to him smirking. “If I felt inclined to risk my money gambling, I’d find it slightly more practical to put it on you.”

With that she promptly took off leaving the young Hyuga to contemplate her charmingly wide forehead and backhanded compliments.


“Tsunade-baa-chan!” Naruto hollered loudly as he and Hinata made their way into the arena’s VIP section. He pushed his finger into the (still) blonde woman’s face. “What’s the big idea?”

“Pipe down you idiot!” The former Kage waved him away. “I’m reading the program!”

“I know you’ve always been bad at gambling, but how could you bet against Jiraya? He’s obviously the most outstanding shinobi!”

Sakura couldn’t help but laugh at the exchange. “Naruto, that’s extremely biased. Even for you.” She leaned over her mentor to tell him as much. 

“It’s not biased! It’s the truth, dattebayo!”

Hinata nodded as she took out her program. “They’re both quite formidable. Ryoji-kun is a prodigy; both my father and Hanabi believe he’s Neji-niisan’s reincarnation but,” she smiled warmly at Naruto, “Jiraya’s our boy so I hope he crushes him!”

After this there was a momentary pause. Who knew Hinata could be so competitive?

On the same note, Sakura turned around to face the Kazekage in the row above her. “Prepare yourself, Gaara.” There was no doubt in her mind that Setsuna would win her match. She trained her, after all. “My daughter won’t lose.” 

The Kage cast a dubious glance her way. “Is that so?” 

“Aa,” Sasuke interjected. “She’s an Uchiha.” And since the founding of the shinobi system, there’s been power in that name.

“And Shikari is a genius!” Ino inserted. “So naturally, she’ll be the overall champion.”

Shikamaru smiled. “I’d have to agree with that, troublesome as it is.”

“But Kasui is easily the best with a sword,” Suigetsu butted in. Kirigakure had to be represented as well. 

“Hn. After Sayako.” Sasuke gave the Mist-nin a look daring him to say anything different. 

“My thoughts exactly.” Sakura smiled radiantly. Who could hold a flame to their girls? 

“My, my, there is a lot of nepotism going on today.” Kakashi observed from behind his dirty novel. His one visible eye crinkled in interest. “Should be interesting.”

“Hey, Naruto!” Ino called from across the row. “Where’s your Kage jacket?”

The jinchuriki scratched the back of his head while Hinata chuckled lightly. “Well, about that…“

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Request: Hi!! Could you do one where the reader and daryl go for a run and they get surrounded so they have to hide for the night but they’re in close quarters so they have to cuddle?? Sorry it’s long!!

Pairing: Daryl x Reader

Word Count: 1,447

Warnings: Cussing (if that’s considered a warning)

Author: Mysfit


“Out of all the vehicles we have, you choose to ride a loud ass motorcycle!” you shouted, clinging onto Daryl’s vest. “Might as well run down the street with a boom box strapped to your back playing Run-D.M.C.!” Daryl revved the bike, a louder sound ringing in your ears. “Oh please, attract all the walkers you can!”

“The only thing that’s gonna attract the walkers is your loud mouth!” Daryl replied. “Now shut it before I kick your ass off and leave you here!” You rolled your eyes and yelped as the bike turned a corner, almost sending you falling off and to the ground. Of all the people to go on a run with, it had to be the guy who rode a motorcycle.

“What’s gonna happen if we find a bunch of supplies, huh? In case you haven’t noticed, we can’t exactly fix a box on here!”

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i thought you were a butterfly, ‘turns out you’re a dragon

Summary: Dan walks into the flat and hears someone playing the piano in his room. At first, he thinks Phil has a friend around but is in for a bit of a shock when he turns the corner. (otherwise known as an excuse for a shit load of fluff)

a/n 1.  this is the song he was playing when dan’s coming through the door: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6WzfhGwkiU and here’s the one he plays when dan asks him to play something else: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ff8UwvPK0G4 (btw i salute the actual person who plays these bc theyre fucking amazing)

2. also in the fic ~spoiler alert lol~phil’s supposed to be quite a lot better than dan @ piano in this and im nOT saying that dan is bad at piano, i’m saying that phil is better in this fic and obvs that’s not true and this is based of my headcanons not reality. just a lil disclaimer pls dont shoot me ~


It all started when Dan took his headphones out of his ears after he’d closed the door behind him; hearing a muffled piano version of Newborn coming from his bedroom.

He furrowed his eyebrows, because at first he thought Phil was playing the music out of his speakers but then he remembers that Phil literally never listens to piano music, and also why would he be listening to it in Dan’s bedroom instead of his own?

So, with the next best assumption being that Phil had a friend over who was showing him his piano skills, Dan passed the room feeling slightly thrown because this guy is fucking amazing and Dan’s clueless as to how he’d even managed to keep all the rhythms perfectly on time whilst hitting the chords perfectly at that speed; jesus, Dan felt like a child compared to the guy.

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Kagehina fic: Kageyama Tobio was not cute

For: catzblack

words: 3528

A/N: I’m sorry I’m so late, I’ve been super busy with studies and all since I have my exams starting from February. So anyway, here it is~ 

you can also read it on AO3

Title: Kageyama Tobio was not cute

Kageyama was not cute. The last, the absolutely last word Hinata would ever associate with the taller boy is cute. Hinata was cute, he knew this himself and used it to his advantage once in a while to get his way with his mom and sometimes the teacher even. He had bright hair, round dazzling eyes, a chirpy voice plus a radiant demeanor. And sadly, his short stature.  Wasn’t this was the general standard for cute?  He had it all.


But Kageyama? Oh no, that boy was the total opposite of Hinata. He wasn’t bad looking, not at all. But not cute in the Hinata way though, but attractive in a tough guy sort of way? Kageyama had jet black hair, sharp dark eyes, a cold voice and would radiate a dark aura 24/7. Kageyama was anything but cute. Honestly, Kageyama looked like someone who kicked puppies for fun and simply the thought of this made him cringe in disgust.  The setter’s face was always, always scrunched up in a death glare as if every single thing in the world had done something to offend him.


But the thing with first impressions is that, they are often misleading. Deceiving. After eventually getting over the differences they had, or at least pretending to in front of Daichi, Hinata soon discovered quite amusing quirks about the intimidating boy. Kageyama wasn’t as scary or evil or whatever he thought at first, okay maybe he was still scary sometimes but that’s not the point. Kageyama actually had a very adorable side to him. Hinata hates himself for letting his mind wander to this. It’s not his fault, he isn’t being weird, if anyone is to be blamed, it’s Kageyama. Or maybe Hinata is a little weird, because he’s not sure if it’s normal to think Kageyama is endearing when he’s sipping on a tiny milk box, clearly glaring at it as if it had offended him just by being. Or how his nose would scrunch up when he tried to concentrate, but somehow, it was sort of… (No Shouyou, do not go there, I repeat, do not) cute.


But lately it’s been really hard for his mind not to go there. It’s just the things Kageyama does sometimes that are just too adorable and Hinata notes to himself that no, Kageyama was nowhere near what people thought he was like. He wasn’t cold, icy or whatever. Not the quite aloof type who doesn’t smile, and maintains a stoic expression throughout their entire life or whatever. He wasn’t the heartless puppy kicking asshole, nor was he a tough guy. Kageyama Tobio was, really, just a big grumpy dork. When Hinata mentioned this to him, he was greeted with a stuttering, flushed Kageyama, who tried to smack Hinata at the back of his head. (Tried, because Hinata was already running away, laughing, before Kageyama started chasing him)


Kageyama wasn’t the quite type at all. Well, almost everyone could be considered quite compared to Hinata. But honestly, Kageyama wasn’t the quiet type, he’d talk a lot (though mostly volleyball and how much Hinata sucks). He wasn’t cold, just blunt and rude without even noticing it. Even if he did know, Hinata doubts Kageyama would take his word back because the big grumpy dork was brutally honest. Also, he wasn’t as tough as other people thought he was. It was actually pretty easy to hurt Kageyama, the smallest of things could set him off and most people would misinterpret his hurt face for just another death glare. But Hinata could differentiate it (only because he spends so much time with the setter, not because he likes to look at his pretty face or anything. Wait what). Hinata remembers how his heart skipped a beat when, one day, Tanaka pointed at a bruise on his knee and then turning to Kageyama and asking if he actually hurt Hinata, but the face Kageyama made that glare. Hinata recognized it. He would never actually ‘hurt’ hurt Hinata. The short decoy knew that his setter would start over thinking about this and probably feel guilty or whatever (am I really that mean? What if Hinata hates me now) so he stepped in, telling Tanaka how he fell over and Kageyama was too much of a baby to hurt anyone, honestly (“Shut up, dumbass, I just don’t want to beat up scrawny little kids” “What the fuck Kageyama!”). And although most people do always see him glaring, if someone spent enough time with him the way Hinata does, they’d notice all the different expressions. Also surprisingly, for someone so grumpy, Kageyama sure blushed and laughed a lot. Like A LOT.  Mostly when they’re alone, Hinata noticed, but he did nonetheless.


Hinata couldn’t even lie to himself anymore, for someone who claims to think of Kageyama as annoying, he sure as hell paid a lot of attention to the setter. He was just (don’t say it Shouyou) so (there’s no taking it back if you admit it) so god damn cute. He kept noticing small, cute little habits of the setter, especially since a certain incident.


It all happened on a regular school day. Morning practice was held as usual with Hinata and Kageyama racing to the gym (Hinata won) and arriving before anyone else. After an exhilarating but exhausting morning practice, Hinata skipped happily to class. He wasn’t kidding about the exhausted part because he fell asleep twice during his classes and dreamt about meat buns and Kageyama (what? No) He spent lunch break with Kageyama, forcing the latter to toss to him since he wanted to practice their new spike (he doubts if he can call it forcing since Kageyama agreed wholeheartedly after grumbling a bit). They headed back to their respective classes after break was over. Raced each other to the gym on their way to afternoon practice as well, bickering over who won (Kageyama did, though Hinata accused him of cheating) as they proceeded to change in the club room. Practice was again, exhilarating but exhausting.


Now the only different thing (yet) was that practice had ended earlier than usual because another club was in need of the gym. So despite having to leave early, Hinata kept asking for one more toss and Kageyama kept complying until Daichi’s glare sent them running to get changed and head home. On their way home they got meat buns that the person with the most losses from their competitions (surprisingly Kageyama) had to pay for.


It was almost sunset, the once bright sun soon about to rest as the oddball duo made their way home. Orange hues lit up their surroundings, while the two chatted about their day, mostly Hinata while Kageyama just made wisecracks in every possible way (gee what an asshole), the gentle familiar clicking of Hinata’s bike let them know that time way flying by. It was just another day really, until Kageyama froze, stopped mid-sentence and started glaring at every possible direction but before Hinata could ask what the hell was going on,  the taller boy had grabbed his hand and yanked him towards the alley the walked by a while ago. Hinata’s bike fell on the road with a loud crash.

“Hey what the hell-” He protested but Kageyama’s grip was nothing Hinata could break free from on his own.

Kageyama dragged him towards the dark alley and stopped just before entering the small dark passage. Hinata, looking at his back, could swear the taller boy had stopped breathing. Nervously, he spoke.

“Kageyama?” He was met with complete silence which made him awfully aware of how alone they were, but the silence was broken with a soft purr.

“Huh?” That sounded like a-

Kageyama’s grip on his hand tightened. Hinata leaned a little closer to peek at Kageyama from behind the taller boy’s shoulder only to find the boy glaring at whatever made the soft noise at the corner of the alley.

“Oi, Kageyama?”

The setter flinched, stiffening a little before letting go of Hinata’s hand. He slowly stepped back and nudged Hinata by the shoulder.

“Kageyama-kun?” He asked before glancing at what had managed to piss off Kageyama this much to receive his homicidal glares.

Hinata stepped into the small space, walking a little further before he felt a tug on his black jacket. He turned to look at the setter, who was pointing the direction to something in the dark that Hinata had a pretty good idea of. The middle blocker nodded and stepped a little further, smiling as he kept thinking of Kageyama’s flushed cheeks when he tugged him back gently, to point out the small kitten that Hinata was now standing in front of.

“Uwaa!! It’s a little kitten!! Kageyama look!” He picked up the little mewing black kitten in his arms and turned to Kageyama.

“K-Kageyama?” Hinata swears he has never seen someone’s face turn ten different shades of horrified simultaneously like Kageyama’s.

It can’t be right? Kageyama, scared of cats? He held out the little kitten towards the setter and kept walking towards him, all senses open for the slightest hint of his assumption being true. But the latter just blushed (what) and stepped back, uncharacteristically quiet.

The kitten’s blue eyes looked almost emerald, as the sun’s last rays illuminated their surroundings.  They just silently stared at each other, until Kageyama flinched when the kitten mewed. The silence present once was interrupted by Hinata’s loud laughter.



“DON’T LIE KAGEYAMA-KUN” Hinata cooed as he started chasing Kageyama around with the happily mewing kitten in his arms.








“Eh?” Hinata abruptly stopped in his tracks and looked down at the little kitten in his arms. They don’t like him? Huh that’s actually pretty understandable, Kageyama was pretty scary looking after all. But animals can tell when a person is good at heart, right? So they couldn’t possibly be scared of him, right?

Kageyama turned to him, maintaining quite some distance between them since there’s no knowing what Hinata might decide to do (Oh god forbid what if he MAKES HIM TOUCH THE KITTEN) But Hinata just quietly stared at the little black kitten he was holding in his arms.

“Oi why are you spacing out, air head?”

“Are you sure they’re scared of you?”


“Cats. You said cats are scared of you.”

Kageyama grumbled something under his breath that Hinata couldn’t quite catch. “What?”

“I said all small animals are scared of me!!”

Oh. Hinata couldn’t quite understand what was going on though. Kageyama, the mean, angry, scowling setter who could make people disappear by smiling, was standing in front of him, blushing and flustered and his face doing that pouting thing when he can’t nail a serve, all because small animals seem to be scared of him? This was such an unexpectedly cute side of the setter.

“Pfft” Hinata couldn’t hold it in anymore, he burst out laughing once again.

“IT’S NOT THAT FUNNY YOU PIECE OF SHIT!” Kageyama kept yelling, still maintaining a distance from Hinata and the kitten.

After finally calming himself down, Hinata smiled down at the little kitten in his arms as it curiously looked at Kageyama.

“Oi you big grumpy baby, come here”


“Just come here and try to pet it, dumbass”

“Have you not been listening to a word I said? I-”

“Yeah yeah, but just try and pet it, idiot”


“But you want to right?” Hinata grinned brightly at him. “I swear you’re probably more scared of them than they are of you.”


“Yeah? I dare you to prove it”

Well shit.

Kageyama knew where this was going.  He knows what Hinata is trying to do and he hates it. What he hates even more is knowing that he’s probably going to give in because it’s Hinata and he’s just so so-


Kageyama stepped a little closer to him. Even though he was glaring, his cheeks were growing redder by the second and Hinata honestly has no idea if he’s ever seen anything cuter.

“Go on” Hinata held up the curious looking kitten. It was probably an abandoned kitty, looked pretty young too. He’d like to take it home but he could never do that since his mom is allergic to furry creatures. 

Kageyama stepped closer and glared at the little kitten. “Err Hinata, it’s looking at me weird-“

“That’s just what kittens look like, you dummy”

Hinata just sighed slightly, still smiling and shaking his head. “Okay, just pick up my bike, I’ll show you”

Kageyama did as he was told, he held the handles of Hinata’s bike now and stood on the corner of the road as the shorter boy gently placed the purring kitten on the bike’s basket and gently rubbed it behind the ear before glancing at Kageyama, who was curiously peering at the kitten when Hinata suddenly wanted to try something.

He doesn’t know why he thought it but he was just curious, so he asked, “Hey why don’t you try saying ‘kitten’?”

“Wha- why?”

“Because you didn’t say it even once”

Seeing no point in pointlessly arguing with Hinata, he complied, “Kitten?”

Hnnngg no no. Hinata clasped his hands over his face and crouched down. Why, why did it sound so damn adorable when Kageyama said it? C’mon there’s way better things to do rather than crouch on the side of a road and blush because some big grumpy flustered dork said ‘kitten’.

“Oi what’s up with you?”

Hinata puffed up his cheeks and stood up. Okay, first thing’s first. Kageyama wants to pet a little kitty right? So he’s gonna help him out. Mhmm it’s not because he’s cute when he tries, but because Hinata is a good friend and Kageyama helps him out a lot so it’s the least he can do.

He looked down at the kitten, curiously eying Kageyama and purring every now and then. “It’s a really friendly kitty you know, it’s not going to be scared of you”

“W-We don’t know that, dumbass!”

“No seriously, it keeps looking at you, I don’t think it’ll dislike you or anything”

“It might!”

“Poor kitten, I feel bad for it. It seems to be an abandoned kitty, I can’t take it home, mom’s allergic and you’re too much of a baby to even touch it” He sadly smiled at the purring kitten and gently scratched it’s head, hoping Kageyama would take the bait.

“I ..uh I can take it, I think, until we find someone better to take care of it” Kageyama mumbled, almost inaudible, but Hinata heard it and high fived himself internally. Damn, Kageyama was easy.

“You can’t even touch it.”

“W-well I can, I just don’t have to”


“Just shut up okay”

Hinata sighed, and he’s sure even the kitten is done with him right now. He just held out his hand, “Give me your hand”

The blush on Kageyama’s face returned with that. Oh god. What is wrong with this boy, he’s such a jerk he has no right to be this cute. The setter hesitantly raised his hand and placed it on Hinata’s before closing his eyes.

“Okay, here goes” Hinata gently took his cold hand and placed it on the kitten’s warm back. It just purred and leaned closer to Kageyama’s fingers.

“You can open your eyes you know”

He opened one eye and looked down at the purring kitten. Holy shit, he really touched it. Hinata slowly let go of his hand as Kageyama kept petting the kitty. His work here is done, he thought smugly before looking at the setter. Whatever he was thinking of went flying out the window as he gaped at Kageyama’s smile (not the one that could make you disappear). It was a warm, soft smile and Hinata’s stomach started to feel uncomfortable in the most pleasant way possible. 


“Ye- Of- You stupid dork!!”

“What the fuck”

“Oh. Hey are you sure you can, like, take care of it and stuff?”

“Yeah, my old neighbors had a few cats so I know what to do, but I’ve never tried before…”

“Are your parents going to be okay? Like I don’t know allergies or?”

The taller teen nodded. “They tried to get me pets before but I always refused but this time well” He looked down and kept petting the happily purring kitten.

“Told you, this one’s a friendly one”

“S-Shut up, I knew that”

“You clearly didn’t, why are you lying?”

He huffed, turning back to the kitten when Hinata suddenly spoke up again, “WE HAVE TO NAME IT!!”

“You don’t have to yell, I’m right here, dumbass. I can hear you just fine”

“What do we name it what do we name it??”

“why are you asking me, how would I know?”

“Well it’s going to be your cat!”

“For now”

“You’re going to get attached to it, I’m calling it”

“Whatever, dumbass”

“Don’t you want to name it something??”

“Uhh how about volleyball?”

“Kageyama-kun, you’re kidding right? Don’t toss it around what the hell”

“Why would I even do that? And it’s not like you have a better name for it”

Hinata looked down at the kitten, as it stared back with its bright blue eyes.


“W-What?” Kageyama visibly flinched at the sudden sound of his name.

“Let’s name it Tobio! It’s cute!!”

“What the fuck Hinata”

Hinata, on the other hand, bent down a little to look at the little kitten. “So cute, you’re the cute little Tobio, from today” He grinned, completely unaware of the flustered mess Kageyama was becoming.

“Y-You dumbass!!”

“What? It’s a cute name and look its fur is like your hair and eyes are like yours too, a little brighter but still!! It’s perfect”

"But it’s going to be so confusing”

“No it won’t, anyway I found it so I get to name it. It’s Tobio”

Before Kageyama could say anything, Hinata interrupted him with a loud squeak, “wait can you really carry Tobio home?”

Kageyama flinched a little. Partly from his own name being so casually spoken, and partly because he’s pretty sure he can’t carry the kitten all the way home by himself. Tch.

“Oi, tell your parents you’re staying over”

Hinata grinned at that. “Okay!!”

Kageyama was the one now walking while holding Hinata’s bike, the kitten purring on the basket. In the meantime Hinata called his mom, telling how they found ‘Tobio’. She happily let her son stay over, not like it’s the first time they’ve had sudden sleepovers.

They walked down the road in a pleasant silence, with occasional purrs and clicking of the bicycle, until Hinata decided to ruin it.

“I swear if people knew what a big baby the so called ‘king’ was” He giggled.




“Hey Kageyama can I come over today?”

They headed to do their stretches on a corner of the gym, already done with practice for the day when Hinata asked Kageyama the question. The second year members were on charge of the cleaning today, needless to say, the gym was filled with loud laughter and cooing at lame jokes, probably by Tanaka and Noya


“Yay!! I’m so excited to see Tobio! I miss him so much Aahhh!!! He misses me too right?? Right?? It’s been a week since I last saw him, how is my cute Tobio?”


This is exactly why Kageyama didn’t want to name the kitten Tobio, seriously.  Now he had to deal with this shit. Dear Lord help him before he deflates. He had successfully avoided talking about their little secret, or at least what he thought was a secret, in front of anyone else till now. But of course.  Hinata.

“Ho? You two are already down that far huh? ” Tsukishima said from the side, smugly looking at the two while Yamaguchi just laughed behind his hands.

“I ..never thought I’d here Hinata say that” Tanaka gaped from the side, while the rest of the team, not so unaware of the conversation,  stared at them in disbelief. 


“Eh? Tobio is cute though, and so warm and soft and so much fun to touch! Hey Kageyama we have to show Tobio to the senpais!”


“Soft and warm”

“Fun to touch”

Noya and Tanaka just gaped at Hinata’s words, until it finally clicked in Hinata’s mind and he quickly stood up, all flustered, trying to explain how Tobio was a cat. Needless to say it was a very painful process for him that eventually led to the loud laughter of their seniors. But he doesn’t regret naming the small furry creature though, Tobio was the perfect name for such a cute person. (Kitten. He means Kitten)

Because Kageyama Tobio was not cute

Title: Trying
Pairing: SasuSaku
Summary: “She deserves the best. She wants you, though. So the least you can do is be your best self, Sasuke… for her.”
A/N: i’ve been thinking about this a lot (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

“Thanks for the food!”

Inhaling the wonderful smell of his bowl of ramen one last time, Naruto promptly took his chopsticks and began to shove the noodles into his mouth. The soup dripped from the corners of his mouth and down his chin, the chopsticks made a high-pitched noise as they scrapped on the bowl’s surface, and the blond’s expression was that of pure bliss. If there had been any other late-night costumers around, they would’ve eyed the scene with amused surprise, even if it weren’t the first time they witnessed it. No one could ever get fully used to the eagerness with which Naruto ate his ramen – not even Ichiraku himself.

Indeed, there was nothing that made the war hero happier than eating his favorite food. Well, maybe there was, but very few things, such as hanging out with his friends, defeating a bad guy, and of course, kissing Hinata Hyuga. Nevertheless, even though he’d never quite admit it, ramen was at the top of his things-that-cheer-me-up list most of the time.

Even if he was now a full-grown, eighteen-year-old man, he still loved this dish as much as he did back when he was just a child.

He was almost finished when someone suddenly slid the stand’s doors open and stepped inside. Recognizing the presence, Naruto quickly swallowed the piece of pork he’d been chewing on and turned his head to greet the newcomer with a cheerful grin.

“Hey, Sasuke! What’s up?”

The stoic dark-haired male acknowledged him with a curt nod and sat on the stool beside him. He was as expressionless as always, but Naruto knew him well enough to notice something wasn’t quite right as soon as their eyes met. The effect of the ramen vanished considerably as concern overtook its place.

“Hey, man,” Naruto said, putting his chopsticks aside. “What’s wrong?”

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