just showing off my new earrings

Sweet, soft, delicate
scent of lavender.
Long hair, small hands;
how we fall in love.
Whisper in my ear,
no one sees, up here;
whole new world opens up
when we fall in love.
I’ve been waiting
for the time to come
when I can say your name
with the biggest smile on my face;
been waiting for the time to come,
walk the streets and watch jaws drop.
Holding hands with you
just feels so good;
let ‘em see that I’m with you.
Wear my shirt to bed,
meet my mum and dad.
Write me letters by hand,
show me off to all your friends.
No one saw it coming,
but what do they know
about two girls
falling in love.
—  “In love”, by Nenagh

i have a day off today, so of course I am spending it digging through wips on my computer and also creating new ones!!!! A+ use of time

first two are from this morning, but the rest are kinda … dredged from the depths. and wow they show it haha I just didn’t want to only post the pics of Agnessa

I wish i had a photoset of the Brooklyn 99 gag referenced in the last one but I don’t. I apologize :’[[[ Actually I apologize for this whole post

the sweetest sound to my ears. rated t.

in the time they had been together, sasuke had never been good at showing her just how deeply he felt for her. she knew he loved her, had known for a long while now; could see it in the depths of his eyes when he looked at her, could hear it in the way he sighed against her neck after long nights. 

yet it was all too new to him, too confusing. he was still getting used to her, to them, even after two years together–since he had allowed himself to have her, to let himself finally be submerged in her love.

but he was trying, sakura knew.

he would probably never be comfortable showing affection in public, but sakura didn’t mind, because behind closed doors sasuke always did his best to make up for it. he pressed feather-light kisses to her hair, ran the tip of his fingers softly across her arm, fluttered his lips to her shoulder on lazy mornings in a half-awake greeting. he was cautious, nearly unsure sometimes, but that was alright. he just needed time.

but there were moments sasuke took her by surprise. moments where he stared at her with such awe, and cupped her cheek with his single hand, before bringing her against him for a hard, passionate kiss. moving his mouth over hers with a kind of feverish affection, brows furrowed tight as he held her firmly, tracing his thumb tenderly at the line of her jaw.

he would take her to bed. gaze down at her as she tried to catch her breath, cheeks flushed and black eyes glazed over with such genuine fondness and appreciation. he would reach down and cup her face again, pressing his lips to hers with a less zealous touch, kissing her with a more gentle passion. like he was cherishing her, like he couldn’t believe he was so lucky to have her.

moments where she could feel his love seeping into her pores, warming her up to her very soul. 

most often, moments after she whispered to him, “i love you.”

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“So a girl came up to me on the plane and told me she was a fan, already having drunk my fair share I resumed making a right fool of myself talking her ear off about the band and how I’ve been writing some new material lately, until she butted in to inform me she didn’t even know I used to be in a band and that she meant she was a fan of the show. Not even me in particular, just the show in general. Needless to say I did not renew my membership to the mile high club on the way over here.”

CRAIG: It’s been a few days since I updated this blog, but I wanted to show off my new friend.

CRAIG: She’s kind of caused me to look like an asshole to a couple of people, but that’s nothing new.

CRAIG: She doesn’t even look like she cares. She’s awesome.

CRAIG: I don’t know what I’m going to name her just yet. I just walked through the door, and I haven’t even put her cage together yet.

CRAIG: But she’s got one little white ear and it’s really cute.

CRAIG: I’m probably gonna turn in for the night, but I’ll update again when I decide what her name’ll be.