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The violin scene at the end of The Final Problem is truly one of the most impactful moments (if not the most) in all of BBC Sherlock. I honestly am still speechless that Moftiss wrote something so profound. Eurus was beyond communication with the outside world after the events of this episode, back to the untouchable genius in her glass cage. But Sherlock. Sherlock, this incredible and kind man, who had lost so much to this woman, understood her and still reached out to help. He wasn’t encouraging her to play her own song, he was initiating a duet–so she wasn’t alone, even in her music. It was a conversation, it was understanding, it was connection. This man went beyond words, where others had failed and stopped trying, and showed her that she wasn’t alone. Sherlock has become- or perhaps he always was- one of the best men I’ve ever seen.


Me and my mom were watching The Final Problem…then the ‘I love you’ scene came up and my mom was so happy. After watching the last episode, she can’t stop talking about that scene and the scene were Sherlock destroyed the coffin. I told her that I never thought Sherlock would destroy the coffin like ‘that’ and my mom told me “Of course! He thought Molly would die…He destroyed that coffin because he didn’t want to see it anymore, he didn’t want to see the coffin were Molly would probably lay down if she really died. And with the way he destroyed it…just tells you how much he cares and loves her.” And then after 10 minutes, she was cooking(its actually almost Lunch time here…We live in Asia) then told me “You know…Ms Hudson was right. Sherlock is very emotional…He really lost it when he thought Molly was going to die. At first, I thought he was faking it but the second time he said it…reminded me of your dad when he proposed to me…” 

UPDATE: My mom called my dad again today to tell him she misses him and omg I’m smiling like an idiot right now. I ship them and its canon XD

I just have to say that the violin duet that turned into that wonderfully orchestrated piece at the end of the last episode of Sherlock is now one of my favorite things ever.

#Taehyung drinking coffee 😂 sound effects by Caitlynn Dowland Turn up your volume, you won’t regret it 😂😂😂

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Okay so I have this Chrome extension called Momentum and basically what it does is that it shows nice and fancy pictures from places all over the world, and sometimes space and places that aren’t real (as far as I’m concerned) and stuff like that, plus the time, weather and a “Good morning/evening/etc”-message. Basically it looks good and I like it a lot because the picture changes, but there’s also the option of having quotes down on the page, and this is what it looks like: 

So, as usual, I read the quote (because they’re pretty good tbh) and I read that one and thought “huh that sounds familiar I wonder whose it is” and proceeded to check whose it was (which you can do by just hovering your mouse over the quote) and guess what

…I may have spit out the water I was drinking. I find it funny because usually it’s quotes by Gandhi or MLK or someone like that, and now Dan Howell, like, that’s a first… I just love it, and I feel kinda proud. 

so i’m thinking about the “SIR ISAAC NEWTON IS THE DEADLIEST SON OF A BITCH IN SPACE” speech from mass effect 2 and how the drill instructor says the bullets they’ve fired could hit someone in thousands of years

and just



anyway yeah I kinda learned how to mod inquisition just so I could give Old Lady Cadash her wrinkles back? and then i edited her face a bit while i was at it.

also I’m trying to shake off seasonal depression (aka January Is A Terrible Month And I Don’t Like It) & general listlessness, so I’ve decided that this week is My OCs, Let Me Show You Them week, b/c I never actually talk about my OCs even tho it’s literally in the blog’s description:

-her name is actually malika

-yes that is the default name

-listen i am not good at naming things and i just wanted to play the game

-dual-wielding rogue (assassin) who would’ve been an archer if i’d known then what i know now but i’m not retconning it

-i am retconning her using the default worldstate tho

-listen i didn’t have one ready to use and i just wanted to play the game

-instead she comes after a surana who survived the blight without morrigan’s ritual and a hawke that is actually a shepard (… loooong story)


-officially Too Old For This Shit

-stubborn and set in her ways

-they’re good ways. they’ve kept her alive so far

-she’s p laid-back and chill, which tends to make people forget that she and her brother p much single-handedly turned the family into a Carta powerhouse

-turns out it’s very easy to be laid-back and chill when you can just get people stabbed, js

-was at the conclave both b/c the conclave was Serious Business and to supervise her grandniece (?) who was just about ready to take her succession at the head of the family

-her own survival felt like the punchline to the worst joke ever

-honestly i don’t really have anything interesting to say about her relationship with the Inner Circle? she ended up befriending everyone partly b/c it was my first pt and partly b/c again, laid-back and chill

-she treats all of them like they’re her kids anyway

-all of them

-drama is for the young

-but mostly like she won’t really argue with you, she’ll just listen to your take on things and then have you carefully watched should your take on things run counter to her interests and then have you slightly killed should she feel the need to

-y'know. as you do

-for all of that, she herself had hardly ever killed anyone before joining the Inquisition

-she may or may not have some unresolved guilt re: all of the deaths she did order or indirectly caused, in a ‘well someone had to take charge of things after everything went sideways in orzammar and besides it was all just business, but maybe i should feel bad about it’ sorta way

-that’s her private business tho and she’s still 100% unapologetic about her past to anyone who asks

-i really need to replay her game so i can take her through the dlc and also possibly maybe write that cadash fic i’ve only been planning for like two years now


other mods used: Deshine Series for stock PC textures || Immersive Starting Armour || No Sideburns || Wavy Hair

My League placement matches in season 7: the Highlight Reel of Dumb

On average the players in these games are gold or low plat, with the occasional silver thrown in. Not all of them were on my team.

  • “Viktor, if Shaco is camping you then hug the tower.“ “But I do!“ “Not the enemy tower Viktor.“
  • Jungler is halfway through their first clear when someone dies. Usually doesn’t involve a gank from the enemy. -> Dead person proceeds to spam ping for help and flame their own jungler.
  • Mid picks Yasuo. “Okay, we have too much ad, but we can still work with this.“ “Btw guys I’m building him AP, it will work, trust me.“
  • “Enemy banned the champ I wanted to take, so I will go and pick Soraka jungle and die a lot”
  • “I will carry!“ says Master Yi after he executed twice and died once more invading Rengar. We are five minutes into the game.
  • Tristana is standing still in the middle of lane, probably typing. Thresh misses hook, E, then accidentally ult flashes because he tries to type “retard trist“ without opening the chat.
  • “report retard jungle, he focus adc“ Yes, how horribly unskilled of them, as opposed to focusing the out of mana support (this actually happened more than once)
  • The one time the enemy has Soraka support and should be focuse: Sivir does a lifelike impression of a shrub in lane and photosintesyses while standing still. Doesn’t understand why she should move out of or spellshied Soraka Q when her Karma supp pokes the goat down.
    There are 3 kills in that lane, all on Karma. Sivir doesn’t have assists.
  • Rengar - Lee Sin botlane. They actually hard carry
  • Karthus - Annie botlane. They are dumb as a rock, but the enemy Kalista is even dumber.
  • same Kalista doesn’t know how Karthus works. Engages on enemy botlane on her own while her supp is giving the jungler a leash and instantly dies. Talks shit in all chat or emote spams when she should be farming in lane. Ults Leona when Karthus ults then complains that her ult didn’t save her. Thinks she needs to “stack” like Nasus does. Doesn’t participate in teamfights, splitpushes instead.
  • Ad Bard top
  • Hecarim pings and charges for a gank. Bard ults the enemy botlane just before he arrives so his knockback goes on cd, wasted. Uses ult to fear them when they come out of Bard’s ult, they get the kills
    2 minutes later: “look at this noob horse he doesn’t know how to gank”
  • Lux stops in the middle of a fight to flame. Predictably dies. Flames even more
  • “Please pick tanky top” Top picks Ziggs
  • “Report useless jungle“ Said jungle got 4 drakes, placed more wards than the support and has 20+ assists
  • “We’be got late game! I will carry,“ says a very optimistic Darius, not realizing that there won’t be a late game if he’s 0-15
  • Adc dies 30+ times. Nothing else needs to be said
  • “gg we lose, they’ve Singed“, “why chase Singed you stupid fukcs?!“ (not like the rest of the lanes are doing fine and we really shouldn’t let him get to the inhib) ”I quit, I’m not playing against Singed“ we win anyway
  • ex-diamon Yasuo goes 0-8-0, wrecked by ghost-heal silver Garen
  • Vayne panic flashes when her own support comes in through the bush
  • “Shaco please gank bot“ “I can’t, you are pushing all game“ “Are you watching the map upside down? We’ve been hugging our own turret since minute one“
  • Darius brags in allchat about his skill, next teamfight he ults Zyra’s plant instead of Zyra. Ragequits
  • “Olaf, you should have flashed for the kill” Olaf has ghost.
  • Lee Sin forgets to buy items. Executes. Complains that he hasn’t levelled up for some reason (gee I wonder why). Goes out without items again, does it again
  • Janna steals Baron with missclicked W

presumenothing  asked:

"#also fun fact: Harold wanted a house on Mars when he was a kid! #my tiny floppy haired bby was fascinated by space and all the opportunities it had to offer him" pfft if he hasn't already hacked NASA to get the Curiosity rover video feed and whatnot I'll eat my nonexistent tie

Ahhhhh I am so in love with this like yes I bet he’s been hacking into NASA since forever just so that he could keep up with all the news and advancements being made. 

Nathan was slightly concerned when he saw the plans for Apollo 11 just lying around one day, and wondered whether Harold was planning a trip to the moon, but Harold just laughed and was all “it’s fascinating!”, and launched into a one hour passionate explanation about all the workings about the spacecraft and how impressive the techniques they used were for the time. 

Also yes, I bet he followed the launch of the Curiosity Rover all day and updated the entire team with its status, much to their amusement. 

John also swears that Harold plays ‘Happy Birthday’ once a year every year on the 5th of August. He once asked Harold if that was his birthday, but Harold shook his head and simply offered up “for solidarity” as an explanation. 

And of course Harold perpetually has a window open with the feed from it. Over time he’s developed a habit of talking to it like it’s his very own rubber duck. He doesn’t need it very often, but Root once walked in to find him very earnestly explaining TM’s facial recognition routines line by line to Curiosity Rover while he was rebuilding TM in s5.  

Harold being inordinately excited about all the space stuff is my new fav thing!