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Long Distance AU

I seriously just came up with this rn idek but I just had to share cuz omg the POSSIBILITIES. 

Okay so AU where Tom and Sabine are married of course and have Marinette, but instead of staying in France, they live in China near Sabine’s family. So Marinette grows up in China, goes to school in China, etc. But the thing is that she still gets the miraculous since she rescues Master Fu from this robber while he’s on a trip over there (idk like she helps him escape and throws a bunch of shit at the guy) and becomes Ladybug in China. So there’s all this news about this mysterious girl in China that’s majorly kicking ass and the news goes global and so Adrien finds out and kinda becomes obsessed with finding out more about her. He watches interviews and amateur footage and just falls in love. And he curses that he lives all the way in France and that his dad refuses to have any fashion shows or photo-shoots over there (eventhough he begs him practically ALL the time) and is all angsty about it. But then whatever he eventually becomes Chat and feels happy because he not only has that freedom and excitement that comes with being a superhero but he also feels more connected to Ladybug in some way. So one day Tom has to go to France since a relative of his is sick and Marinette decides to come along since she wants to be there with her dad and since Sabine has to watch their shop in China. And so one day Marinette goes to get herself, Tom, and her aunt lunch until suddenly an akuma aims at her and BEHOLD she is rescued by Chat! Marinette’s french isn’t that good, but Chat catches on and speaks to her in PERFECT Chinese and she lowkey swoons. and when he puts her down shes like “wtf is up with this villain? THEY HAVE POWERS TOO?” since shes never seen an akuma before and transforms into Ladybug. And well Chat sees her and freaks out AND YEAH THAT’S ALL I GOT SO FAR BUT IMAGINE. 

[FANACC TRANS] Fanacc by joey_clyexo, who saw Kris.

“Okay, I’m here to write my fanacc, and I hope everyone will stop worrying, I’m also a fan, and understand how emotional the homepage (tlist) is when he suddenly appeared after being missing for 20 days. I decided to post the photo I’ve taken to assure you all, and now writing this fanacc to answer the questions you all have, and to share about how heartwarming Wu Yifan is:)

Regarding the location, my conscience does not allow me to disclose it, and I believe everyone also hope that there won’t be too many people bothering him, since this is a personal trip afterall. Even if you guys managed to figure out, don’t spread it around, thanks. For this, I’ll use xx for the place where we met, and oo for our destination.

Before the New Year holidays, he was already "missing”, without showing his face, and only rumours had him in oo, but there was not a single photo of him to confirm that. I also struggled with myself whether or not to upload the photo I’ve taken, but in the perspective of a fan, I thought this photo will be a comfort booster, so I did.

Even though before this I’ve heard that he is in oo, I never went out to find him, so I’m emphasizing that I didn’t go out on purpose to find him, hope you guys understand. I totally didn’t expect to see him at xx.

I went to xx for the New Year, and only returned to oo today. When my mum and my sis were queueing up for the tickets, I went to the toilet alone.

On the way to the toilet, I saw one guy sitting at the place near the walkway, as for the hair colour, it is somewhere in between dark brown and black. He has a high nosebridge, with sunglasses on, listening to music through his earphones, really handsome. I suddenly had this feeling- don’t tell me it’s Kris? Taking a closer look, he has a blue plushie inside his bag!! The one that fans spotted him carrying before! So I was sure that it is him.

I dashed into the toilet, in disbelief, but only held in for 5 seconds and came out. Because this might be the only chance of seeing him.

I went back and he was gone. Then looking again, I saw him queueing up, to buy the ticket. I followed.

Standing 2m away, I could feel his height. He is really tall. I didn’t know if I should call his name. I finally said Kris softly, but maybe because he was listening to the music he couldn’t hear me.

With little confidence, I stood far away. When I thought he was leaving I hurriedly took out my phone and took out that photo. It was blurry, but thank you all for believing me. It was easy to recognise him with that height and pose, right? For the other pictures others had taken, it’s him. Same clothes, and hairstyle.

I hurriedly went over and said in Cantonese, Fan ge!

He saw me and took off his earphones and glasses, and our conversation continued on in Cantonese.

I told him honestly that I saw him on the way to the toilet and spotted him. You.. disappeared for so long, we are all so worried about you, worried that something happened to you, that’s why we didn’t see you for so long, you are not in Korea, we were so worried…

While saying that I was trembling a little, and tearing. He appeared shocked.

He waved his hand that was holding on to his sunglasses and said, “Don’t worry! I will return quickly, next month..I’m here to see my mum, and to return to Canada to settle some family matters, you really don’t have to worry!”

I remember him saying “Don’t worry” for many times. I don’t know what matter it is, but it is definitely not what the rumours say.

As for “next month” he didn’t specify whether it means he will return to Korea next month, or is next month the comeback. I forgot to ask, please understand.

I suddenly recalled that today is his first year anniversary and congratulated him. He said “I know, thanks!” I then told him, actually I knew he was in oo.

He looked shocked again, with his eyes really wide open.

He asked again, how did we know. Seems like he really didn’t know..that the fans were talking about his disappearance for 20 days.

I explained that people saw him but weren’t sure. And we didn’t wanted to bother you but we were really worried.

Then he said for many times again, “Don’t worry.”

He also asked if I am also going to oo and taking the same trip as him. (But my mum is still buying the tickets so..)

After chatting for long, I was afraid that the train will leave and said goodbye, and sorry for holding him up. He also said “Bye bye, thanks.”

Lastly, I said, “I will wait for your comeback!”

He nodded, saying “Mm!”

Throughout the conversation, he kept smiling. He didn’t put on weight, but didn’t slim down a lot. He looks good, not sure if he put on makeup but his skin is really good and fair. He has a model built, and wore a nice looking black coat. Even the girl at the ticket sale counter asked me who he is, cuz he is really handsome.

He took off his earphones and sunglasses, to listen to his fan. He is tall, he bent down. His voice is really nice in Cantonese. Before I only listened to how nice he is via the internet, now I know all these are real! He is really nice, polite, replying to everything asked. He is a big, warm, guy!

He is worth our love, he keeps protecting others, so we must protect him even more!

I don’t know where he is at now, and please don’t go looking for him, since it is a personal trip.

I only shared this to hope you guys don’t worry.

He appeared, nothing’s wrong, please don’t worry.
Wait for his comeback, and thank you for your understanding.

fanacc by: joey_clyexo
trans by: exonyeoshidae

via:Kristianity FB Page


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I remember when I was little i saw the avatar movie for the first time and after watching it I thought I could firebend, so I went up stairs and saw a lit candle and was like 'TIME TO USE MY MAGICS' then sat there staring at the candle watching the flame move for like an hour and I thought i was controlling the fire, then my mom came up stairs and like 'dafuq' and blew it out and I cried. Just thought I would share that with you cuz of your AU

Omg baby Fritz wanting to be able to bend stuff like Scott by putting rocks on the floor and jumping up and down to make them bounce. Then crying when his mom takes the rocks and tosses them outside because they weren’t supposed to be inside. Aaaaaaah