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She’s Everything (Part Two)

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1758

Warnings: FLUFFY. And slightly angsty.

Notes: This is my entry for @waywardmoeyy ’s 1k Fluff Fest Challenge! It was also an unintentional sequel to She’s Everything! I hope you guys like it! Xox

Prompt: And suddenly, you were my everything.

Part One

Did you mean what you said?”

He looked away from you and you worried you’d put your foot in your mouth as always until you caught the blush on his cheek.

Um… well.. yeah… yeah I did…” he replied, rubbing the back of his neck. “I’m sorry, Y/N… I didn’t want to make things awkward between..”

You weren’t going to allow him to finish that sentence. Pressing your lips to his, you kissed him gently.

I love you, Sam Winchester.”

I love you too, Y/N.”

Your fingers delicately traced over the planes of Sam’s abs as you watched him sleep, smiling blissfully. It wasn’t often you were awake before your gorgeous boyfriend so you were making the most of it; though waking up to a hot and sweaty post-jog Sam Winchester was a great thing. Stroking a stray strand of hair from his face, you took him in, still unable to process how lucky you were, even after two years. He looked so peaceful like this, it almost seemed a shame to ever wake him up.

Two years since the demon incident and things had changed drastically for you. You’d moved into the bunker pretty much straight away, Sam not wanting to be away from you for a second; you were completely fine with the arrangement. Strangely, so was Dean. He was just happy to see his brother happy again for the first time in a long while. The three of you and Cas, when he was there, had fallen into a comfortable routine of hunting, relaxing and just enjoying each other’s company, even if things had been a little off recently.

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Letters to Sokovia

(Bucky X reader x Pietro)

Summary: The reader gets a call from her past lover and everything just comes back to her. Based on the Vamps’ new song middle of the night.

Words: 1388

Warning: CRYING. Past wounds. Broken heart. Pietro Fluff! 

A/N: I wrote this to celebrate my birthday honestly. I just wrote it based on my fave band’s new single that came out on the same day. It’s a bit based on a personal experience (well the letter that is…haha) I honestly don’t know why I always write about Bucky as the heart breaker and Pietro as the new love interest.

—two years ago…—

It’s been a year. A year and eight months, to be exact. I’ve been stuck with this feeling for you this long. Now, I’m deciding to stop. Well, I stopped five months ago, but now I’m letting everything go. Deleting you from my life, if that was possible. I was so caught up in this day dream of the two of us being together. Seeing you five months ago in that bar, in our bar, you know the bar we always go to just to get wasted on nights we feel so done with everything. Seeing you there with someone else, some girl you were locking tongues with, just pains me.

Fine, let’s blame it on the alcohol, but what I found out after that night destroyed me. You were with someone else. Someone who wasn’t the girl at the bar. Someone who you’ve been seeing for more than seven months now. It hurts that it’s not me. I honestly thought that we’d have a thing for each other, but it turns out it was only me. I’ve done every effort for you to get to like me back. I literally spent so much on trying to win you, but it turns out money really can’t buy everything. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I told you sooner, or if I never met you, or if I believed everyone who told me not to love you. Too late for that.

It just hurts me that I had to see you there in that bar, on a night that I decided to tell you how I felt about you. I was claiming it to be my night, our night. But I saw you with her. It’s finally time to let you go. What hurts me the most is that I know you’d never see me that way I saw you. By the time you read this, I’d probably be on my way to a different country. I don’t know when I’d be back but I just want you to know that I love you.


I go over the letter I wrote one more time before leaving it in your room. I finish packing my things and I tell Jarvis to call me a cab. I start walking towards the elevator. How can I be so stupid to let one guy ruin my life like this. To think I’ve got the brains of my dad, Tony Stark. I snap out of my thoughts when I see him, Tony, standing by the elevator and looking as worried as ever. I mean I am his only daughter.

“You sure about this, (y/n)?” He asks. I can see the concern in his eyes.

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moriarticacid  asked:

Give me angst with rfa boys cheating scenaro

Okay, from how this is worded I can’t quite tell who’s cheating on who so I’m assuming you mean them cheating on you so that’s how imma write it. If you wanted this to where MC cheated on them I’m sorry but just send in a request for that. ALSO I’m insanely sorry, this ask has been in here for WEEKS!

And finally, for some pretty dope cheating fics check out @lostintherfa they write brilliantly and I believe they’re doing asks like this now too. ;)))


  • Yoosung had been gaining a pretty good reputation in the veterinary world.
  • He’d been being called into the clinic a lot more often too because of it
  • And although you were happy for him, you were actually really upset about it because he never seemed to have time to spend with you anymore
  • After a particularly long day of yours you’d noticed that he was at the clinic again. It wouldn’t be bad to visit him right? Just a quick visit to see how he was and to plant a kiss on his cheek before heading out
  • Upon your arrival at the clinic you spoke to the receptionist and his assistants asking around for him
  • All of them had said the same thing, he’d left an hour and a half ago.
  • You didn’t worry too much though, he was probably just out getting groceries and might even be home by now so you called him
  • Voicemail.
  • The grocery store always had bad reception though, right? You should just head home and wait for him.
  • When you’d arrived home you saw Yoosung’s car in the driveway, you sighed in relief and swung open the front door only to see your fiance half naked above a woman you knew to be his second in command at the clinic who, might I add was just as naked if not more
  • You couldn’t speak but he’s heard the door bang on the wall and turned around to see you stood there, jaw dropped, in shock
  • Yoosung was climbing off of he girl so fast he actually collapsed on the floor before running to you, the girl trying to cover herself up
  • “MC, wait please!”
  • You didn’t wait though, you were already running back to your car tears blurring your vision
  • He caught you half way though and turned you to face him
  • “Please don’t leave me.”
  • “How long has this been happening?”
  • Yoosung’s heart shattered when he saw your tears, knowing he had been the cause of them
  • “Two months.” Why did he tell you that? He could’ve said this was a one time thing? He’d wanted to lie, just so you’d come back.
  • “Don’t touch me, don’t call me. I never want to see you again.”
  • You ripped from his grasp and left, leaving Yoosung outside without a shirt on looking like the trash he was


  • Technically Zen had to kiss other people all the time due to musicals but he promised you that they meant nothing and you were all he wanted
  • Zen was known for working himself through the night so when he didn’t come home until 1 in the morning some days you were a bit flustered but you knew that he had to work to keep food on the table
  • You actually didn’t question it until he had stopped kissing you, he’d peck your cheek or forehead but he refused to properly kiss you now.
  • Sometimes he refused to even sleep in the same bed as you
  • When you’d asked what was wrong you were sat on the couch and when you had gotten close to him he pushed you away
  • “Hyun…” At his real name you saw Zen’s face contort into that of annoyance and guilt
  • “I’ve been seeing someone else!” You felt your heart break as Zen clamped a hand over his mouth
  • “Who?” It was killing you to see that even though you were falling apart right in front of him he didn’t seem to care, he was looking at his feet but he didn’t seem remotely upset
  • “Do-do you remember Echo Girl?”
  • That’s what truly made you snap. You two had had to publicly humiliate Echo Girl to actually free Zen’s name of being a pervert
  • “You’re a whore.”
  • The shock that flashed on Zen’s face was so gratifying
  • The only thing that made you mad was that you knew he probably felt no remorse, he didn’t show any at least
  • He could whore around all he wanted but you weren’t going to put up with it


  • You’d noticed Jaehee had been very quiet and reserved ever since the RFA’s Christmas party two weeks ago
  • She’s refused your kisses and refused to sleep with you, sometimes she didn’t even sit to have breakfast with you as she normally always would
  • It had been late one night, the two of you simply staying up and enjoying each others company when it had slipped
  • “I slept with Zen at the party.”
  • Your whole body froze, she’d done what??
  • “You were drunk though, you’ve always admired Zen so your mind took it for sexual attraction it’s-”
  • “I wasn’t drunk, I got drunk afterwards because I felt so guilty. I’m so sorry MC.”
  • You stared at the floor, suddenly becoming insanely interested in the different coloration of the wood.
  • Jaehee reached out to you but you jerked away, you had noticed the two had gone missing but you trusted Jaehee enough to know that she wouldn’t sleep with him
  • You guessed you were wrong then…
  • When you finally looked back up at Jaehee you noticed she was crying, you also noticed she was trying to hide the fact that she was
  • “Am I really that awful of a partner that you had to be with Zen? Was I just there to fill in for him until he wanted you?”
  • She immediately began shaking her head but you were laughing hysterically at this point
  • “God! I knew I wasn’t good enough for someone like you Jaehee, but this is such a slap in the face…”
  • “No MC, it’s not like that. Please, you’re too good for me.”
  • Her words were drowned out though because all you could think about was her and Zen together
  • It felt so toxic, you were dry heaving at the thought
  • The next thing you knew you had locked yourself in the bathroom, time was fading in and out as well as your consciousness
  • You felt so worthless and you didn’t quite know what to do
  • So you opened your phone and called the first person that came to mind
  • Jumin picked you up in no less than fifteen minutes


  • Whenever you weren’t busy yourself you’d be sure to go to visit Jumin at work
  • This was one of those days
  • You gave a quick knock before allowing yourself in as you always did
  • But instead of being greeted with sweet words from Jumin you were met with the sounds of a girl yelping in pain as her head banged the back of a desk
  • You also saw your husband hurriedly pulling up his pants and fixing his belt
  • You didn’t wait to see anything else though, you were already running out of the building
  • You wanted to forget everything you had just seen but it stuck with you clear as day
  • For whatever reason you found yourself back at the pent house, packing, even though you knew Jumin would be right on your tail
  • “MC, wait! Please, let me explain.”
  • He was panting as he blocked the door but you just shook your head, shaking with rage
  • “What’s there to explain Jumin? You were obviously enjoying yourself, it didn’t seem you had any problems with that skank blowing you until I came in! You’re worse than your dad.”
  • You actually spat on his she but when you looked up you saw the complete desolation on his face, tears were running down his cheeks and didn’t show any signs of stopping any time soon
  • “I’m nothing like him, not like this.” He was speaking in such a low whisper and God you just wanted to hug him and tell him it would be okay, because you still loved him and you didn’t want him to hurt but no. You wouldn’t console him, not this time
  • “You’d be surprised just how alike you are. I can’t believe I let myself fall in love with you.”
  • “MC, please don’t leave.”
  • With pursed lips you pushed him aside and walked out, your phone already on and dialing Zen, simply ready to leave before you could give in to his pleading


  • He’d been trying to push you away ever since his feelings for you popped up
  • You didn’t deserve him ruining your life
  • You deserved so much better, if only you could see that
  • It physically pained him to even think about doing this to you, but how else were you supposed to see that you deserved better?
  • Saeran was going to beat his ass for this, after you did though of course
  • On a day he knew you’d be home early Seven brought some girl home and just went with it
  • Honestly she was so much more into this than he was, but as soon as he heard you call his name he was acting like this was the best thing that’s happened since well, you
  • You hadn’t received a reply from Seven when you’d called for him so you so you assumed that maybe he’d fallen asleep
  • He needed sleep damn, you couldn’t name the last time he had slept, or ate something that wasn’t honey buddah chips
  • When walking into your shared bedroom though he was definitely not asleep
  • Nor was the girl moaning like a porn star below him
  • You felt your lunch coming up and decided to hide away down the street in the grocery store because you had no where else to go
  • About an hour after the incident your phone began blowing up with calls and texts from Saeran asking where you were
  • Did he know what Seven had been doing? If he did you were going to kill him.
  • You forgot that this boy was also a hacker so when you didn’t answer he found you anyways, or maybe your hiding space was just that obvious
  • “Why aren’t you at home?” He asked slumping next to you, either he did not know or he was being a massive prick
  • “Saeyoung, was,” you choked back a sob, “with some girl, some really pretty girl who is so much better than I am and I didn’t know what to do so I came here.”
  • Saeran went from chill to pissed in 0.02 seconds
  • “I’m gonna beat him into the ground.”
  • You shook your head and pulled him back down onto the shop floor with you the other shoppers looking at the two of you strangely
  • Seven kicked the girl out as soon as he’d heard the front door slam shut, she wasn’t too happy about it but with the look he’d given her she knew to leave without another word
  • Obviously he went to see you, not speak with you or let his presence be known but just to make sure you weren’t doing dumb shit
  • And there he saw you on a shop’s floor curled up into his brother and he felt his heart shatter into hundreds of thousands of pieces because he already knew that you were better off

I’m just gonna say Jaehee and Jumin would never cheat so theirs were kind of hard for me to think of but Zen is 100% the cheater of the RFA, Fight me I dare you, I will forever think Zen is the cheater.

~Love, Peony

More Than Anything (Ashton Irwin) - Part 1

oh look a 5sos imagine maybe ppl will actually read something i wrote now lmao


It was a typical Friday evening – you were sitting at the dinner table with your daughters, helping your 2-year-old learn to feed herself as your 5-year-old excitedly rambled on about what she did in school that day. You would ask her questions every now and then, assuring her that you were listening to her despite being occupied with her sister. This was the normal routine – you feeding them a little earlier than usual before their father came by to pick them up.

You were almost finished feeding Sadie when you heard a knock at the door. Alexia immediately shot up to run to answer it, making you sigh.

Alexia!” you scolded – she knew she wasn’t allowed to answer the door by herself – as you took Sadie out of her booster seat and hurried after the 5-year-old. Alexia didn’t listen, obviously, because the next thing you heard was the door opening.

Daddy!” she shouted with a huge smile on her face, jumping into his arms when he held his hands out to her.

You and Ashton had known each other since you were in college – bonding over the alarming number of espresso pumps you both ordered in your drinks on Saturdays when you studied at the campus coffee shop. Over the next seven years, you fell in love, got married, and had two beautiful little girls.

But a year and a half ago, things started to go downhill. You would argue more and more every day and it was so emotionally draining on the two of you that you just decided to get a divorce – the finalization being only weeks after your youngest daughter’s 1st birthday. You had the girls on the weekdays and Ashton took them every Friday evening to Sunday afternoon as part of your custody agreement.

You both remained civil for the sake of your daughters though – Ashton didn’t want them seeing their parents barely speaking or arguing with each other and lead them to believe that that was how they should be treated when they got older. So this was how it was – Ashton would come over, talk with you and the girls a few minutes in his old home, and then leave to spend the weekend with his daughters.

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Anonymous asked: Could I please request a Sandor x starkreader were she has been injured so wears a bandage over her eyes. She’s still got it on when the royal family arrive and Joff makes Sandor lead her around all the journey from winterfell to kings landing. They talk a lot and grow fond and she touches his face and they cuddle and he’s nervous and awkward but when she takes off her gauze after they arrive. hes like sorry I’m not better looking and shes like but I think you’re handsome. Fluffy Sandor 😍

Here you are, lovely! I think this is one of my favorite Sandor stories I’ve written so far! I do not own Sandor, Joffrey, Robb, Robert or Ned. They belong to George R.R.Martin. 

Warnings: FLUFF!!!! Some low self-esteem

Pairings: Sandor “The Hound” Clegane x fem!Stark reader, mentions of Ned, Robb, Joffrey and Robert. 

Originally posted by flameghosts

You stifled a sigh of frustration as you heard the royal carriage arriving. You were standing in between your sister, Sansa, and twin brother, Robb. Robb held your arm so you wouldn’t lose your footing and you could practically feel the guilt radiating off of him. After all, he felt it was his fault you were in this position. He’d accidentally injured you, causing you to lose your sight. Maester Luwin was almost positive that it was temporary, but until you knew for sure, you wore bandages and Robb was your eyes.

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When you play 7 minutes in heaven with ASTRO

Thank you for requesting~ ^^ I really hope this pleases you and if not, let me know and I’ll do a new one ^^

this goes from uncomfortable to awkward to 200% fluff to THIS IS CHEESY AF real fast, sorry i kinda took this really far idk I HAD A HARD TIME WRITING THIS, I WAS KINDA LOST, I HOPE THIS IS OKAY ><

Words: 1419

Fluff also awkward af and i also put some cheese in there

Requested by anon ♥

Originally posted by kibaems

You had thought the small gathering between a group of friends would be nothing but a fun-filled evening without surprises. That’s what it was supposed to be – just a group of friends gathering at one’s house and eating snacks and drinking soft drinks. That’s not how it ended up, though.

“Guys,” your friend – whose place you were at – gained everyone’s attention. “I have an announcement.”

Everyone stayed silent, waiting for her to say whatever she was going to say.

A mischievous smile could be seen on her face. “We’re going to play a little game.”

You felt slightly anxious after hearing that. What game? You looked at your friend, hoping it wouldn’t be anything too extreme.

“Oh lord,” Dongmin whispered, probably just as anxious as you were.

“I knew it would be like this,” Jinwoo smiled.

Your friend looked at everyone. “Seven minutes in heaven,” she said, making your stomach twist.

“What’s that?” Sanha asked. He looked like he kind of knew what it was but he wasn’t sure.

“One girl, one boy,” she started, making your stomach twist even more. “Seven minutes in there,” she pointed at her walk-in wardrobe that was barely big enough for two people to fit in.

You looked at Sanha who was blushing a little. The one who was blushing most was probably Dongmin though. Your eyes stopped on Myungjun who seemed calmest out of the boys. What if I have to go with him? You thought and it made you feel nervous. He had always treated you nicely and you had a soft spot for him. You didn’t dare to say you had feelings for him since you thought that he thought of you more as a sister. You didn’t want to get your hopes up for nothing.

“I wrote everyone’s names on a piece of paper and put them all in these,” your friend took two small bowls that were filled with small papers that had been folded a few times. “I’ve separated the girls and guys.”

The others seemed rather excited about the game. You were more worried than excited. The game sounded fun, sure, but you were worried about who you would have to go in the walk-in wardrobe with. You were okay with going in there with anyone as long as it wasn’t Myungjun. Why? Because you knew it would be really painfully awkward if you had to go in there with him. It won’t be as awkward with the others, you thought. You just didn’t want to embarrass yourself in front of Myungjun, that’s all.

“First pair!” you friend said. “Who wants to draw first?”

The first two names were drawn. It was your best friend and Jinwoo. The two entered the walk-in wardrobe calmly after you had gone through the rules. The rules were, as told by your friend:

“The two leave their phones behind, enter my walk-in wardrobe and stay in there for seven minutes. As long as the two don’t hurt each other, break any of my stuff or have sex, they can do anything they want in there. The people on the outside will knock on the door when the time is up.”

There were four names left; two girls, two guys. You, your friend, Minhyuk and Myungjun. You were quite close with Minhyuk so you hoped you would end up going into the wardrobe with him. You told yourself you wanted to go into the small walk-in wardrobe with Minhyuk – just because it wouldn’t be as painfully awkward with him – but you subconsciously wished you would end up with Myungjun.

Bin was the one pulling out the names this time. After hesitating for a bit he took one paper from both bowls and opened them. After reading them both, he looked up from the pieces of paper and said the names.

“_____,” he said your name, making your heart skip a beat. “And… hyung,” he looked at Myungjun with a smile.

It was like the time had stopped when Myungjun looked at you who were silently having a mental breakdown. Your eyes met and he smiled a little before standing up. After receiving a few nudges from the others around you, you got up too. You two left your phones behind. Myungjun walked over to the wardrobe first and opened the door.

“You first,” he said to you with a smile and you entered the already stuffy wardrobe.

“Your time starts,” you could hear your friend’s voice after Myungjun came in too. “Now!”

Myungjun calmly closed the door and a silence filled the small space you were in. He turned around to face you in the dark. “So…” he broke the silence.

Oh my god, this is already awkward …

You couldn’t see him clearly since the wardrobe was dark but you could still kind of see his figure that was standing right in front of you.

“Are you okay?” he asked and his voice sounded so calm that you actually felt a little embarrassed for being so nervous.

“Yeah,” you barely made a sound. You pressed yourself against the wardrobe’s wall.

Myungjun stayed quiet for some time. During that time your eyes adjusted to the dark and you could see his face now. He was looking at you and when you noticed that, you looked away to avoid eye contact.

“I never imagined this to be so awkward,” he said and his voice sounded amused.

“Yeah,” you answered and this time your voice was louder but it cracked.

Myungjun chuckled, making you feel more and more embarrassed. “You seem nervous,” he said warmly. The warmth in his voice made you look at him again, not looking away even when you two made eye contact. Looking into his eyes made you calm down a bit for some weird reason. It was like you totally forgot about the fact that you were in a really small space with him.

“_____?” he called your name, snapping you out of your thoughts.

“Sorry,” you apologized and looked away.

“Why are you apologizing?”

“I made you feel uncomfortable, didn’t I?” you mumbled.

“Not really,” he said. “You seem a lot more uncomfortable.”

You looked at him from the corner of your eye. “I can’t help it.”


“Because… I’m here with… you.”

“You would have preferred Minhyuk?” he misunderstood you.

“No, that’s not it,” you denied immediately. “It’s just because… I…”

There was a silence between you two. He was looking at you, waiting for you to finish your sentence.

“It’s nothing…” you said, not able to finish it.

Again, a silence. You just looked at your feet.

“_____,” he called your name.

You looked up.

“I like you,” he said. He leaned closer to you in the dark, making your heart beat faster. You held your breath as he got closer and closer. He stopped when he was just a few centimeters away from your face.

“Can I?” he whispered.

“What?” you asked, taking a small breath.

“Kiss you,” his voice was barely audible at that point and you could feel his breath against your skin. You closed your eyes after you two met eyes, feeling embarrassed since he was so close to your face.

Almost immediately after you closed your eyes, you could feel his warm lips press against yours. You felt like the kiss lasted for several minutes even though it was cut after just a few seconds by the knocking on the wardrobe’s door. Myungjun pulled away and looked at you with a smile, making your heart flutter even more than it already did. The wardrobe’s door was opened from the outside and you two got out.

For the rest of the night, you couldn’t stop thinking about the kiss and didn’t look at him even once. He ended up walking you home after the party.

“Did I startle you earlier?” he asked.

“A little…” you mumbled and glanced at him.

“I’m sorry,” he scratched the back of his head and smiled awkwardly. “I think I got ahead of myself. Sorry if I did something I shouldn’t have.”

“You didn’t,” you said.

He smiled widely. “So you like me?”

“Yeah,” you nodded, a little shy.

Myungjun chuckled. “To be honest, I didn’t mean to do that back there.”

You looked at him.

“But I’m happy I did it,” he stated and looked at you.

“Me too…” you said, smiling a little.

“Can I?” he asked suddenly.


“Be your boyfriend?” he asked with a smirk.

this scenario was NOT complete without that last line, OKAY?

anonymous asked:

Ok but how is it fair that we saw another straight hookup but we are yet to see anything intimate on that level with Magnus and Alec?

well to start let me make it clear that i prefer magnus and alec being sweet to each other and saying i love yous and seeing their relationship grow stronger so much more than seeing them having sex every episode. that suff means so much more to me and it always will

but honestly its not fair that we get to see a straight hookup #21522 and we still havent seen magnus and alec anywhere near that kind of level of intimacy and its becoming kinda transparent at this point. we still have seven episodes to go so im hoping after the 2x07 backlash they took everything into account and give us some sort of indication. because seeing all these girl/boy hookups or after morning scenes just keeps reminding me that we havent seen anything like that with our lgbt couple. and thats not ok. so we should still hold on, see the rest of the seven episodes and if we still have nothing and feel like its not fair, then we should definitely lobby for it bc its ridiculous

I am so tired lately, just studying or playing. BUT HERE I AM! The theme is about: Dancing in the RFA party. AND SORRY. I know it’s really short, but I will do my best to write more and more ;uuu; 


  • Me gustas tu - GFriend
  • Yoosung was so surprised seeing you dance one of his favorite songs. “She is so cute. Wait… MY PHONE. RECORD THIS”. This boy couldn’t stop looking at you and would make sure to tell everyone you’re his girlfriend. 
  •  And yes, you could see him singing, he was so into it he stopped caring about Seven and Zen. When the song ended, he would run to give you a hug and say you should teach him the choreography. 


  • Ice Cream Cake - Red Velvet
  • Seven knows every song of Red Velvet. And you learned the choreography after he made you watch the video so many times. This would be REALLY funny. 
  • This song… MC! LET ME DANCE TOO” and he would just dance some parts of the song. Even Jumin would be laughing. LIKE???? Some guests would ask you if it was a comedy show. 


  • Lion Heart - Girls’ Generation 
  • Zen would also go and dance with you, but more seriously. He knew about this even before you asked his help to learn the choreography HOW? 
  • Zen would love to dance with you since it’s two things he really love. During the dance, he would also say some tips or when to smile more   without anyone else noticing. Let’s not forget he would show the video for all his coworkers. 


  • Like a Cat - AOA
  • We all know why you chose this song. Cat and sexy. Jumin would just ask for every cameraman to record you from every single angle. Even V! JUMIN, JUST CALM DOWN.
  • And he would look at you as if ready to take you to a room at any moment. Please, just wait the song end But at the same time he would look at every man because you’re his and only he can watch you like this. 


  • Something - Girl’s Day
  • Saeran would look at you with that “I don’t believe you’re doing this” face. And he would become really jealous.
  • It would stop when he saw you dancing while looking at him. The song isn’t that bad… The skirt is really good too… He would try listening to more songs like this one later it’s a secret

anonymous asked:

Can you do bill confessing to his family that he's ~in love~ with fleur

I got this prompt a few weeks ago, before THAT Pottermore article, but couldn’t resist throwing in something about the NEW CANON (I am still not over this excitement) :)

“I’m going to ask her to marry me.”

Charlie burst out laughing, then stopped once he realised Bill wasn’t joining in. “You’re not serious?” he asked.

“I am!” Bill protested. “I love her, she loves me, what comes next? Marriage. Obviously. Then a baby in a golden carriage but I don’t think we’ve reached that point yet…”

“Obviously,” Charlie said faintly. “Excuse me,” he said a moment later, pointing his wand at Bill’s face. “Who are you and what have you done with Bill Weasley?”

It was Bill’s turn to laugh until he realised his brother wasn’t kidding. “What, you’re going to make me prove I am who I am?” he asked. Charlie raised an eyebrow at him, still not lowering his wand. “Fine. You, Nymphadora Tonks, summer after fifth year, the orchard behind—”

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Surprises in Small Packages (2/2)

Dean x Pregnant!Reader (Requested)

Imagine being pregnant and trying to find a way to tell Dean, your boyfriend.

Warnings: lightlanguage

Word count: 1,264

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 "Dean, I’m more then capable of carrying a glass of water to the table,“ this is what you’d been dealing with since you’d told him you were pregnant about a month ago.

   A week later Sam decided to do some redecorating in the Bunker, books, tables, and chairs were spread out across the floor. Of course, nurse Dean had to make a big deal about it.

  "Okay, step here. No no no! Here,” he was guiding you around the maze mess that Sam had made.

  "What the hell are you doing man?“ you couldn’t agree more with Sam’s question.

  "Uh-making sure she doesn’t bump into anything because somebody decided to remodel the entire freaking bunker,” his hand was in front of your stomach as he guided you around.

  "I’m carrying a baby, not a bomb,“ both you and Sam laughed at the statement you’d made. "and besides, my stomach isn’t even that big yet and when it is I’m pretty sure I’ll know when I’m about to run into something.”

  "But what if you can’t see past the bump? I read online once you get far along you won’t be able to see your toes,“ wow-he was overprotective but this was crazy. He might as well have wrapped you in bubble wrap and given you a crash helmet.

  "Okay, sweetheart. No more googling about pregnancies. I’m only five months, and trust me I’ve been doing my research,” you placed a hand on his cheek and continued walking without his help.

  Another month passed by like nothing and your paranoid boyfriend only got worse. Sure it was cute, but your hormonal mind didn’t think so.

 "Don’t eat that!“ he grabbed a bag of potato chips from your hands.

  "I swear if you grab another thing I’m trying to eat out of my hands, I’ll shoot you. Now hand it over,” his eyes got wide in surprise, but reluctantly, he handed back your bag of chips. Rather quickly.

  "I’d just like to point out that I hid all the guns from you,“ this remark earned him a death glare. "I’m just going to go wash Baby,” he ran out as you threw a water bottle at him, hitting him in the back of his head.

  Seven months down, only two more to go. The doctor say you were having a baby girl, you thought Dean the paranoid freak would be upset but he was beyond happy.

  "I don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl, as long as they’re healthy,“ the sweet moments the two of you shared like this made up for some of the other crazy behavior he’d been having.

  Only a week after that, after only one week of a little peace. Your boyfriend lost it.

  "Dean, just get in the damn bed please,” he was standing by the door, throwing another crazy fit.

  "I’m not sleeping in the same bed with you, and you know why,“ he couldn’t be more serious, which only pissed you off more. Hormones and such.

 "Thinking you’re going to pop my belly is the most ridiculous and stupid thing I’ve ever heard!”

 "No it’s not!“ the two of you had been arguing for the past thirty minutes. "I read online-

  "Didn’t I tell you to stop googling shit?” you raised an eyebrow and crossed your arms.

  "Maybe,“ he paused. "Or maybe you didn’t. You know I read online that when women are pregnant they tend to think they did or said things they actually didn’t,” okay, enough was enough.

  You jumped out of bed as fast as you could, which wasn’t fast, and started chasing after him. Picking up random things and throwing them at him as you ran.

  "Woah!“ Sam had stopped you from your high speed chase around the Bunker halls. "You know you shouldn’t be running like that right? Especially while throwing things,” he took the hardcover book from your hands slowly, making sure you wouldn’t hit him upside the head with it.

  "I’m getting real tired of people telling me what I can and can’t do,“

  "I’m sure you are. Come on, let’s get you some tea and I’ll put on a Disney movie for you,” he’d been the one actually taking care of you since Dean practically refused to touch you in anyway.

“Thanks Sammy. Since someone is incapable of acting like a normal human being!” you shouted the last words loudly in the direction Dean had ran.

  Eight months along now. The bunker was being baby proofed today. Corners were being covered up, electrical sockets too. As usual you were sitting down at the table, not helping. But you weren’t really complaining anymore. The baby had been pushing and kicking a lot the past few weeks and you really didn’t feel up to par with arguing with Dean. Or doing anything for that matter. So you just let him take over.

  "No, don’t move that there. What if when she’s crawling around she reaches up and grabs it?“ you bossed everybody around seeing as you couldn’t, more like wouldn’t get up and help.

  "Now who’s being paranoid?” he loved flipping the tables on you. Quickly you placed a hand on your right side, stiffening your body and letting out a deep breath as you did so. “You okay?” but you didn’t answer.

  "Come here,“

  "No Y/N, I already told you I don’t want to hurt you if I touch you,”

  "Just shut up and come here Winchester,“ reluctantly he placed a hand on the spot you set it. You watched his face light up as your daughter kicked into his touch.

  "That’s cool,” you laughed as he spoke, both of you couldn’t wait to meet her.

  A month later and it was almost your due date. About three days to be exact. Surprisingly, Dean was more concerned with making sure he had a plan for when it was time, then watching your every move. He practiced almost constantly at what he was going to do when your water broke. Sam was supposed to grab the suitcase, Cas was supposed to go start the car, and Dean would grab your jacket and make sure you got to the car safely.

  "Okay, let’s practice again,“ you heard him boss around the two other boys as you were in the kitchen getting a glass of water. They didn’t bother arguing with him, there was no use. You listened as they went over the routine, when a sharp pain went through your stomach. Grasping the sides of your belly you looked down to see water everywhere.

  "Uh-Dean?” he peaked his head around the corner to your call.

  "I’ll clean up the water you spilled in a minute, just go sit down,“ but you didn’t say anything. Really? God you could strangle him. It took him a few seconds to realize what had happened. "Water?” he just looked at you and you gave him a nervous nod.

Quickly he ran to you, holding his hands out in panic.

  "Okay, okay. Should we go to the hospital,“ he didn’t just ask you that did he?

  "No, I thought it would be a good idea to get some crisco and give birth right here. Yes! Take me to the hospital!” he ran to away from you. “Where the hell are you going?!”

  "To get your jacket!“

  "I couldn’t give a damn less about the jacket! Just take me to the hospital!”

  "Right, okay,“ so much for being prepared and having a plan, but by that time tomorrow you’d both be parents to a beautiful baby girl.

INFINITE Gif Reaction- When you plant kisses all over their faces


When he is in love with you and you don’t know, Sunggyu would have trouble holding in his feelings despite his acting ability. Any kind of affection he would get from you would definitely create a storm up in his mind, a whirlwind of questions, emotions and possibility’s.

He would be quite shocked at first from the unexpected gesture, then he would have a lot of trouble not smiling because that is all he wants to do…and hug you and kiss you back and confess all of his feelings to you. But, currently he cannot move as his body has not caught up with his mind yet.


Usually Dongwoo is a bundle of energy, the light in the room. However, as soon as you are involved; he becomes this quiet, blushing little romeo in the corner of the dressing room.

After Woohyun suggests a ‘friendly’ wrestling match, you are in. You noticed Dongwoo silently on his phone and thought that he could use a little fun since all he seems to do lately is sit on the small couch on his phone or listening to music. So, you suggest that after you kick Woohyun’s butt, you go against Dongwoo. Obviously he would refuse, knowing that with the close proximity between you both and the opportunity to touch you more than he ever will be able too will probably cause him to turn into a clumsy, blushing little boy. You think he refuses because you are a girl and he doesn’t want to hurt you so you pester him and beg him to wrestle until finally you got what you want.

The game turned into a seven second match where Dongwoo was just a soft pile of limbs, too afraid to touch you whereas you knocked him right over until your body’s were pressed against each other on the floor.

“A-are you okay?” Dongwoo asked. You responded with an 'awwwwww’ at his concern and kissed him all over his face a 'thank you’. And this is how he became an even bigger mess every time you came into the room. One time he tripped over his own foot and ended up grabbing your waist in the process. He went out of the room so fast, you would have thought he was on fire.


Woohyun acts like this cool guy that doesn’t get embarrassed or flustered when he’s around you but when you are walking out of the room with your back turned, he drops out of his 'cool guy’ character and blushes to the point that makeup doesn’t even cover up the evidence of his more-than-a-little-crush on you.

It was the same when you visited INFINITE’s dorm to drop some food and a present for Woohyun’s birthday. All of the members were telling you to give Woohyun a birthday kiss (torturing him obviously), you being oblivious to Woohyun’s feelings but fully aware of your own, you play along acting casual even when your heart is fluttering and your inner goddess is doing cartwheels. 

When you end up giving Woohyun a kiss, it was closer to the edge of his lips than his cheek, so to hide your embarrassment you kiss all over his face telling the members that the kisses were for the inspirits. They all laughed and pinched Woohyun’s blushing cheeks before he swatted their grabbing hands away from his face telling you that you were lucky, “not everyone can say they had kissed Nam Woohyun multiple times”.

Before he bursts out into song and dance about how much he wants you to stay by his side, he leaves the room to put your food in the kitchen. Trying to get his heart rate in check, he gets some water for himself.

Let’s just say he had the best birthday he has ever had and he couldn’t stop looking at you throughout the whole day, his 'cool’ side slipping every time you made eye contact. 


'Poor Hoya’, that’s what all the members think when you start talking to him. They pity him, because they are the only ones who know about Hoya’s feeling. Not even Hoya knows. It’s one of those psychological effects that only someone from the outside can pick up on. Like he remembers every joke you have ever told, whatever you touch, he has to touch it with his own hand and if you are sitting next to him or in front of him, he needs to touch you. Consciously or subconsciously, he’s doing it whether it’s the shoulders touching or his foot is laid across yours.

Then, something strange happened. He bought you…a lipstick. 'An unusual present’, the other members would think. Would a normal guy friend just go and buy his friend who is a girl a lipstick that suits her perfectly? Would a normal guy friend pay attention to her lips like that? No. So he came up with the excuse that the makeup artist that was putting on Hoya’s face the previous day had bought the wrong color lipstick and asked him to give it to a girl he knows so it doesn’t go to waste. He even came up with the excuse that another girl he knew didn’t like the brand so he though he should just give it to the next girl he sees…turns out to be you.

You applied the lipstick and used your front-facing camera on your phone as a mirror. Hoya watching you with nervous eyes.The lipstick suited you perfectly. The darker color of your lips brought out your bright, paler complexion. You loved it, to his smug satisfaction, it’s a color that suits your lips best, a darker shade of hot pink. To thank Hoya, you gave him a kiss on his left cheek with the lipstick still on your lips. You looked at the mark on his cheek and kissed the other, before kissing all around his face. You laughed at what you just did and Hoya couldn’t help but laugh as well. You thanked him again and left to get him a tissue, he blushed like crazy and fanned himself when you were out of the door. Forgetting the other members were there whilst he had his fanboying moment.


You and Sungyeol always seemed to be a bit too affectionate, to the other members dismay. It wasn’t so much as physical contact, it was the looks, the expressions on each others faces. They were…cute in some weird way but when you looked at sungyeol, it looked like you wanted to jump his bones and when Sungyeol looked at you, it was like he was this smug little kid.

It could be because you guys are in the 'honeymoon stage’ of your relationship that you were so affectionate, or you just wanted to see how long the other INFINITE members could take it.

One day, it was all about kisses with you two. Whenever you looked at each other, you had to kiss a part of each others face. It got so annoying for Sunggyu that he told you that he would turn around and count to 10, by that time he wanted you guys to get it out of your system so there was no more lovey-dovey stuff for the rest of the day- or the rest of the week, if possible. As soon as he turned around, you started kissing all over Sungyeol’s face for 7 of the 10 seconds you had been given. Sungyeol was quite surprised with the sudden outburst, but then turned smug. When Sunggyu turned around, he seemed more relaxed and content until Sungyeol gave you one last loud kiss on the lips. Then, Sunggyu just left the room, grumbling to himself.


Myungsoo is a very affectionate person, especially when it comes to you or his music, especially when both are together. He has never been very big on gestures, he is like Sungyeol in a way as Myungsoo can tell you something just by giving you a look. Despite him being affectionate, you do not know how to be affectionate really. Sure you have initiated a kiss before and maybe a cuddle. There was that one time you were cold so you grabbed his hand first. But usually, he is the one who starts these kinds of gestures.

He wants you to be more confident and comfortable with being affectionate towards him. He tells you this almost everyday, he even complained this one time using his best aegyo.

It was that night that you were watching TV together, a drama playing on the screen. You then feel his head rest on your shoulder and his baby voice starts again, “why don’t you show me how much you love me?” he pouts like a child. You roll your eyes and smile a little at his cuteness. You then see from the corner of your eye, his finger pointing at his pouting lips. You smirk as you think of an idea.

You shake your head 'no’ to him as he still points to his lips. He then gets closer and closer until your faces are only inches apart, finger still on his lip. As soon as he closes his eyes in preparation for a small peck, you grab each side of his face and kiss as much of it as you can, finishing with a big smooch on his lips. You try to hide your smug smirk whilst facing back to the TV. But he just looks awestruck before smiling and putting his arms around you shoulders.


Sungjong is never awkward. He doesn’t usually get embarrassed and even if he does, he hardly shows it at all. But how is it when you press kisses all over his face as a kiss attack, he shows his feeling of embarrassment and blushes like crazy.

Sungjong had told you before that he has strong feelings about you but he just doesn’t know how to express it to you. You had told him that you see him as a man and not just an oppa. I guess where you are right know is in between a romantic relationship and a friendship, always jumping from one to the other.

Despite your obvious feelings towards each other, when you plant kisses on him, the touchy feely side comes straight out and he just wants to hide his face in the crook of your neck from embarrassment and vulnerability. His feelings for you are strong but he just needs time to get it out. 


More of a scenario based reaction :3

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Can't Stand It (Minho)

Here’s part two, as promised! Part three is underway, but here’s just some pure fluffy fluffiness. 

Woo! Two posts in one day.

I hope this kinda makes up for me being AWOL for a little while. Our musical is opening Friday and practice has been hell. 


Part One | Part Two | Part Three


“What happened to you?” Minho asks, holding back a snicker when he sees you enter the classroom.

“Don’t you even dare, Choi.” You warn, dropping your backpack on the floor and sliding into the chair tiredly.

“Don’t I dare what?” He says innocently, trying to restrain a laugh. You can tell he’s snickering on the inside, though, and it’s annoying you.

“I know, I know. I look like I’ve done every drug in the entire freaking world, passed out, got a bucket of water dumped on me and then somehow managed to drag myself out of the hole I got dumped in and make my way to school.” You snap, pulling your wet hair off the nape of your neck and attempting tie it into a braid.

“Awe, are you crabby today?” Minho teases, not getting that you weren’t in the mood for his idiocy.

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Hi there! I hope you're having a good day! Not sure if this one's been asked before, but how would the RFA react to an MC that's older than all of them. Like, 27-28 years old? Thank you, darling~

I hope you like it! <3


  • Honestly he’s probably the only one weirded out about it (although only a little bit)
  • Once he gets used to you being older than him he doesn’t mind
  • Like Zen it’s only a five year age gap it’s not that bad


  • Half the time he wants you to baby him and half the time he wants you to treat him just as mature as you are there is no in between
  • Probably wants to be the little spoon mostly even if he’s taller than you


  • Lowkey likes that you’re older than her
  • She’s obv super mature, so she’d probably want someone that can match her maturity
  • She’d find herself relying on you more than she cares to admit
  • Like whenever she’s stressed from work she’ll go to you hoping you can help her solve them more than if you were younger than her


  • Since he’s twenty seven, he doesn’t really care if you’re a little older than him
  • He would probably rather date someone older than him
  • Considering how his father would always date girls a lot younger than him


  • He wouldn’t really mind like? You’re a few years older than him but he doesn’t really even think about it
  • You just have to still be willing to pull pranks on Yoosung with him


  • He might be a little surprised at first but after he finds out he doesn’t think about it at all
  • He’s twenty six, so like Jumin, it doesn’t affect him at all

Papa’s Baby Girl

pairing: SasuSaku of course, with little Sarada Uchiha

note: gonna tag this as papa’s baby girl, so, if you miss one, you can go to my blog, search the tag, and it’ll be there. :3


Sarada was missing.

Ten months old and she was missing.

How, Sasuke wasn’t sure. While she was playing on the living room floor, Sasuke took the chance to lay on the couch and watch her, not noticing he had dozed off until he opened his eyes again and it was two hours later, and Sarada had disappeared from her blanket on the floor. For a moment, Sasuke stayed calm, before freaking out internally and running all over the house, shouting Sarada’s name, trying to find her.

“Sarada, where are you?!”

By the tenth time he entered the living room, Sasuke decided to try and calm down again, taking deep breaths as he looked around the room, seeing if he couldn’t catch a glimpse of the purple ruffled skirt he had dressed this tiny daughter in that morning, just in case she had decided to hide somewhere in the living room. After a few minutes of calming himself down, Sasuke started looking all over the house again, calmly, and in places he had looked before, such as under the kitchen table.

“Sarada… come out wherever you are, sweetie.”

Ever since Sarada was born, Sasuke had barely let her out of his sight when he was at home, which could explain why he fell asleep while she was playing on the floor. She had woken him at almost seven that morning after Sakura left for her shift at the hospital, and, though Sarada had taken a nap, Sasuke had yet to get more than four hours of sleep any given night the last week.

So, while she played he thought he would just rest his eyes, not fall asleep for two hours and find his daughter missing.

He knew that Sakura was going to kill him when she got home and realized he couldn’t find the small girl, and all he was doing as he searched for her was praying she would show up.

Sarada, please… mama’s going to kill me when she gets home…

A moment later, Sasuke heard the front door open and then close, Sakura yelling their names and that she was home. Sasuke’s heart began to race out of fear and he slowly made his way back to the living room, hanging his head in defeat.

He hadn’t found her. Sarada was still missing and Sakura was home and Sasuke was going to be dead in a matter of seconds.

Time to face the music… my wife is going to kill me for losing our daughter in our own home…

“Sakura, I can’t find—”

“What a pretty baby girl you are!”

Sasuke blinked in surprise, his heart beat slowing down when he saw what was going on.

Sakura had Sarada in her arms, the ten-month-old giggling as her mother lifted her over her head, laughing as well. Sarada opened and closed her hands and cooed, drooling a bit as Sakura hugged her daughter to herself.

If Sasuke were to be honest, he was completely shocked that Sarada randomly appeared when Sakura returned home.

When she noticed Sasuke was there, Sakura looked over and gave a smile.

“Hello there! Why was Sarada in her by herself…?”

Shaking his head, Sasuke looked as if he was thinking, before saying, “Why do you mean? I thought…”

“She was sitting on her blanket, looking like she was about to start sobbing…”

Sarada looked at Sasuke after a moment, smiling brightly and reaching out for him. “Papa!! Papa!!”

When Sakura handed Sarada over to him, she gave Sasuke a quick kiss and said she was going to get started on dinner, leaving him to continue entertaining their daughter.

Sasuke, however, looked his daughter over as she stared at him, grinning while she beat on him as she flailed her arms about.

“You were on your blanket the entire time, weren’t you?”

Sarada blinked, babbling before laughing.

“…I need to get my eyes checked…”

How Oikawa Tooru came out of the closet

A shitty oneshot:

He was going to do it. He had already made up his mind. Today was the day that Oikawa Tooru told his volleyball team aka his best friends that yes girls were nice but he was super fricking into dudes. He had already decided to do it during afternoon practice when a chance arose. Everything was going to be fine, then Tooru would get to go home, have some milk bread & watch Star Wars for the one millionth time as an excuse to procrastinate on his math homework. Unfortunately things never really went to plan when it came to Oikawa’s personal affairs.

Today had been good so far for Oikawa. He walked to school with Iwaizumi, got to all his classes on time & even managed to restrain himself from strangling the person that sat next to him in math when he leaned into Oikawa’s personal space. Again.
Lunch was when it went down hill.

To put it simply Oikawa was tired, he had to sit next to Rosakata Hotaru in math who had no concept of personal space, he had had a double period of English his second most hated subject(after math) & he got seven confessions from fangirls, SEVEN. yeah that was really sweet of those girls but Oikawa knew they had no interest in him, just his appearance, also as previously stated he was gay so dating girls wasn’t really gonna happen. Also he had been up all night stressing over how his friends were going to react to his homosexuality, it would be a lie to say Oikawa got more than 2 hours sleep.

Thus Oikawa dragged his tired ass to the lunch hall were he would eat with the volleyball club & some other sports jocks who he really disliked sometimes but could deal with, yes Iwa-chan was very athletic but damnit he was in the volleyball club! (he had to admit it though, the soccer club’s captain Mitsuki was really hot) the little clique of sports nerds that Oikawa sat with were quite the loud bunch and he wasn’t entirely sure if he was up to dealing with them but the way kindaichi waved at him & how Hanamaki shot him finger guns was enough to melt through Oikawa’s tiredness.

When Oikawa sat down things went normal enough. Hanamaki & Matsukawa were being memes, the second years were having some debate about Harry Potter, Iwaizumi was doing his physics homework, Kunimi was resting his head on Kindaichi’s shoulder whilst reading a book, everything was fine. That was until a member of the basketball club (Okuma Satoshi if Oikawa remembered correctly) decided to comment on Oikawa’s desert choice.
“A rainbow cookie?? Dude that’s so gay”
He had said whilst looking at Oikawa who was about to take a bite out of the cookie that had M&M’s through it. Oikawa still wasn’t entirely sure on why he said it, he blames the tiredness he sassily replied to Okuma’s slightly homophobic comments with
“Well you are what you eat”
Them he took a large bite of the cookie still maintaining eye contact with Okuma.

Oikawa was about to start laughing at the surprised look on Okuma’s face when he processed what he had just said. He Oikawa Tooru had just came out, by sassing someone & eating a cookie no less. What was he going to do. He was in the cafeteria right now, someone could have easily over heard him. Oh god his teammates were here too, what if he got kicked of the team?!?. Oikawa’s whirlwind of thoughts was cut through with Yahaba exclaiming
“Wait Oikawa-san, you’re not straight??”
Oikawa looked at Yahaba, the younger setter didn’t have a look of disgust on his face, or disappointment, just curiosity. So Oikawa decided ‘fuck it’ he’d already screwed up his chances of coming out quietly. and answered Yahaba with
“Yahaba-chan the only straight I am is a straight up bitch”
Oikawa smiled and closed his eyes already preparing himself for the onslaught of homophobic comments he was sure to receive at the hands of the athletes around him & probably his own teammates. instead he got a “lamo same” from Matsukawa & a member of the swimming club exclaiming “Bi pride!” Before lunch returned to normal. Well sure most of the other people had shocked looks on their faces & Oikawa was pretty sure he saw Yahaba, Watari & Kyoutani swapping money but apart from that lunch was normal.

Later in the locker room Oikawa couldn’t help but feel self conscious. Yeah sure at lunch nobody had said anything but in the privacy of the locker room who knows what insults could be thrown his way. Just as Oikawa was about to say something Iwaizumi said
“You know we don’t care, right shittykawa?”
“Yeah senpai! you being gay changes nothing” Watari exclaimed.
“You’re still our capitan” added Kindaichi
Oikawa was confused now, his teammates.. Didn’t mind he was gay??
“Yeah dude, I’m surprised I didn’t notice earlier though” said Matsukawa
“My gay-dar is usually pretty good” he added after some forethought.
Surprisingly it was Kyoutani who genuinely cheered Oikawa up
“We’re all used to queerness, I mean literally every team we’ve encountered has had enough sexual tension to fill a swimming pool, especially Karasuno”
Oikawa laughed. He laughed good & hard. Oikawa Tooru had just came out as gay to his teammates & none of them saw him any differently, they were all still his friends. That was all Oikawa could ask for

Like the title said, I think my wife is up to something. I’m not exactly sure of what, but I have an idea. God do I hope I’m wrong. As a side note, I’m at work right now so I’m typing this as fast as I can. If there’s any typos I apologize. I just couldn’t do this at home, I couldn’t risk my wife seeing me type this.

I suppose I should start from the beginning, well the relative beginning anyway. We met in fifth grade and began dating, well, as much as fifth graders could date. Then suddenly my family packed up and left practically over night. It was our freshman year in college when we met again. We were taking the same writing class, and ended up sitting next to each other. We reconnected and joked about how we never officially broke up after fifth grade, so if we’d ever dated anyone since we were technically cheating on each other.

That was kind of our thing, joking and subtle flirting. We had fun together. Our relationship was what anyone would have wanted, up until seven months ago that is.

It was right after our ninth anniversary that she started becoming distant. Whenever I’d arrive home she wouldn’t be there. Instead I’d come home to our babysitter watching our two children. Every night it seemed as though she’d come home later and later. In all fairness my wife does work as my kid’s elementary school counselor, but coming home at one, sometimes three, in the morning is ridiculous.

Because of all that I began to suspect that she was cheating on me. To make matters worse, her phone would constantly go off even after she’d get home at night. Whenever I’d ask who it was she’d just say friends, but friends who constantly text in the middle of the night seemed like a stretch. The only reason I stayed in the relationship for this long was purely because of our two children, my oldest who is a seven year old girl, and my youngest who’s a one year old boy.

The longer our relationship went in like that, the more odd she began to act. She would start saying things to our children that seemed harmless, but didn’t still sit well with me. For example, whenever she was alone with our son I’d catch her whispering things to him.

“Soon you’ll be ready,” she’d say, “Soon it will be done.”

It wasn’t only that, just yesterday she was braiding my daughter’s hair in our dining room. Without warning she grabbed a pair of scissors out of her purse and cut the entire end of the braid off, leaving her with hair just short of shoulder length. After lifting the small hand held mirror and looking at her reflection my daughter began wailing about how her hair was ruined.

“Oh shut up,” my wife had told her, “It’s just hair. Besides, it had to be done. You need to be ready.”

“What’s wrong with you?” I yelled in shock as I grabbed my daughter’s hand.

To calm my daughter down I took her and my son to an ice cream shop without their mother. It was just the three of us, which I had to admit was pretty relaxing. I could tell my daughter was starting to get in edge whenever she was around her mother too, it wasn’t just me.

“Dad,” she said as she toyed with her gummy bear covered ice cream, “Mom’s being weird. She keeps saying I need to get ready.”

“Hun, everything is going to be fine. Trust me,” I replied, “Does she say anything else about ready?”

She shook her head, and took a bite of her ice cream. I took them home and of course my wife was gone. I put the kids to bed, and went into my room to go to sleep myself.

That was when I saw it. My wife had left her phone on our nightstand. She almost never did that. I grabbed it quickly, not thinking about how invasive it might be. I needed to know what was going on with her, not only for my sake, but for my children’s sake as well.

I found things that were distribung. Nothing was in her texts, but her e-mail inbox was filled with e-mails from the same email address. As I scrolled down her inbox I also found an alarming e-mail from her work. She’d apparently been fired a few weeks ago, but what was more worrying was the fact that she still didn’t stop bringing home her pay check.

After reading the work related email I decided to read some of the other emails all from the same address. I half expected to see love letters from another man, but what I saw was much more disturbing.

I was able to get to take a few screenshots of the more recent emails sent to her on her phone and text them to myself. I also deleted the texts and the photos off her phone before she got home so she still doesn’t know. If you want to see them they’re right here. I blurred out who the emails are from for now.

I’m not sure what’s going on but I have an idea. Like I said earlier, I still hope I’m wrong. Please tell me what you think. Maybe there’s some reasonable explanation I haven’t thought of yet.

Update # 1

First of all I would like to say thank you to everyone who commented. My fears have been confirmed, and I think my wife is planning on joining some sort of cult, and possibly planning to harm my kids. I was able to get off of work early, and get the rest of this week off just in case. I’m headed home right now to get my children, and then I’m headed to police station. Hopefully I can get everything figured out for my children’s sake.

Update # 2

The police aren’t going to do anything. I was in there probably thirty minutes before they sent me on my way. They said I didn’t have any real evidence, that those e-mails aren’t really threatening anyone, and that all I had to offer was speculation. Speculation isn’t evidence.

What’s worse is that if I leave with the kids without her knowledge it could be considered “kidnapping”. I’m leaving anyway. I left a message on her phone and told her there’s been an accident. I told her we’d be gone for a week. I’m guessing I bought us a few hours before she turns on her phone to check her messages. I’ve packed the kids clothes and we’re going to a hotel. I’ll update again as soon as I can.

Update #3

First things first, I just want to say that I believe my children and I are safe for now. Second I want to thank everyone who commented, you’ve all given me great advice. I also want to thank those who privately messaged me trying to help, and I’d like to apologize for not responding to them. You have to understand that I’m not sure who I can trust, and even if your offer is genuine I can’t risk the safety of my kids acting on it. Again, I’m typing this rather quickly so if there are any typos I apologize.

Maybe this could have ended differently if I’d talk to her when I had the chance. Like many of you said, I should have told her I was worried. I should have told I loved her, that I still do, but I think it’s too late now.

You should also know that I’ve had little to no sleep, because I’ve been researching “The Awakened Few” and January twentieth all night. I doubt I could sleep if I tried anyway, not after last night.

It was around two in the morning when my wife started calling me. The calls haven’t stopped since, and I had to silence my phone because of it.

The voice mails she left me sounded desperate, but somehow she managed to sound just like she used to before this mess began. It was so convincing, I began to believe that I’d let my imagination get the best of me.

Through tears she’d said, “I miss you. I miss you so much. I don’t know what’s going on but I swear we can work through it together. I love you. Just come home. Please. Please bring me my babies back. Just come home.”

I almost believed her. I almost went home. No, I would have went home, if not for the e-mail I was sent. You can read it here. She must have gotten impatient and told who ever it is that’s controlling her that I left with the kids.

God, I almost brought my children back to her. I almost put them in danger. If I hadn’t gotten that e-mail, they could have been hurt because of my stupidity.

Thankfully, though, I didn’t go home. As soon as I got that e-mail I took the kids, checked out of the hotel and left.

The scared look on my daughter’s face when I’d woke her up in the middle of the night, though, that was somehow the worst part of this whole experience. This whole mess is going to leave her with a scar that she’ll have to carry with her for the rest of her life. How do I protect her from that? The last thing I want is for her to realize what’s going on, but I know she’s already figured the just of it out. What child should have to live with the fact that their own mother would offer them up to some crazy cult?

“It’s going to be alright,” I told her.

That was all I could say. I didn’t even know if it was true, but I couldn’t do anything else, and that killed me.

I have to get back on track now. Quickly I got as much cash out as I could, and started driving again. I drove for as long as I could before my sleep deprivation started to really effect me. At that point I was able to find and check into a motel that would accept cash. I’m trying not to leave any sort of trail behind, and I hope it’s working.

I’m considering trying to contact the police again, but I’m not sure how wise that would be. The e-mail said they had eyes everywhere, and what if some of those eyes are in the police station? Maybe that’s the reason the cops didn’t do anything about the e-mails the first time I told them.

If I do decide to turn to the cops again, this time I’m not going to be as empty handed. Along with the e-mails, I’m going to bring in my research.

A big question has been what happens on the twentieth. Like I said, I did research, and so far I’ve found that the twentieth is a new moon. Apparently this is a big deal when it comes to sacrificial rituals. As for The Awakened Few, I’ve been able to find a few “related” things but I’m not sure if any of it’s actually regarding them. They seem to cover their tracks well, but everyone makes mistakes.

That’s all I have time to write. I have to move fast, as many of you know. I can’t risk them finding my children. I just hope this will be over soon. I’ll update if I can.


That Girl is a Problem

To say he had a rough day, would be putting it lightly. It was more like a day through the seven levels of hell! He should have known it was going to be a terrible day after he woke up fifteen minutes late for class, walking in after thirty minutes, nothing good ever happens when you start your day off like that. Luckily for him, it was just his music class that he could give a rat’s ass about, he should have dropped it back in September. Who the hell even had class at eight in the morning!? Satan, that’s who, and his teacher sure as hell was the human equivalent of him, he was sure of it. His professor was always sure to give him shit every single damn time Soul decided it was worth getting up early to even go to class, always complaining that Soul wasn’t living up to the fucking Evans name. He would love to tell him that he could shove it up his ass, maybe one day he would when he finally decided to drop the damn class.

That wasn’t even the icing on the cake. He had to grab a quick snack from the vending machine before heading to his speech and debate class that was the other side of the campus. Seriously, who fucking decided it was a good idea to put ten minutes in between class when you had to haul ass just to get there on time? It was also on this particular day that Black*Star thought it was a brilliant idea to ruffle that Albarn chick’s feathers, which would most likely take up the entire class period, allowing absolutely no time for their professor to even talk after Albarn went off. Today’s topic was over feminism and “misogynistic pigs”, as Albarn liked to put it. Star did this every two weeks, Soul should have seen it coming, and every time it was over something different.

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