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I’m going to meet Sebastian Stan at Wizard World Sacramento, and from my understanding, you can give him gifts. So I decided to give him a scrapbook of things devoted to him, such as a picture, drawing, or letter. 

I’m seriously doing this guys, so if you want to contribute something to him, please send me it. You can either send it through my ask box, submit it, or message me. I’ll give you guys my email if it’s something big. If you don’t want me to read it, just let me know. I respect your guys’ privacy. But don’t send in something inappropriate. 

And if you’re new, I don’t bite. You don’t have to follow me for your piece to be in the scrapbook. This is a benefit for Sebastian, not me. 

If no one participates in this, that’s okay. I’m almost a hundred percent sure I can fill the entire scrapbook with my own kind of thanks and love. This offer stands until June 15th. I really hope you guys send something in.

Party Time!

To celebrate the glorious summer and finally finishing FINAGLC, I’m gonna take requests! 

So, here’s how this little shindig is going to work: from now until Sunday night, you can send me a prompt in an ask, and I’ll write something short for you! Anything from a drabble to a few pages, depending on the alignment of the planets. When I go to bed on Sunday, I’ll be disabling my ask box for a while to enforce the cut-off time. Sound fair? You betcha! 

Fluff, shippy stuff, darkfic, whatever your little heart desires could be yours (with the risk that your prompt could be filled in some sort of Monkey’s Paw fashion)! Doesn’t have to be Undertale, either! Just needs to be a fandom I’m familiar with; check my blog description for an idea of what I can swing. Read on for additional deets, yo. 

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so i wake up to an astonishing amount of notes on that little zevran video and a significant amount of new followers!

ya’ll are nerds.

Hi everyone! I am rather overwhelmed by this, honestly. Thank you so much for deciding to follow me!

My name is Dylan! I am 22.

You will be seeing a lot of video games, cowboy bebop, daredevil, and an assortment of content here! I try to tag everything for everyone’s comfort, but if I miss anything please feel free to let me know!

I have a voice acting tag (mostly just filled with impressions) which can be found here. –> (x)

My ask box is always open should you ever want to send a message/want to ask something/get to know me/etc.

Again thank you so much for following. It it really touching! :D