just see how cute he was

Yondu and Kraglin fighting over you would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo LOL for them being trolls XD Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-The two of them noticing how the other seems happier than usual and ending up having a little casual talk about what makes them feel that way, only to end up admitting to each other that they have feelings for you and being shocked

-Yondu suddenly having a change in his plans and tasking you to accompany him while Kraglin gets busy with some other work, making him confront the other man about how unfair he is to hoard you for himself like that

-Kraglin always bribing the others to let him sleep with you while in the puppy pile and acting bashful just to make you smile as he’d wrap his arms around your waist, only to somehow always end up feeling Yondu’s arms around you as well, frustrating him as he thinks how he went through a lot to get his place

-Yondu teaching you how to pilot the ship but being extremely close and touchy feely with you, only for Kraglin to butt in the lesson as well and do the same to you, and suddenly they’d both start to try to push one another away behind your back

-Kraglin secretly inviting you over to go get drunk with him and just getting excited at the idea of being able to see you in such a cute way, only to be taken back when he sees Yondu has already gotten you drunk first and is smirking into his direction

-Yondu trying to impress you with all the things he can do with his arrow, smirking to himself when he sees how you’d light up, only for Kraglin to try and ruin his plans by stealing the prototype and using it himself

-Kraglin always acting shy and thankful whenever you’d give him something, knowing that you like him like that, only for Yondu to scoff and take away whatever it was out of jealousy and inciting another stupid fight between the both of them for it

-Yondu having a sweet mouth and knowing exactly how to make you blush with his words and touches, only for Kraglin to barge in and try to do the same to you but it all comes out awkward, making you and Yondu both laugh a little too much

-Kraglin trying to impress you with all the gifts he can afford for you, making Yondu always have to one up him, even going as far to put some emotional value into it as he’d sometimes even end up giving you one of his beloved trinkets

-Them being in disbelief that you are still this oblivious to their feelings for you and it ends up with the both of them racing each other to confess their feelings for you

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TRUST NAMJOON TO BE ALL ‘as expected!’ and wtf did you see how yoongi kept trying to keep tae to the side at first so that it would just be him and jimin cooking,,, he isn’t subtle at all

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hi there; can i request a 'studying with mx' scenario? i'm obsessed with your writing and you seem like the funniest, coolest person asdfhk thanks !!! ♡

aaa!!! i am so flattered thanks for the rq !!


• honestly he is completely lost but he tries to help u to the best of his ability
• “um……shakespeare is trying to convey……sadness……through these 5 pieces of bread”
• will sit right next to u and ruffle ur hair whenever u get a problem right or if he just finds u cute bc ur so concentrated
• might get sleepy/bored since it’s so quiet so he might doze off on the desk
• u begin to make up a game and see how many pencils u can stick in his hair before he wakes up


• he will try to pull some freaky shit at first like he’ll know ur studying and walk into the room wearing a button up and glasses and he smirks “class just started. call me mr. shin”
• and ur like “hoseok please i have a big test tomorrow i really need to study”
• he then totally understands and comes over to sit next to u. he keeps his hand on ur lap while u pore over a massive textbook
• if he can see that the stress is taking a toll on u, he’ll make little drawings on the corner of ur paper
• it’s all bunnies that have speech bubbles that say “u can do it (y/n)!!”


• tries to help u when u need it but really? he’s a distraction LMAO
• keeps talking about stuff unrelated to the subject ur studying
• “hm that diagram of a building reminds me of this one video i saw of this dude who spat-”
• “i don’t wanna know the end of this video minhyuk”
• attempts to balance a pencil on his nose while u look through ur physics notes
• “(y/n) look!! (Y/N) LOOK BEFORE IT FALLS”
• “minhyuk i love u but for the love of-”
• u have to kick him out and he’ll pout as he has to go entertain himself


• says to call him if u need any help and leaves the room with a cute little “good luck!”
• comes back 5 minutes later with tea even though his name hasn’t left ur lips since he left. “i just thought u might need something to calm ur nerves” he says
• is really intelligent and can help u with most things, he just jokes around a lot and always does stuff like
• “if u get this problem right……u get a kiss”
• he cringes at himself and punches ur desk in embarrassment
• u have to get a new desk


• is actually really helpful when he’s awake
• knows a lot of random information that comes in handy when u have questions
• even if he doesn’t completely know the information he can draw a conclusion based off the context of the text this dude’s insightful
• has the most shocked reactions when he reads something mortifying in ur textbook
• “the egyptians pulled mummies’ brains through their noses???!!!”
• he just mindlessly skims through ur textbook with u while keeping his hand on top of urs
• yea he might doze off on top of ur papers and u just sigh and lay ur head next to his and take a power nap


• honestly does not want to study, he wants to go outside and have fun with u and go to the park with u or something
• watches u write notes furiously from a distance, giving u the puppy pout to tell u he wants u to hang out with him
• he tries to study with u, he really does
• but whenever he’s next to u he can’t stop giggling at whatever he finds amusing whether it’s ur messy hair or look of concentration or when he sees a funny word in ur textbook
• taps rhythms into the desk with his pencil, probably tries to make a song on the spot


• he’s a quiet studier, he’ll sit across from u in the library and actually do work
• u take a break and come over to his side to see how he’s doing
• he actually drew pupils on his eyelids and used the opportunity to take a nap
• “babe wake up the library’s about to close”
• he shoots up too fast and knocks books down from the desk
• following the unanimous “SHHH” he gives u a sheepish smile, picks up his psychology book, and leaves out the door with u

S/O Having a Cute/Shy Personality (Shownu, Wonho, Hyungwon)

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Shownu - Every time you joined their conversation without understanding their inside jokes or just showed any display of affection, Shownu would lose it. In a good way! He couldn’t take how cute you’re being and honestly wonders how the heck he landed a person like you. “Why…Why must you do this to me?”

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Wonho - He’d take advantage of the adorable qualities you hold and cherish it every day in any shape or form. Whether it’d be making those kind of faces or making you blush while he flirts with you, Wonho would love to see that kind of reaction whenever he’s down or just wants to play with you. “Argh! How about- wait no, no! Hold on! I– stop making me laugh so much! Aish, you’re too cute!”

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Hyungwon - Finds it hilarious and he’ll tease you out of the blue so that it never gets old. He doesn’t want to waste that charm of yours! Hyungwon would want to find some more hidden secrets beneath that innocent wall of yours but he’s satisfied with just your aspects as they are. “Hilarious? Charming? Adorable? Haha! You came in too late. I’m sure there’s a sexier side to them. Just wait.”

Admin Mochi

Honestly, it seems like we portray Jon as very cute and innocent when in reality, he’s as much as a jerk as the other neighbors. 

I won’t say I’m free from ever doing this, though. I have portrayed Jon as a little too cute and sweet sometimes and it honestly doesn’t even bother me much at all. 

Point is, if you watch Hammer and Fail, he’s actually a jerk like the other 3 except he might be a little more .. how do I describe it.. not dumb but.. goofy? I don’t know, its hard to explain. Its like, Jon is rude but he’s just not the best at it, or he’s usually just silenced by Eduardo. 

In the End, he wasn’t necessarily rude in that episode, just kinda dumbfounded and clueless. 

Now you know who is cute? Juan. I think I see a slight difference from him and Jon. Juan is a lot more innocent and sweet than Jon, and is probably pushed around by Eduardo and the gang a lot more. 

I don’t know why I bothered writing this down but I guess it was just an observation is all. 

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so in their recent Japanese interview bam said that Mark is cute on the outside when you first see him but on the inside he's actually the "manliest" & Jackson also said that his mysteriousness is his charm. I love mark but I feel like we know him the least out of all the members. I mean I understand his personality but I feel like we never know how he's feeling? even when he cries & stuff i truly don't know. I kinda felt this way about jinyoung too for a while. idk if its just a Virgo thing?

Ok so maybe this is just what I think but it’s really easy to tell what Mark is feeling. I think you’re trying to read too much into it. Mark is actually really expressive? When he’s happy he laughs and when he’s emotional he cries. When he’s angry he’ll break things and when he’s peeved he’ll do that thing with his face. And when he doesn’t think anything then he doesn’t say anything.

It’s not that deep, at least not with Mark. 

Cheering Yondu up when he's insecure about his scars would include :

(Woooo more prompts! AAAAWWWWW THIS IS TOO CUTE 😭😭MY FEELS😭 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him being in deep thought and seeming distraught, only to answer you reluctantly when you’d notice him, and for you to remember what is most likely bothering him, his scars, making you just grab onto his hand to squeeze it and see him smile

-Letting him know how handsome and sexy he is to you the instant he’d undress himself as you’re both about to have sex, making him grow cocky about himself

-Staying in bed with him and taking your time to kiss each every single one of them, telling how much you love him, making him crack a smile and ask you in a pouty way for more

-Tracing his scars with your fingers as you’d rest against him or as he’d hover above you, and asking him where and how he got them, only to end up telling him that no matter what he’s perfect the way he is

-Calling him by a cute nickname or simply “sexy” whenever you’d walk pass him just to make him smile for the rest of the day as he thinks about it

-Giving him a compliment when he’d get dressed in the morning by asking him as to why he had to look so good without his clothes on or how it’s a shame he has to cover himself up now, making him smirk

-Surprising him with a soft kiss out of nowhere on either of his scarred cheeks and whispering to him that you love him, making him being at a loss for words as he loves it too much whenever you’re this gentle

-Bopping his nose and telling him that he’s the prettiest angel or even that he’s beautiful whenever he’d look down to his feet and be in deep thoughts, making him light up and finally crack a smile as he tells you to keep going

-Hugging him tightly as you’d both lay in bed and nuzzling to his chest, softening him up and making him just want to hold you back as he lets go of whatever aspect of his scars that bothered him

-Touching them so lightly and softly as you’re near your climax with him or to break from a rough session, making him breathless and realize how much he loves you

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Oh noo... im hooked onto ur love story. Lol. Thats super cute. How did u guys like officially start dating? Did it just happen? Or like were u asked out?

Awww thank you ❤
Well as i said yesterday we live in two different cities, we just see each other on Skype
The 12th July he asked me to be his girlfriend, but we made all official one month later when the office closed for summer and he came at my home (they had a important job so he cant come before) for my Birthday ❤

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|ω・)ノ If it's alright, could I ask for a headcannon where shinsou has a deaf or mute s/o please?

- He’d be extremely supportive of his partner, every little victory they get he’ll congratulate them and would be extremely proud

- His significant other being deaf or mute led him to teach himself sign language, since he wants to still talk to his partner like how they’re doing, what’s going on, etc

- he’d look at his partner in such admiration because even though they’re deaf or a mute it didn’t stop them from working hard to become a hero or heroine and he finds that inspiring

- If his partner was deaf, he would still likely compliment them even though they can’t hear him, if his partner was mute he would compliment them and say cute things just to see them blush and nod

- He’d take them on dates where it’s not really necessary for them to speak or hear things, maybe like a walk in the park or a picnic would be decided

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sorry to bother you, but I just gotta say that human quip au is pretty cute.

Thanks!! Partial credit goes to the anon who suggested it!

Honestly, I’m weak for rehabilitated!SQUIP AUs. I’d love to see Jeremy put him through like a “SQUIP Rehab” to teach him to be more empathetic and less demeaning. 

Because he’s not evil, he’s programmed- and possibly even defective! He can’t be good or bad if he doesn’t even have a moral compass to start. And I don’t know, I’d really love to see how that would change if he learned more about human emotions from a first-hand experience!

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wut do you like about Hinata from HQ?

What’s not to like?

I mean, I usually prefer characters like Kageyama, but Hinata Shouyou is just so pure, so likable, so cute, so great. He’s the underdog of this anime, and that’s nothing new, but it still warms my heart seeing how much he’s improved - I feel like a proud mother everytime Hinata learns something new. Remember when this kid used to rely solely on Kageyama’s genius ability? But look at him now. Also, he’s such a tool sometimes. “what did ushijima tell you?” “A chibi like you has no right to live” PLEASE HINATA. 

lance asking keith what power ranger is his favorite in a cute but silly way of trying to see if he’s keith’s fave bc of color designation and because theyre basically power rangers….. IN SPACE! keith blinks very slowly, and just asks in response, “what’s power rangers” and lance goes onto explain every episode he can remember back to keith as keith listens on with a fond smile

i ’ v e    g o t    a    f e e l i n g    i t ’ s    n e v e r    t o o    l a t e
i close my eyes and see myself how my dreams will come true

colored&edited official sketch (x)

the Power Rangers’ parents all coming together for a “parents of the power rangers” meeting and they’re discussing when they realised their child was a ranger

Zack’s mum is like my son jumped over a house and suddenly had four friends who all matched the other rangers I put it together, plus Zack once said he was going out to chill with his rangers and then tried to act like he’d confused the word rangers for friends #bilingual problems

Candace is so sweet saying about how she noticed Billy’s new friends and how they’re all so close and they even wear their cute little signature colours all the time it’s just precious

Kim and Trini’s parents just crack open a bottle of whiskey between the four of them and lament for a while on their daughter/future daughter in law and how they constantly leap up to each other windows at night as if their parents can’t see from the living room window literally just below Kim/Trini’s windows they think they’re subtle and sneaky

and Jason’s mum gushes too and it’s all nice and sweet, until Jason’s dad just deadpans “he broke the fucking sink"

Sexting (Jimin smut)

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Summary: On a lonely night, you decide to sign up for an anonymous sexting site. Of course you are matched with the notorious fuckboy you’re constantly trying to avoid. Park fucking Jimin.

Themes: Sexting, Fuckboy Jimin, College AU.

Pairing: You x Jimin

Word Count: 4k

This fic contains: Explicit and graphic depictions of smut, sex over the phone, swearing. 






I’d rather not say/enter here:


Decent conversation/making friends/finding a language buddy/other





THOR562: 21 years old- Seoul, South Korea- also interested in ‘other’.




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