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So instead of doing anything else, I got obsessed with the Howls Moving Castle AU.  


I love that Keith came to comfort Allura, and especially how soft his voice was when he did.

(Honestly, this episode reminded me so much of Voltron Force’s “Crossed Signals” but in reverse for Keith and Allura.)


this cutscene kills me every single time i see it & i wanted to redraw it eventually, & i finally got around to it, so *slides this over on the good china*

i still need to actually finish this game OTL

(4 out of 5 dentists recommend clicking for full view)

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Okay but serious question. How do you actually draw oikawas hair.... I can never figure it out and it always looks wrong in my art ;u;

this is actually a hilarious ask for me to receive, cuz sometimes when I draw Oikawa from a diff angle I stop, look again, and think “who the hell is this…” lol

As Furudate’s art style has changed over the years the way Oikawa’s hair is drawn has gotten a bit more spiky and chunky, though in both anime/manga I’d describe it as (1) hair radiates out from the cowlick (2) sweeps to the sides/back and (3) curls up at the ends. I made you a doofy gif to illustrate!! 


I just re-watched the Unity episode (Auto-Erotic Assimilation) cause I love the ending, and I just noticed that Jerry picks up this little guy early on in the episode and puts it back without paying it any mind. 

I’m sure everyone and their mother has already noticed this, but whatever, I thought it was cool foreshadowing, and might indicate evidence to the theory that this creature has more importance than the show lets on.


okay so here keith has just executed a really tricky manoeuvre here between those black holes, and things got close but he did it and it was an awesome demonstration of keith’s abilities. i just love these screencaps afterwards though bc it shows just the amount of unconditional belief and unwavering faith shiro has in keith. it shows what he believes keith is and what he could become. 

keith is an incredible pilot, and he clearly was so focused and fixed on getting them through it, it wasn’t “can i do this” it wasn’t even “i will do this” because keith is so rooted in the present and the now - it was such sharp direct attention of im doing this”. 

even so, you can see afterward keith momentarily takes a moment to release a breath and duck his head, slump forwards a fraction. the body language kind of signals relief. even if keith is confident in the sense of he knows what he can do piloting - and puts everything into his actions - it was difficult, we see the in this scene how tough it is. 

meanwhile, shiro hasn’t budged an inch. he’s smiling so openly - grinning even tbh - and he says “great job” immediately. to which keith softly smiles before getting back on task. he just looks so proud of keith here.  

TLDR: this is a Very Nice Moment please appreciate it with me 8) 


Hey guys! I just got my copy of the Danny Phantom: Complete Series DVD in the mail today, which means I’ll be able to get some better quality screenshots to use for this blog~

To celebrate, here’s some lovely shots of my girl Sam in her signature prom look~ 💜


Cedric greatly ponders the opposing ideas between his inner heart and mind; and expresses them into a solemn ballad. Many thoughts of his past and present emotional experiences are conjured up transiently around him. The happier and gentle memories of Sofia interrupt his more sinister ones. He then seemingly slumps into his chair in defeat, as he thinks more of her.

Although Wormwood is absolutely persistent in making Cedric evil, and reminds him that even though Sofia is nice to him… the others never were. Harking back to how the others have only ridiculed Cedric. Which then spurns the sorcerer into an anxiety attack, where he realizes he truly must take over the kingdom… once and for all

TURИ S3E1 Deleted Scene
  • (For those who don't have access. Keep in mind, this is very bare-bones and fails to capture the full effect, but should give you some idea of the scene. There's a lot of back-and-forth, close-up cuts between Ben, Washington, and a medium shot of both of them. I did not detail every time this happens.)
  • -
  • [The shot looks out from inside a tent. It is Night. Ben approaches, walking past one guard to enter the tent.]
  • Ben: Sir.
  • [The shot turns to reveal a long table. Washington sits at the other end, quill in hand and surrounded by paperwork. He glances up, studies Ben for several seconds before taking a breath and laying his quill down.]
  • Washington: I'm reviewing General Orders to be published tomorrow. I seem to recall requesting you write the report on the execution of Col. Bradford and Sgt. Hickey.
  • [Ben seems taken aback]
  • Ben: Yes sir (he approaches) you should have it, sir. (touches a piece of paper) It's, uh, it's right here in front of you.
  • Washington: (casually) You were to detail their final words. Their confession to counterfeiting. Instead, you make them sound like villains, and unrepentant ones.
  • Ben: Which is the truth.
  • Washington: (smiling) Yet it doesn't ring true. Men seldom revel in their evil in the gallows.
  • Ben: Well, I don't see them as men.
  • Washington: You don't?
  • Ben: No, sir.
  • Washington: (looking at his paper instead of Ben, speaks softly) What do you see them as?
  • Ben: ...scum. traitors. Tories.
  • Washington: (keeps writing) My mother could be considered a Tory...
  • Ben: (visibly distressed) Sir, you know that I mean-
  • Washington: -that's not the point. (looks at Ben) The point is discretion. As you yourself have stressed.
  • Ben: But don't you see? In the interest of discretion, we're protecting the reputation of /snakes/.
  • Washington: (smiles broadly, as if amused) And what do you think the Tories would call your friend, Woodhull, if they catch him?
  • Ben: (pauses, shifts) The same thing that they called my friend, Nathan Hale. An enemy spy.
  • Washington: Hm. The low sort. Not even a man. (evenly) Your thoughts were with Hale when you saw those men hanged.
  • Ben: (looks away) Yes sir.
  • Washington: When you see /any/ man hanged.
  • Ben: (looks down) Yes, sir.
  • Washington: And how many executions have you witnessed?
  • Ben: (looks to Washington) Fourteen, sir.
  • Washington: But Hale is not like Hickey. For his cause was just.
  • (Ben Nods)
  • Washington: (pauses, seems to consider) Do you remember his final words?
  • Ben: Of course. They were inspired by Cato, which we performed together at Yale.
  • (Ben looks away, seems to struggle for a moment)
  • Ben: "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country,"
  • Washington: (smiles, nods) Hm, very good. (with a small laugh) Except, he never said it. (lowers voice) /We/ did.
  • [Ben frowns, confused. Washington reaches over and pushes out a chair for him. Ben hesitates before sitting.]
  • Washington: When I received the news from Captain Montressor, Gen. Howe's Aide de Camp, it described Hale behaving with great composure and resolution. (Ben nods) Before hanging, he said he thought it the duty of every good officer to obey any order given him by his Commander in Chief.
  • (Ben appears greatly troubled by this)
  • Washington: He wished to be seen as a soldier, not a spy. He wasn't selflessly thinking of his country, but rather his own reputation. How his death would be received by his family, upon learning their son was a spy.
  • (Ben remains silent and still further troubled. He mouths he word 'no' once.)
  • Washington: (softly) Yes. We altered what he said. And thus converted a failed mission into an act of martyrdom. I imagine Captain Hale would approve.
  • (Ben continues to look uncomfortable, shifting and closing his eyes, finally looks up at Washington)
  • Ben: And so you think the Tories will turn these assassins into martyrs as well?
  • Washington: (emphatically) Not if we brand them as forgers first. Though it must be convincing. Our conflict with His Majesty erupted into full war over a single page of words on paper. The great contest we now find ourselves in is over whose word will be the final one.
  • Ben: (somewhat thickly, forced) I understand, sir. But, with respect, I'm afraid I cannot be the one to write it.
  • Washington: (momentarily looks away, looks back) Then I will write it.
  • (Ben immediately and wordlessly stands, returns the chair, and after a minute bow hurries away. Washington watches him leave, expression neutral.)

“I’ve got Sybbie and George!”

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you know what I'm gonna ask for for your inktober requests; Deku!!!! Deku + running or maybe just Deku if you don't want to do running Deku~

Thanks @talkativelock for the prompt! This was actually super fun bc this is Deku running after catapulting himself via land mines to win the race for the sports festival (S2 Ep16) and this is probably the moment where I was really hooked on BNHA <3

Inktober Day 25 (omg is it really already) 2017

So I get that some folks love the new changes to GMM.  I get that some folks hate the changes to GMM. And where am I? Stuck in the middle. I don’t love it, I don’t hate it.  I personally unsubbed because I can’t stand my sub box being spammed with multiple videos but I’ll probably still watch the green-bordered videos & the Mores. That was pretty much my only complaint, the multiple videos.