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i come up with this headcanon that chucky liked to draw when he was younger, kind of like stavo in mtv scream? remember in bride when he drew those awful drawings?

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actually chris said that it wasnt him running that kai twitter acc

Oh I know exactly what Chris said, but it was the way he said it!

When I saw this tweet, my first thought was: That literally sounds like something Kai would say! Like, I’m picturing:

Damon: Did you blow up that building?!
Kai: Nooooo of course not! Wish I could take credit though, whoever did it was super clever!!
Caroline: *looks at the camera like she’s on The Office*

Next up is the selfies, now maybe these were posted somewhere else first and I just missed it, but “Kai” had access to the actual photos taken on set - these weren’t just screencapped from the episode.

Now Chris also posted this photo later at 6:18pm the same day, with the caption “No comment.”

And finally, “Kai” tweeted about Chris encouraging people to follow him:

AND CHRIS REPLIED 1 SINGLE MINUTE LATER. Y’know, 1 minute, approximately the time it takes to log out of one twitter account and into another.

And again, the way he says this just feels like a joke to me! He seriously doesn’t run it guys, don’t trust anything he says… *wink wink*


nikki and helen + sitting with an arm around the other’s shoulders

I have… a song “stuck” in my head but it’s in russian and I don’t remember any lyrics or the tune or anything whatsoever except for one single grammatical structure? someone just posted a duolingo screencap containing the phrase “ya rabotayu kak loshad’” and now my brain is tonelessly pinging YA VERB KAK NOUN at me. thanks. great

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i swear whenever an anti misuses the word "pedophilia" or "abuse" or "homophobic" among others, I just want the screencap/gif of keith saying "I don't think you're using that word correctly!" as a meme to use against them. They need to understand the real meanings of these words, they claim to be fighting in support of victims+minorities and that "it's never been about shipping" (tell yourself that), but there's a difference bw being educated on these issues and just trying to sound intelligent.

i dont have that gif saved :( but i really should cause im just going to use that whenever an anti tries me but kdjdkgjk it’s so embarrassing how hard they try to seem smart when all their arguments just sound like they finally found out what a thesaurus is