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a message to dan howell

In your new video “a message for my younger self,” the first thing you said is “your hair is shit.” You’ve expressed so many times your dislike for your natural hair, and appearance in general. I just want to say, that if you were to ask any of your subscribers they’d say that they love your natural hair. It suits you, and you honestly look great with it. Your distaste for your appearance? You are honestly one of the most attractive people I’ve laid eyes upon, and that is not an exaggeration. Look through the tags of any picture posted of you on here, and you’ll see countless people expressing this. You are a beautiful human, with and without your curly hair. It is honestly so upsetting to us to see you insulting yourself, so please, just know that you really are beautiful.

being a seungri stan can be so frustrating. because it’s almost like nobody appreciates him (i’m side eyeing you yg) even though, he works so hard, he does so much to interact with the fans (he’s learned languages fluently so he can mc at their concerts and everything i mean???) and promote bigbang b/c he’s the maknae and he loves his group. like literally since before debut, when yg gave him that second chance, this man has been working so damn hard to better himself and prove that he belongs in bigbang (and he’s proved that way too many times to count). and his album let’s talk about love was so damn good but how could people fully appreciate it at the time when he wasn’t even given proper promotions and gd’s comeback was literally on top of his? seungri needs more love and more hugs tbh.


I’ve seen a recent surge of posts/comments/etc about how people feel like they can’t post anymore for fear of judgement, or don’t like even looking at their dash anymore due to all the unfriendly arguments/debates (often started by a faceless, spineless Anon), and it makes me so sad and upset. And I understand this feeling very much right now.

Tumblr (and thus dogblr) should be a place you can post photos without fear of someone calling your dog underfed or fat or ugly, share your experiences with your pups (the good and bad), and laugh together and support each other through all the silly dog stuff we experience. We all have our own opinions on how to raise, feed, exercise, and train our pups, and attacking each other personally about it gets no-one anywhere. On anon OR off. Healthy debate is one thing… but it’s one thing I rarely see on here.

Instead it’s turning into fear of posting photos/experiences/etc for fear of quick judgement (the elitist vibe can be strong on here), reblogs filled with arguments/hate/insults/name-calling, or rude anons.

I guess I’m just writing this because I just want to say and make it clear that I’m really disappointed in those that are ruining it for everyone else. 

I just hope it improves, we can all work together to try to make it better. No one is perfect - we all have our “buttons” (you all know what mine are by now!), and we all make mistakes.

That doesn’t give you any right to go to someone else’s blog and harass them.

As our dogs would say, kick some dirt over that sh!t and move on.

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I firmly believe that baking powder accidentally dropped on Jensen's lips when he was a baby, so his lips grew plush and full like a muffin :D

Haha! It has to be something magical, because lips like these don’t just happen!

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As I look over the Planeswalker page of the Magic website, I am impressed with the wide cast you've made for the story. Will you start bringing back one-timers now? Or are brand new Planeswalkers still on the table? *long, difficult pause* PLEASE, bring back TAMIYO!!!

It depends on where the story takes us! I don’t think we’ve seen the last new planeswalker character, but we’ll also consider calling on existing characters if it makes sense for us to weave them into the story. Everybody’s on the table. It is a large and versatile table, like the kind you can expand out and put extra wood pieces in.

  • You :Channie, how much do you love me?
  • Chanyeol :I love you more than Jongin loves Kyungsoo, more than Sehun loves bubble tea and more than Yixing Hyung loves unicorns and weed
  • You :Dammit, I feel so loved

The concept of oversharing is so strange to me and it is probably because I’m prone to doing it but especially the pathologization of it (the conceptualization of it as a symptom to be addressed) is so strange. I am especially prone to developing intense emotional bonds with other women fairly quickly if we click well- I’m generally an open person and it seems clear to me that different levels of openness are okay and are natural and any level of openness can be harmful for someone if it isn’t a healthy level for them. But there is no real appropriate level of emotional sharing with other people and if we weren’t all alienated to high hell we would likely be doing something like oversharing fairly often. This is especially true when women are prone to this supposedly negative behavior, but are often prone to doing it only with other women. Intimacy isn’t something to be feared or avoided. Of course interactions have to take place according to the terms of everyone involved, not just one person, but there is nothing inherently wrong with being very open.