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Just Thought I’d Check in on My Beloved - Pt 7

Marriage suited Benvolio and Rosaline far better than anyone could have expected.  Livia followed them into their new home, and had truly blossomed since being restored to her proper station as a lady.  While Verona still had a long road of mending ahead before true peace would be established, Rosaline had been shocked to see that even the Lords Montague and Capulet had started to work together instead of against one another.  Everything had truly started to fall into place; she’d grown accustomed to running her own home, Benvolio had established himself well now that he was out from under his uncle’s oppressive thumb (and the God-awful reputation that once followed him), and the pair strengthened their bond with each passing day.  

They did not often see one another during the day, when her husband managed Montague business with his uncle and Rosaline worked alongside their staff; the first thing they’d done was ensure any servants sent by their uncles were well-paid and provided for, much to Damiano Montague’s ire.  Benvolio ensured that he made it home to her before dinner each night, which they shared with Livia (and oftentimes Count Paris, who had elected to spend a season in Verona…to establish positive trade relations with both the Montagues and Capulets, of course).  From there, they would occasionally spend the evening out, visiting the theater, perusing the market, attending formal dinners and balls as expected.  

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things to do to help people when you have to communicate information over the phone from your friendly local call centre agent, and also someone who had longstanding phone anxiety and never knew what to do on the phone myself:

  • do not say “oh” for zero. say “zero” or “nought”. please. plEASE DO THIS.
  • when in doubt, spell phonetically. like, “a for alpha” etc. way more letters sound the same over a crappy line than you probably think. for the record, “x for x-ray”, “q for queen” and “z for zulu” since everyone trips up on those.
  • always spell out names. names vary so much in spelling even just regionally. also, again, more names sound similar than you might assume.
  • when reading out strings of numbers, avoid going like “nineteen, twenty seven, etc”. it’s hard to parse “nineteen” as “19″ due to the fact you immediately start typing “9″ and then have to recalibrate. read digits one digit at a time or as a whole number.

anonymous asked:

hi there! im recently new to your blog and i came here through my friend showing me it(aka ur blog) and i recently saw your post about u and ur cosplays. i swear im not here to tell u that u look bad or anythings i swearr. i just wanna ask a question in the most polite way possible. if a black person can cosplay as a white person, why cant a white person cosplay as a poc? i dont mean anything blackface orsomething just the person wearing their stuff and whatnot,im sorry if itsounds bad aaaaasry

I never said that a white person couldn’t cosplay a person of color. I think that anyone can cosplay who they like as long as it’s done in a /respectful/ manner (so yeah no blackface, yellowface, etc)


finally finished this monster of a painting WHEW
done in about 7 hours! started as stress relief and then painted during breaks of working on jaj!