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I’m doing Garnet +4 other gems, she’s the most done so far! : ]

Getting around in 'Assassin's Creed'
  • Altair: I ride horses.
  • Ezio: So do I, and I ride gondolas in Venice!
  • Connor: I, too, ride horses, and I have a ship: The Aquila.
  • Shay: I have the Morrigan.
  • The Frye twins: We have horse-carriages, a train, and rope-launchers!
  • Arno: ....... all I have is parkour, my guys.

Ok but if u wanna glow the fuck up, you first gotta show the fuck up. Glowing means you gotta attend that MOTHERFUCKING lecture on all ur self hatred and life lessons for a bit so u can improve. U wanna glo up? Find ur weaknesses and instead of hating them, remake them and fix em. Then u start working on ur fuckin issues this includes self love and u get ur goddamn glo on.

isn’t it a little odd that this one random unmarked and likely unimportant marmorite is at the center of this shot? i wonder why they’re looking so intently at their blade while everyone else is doing other stuff

hmmm i wonder where keith went…