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Top 5 notp

oh man what a weird thing u would ask kouhai


1. Fred/Cordelia
2. Lucinugh/Severa
3. pr//eyshipping
4. Chrom/Sumia (hey i actually tried giving this a shot recently but oh man the writing was smh)
5. Reiji x any of the bracelet girls

you know what is just fucking shitty

where you are very much having a bad/high pain level day and you STILL force yourself to act sicker appearance wise so people take me/my pain seriously. I can’t be casual and just say “Yeah this is bad right now” and feel like they understand or aren’t rolling their eyes at me. 

Just really, my life fucking blows already, don’t make me CONCENTRATE on acting sicker than I already am. Come on. I shouldn’t have to feel this guilty about existing damn it.


It’ll all work out in the end, I won’t leave your side

hey look at this lance

thats all, i just found this lance and i had to share him cause hes beautiful 


“We must wait and watch. And when we find our spy, and we will find them, we shall turn them from an obstacle to an asset. Wouldn’t you agree, Agent Kallus?”


Mystic Messenger x Cheese in the Trap Crossover

I (horribly) attempted to try and draw MM characters in one of my favorite art styles, which is Soonkki’s, who created the webtoon: Cheese in the Trap. I’m very influenced by their style, especially with how I draw eyes and expressions. So yeah, when I was playing through Zen and Jumin’s route, I can’t help but see some parallels between some MM characters and CiTT, so I’ve been wanting to try and draw them in Soonkki’s style for a while… but I kind of… butchered it lmao.

yuri on ice ends december 22nd

voltron season two doesn’t come out until january 20th

what the hell am i supposed to do for nearly an entire month

Before you start thinking “Oh no! They shot down any chances of our ship(s) by making Victor straight!” allow me to present you with a translation error:

Victor uses the word ‘koibito’ (恋人) rather than ‘kanojo’ (彼女) in this scene. What’s the difference, you ask? Kanojo means strictly girlfriend, while koibito just means partner/lover.

I repeat, the term Victor used in this scene is gender neutral. It does not imply the gender of the partner.

For all we know, he could be asking Yuuri about his past relationships because he wants to know whether he’s ever been with men. (That’s just my assumption though.)

So yes, worry not, everything is still possible. Fly high, my fellow shippers.

Edit: I never said they can’t be bi (or pan etc). I’m literally just clearing up the translation here so please cut me some slack!

Sorry I stumbled on a gif set the other day and couldn’t get this out of my head.

THEY BOTH DO IT. Who taught these boys this move? Do you think it was Peggy?

Peggy (1940s): If I tell them falling over is a Good Fighting Tactic™ do you think they’ll believe me?

Peggy (2010s): Huh.

Well, what a sight



‘’Doffy!’’- well, hehe, nicely played Oda, but you won’t -

!!!1!!1 THEEERE WE GO, he’s finally making me guiltily ship this for real.