just say no to autoplay

Its 2017 and people still havent learned that Autoplay music on webpages is always AWFUL.

Im just gonna say it.
Do NOT put autoplay on your freaking blog.
No one ever likes it. EVER

Its annoying and often times startling as hell. No one ever thinks “gee im sure glad this music I didnt want on started playing out the blue. I especially love when It does it when my speakers were turned up.”

blufonce  asked:

Following the premise that TFC is set during the 2000's, don't you wonder what social media platform the Foxes used? Was it MySpace back then? I like to think at least one of the Foxes had a MySpace description a la Tom Hardy





Autoplay PSA

How you think people will react to your autoplaying music:

How the vast majority of us will react to your autoplaying music, after it mixes with the music we were already playing and suddenly turns it into a chaotic doom noise clusterfuck, which, at say, 3 AM, is very easy to assume might be the voice of Satan or the coming of the apocalypse: