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Im so sorry to say/ask that, but do you still not notice that dan and phil don't really care about their audience and do anything to get maximal money out of it..? Don't worry, I love them, too, though I finally noticed and I just wanted to ask you this

in my personal opinion, it seems as if dan and phil don’t exploit their audience for money but rather make a moderate amount of content which money comes along with (they do need to make a living of course). the spons they do on their gaming channels are usually some contract they have going (for doing their app or paying for the tour) and then there was the one video where the money was going to charity. the cost for tatinof was quite affordable (at least where i was) and the show more than compensated for that. comparatively, other youtubers are sponsored every video and make videos every day. others make vapid books with no substance whatsoever. meanwhile dan and phil worked for months to create something they are incredibly proud of and was such a sweet and creative inside joke for their viewers. their merch is well thought out and they take pride in what they make. i do think dan and phil care about their audience as seen through literally touring around the world (on a very draining tour which wasn’t just short q&a sessions) and doing liveshows and all that fun stuff. i don’t see the problem with making money as long as they aren’t pressing the boundaries and selling out every single video.


this is literally what I’ve wanted from SW since playing KOTOR II three years ago??? I mean, this is obviously just a teaser trailer, so I need to be careful not to extrapolate a radical shift in narrative from less than three minutes of footage, but! but!!

I’ve been saying for years now that cosmic horror is actually the villain of the SW universe—the concept that, no matter what happens, the Sith are always going to bounce back, the Jedi are always going to fall, there’s always going to be this battle between the light and the dark, the Republic and the Empire, etc. the Galaxy is always going to be entrenched in this awful, centuries-long, bloody war, and why? Atton Rand, the love of my life, says it perfectly:

The Jedi, the Sith. You don’t get it, do you? To the galaxy, they’re the same thing; just men and women with too much power, squabbling over religion while the rest of us burn!

so when Luke says the Jedi need to end, it’s kind of like………… ya, duh. the Jedi are toxic af, and you see that so clearly in KOTOR and KOTOR II, especially when the Council condemns so many innocent people to their deaths. I’m not saying the Jedi are awful—the philosophy behind the Order is, I think, incredibly important, and there are certain things in the Code that I love. but the key here is balance: you can’t just cut yourself off from emotions, but on the flip side, you can’t just let your passions rule you. in order to truly maximize the Force, the Light Side and the Dark Side need to be in harmony, because otherwise there’s just always going to be this power struggle between the different extremes. so when Rey said “balance,” I’m pretty sure I let out a pterodactyl screech, because this is exactly what the franchise (aside from the EU, of course) has been scared to explore since its inception.

plus—Luke is the perfect herald for this radical shift in narrative. just like the Exile was in the Old Republic era! Luke has been portrayed time and time again as having feelings. this wasn’t too important back when SW first came out, but now that we’ve seen the Jedi as they were pre-TCW—heartless, stoic, etc; for those of us who are familiar with TOR, the Order’s corruption isn’t at all surprising—, we know just how revolutionary this is. Luke isn’t a perfect Jedi. he gets angry, he gets attached, he’s human, yet he’s still believed to be the Chosen One. (side note: I know a lot of people consider Anakin to be the Chosen One and, like, that’s cool, you do you, but I still think that, while Anakin certainly instigated the change, Luke is the vessel for it. Luke fulfills the prophecy. Luke is going to bring balance to the Force, not by eliminating the Sith/the Dark Side but by eliminating the need for a binary all together.)

this is super messy but I needed to get it out of my body!!! cosmic horror fascinates me and I’m dying to see the last Jedi (including Finn!!!!!!!!) remake the Galaxy for the better. the only way to end the War is to eliminate the binary—one could even say the Force, if you subscribe to Kreia’s line of thinking. the Jedi are corrupt, as is the Republic. the Sith are corrupt, as is the Empire (I mean, c’mon, space!Nazis). the only way forward is complete and total destruction. it’s time to make the Galaxy anew.

(I also find it super interesting that they’re introducing the “balance” concept so soon after bringing the Republic and the Empire together via an alliance in SWTOR. granted, BioWare did not handle it well, which is probably why they’re returning to the Republic vs. Empire nonsense in 5.2, but I still think it represents a new way of thinking about SW, which is why I’m proud of the devs for going the route they did. going back on 40 years of tradition is not an easy thing to do. but if it’s done skillfully—and I think that, in terms of the movies, it will be—, the payoff will be huge. talk about the kind of binary refusal we’ve been looking for in media for years.)

Giving EXO a blowjob (analysis)

—Requested by two lovely anons. Note: I received the ‘waking EXO up with a blowjob’ request while I was writing out this analysis…so I just combined the two asks. To be honest, I think in either situation, not much would be different. The same events would transpire in either scenario. Nonetheless, thanks for your support! Enjoy honeybees!


Let’s just say…all of them would LOVE this. 

Kris: Oh our dear sex god. Kris will be expecting a blowjob for each sex session you commence with him, and of course you would comply to his desires, which would just maximize his dominance. As you sensually run your tongue from the base of his length to the tip, he would emit a low, guttural growl in satisfaction. He would guide your head carefully, prompting you to engulf his member wholly. Your mouth would encase his length exquisitely, sending him into a euphoric trance. As you bob your head up and down his throbbing length, his hands would traverse to your hair, gripping a fistful of your hair, slightly pulling your filaments back. In a response to his lustful antics, you would moan into his member while delicately sucking, transmitting delicious vibrations to his length, increasing his arousal tenfold. 

Kris will emit myriads of grunts and growls with each sucking motion you make with your mouth erotically. He would unleash the most lascivious dirty talking upon you as you’re sucking him off…as I’ve said before, Kris would be for name calling: “Fuck yes. Look up at me my sweet whore.” “Don’t fucking stop ‘till I say baby.” He wouldn’t want to cum in your mouth…he’d want to be inside you when he cums. Once he feels he’s aroused enough, he would extract his length from your mouth and fuck you roughly. However, if you’ve impressed him with your skills, he may just end up rewarding his “sweet whore” with some more oral fun.

Kai: This boy is going to get a kick out of you using only your mouth to arouse him. He would expect it somewhat…he isn’t as demanding as Kris but inwardly he would like to be. He would be moaning interminably before you actually suck him off. You would only have to delicately trace the outline of his protruding member through his trousers to get him gasping and breathlessly moaning aloud at the mercy of your intrusive touches. You would tease him by placing soft kisses from the base to the tip of his length, to which he would allow without hesitation. As you intake his member into your mouth, hollowing your cheeks in a ‘sucking’ motion skillfully, he would be immersed in a state of ecstasy. As I’ve said before, Kai is a ‘touchy’ lover, so while you’re sucking him off, you would find his hands finding way to your head, to guide you in a sensual ascent and descent upon his length, grasping lightly onto your fringes instinctively. 

He won’t say much…your ears would just be enveloped in the sound of his desirous moans with each suck, lick, and kiss you permit his member. Depending on how turned on he is, Jongin will either want this erotic foreplay to end one of two ways: either with him extracting himself from your mouth and into your core and cumming inside of you, or with him releasing onto your body (which I’ll go in depth on). As you continue to bob your head on his member, occasionally releasing your tongue to graze his length, you would take note of the way his groans are becoming more strident and straggled—perfectly illustrating his impending climax. He would watch through hooded eyes as you extract his member from your mouth and begin to pump it with immense rapidity between your breasts. He would emit a groan of rapture as his milky essence paints your breasts erotically. After his high recedes, he would kiss you thanking you…perhaps even getting to work on you. 

Suho: He will find this surprisingly pleasant, since Suho isn’t exactly a demanding lover and is rather a gentleman in bed (unless he’s feeling particularly kinky…) It would all be a slight blur for him since he’s used to tending to you in bed. Like all your other sessions, it would start out with fervid kissing as his hands softly caress your sides with delicacy. He would love when you trail soft yet sensual kisses down his defined abdomen towards his most erogenous regions. He would softly gasp and moan, barely audible, at the way your fingertips dance deftly over his clothed member. Eventually, you would grasp onto his length trailing kisses on it’s entirety. This would cause him to moan softly while murmuring your name at the lustful sensations elicited from your rousing actions. 

As you lick a long strip from the base to the tip of his length, he may reach out to entangle his digits within your hair, as an instinctive reaction to the pleasure. This would prompt you to continue, finally taking in his member wholly, bobbing with delicacy, much to his satisfaction. Your hands would enclose around his member, moving up and down, while accompanied by your bobbing. His enraptured moans and groans would become more resounding as his high approaches gradually. Joonmyun won’t say much while you’re sucking him off, due to being ensnared within a euphoric trance. Similar to Kris, he would want to realase while being within you. But he would be very turned on, to the point of his ‘rougher’ side manifesting in the form of him extracting his length from your mouth and hurriedly entering you with slight roughness. 

Chen: This would be a nice surprise for Jongdae, since it is mostly him teasing you and building you up and down constantly. You don’t really get to tease him in an analogous manner, hence, this would be a pleasant revelation. However, if he was feeling extra kinky, then a blowjob would be expectant. But, under conventional circumstances, this would be welcomed with surprise. He would snicker to himself, observing you lustfully as you swirl your tongue around the tip of his member. Just to tease him playfully, rather than engulfing his member whole, you would trail soft kisses down to the base and lick a delicate stripe up to the tip, repeating the process, much to his satisfaction. Finally, you would intake his member, eliciting soft chuckles and shallowing breathing from Chen. You would feel his hands gripping your head pushing you further down his member…his hands would assist you in adeptly bobbing. In between his shallow breathes and smirks, you would hear him murmur “just like that babe,” a myriad of times, in tune with your sucks and licks. 

Rather spontaneously, his hips would thrust upwards moderately to meet with your mouth, furthering his imminent high. He would greatly enjoy cumming on your face, it would be one of the ultimate turn-ons for Jongdae…but of course, you would perform this task. As your hands come to grip onto the base of his length, pumping fervidly, your mouth would set to work rapidly on the tip, with your tongue swirling around the tip. Eventually, as his breathy pants become more strident, you would extract his member from your mouth, still pumping rapidly with your mouth ajar, awaiting his euphoric high to materialize. Once his climax overtakes him, you would willingly take his essence, beaded along your face erotically. Jongdae would want you to taste his desire, just to turn him on more. He would snicker as you lap some of the pearly substance off of your digits. He wouldn’t help but comment on how much “you love your late night snacks.” 

Sehun: A blowjob is merely an expectation with this boy, honestly. With pretty much any intimate session with Sehun, he’ll be anticipating you to suck him off. But to go in depth on this: since it’s been well established that he expects a blowjob, you wouldn’t waste any time in getting to that, considering that Sehun isn’t into foreplay and buildups. As he stands proudly, watching you intently through lustful eyes, he would smirk softly to himself at how efficient you are when setting to work on him. Casting away all hesitation, you would grasp his considerable length stably, commencing in engulfing his length adroitly. You would proceed to bob on his member with remarkable rapidity, much to his satisfaction. Sehun would groan lowly with each suck you effortlessly perform while muttering strings of low profanities. As you moan into his member, delivering bouts of desirous vibrations in the process, he would begin his lascivious, snide dirty talking: “Fuck yes baby, you like my dick in your mouth huh?” he would smirk as he begins to thrust into your mouth moderately; allowing you a mouthful of his length, “how about it baby? You want me to fuck your mouth? I’m sure you do…let’s see how much of me you can handle.” 

Much to your pleasure, you would feel Sehun grasp the back of your head firmly, as he rolls his hips into your mouth erotically, allowing you to intake an ample amount of his member. As you swirl your tongue around the base of his length, his groans would become more guttural, indicating he is close. I can see him then extracting his member from your mouth and beginning to promptly jerk himself off with the tip of his length touching your tongue. Eventually, you would hear his resonating groan, and soon after, his opaque essence would fill your wanting mouth, glistening proudly. “Swallow,” he would command you while smirking, to which you would comply to gladly. “Tell me how good that was baby.” 

Chanyeol: Yeol will practically fuck your mouth while you’re sucking him off. He would be pretty rough and just slip into the lust that the stimulation administers to him. He would be very grabby and ‘hands on’ during the whole session. You and him have already established you desire to get to things as quickly as possible, so you’ll be on your knees in no time; with striking timing. Yeol would utter a low groan as your adept hands set to work on his length, jerking him off at a moderate pace. You would continue with this while permitting the tip of his length small, teasing licks, just to humor him. Eventually, your mouth would dive for his member exquisitely, while he watches, eyeing you desirously. As you bob your head, sucking in your cheeks in a sucking motion, you would feel his hand ghost to your head, pushing you further down slightly. Once more, he would emit husky groans with each bob you grant. He wouldn’t speak much, in general, when he’s really into sex he won’t say much. 

His guttural groans of satisfaction would be the only thing to resonate from him while you’re sucking him off. When he has wholly succumbed to the immense libido, he would thrust into your mouth rather instinctively, with his hands still encompassing your head. You would gladly go along, still sucking, your teeth lightly…ever so lightly grazing his member. (That would really turn him on) At this point, Yeol has already surrendered himself to this surging ecstasy, so he would thrust into your mouth swiftly, desperately wanting to reach a euphoric high. Finally, you would hear him groan his loudest groan yet, while allowing his essence to expel into your mouth erotically. Grinning, you would extract him from your mouth as he pants heavily, while watching you swallow. He would smirk at this, a naughty glimmer would pass over his eyes, as he ponders on what to do with you in return. 

Lay: This would be a refreshing treat to Yixing. He is mostly the giver during sex rather than the receiver, since his ultimate goal is to please you sweetly. Hence, the refreshing aspect. Yixing wouldn’t do much as you’re sucking him off…he’ll just lay back calmly, relishing in the sight and feel of you. His eyes would widen slightly in surprise as he watches you make your way below his waist. Once he realizes what is ensuing, he’ll relax and watch you intently, anticipating your next move. He would moan rather melodiously at each lustful touch you grant him. As you take his length in your grasp, gingerly stroking him, you would allow the rapturous moans he emits to envelop your ears delicately: “Mm, feels good baobei…” “So perfect baobei…” That would be your indication to lick along his member, from the base to the tip erotically, eliciting soft moans and saccharine compliments from him. 

Once you intake him into your mouth, slowly bobbing up and down, he wouldn’t be able to formulate coherent sentences due to the overwhelming titillation; by now, his body has submitted wholly to the libido. As you continue to bob your head along his length, generating a lustful friction, you would feel his wandering hands entangle within your fringes, desirously urging you to continue. Even though I make out Lay to be a vanilla lover, at this point, since he would be drowned in ecstasy, it wouldn’t faze him where he releases: whether it’s on your face, in your mouth, somewhere on your body, or inside of you, he would still be pleasantly satisfied with your overall work. Once he’s climaxed, he’ll pull you in for a zealous kiss, thanking you with genuine gratitude. He will be sure to return the favor to you…it may not be right then and there, but he will return it. 

I’m thinking about the song “Lu” as I’m about to write Luhan’s scenario…”now blow it like a flute.”

Luhan: This would be somewhat expected with Luhan. Although he is generally a sensual and giving partner, who is a foreplay god, he can be a needy lover at times. So, although giving him a blowjob isn’t something you would do during every sex session, occasionally, it would be expected. Needless to say, he’ll be greatly pleased with you sucking him off fervidly. With a satisfied glimmer passing over his eyes, he would watch as you fall to your knees, taking his length in hand, stroking him with skillfully flicks of your wrist. Soft chuckles and elongated moans would erupt from him at this. As you swirl your tongue against the tip of his member, placing light kisses upon it, you might feel him rocking his hips into your mouth almost like a reflex to the stimulation. Like Jongin, Luhan won’t say much, if anything, during the whole session…you would just hear heavy breathing and sustained moans emitted from him with each lick you permit him. 

Once you intake his length, he would stop thrusting into your mouth, and just allow you to do as you please, immersing himself within the aphrodisia. He would relish in each bob you permit his member, while stroking him from the base to your mouth adeptly. What Luhan would love most is if you were to moan into his member, allowing the euphoric vibrations to ravage his member, much to his pleasure. Similar to Jongin, a blowjob with Han would end one of two ways: if you’ve sucked him off to the point of him losing himself within the ecstasy, he’ll probably cum in your mouth, savoring the way you swallow his milky essence so willingly, lucidly enjoying the taste. Or, he’ll want to be inside you when he climaxes. He still retains a traditional mindset with sex, so if his senses are still intact and not disarrayed from the pleasure, he’ll enter you roughly and begin to thrust into you rapidly, wanting to finish both of you off like the manly man he is. 

Baekhyun: Kinky boy, he’ll be expecting this! Similar to Sehun, a blowjob is pretty much a requirement with Baek. No matter when or how, a blowjob is guaranteed to ensue. He would love if you are to commence this session, relishing in the way you desirously eye his length, already aroused at the mere thought. He would chuckle at this: “So needy for me, aren’t you kitten? Naughty girl~” at his dirty talking, you would be prompted to take a taste for yourself. You would grasp his member excitedly, jerking him off for a bit with skillful hands, much to his satisfaction. “Ah~ Fuck yes baby, don’t stop~” he would whine amorously with each stroke you grant him. Experimentally, you would lick the tip delicately, allowing yourself samplings of pre cum, much to his excitement. Once you’ve teased him enough with your kitten-like licks, you would begin to engulf his length, eliciting ardent moans and slight cries from Baek at the way your mouth impeccably encases him. 

Hollowing your cheeks around his length, you begin to bob your head up and down his member, granting him bouts of sizzling euphoria. “Ah..baby…babe…ah~” he chants once you speed your bobbing gradually. He’ll reach for your head, urging you to intake more of him, while thrusting upwards into your mouth slightly. His calls for you would cease, morphing into sensual pants, indicating his high is nearing. With this in mind, you would remove him from your mouth, now stroking his length rapidly as you eye him seductively with your mouth ajar. As Baek emits a straggled cry of pleasure from his high, you would zealously allow his essence to paint your face and mouth as proof of his desire. “Swallow,” he would command in between his pants, to which you would comply willingly. Once his high recedes, he would kiss you briefly, with a naughty glimmer in his eyes as he murmurs: “my turn,” setting to work on you.  (Expect some 69 in the future) 

Xiumin: You would definitely catch Minseok off guard with a blowjob; he would be elated inwardly at this. Of course, since Minseok is incredibly compliant, as you’re making your way below his waist, he would writhe around slightly, while asking: “J-jagi, are you sure?” Since he’s always on the giving end, he wouldn’t be accustomed to being on the receiving end, prompting him to question you. The seductive shimmer in your eyes would put him at ease however, as he relaxes watching you carefully. He would groan stridently with each rousing touch you grant him. You begin by taking his length in hand, lightly permitting the tip small licks, relishing in the taste of the pre cum that flows from the tip. He would softly groan your name with each amorous kiss and lick you permit his member. “J-jagi…” he would call out airily, writhing slightly in response to the pleasure. 

As you slowly intake his length, gradually making your way to the base, his writhing would begin to increase. He may start to thrust upwards into your mouth instinctively, to which you would gladly allow. His moans would become more resonant, indicating his high is nearing. Just to tease him, you would extract him from your mouth, proceeding to place delicate kisses upon his length from the base to the tip. Once you feel you’ve delayed his climax enough, you would briefly engulf him once more, sucking vigorously. Eventually,  you would begin to jerk him off while your mouth still encases his member. As his satisfied groan resounds stridently, you would gladly take his pearly essence in your mouth, swallowing the ample dose gleefully. Xiumin would thank you, setting to work on you. “That was great baby, let me taste you next.” 

D.O: Kyungsoo is similar to Luhan in the aspect that a blowjob wouldn’t always be routine during sex sessions. However, unlike Luhan, Kyungsoo isn’t a needy partner, so this would a bit of a pleasant treat. He would gladly allow you to do as you please, while lying back, watching through amorous eyes. As you take his length in your grasp, this would elicit soft moans and heavy breathes from him with each lustful stroke you permit his member. He won’t say much aside from small, affectionate compliments on occasions: “So perfect jagiya…” As you continue to stroke his length, trailing delicate kisses from the base upwards, you would feel his hands softly encompass your head, entangling his digits within your filaments. You would slowly engulf his length, proceeding to make sucking motions against his member. His hands would begin to gently push you downwards, assisting you in intaking his length. Of course if you were to feel discomfort, Kyungsoo would be sure to release his grip of you, like the gentleman he is. He would relish in the feel of you moaning melodiously into his member, granting him exquisite vibrations to revel in. 

You would relish in the sound of his moans increasing in volume, indicating his high is near. Similar to Luhan and Kai, depending on how far into the euphoria he is in, Kyungsoo will either want to be inside you once he climaxes or upon your body. In the instance that he will release upon your body, you would continue bobbing your head sensually, until you feel he is close. Once you’ve received that indication, you would extract him and begin to stoke him rapidly. I feel like he would get incredibly turned on with cumming on your collarbone/neck/anything near your breasts. He would moan harmoniously once he reaches his high, emitting his essence erotically upon your collarbone, painting you impeccably. He would lean towards you for an enraptured kiss, wanting to return the favor to you. 

Tao: Ah, the two sides of Tao. It wouldn’t matter what faze he is in, a blowjob is a requirement with him…no way around it. He’ll probably be the one to urge it rather than you. “Come on baobei, if you want me, you’ll have to satisfy me first,” he would order, tempting you greatly. You would comply to his desires, in order to attain your own pleasure. He would guide you somewhat, urging you below his waist, as well as already having his hands enmeshed with your fringes, highly anticipant for you. With two hands, you would efficiently stroke him with quick flicks of your wrists, eventually taking him into your mouth while stroking him. He would emit low groans and growls of satisfaction if he’s in that rough, dominant faze of his. If not, he would cry aloud with small whines of amour at your skillful techniques.

Your bobs would be in synch with your strokes, which would be all too sensual for Tao. You would feel him begin to thrust into your mouth with vigor, since he wants to achieve his high soon. Now, your bobbing and sucking would be in tune with not only your strokes, but now his thrusts. His whines would take a higher pitch once his high nears. If he’s in his rough state, you would feel his thrusting quickening as he mutters low obscenities. Either way, since he promised you, he would fulfill his agreement with you diligently. He would roughly extract himself from your mouth, beginning to roughly enter you, now commencing in fucking you hard, his mind clouded with nothing more than lust and need. 

The thirst is real dear readers. 

Have some sprite everyone to quench your thrists. *hands out sprite cans* 

Hope you enjoyed dear readers! Have an EXO ask for me? Send me your asks and I’ll happily fulfill your fantasies! <3


Shows described in one sentence.

Steven universe: Gay rocks protect the world.

Gravity falls: DOCTOR WHO: FOR KIDS! (definitely for kids)

Tokyo ghoul: Everyone Is dead- LOL JK THEY’RE JUST INSANE NOW!

Attack on titan: Hell.

Voltron: Legendary defenders of the universe: The beautiful child of many, “interesting”, generations.

One punch man: Being a hero for fun is cool too.


Haikyuu!: Crows play Volleyball.

My hero academia: Heros go beyond… PLUS ULTRA!

Say I love you: Period drama.


Parasyte the maxim: Super wormy hand.

((It’s kinda late right now…))

I’d like to take the time to say thank you. 

Everyone sending in asks has done nothing short of floor me with how interested people have been in my characters and world-building. In a world of a million other people doing the same thing as me, I’m eternally grateful for the humble following of people I’ve gathered.

With that being said it’s important that I also make this following statement: ASK RESPONSES WILL BE SIGNIFICANTLY DIALED DOWN for the foreseeable future. I want to be clear and say that this does NOT mean that I’m not answering asks anymore. I still love getting them and reading every one you guys send in. I will still be answering some like I have been. I’ve just noticed recently that I get so many that I’m almost constantly just working on drawing new responses and nothing else in the little free time that I have. 

My time is at a premium these days and I need to start maximizing it to get stuff done that I intended to do this year (LIKE COMICS). So while I’m so lucky to have people so interested in my work I’m going to have to start allotting less time and energy for asks. They’re great for world-building and humorous posts to keep this art blog alive, but this is an art blog, not an ask blog. 

With that being said, please feel free to continue to send in asks! Just understand that if it’s over anon, that while I will read it, there’s no guarantee in me answering it! If you’re asking something that you REALLY WANT an answer to, please ask questions off anon so I can type up private text answers! Otherwise there’s no promises here! 

Once again thank you everyone and I hope you can understand this move, I want to start getting more substantial content out and to do that I have to pull myself away from 24/7 ask answering duty. 

How can you say you love Michonne but don't care about the actress who plays the hell out of the role? Danai is an actress-a Black actress at that-and TWD is just one of her many endeavors.

She is making history right now and the time to maximize on all of critical acclaim and opportunities is NOW.

Danai is a professional. She has worked hard on her craft and that we love and support her as Michonne is something she appreciates I am sure. But TWD is not forever. It will end eventually and she has not forsaken the show just because she is expanding her resume. She does not owe TWD or the fans anything but a stellar performance of the material given to her. She has done that.

She will do that in the future.

Calm down and enjoy the summer and be a chill fan.

thenaturalselection  asked:

Do illuminating primers really help give a dewy finish? How is it different from just using a regular primer/foundation and then going over with an illuminating highlighter? A sales lady at Sephora was suggesting Dior Glow Maximizer or Nars Illuminating Primer. Have you tried any of them? Would love to hear your take on this because I think your makeup reviews are great! Love your blog! XO

Thanks babe!

Personally, i’ve been loving illuminating primers more than cream or powder highlighters because with a brightening primer your skin will look more “naturally” glowing from within rather than shimmery like when using a highlighter. 

I would definitely say illuminating primers would best with a more light weight foundation over top. It won’t keep your face dewy if you were to put a few layers of a matte foundation and then follow with powder. So if you use more heavy duty foundations and such using a highlighter over everything would work better. But illuminating primers are great under BB Creams, Tinted Moisturizers or light weight foundations! 

If you’re unsure if illuminating primers will work for you try a cheaper option like Loreal’s Magic Lumi Primer :)

carothcj  asked:

I went to Zumba for the first time tonight and I LOVED it!! Any tips for maximizing my workout in Zumba? Thanks!

yay for zumba!

Once you attend the class a couple times you will start to get the moves down and wont have to pay so much attention to your feet placement. 

Tips i say to my classes before we start:

  • low squats
  • keep your core tight/engaged
  • big arm movements
  • move with a purpose, dont just throw your body around. 
  • if you can’t get a move down, just continue moving! you dont HAVE to follow along at the expensive of losing your workout. 
  • have fun! 

(i made this public because it’s a great question) 




It saddens us to have to report the passing of author and member of the Silence in the Library family Aaron Allston. Aaron collapsed last night, February 27, 2014, on his way to perform his duties as the guest of honor at Visioncon 2014 in Branson, MO. He was taken to the hospital in Springfield, MO, where cause of death was determined to be a massive heart failure.

These are the facts of Aaron’s passing, but they are far removed from an adequate explanation of the loss we have all experienced.

In the coming days, you will hear much about Aaron’s accomplishments as an author, editor, and game designer. It is right and just that the world should talk about Aaron’s work and mourn the loss of a masterful creator. Aaron was a legend in the Star Wars community, writing 13 novels and numerous short stories that brought the joy of the Star Wars universe to countless children and adults. His work in the gaming industry helped mold an entire generation of gaming enthusiasts.

For all of these things, and more, we should mourn the loss of a peerless mind and talent. What I will mourn more than anything, though, and I what I want to focus on today, is the loss of Aaron Allston the man, the mentor, the friend.

While I and the other members of Silence in the Library have not known Aaron as long as some, we have cherished every moment of our friendship with him. That friendship was forged over years as we continued to run into him at conventions. Eventually, Aaron would become a staple at our yearly writer’s workshops, providing feedback that invariably helped hone all of the stories submitted to the workshop and the craft of those who wrote the stories.

There would not be a Silence in the Library today, at least not in the form it exists, if it were not for Aaron Allston. Maggie Allen, Janine Spendlove, Bryan Young, and myself formed Silence in the Library in 2011 with the vague idea that we might do something with it in the future, but no real clue as to what that might be. It was Aaron Allston and Michael Stackpole who recognized our potential as a company and helped us to focus. Because of them Time Traveled Tales and all of our subsequent projects exist.

But even these things are just matters of record and insufficient to describe the impact Aaron had on our lives – on the lives of all those who came into contact with him. Because, you see, Aaron was one of the most selfless individuals I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. He wanted to see the people around him succeed. And he coupled that desire with a real, penetrating insight into people and the world around him. This made his advice almost invariably good.

I feel as though I am flailing around, hitting close to what I want to say, but never exactly hitting it on the head. Aaron the editor would be staring over the tops of his glasses at me right now, one eyebrow raised and a look of disapproval on his face.

I know, Aaron, “show me, don’t tell me”. The thing is, I’m not sure how to do that right now. My heart is empty and my head is numb.

Perhaps the best I can do right now is give you a list of things I know about Aaron Allston. Maybe that will help focus the effort.

The List:

1. Aaron loved making horrible puns. The more wretched, the better. If he didn’t get at least one groan out of the crowd he wasn’t happy.

2. Aaron had an enduring love of absolutely terrible movies. Our writers’ workshops generally took place over a long weekend, and Aaron reserved the last day to introduce us to his favorites of the worst movies ever made. We watched plenty of MST3K, but we also watched them in their pure, unadulterated form. Plan 9 From Outer Space, Manos: The Hands of Fate, whatever. If it was cringe worthy, it was there. He once made me a present of a movie about midget vampires titled Ankle Biters.

3. Aaron was incredibly proud, and would never have wanted anyone to know about his medical concerns or any other issues he might have had.

4. Aaron was fiercely loyal to his friends, and willing to do anything for the people he considered to be “his”.

5. Aaron loved helping new writers develop their craft. He was a born mentor.

6. As a writer, Aaron was the most skilled craftsman I have ever personally known. He understood, better than almost anyone, that writing is not a talent, it is a skill that has to be forged and regularly sharpened. He worked his entire life to be the best writer he could possibly be, and as a result, while he may not have had the commercial success of some, he was a masterful writer.

7. Aaron had an unreasonable love of knives, particularly pocket knives. He was almost like a little kid every time he talked about or displayed his latest acquisition. He also loved to give knives as gifts. To Aaron, the idea that anyone could live a happy life without a pocket knife was almost incomprehensible.

8. At least outwardly, Aaron hated to have a fuss made over him. He’s probably looking at all of the online memorials right now and trying to come up with just the right joke to let us all know how foolish we are (though I suspect some part of him would have appreciated it).

9. Aaron faced even the most difficult situations in life (perhaps particularly the most difficult situations in life) with humor. It was his cure-all and his shield.

10. Aaron loved to wear the most outrageous Hawaiian shirts. You could never miss him in a crowd.

11. Aaron lived his life as an example of his repeated writing maxim “show me, don’t tell me”. He didn’t say it a whole lot, but as his friend you knew that Aaron loved you. His every action reinforced that fact. And he relished every moment of his life, wringing the most he could out of it as if to say “See, this is how it is done!” Show me, indeed.

12. Aaron was not afraid of looking ridiculous or doing ridiculous things. Oh, don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of things he wouldn’t do, but that was just because he didn’t want to do them. He never did or didn’t do something based on a fear of what others would think.

13. Aaron was one of the most genuine, honest, straight-forward people I ever knew.

So, the facts are that Aaron Allston passed away in a hospital in Springfield, MO on the night of Thursday, February 27, 2014. The truth behind the facts is that the world lost not only an inspiring writer and creator, but a human being who made the lives of all those around him richer for just being there.

I am sad. My heart aches for the loss to all of us who knew Aaron well as a person. But it aches even more for those who never had the chance.

The world lost a giant last night, and it is infinitely poorer for it.

Ron Garner, Silence in the Library Publishing

{ cont | alexandra-millss }

It was their annual Friday binge night, and they were cuddled up on the couch  in the study, and neither of them were focused on the show that was playing on the flat screen TV at that moment. At least, Alex wasn’t. She had too many thoughts running around in her head, the main one being that she really needed to tell Anna that she liked her.

So when the time was right, she took a shot at it.

“So um, this might sound weird out of context but I’m gay and I think I like you.” Alexandra paused, her eyes widening at the awkward wording. “In a totally pl-pla-platonic way I mean.” She stumbled over my words, getting up off the couch. “Do you want more soda? I want more soda. Do you want the same flavor? I mean the Fanta Orange is really good and I don’t think you’ve tried that yet but don’t get me wrong I love Dr. Pepper and I really think-” I cut myself off, looking at Anna. “Anna? Say something, please.”

The silence bounced between their ears as she felt Anna tense up. Alex immediately walked away to maximize the space between the two girls, and to give her a second to let it sink in. By now she knew Anna was freaking out. She had just broken things off with Kristoff not even a full month ago after moving most of her things to the spare bedroom at 108 Muffin Street, and she had never told Alex anything about liking both genders. Great fucking job, Alex.

“Anna?” she took a step closer, looking at Anna.

Then, the impossible happened. Alex was lurched forward by her shirt and lips were touching hers. Alex felt her stomach do a flip and her arms wrapped around her neck, trying to pull Alex closer despite the back of the couch being in their way. Her arms wrapped around Alex’s waist and she was pulled over the back of the couch, landing on top of Anna. Hands flew into Alex’s hair and she pulled up to catch her breath, the ginger’s eyes opening to look up at Alex. As Anna started rambling about not knowing what came over her, Alex cut her off by kissing her again their lips melding perfectly, the taste of Dr. Pepper mixing with the Fanta Orange Alex was drinking a few minutes prior. She could feel the tugging on her hair and somehow one of Alex’s hands ended up on her hip and the other in her hair.

She didn’t know what she was getting herself into, but she sure as hell liked it.

~{ ;; ✿ ;; }~

“I think I like you” she’d said, only before rambling along. she told her to say something, only she couldn’t. it was a new sensation, burning throughout her body and especially up at her cheeks, reddening the freckled skin.

anna knew liking another woman was wrong, but she wasn’t sure if that was so right. it’s just something that happened, with her dainty hands tugging at the other’s dark shirt, lips against each other. maybe it wasn’t the correct thing to do, but in this world, she’s not a princess. she’s just a girl, hopelessly in love with another. freckled hands tangled in brunette hair, her cheeks burning red. how did it come to this? they were just friends, weren’t they? anna could’ve never imagined something like this.