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Are you on facebook by any chance? I could've sworn I saw the same speedpaint video there in one of the groups I'm in. I don't remember if the video was linked to here, but I just wanted to ask just in case...! Also I love your art, keep up the good work (*´꒳`*)


Yes! I am on Facebook.

I’m putting the link here so anyone wondering could see :)


(warning: I draw a lot of different kinds gijinka there and other unseeable things for fangirls like Titans x Yuri!!! on Ice other than just drawing entirely Hetalia , so, please proceed with caution haha)

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Just wanna give a message to interracial couples that fear the other family won't like them: my current bf loves me. He was actually not interested in black girls until he befriended me, got to know me, and then began to date me. It was because his family was kinda racist. I was nervous first meeting his grandparents but they adored me! His grandma Facebook stalked me & saw I graduated highschool top of my class& thought my hair(cornrows) was really nice&she thinks I'm super cute.So Don't worry!

Inspiration right here haha 😁

Kuni Gets Drunk

Just wrote a little something for @hifftn when I saw a post on Facebook a few days ago. It’s nothing much, just a short drabble. Tagging @whatdoyouexpectthistime cause she gave me permission to write this and @smutmylifeup cause reasons haha

I only left him for two minutes…well more like 5 whilst I went to the toilet, but it didn’t take Kuni long at all to disappear. But, to be fair, it didn’t take me long to find him again, chatting up the bartender, the male bartender.

We had decided to go out that night, since we were both off the next day so, why not enjoy some time together getting tipsy? Well, I thought it was a good idea to get tipsy, it looked like getting blind drunk to the love of my life.

“So, you’ll get me that bottle for half price and I’ll…” he was flirting as best as he could, the bartender clearly uncomfortable. As much as I wanted to save the poor bartender, I was rather enjoying him making a fool for himself.

“I’m sorry sir, the bottle will be full price” the bartender said.

“But you said it was ok a few minutes ago!”

“I never said that sir”

“Ok, then new deal, I’ll put in a good word for you with your manager, I’m Aikawa Kunihiko after all, then you’ll give me the bottle half price, yes?” he offered, my trying so hard not to burst out laughing.

“Sir, I’m sure you are Mr Aikawa” the bartender said, not fully believing him “but I can’t give out bottles of wine half price”

“Kuni!” I laughed, pulling his attention to me “What are you doing?”

“JAZZ! I was getting…something for you…I think” I just laughed, taking a hold of his hand “I’m sorry, he doesn’t usually get this drunk!” I apologised to the bartender who smiled appreciating the apology.

As I guided him out of the bar, intending to take him home, I quickly turned to the bartender.

“Oh, and he was telling the truth about who he is, I’ll get him to say a good word for you tomorrow” I smirked as the guys jaw dropped. So much fun.

When I finally got him home, he face planted onto the bed and fell asleep. I did have plans for other activities that evening, but they were postponed, obviously. I was sure I could seduce him tomorrow no problem, once I’d sorted his hangover out.

He texted me whilst I was out grabbing him some breakfast.

Where are you? My head hurts and I want a cuddle – Kuni.

I replied for a few minutes, telling him to just stay put and that I won’t be long. I decided to tell him what happened though, just so I could see the shame on his face when I got back.

I literally left you alone in the bar for 5 minutes and when I came back you were blind drunk and propositioning the bartender! X

My phone pinged as he replied.

In my defence, you left my unsupervised, now hurry up and get home, I miss you!

I rolled my eyes and quickly made my way home.

I was right, even though he had replied to my text with a real come back, Kuni was curled up on the bed, cheeks blushing from embarrassment.

“You’re going to need to sit up to eat this” I chuckled.

“I wasn’t that bad, was I?” he mumbled.

“Maybe I’ll tell you everything that you did if you eat this and take your tablets” I suggested, placing the bag of food on the bed. He groaned and slowly sat up, cradling his head.

“I’m sorry” he said, pouting.

“Don’t worry about it, I still love you” I smiled.

“Promise?” he leaned in to kiss me.

“I promise just… brush your teeth first” I pulled away laughing.

“Oops, sorry!” and he ran off to the bathroom.

I loved him. I truly did, even if he did end up flirting with men in bars when he got drunk. Maybe I could get him to agree to something while he was drunk…maybe.

Tinder for SBs

I’ve had Tinder literally since it first came out so based on my familiarity with it I just wanted to note a couple things that might be of interest to SBs. So when you set your “Discovery Settings” (age range, etc) it does only show your profile to the people whose Discovery Settings match with yours, so yes in theory you can avoid running into people you know BUT it’s not that clear-cut. For example, one time I changed my preferences to women for maybe less than 5 min out of curiosity, yet over the next week or so both of my close girl friends who are bi and lived nearby me saw me on their Tinder lol. Given, we all had our radius set to close to campus so that type of thing might not be as likely outside of college, but still as you can see it’s not a lag-free algorithm for queueing.

So if you want to make your profile sugar-related, make sure you set the age to older guys right off the bat and don’t change the settings unless you decide you want to switch to use it for vanilla dating for good, in which case you could obviously “clean up” your profile. But once you’ve changed the setting to younger guys it’s hard to say who you’re already queued for, so it’s risky to to change your profile back to sugar-related. Personally my entire social circle uses Tinder (the majority of guys that show up on my Tinder have at least a “2nd degree connection” - a feature they recently copied from Hinge lol but anyway) so perhaps I’m erring more on the side of caution than most. Not that I could ever make my profile sugar-related anyway because I have so many matches with vanilla guys already, including dozens of guys that I actually met later on at school over the past 2-3 years lol.

Other than that concern, the question still remains of whether should you make your profile sugar-related in the first place. Depends on what your method is. Some girls swear by the whole “don’t say you’re a sugar baby! Build the relationship and then rinse him” approach. I haven’t done this before (I might soon, just not from Tinder) but it does seem like it would open up a lot more possibilities bc not every rich guy is actively looking for an sb or even knows what that is. But obviously that method is a lot more work as well as more trial and error. However there is a new feature on Tinder where you can see their education and job (also copied from Hinge) so I guess that definitely helps screen a bit.

And then the other approach of course is to say outright that you want to be spoiled/like older men/all that usual bs that you put on your SA profile. You can either do this by putting it directly on your profile or play it safe with privacy and only mention it once you match. The difference is that if you don’t put it on your profile you risk upsetting your matches who were not expecting the sugar thing. I’ve seen some stories like that on my Tumblr dash. You would think that these guys setting their age range so low would be a little more aware, but honestly a lot of these guys are just normal old dudes casting a wide age net.

Bottom line is, don’t expect Tinder to be like arrangement sites! On SA the men clearly know what an allowance is and what constitutes a standard range for allowances. I guess one advantage that Tinder has over arrangement sites is that there are old, lonely, and possibly wealthy men looking for actual love, and you can take advantage of his cluelessness (?) since he’ll feel awesome that he matched with a young pretty girl? And I guess there are fewer scammers, at least for the time being.

My personal experience when I turned the age range up (keep in mind my profile is not sugar-related): I’ve matched with some decent-looking, probably-not-poor older men but I’m just too lazy to respond because first of all I can’t even be sure that they’re rich and ready to sponsor…if my pro-activeness changes I’ll update y’all haha. Also saw a handful profiles where it said explicitly that he wanted to help a younger girl out financially, etc, but they were gross/creepy.

One last note - I saw someone say that you could make a fake Facebook and set up Tinder that way, but you can still run into people you know or have mutual friends with - the only advantage is that it won’t list your mutual friends and 2nd degree connections.

Wtf this was so long sorry.

Ps @itssugar​ I hope this answers your question hahah ❤️

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Jw how did you meet your BF?

oh boy, this is going to be long i’m so sorry haha

okay so he started following me on instagram back at the beginning on april, and i followed him back like a week later. and then he sent me a friend request on facebook and i accepted it because we have a lot of mutual friends and he was really cute haha. i saw that we’re from the same city but he lives in dublin now and i still live in hungary, so i was like haha just my luck, i’m sure nothing’s gonna happen. but yeah we still didn’t talk and then a few days later he sent me a message on instagram and we started talking and the next day he asked me if i wanted to continue on messenger.

so we started talking on messenger every day and i really liked him. he’s a few years younger than me, he plays the guitar, he used to be in bands, he can sing, he used to act, we like the same type of music, he’s really funny and he’s such a free spirit. so yeah after a few weeks he asked me if he could call me and we talked on the phone for like 2 hours. btw we’ve been talking literally every day all day since he sent me that message on insta lol. we also facetimed each other a few times and after like a month of knowing each other he asked me if i wanted to visit him in ireland. i was a bit hesitant at first because i still didn’t know if he just wanted to be my friend or he liked me too or what, and what happens if i’m there and i don’t like him at all in person, i was just a bit worried haha. but then i said okay and he bought me plane tickets and we met at the beginning of june, i spent 4 days with him.

we clicked instantly, he was just like i imagined him and it wasn’t awkward at all. we had so much fun, we went to galway, saw some beautiful places, got drunk in pubs, danced, and he was so amazing in bed too haha i started falling for him hard after just 4 days.

so he told me that he wants to be with me but he has to stay in dublin until next june but we can meet every month and travel to places together. so yeah we’re together now, we talk every day, and he’s going to visit me in the middle of august.

sooooo yeah i’m just really happy haha we’ve only started talking 3 months ago but i feel like we’ve known each other forever. sorry this is long but i could talk about him all day lmaoooo

If you can’t walk 5-10 KM to hatch your eggs try these Life Hacks:

- Golf Cart (I have a friend that did this)
- Hoverboard (Saw a dude doing this today that was so cool)
- Strapping it to a ceiling fan securely at low-medium speed (Dude in a facebook group did this DO NOT DO IT FAST YOU COULD DAMAGE THE FAN EVEN IF THE PHONE IS SECURED WELL)
- Remote Control Car (this could be fun haha)
- Those motorized scooters that were super popular like 8 years ago
- Apparently it works on drones, y’all saw that one post right? (super expensive though I would assume)
- Strap it to a roomba (another person in a facebook group I am in did this)
- Put your phone in one of those workout armband cases and attach it to a pets collar. (thanks: @itcomesbetweenus) 
- Record player
- My former coworker said a toy train set would work if a record player and fan did and that would be totally cool and adorable

I just finished recovering (still in physical therapy actually) from being so sick I was walking with a cane for months so I know how nice having work arounds can be if you need them. 

Update: Can Also Apparently Cause Pokemon to Spawn Including Rares, I just Spawned an Abra and I Never See Those
Update 2 fix: Fan thing did not work very well for me but it has for some people works for me using a different strap set up. Create a harness of some sort and make sure it is free hanging from the fan blade by about an inch or two of rope/twine/something 
Update 3: Apparently thanks to source code data miners we have discovered how Incense works. You get bonus and rarer spawns if you move more than 100 meters in any given minute while incense is up. Yikes 100 m/min? That’s rough on healthy people on foot let alone disabled people who can’t just jump on a bike or skates. 

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Hey! I just saw that you recently got back on Snapchat. What was the reason for you deleting it?

I deleted it because I was starting to just have too many social media platforms. Between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat it was getting a bit too much to check every morning and I never watch snap stories anyways only the ones I get sent personally. So it was like eh haha and Instagram has sort of overtaken in terms of stories I reckon! Boomerangs are way too much fun

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henrik does to have that rare natural charm that distracts people for a second, his eyes are so intense yet they have like a light sparkly humour in them so I'm not surprised by that 'seems like he's flirting with you' I'm glad he's lovely as well☺

Anon said:
the real question is: how does it feel to tell henrik ur order??? like thats goals tbh
Anon said:
Is henrik as beautiful or more so as he is in Skam, what’s he like in the flesh?? Sorry this must be annoying, just sometimes I see him and I’m like ‘can he be real’ but everyone from Norway seems to be stunning so… lol

Haha! Well considering he’s been making my coffee since before i saw him in SKAM it’s really been natural for me, though obviously I noticed his… strong facial features. He’s definitely a handsome dude, actor or not! And he’s definitely a natural flirt, unintentionally haha! I’m pretty sure he raised the income of that coffee shop by like 300% just by working there. I remember when I saw the first episode of skam I didn’t recognise him, but when I was waiting for my coffee Even popped up on my Facebook feed and I was like ’?? Is this you?’ And he just 'yea you watch skam that’s awesome!’ And I asked him if Isak was gonna end up w him and he refused to answer me lmao! He’s super friendly

Here’s something from one of my facebook fans that I just had to post!

He’s come up with some genius way of wearing multiple pendants at once that never even crossed my mind! He says he’s planning to get all the difference type pendants and wear them  on one chain. I don’t think I could ever wear that many at once, but I’m sure he’ll look like a pokemon master, haha! He’s going to look like Diantha’s Floor in  the best possible way.

Since I saw this I’ve been thinking of the different combinations that could be worn, it’s made me excited to wear m own pendants all over again! :D

This prompt was posted on Facebook. This was my reply. I like getting prompted to write. Something that tickles my inspiration. I like writing and using my imagination, though it may not have gone as far as readers would have liked, I am always grateful for the inspiration and where it takes me, imagination wise.


Haha, for just a split second I thought this was happening in Storybrooke universe and NOT AU. I saw Mary Margaret being all excited and David being just as eager because she was all a buzz. Henry’s excited too because, hey, the kid loves a good mystery to crack but Emma’s like, “I have the night off to relax and you guys take me to a MURDER MYSTERY DINNER and make me WORK? ARE YOU NUTS?”

Regina, sitting next to Emma, says, “This is ridiculous. I enjoy reading a good mystery novel under a warm blanket with a hot cup of tea, but traipsing around from room to room after drinking runny shrimp bisque, trying to solve a crime sounds a little too close to home for me.”

“Don’t be silly, Regina. When do you ever eat runny shrimp bisque?” Mary Margaret pins her with a look.

“The food you serve at dinner can be equally distasteful,” the mayor quips to her former enemy turned friend.

“HA-HA.” Mary Margaret shot a humorous smile back.

“Still… Someone is going to…” Regjna did the quote-unquote gesture with her fingers, “… DIE and you KNOW who everyone will suspect first.” She pointed to herself. “…the formal Evil Queen.”

Emma frowned and said, “How do you know they won’t think it’s the former Dark One?”

“You mean the former Dark One who turned one dwarf into stone and another into a tree?” Regina teased, “Ooooh.”

“I did other things if you recall.”

“Yes… But when you’ve terrorized millions and conquered realms get back to me about your evil self.”

Mary Margaret murmurs to her husband, “Are they actually comparing evil streaks?”

David shrugs, “You know, this shrimp bisque is actually pretty good.”

“Come on, Moms. It’ll be fun and no one really gets hurt.”

Suddenly the room is plunged into darkness amongst some screams and a tortured stolen breath is heard at their table. When the lights come back on Emma and Regina are bemused to discover that they are holding hands.

Another shocking discovery is made when everyone at the table sees that 15-year old Henry is lying over the table with a knife stuck in his back.

“Henry’s the dead guy?” Emma is shocked staring as fake blood is oozing from her son’s back. “Jesus, that looks pretty convincing.”

The floor beneath them begins to rumble and more distressed calls sound at the beginning of a massive earthquake.

“Uh…” Emma glances to her left and sees Regina with a murderous look in her face. “Regina… Snap out of it. It’s all fake, remember?”

“Who would be dumb enough to kill the child of the Evil Queen and the Savior-turned-Dark One-turned-Savior again?”

“Former. FORMER Evil Queen. Now stop. You’re scaring people.” Emma puts her arm around Regina’s shoulder, takes her hand in her lap and leans in because she finds that she likes being this close to the woman. “Now let’s do what we do best. Find our son’s murderer and make them PAY.” She whispers it in Regina’s ear. Why? She doesn’t know but it doesn’t escape her attention that the last bit sounds a little… Flirty.

The shaking in the room subsides much to everyone’s relief and Regina slowly turns her head to face Emma. And their eyes connect. And their lips are close. And there is a moment, a baffling moment where the possibilities seem endless.

Regina gives the blonde’s face a thorough once over and leans even closer and smiles alluringly, “Let’s.”

And Emma decides that she very much likes the smell of runny shrimp bisque on Regina’s breath and she releases Regina’s hand because she thinks she feels sparks shooting between their fingers.

All of a sudden Emma is glad that they were taken for dinner here and while she wonders if she and Regina might get locked in a closet somewhere, she thinks she sees a ghost of a smile on Henry’s “dead” face.


I took it in another direction with Henry pretend-dying. I thought it’d make a much better story. Also I love thinking about Swan Queen working together.

This prompt is thanks to Crystal Coulter.

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Can you send me the links to where i can watch the Death Note movies for free? I've been searching for the past 3 days with nothing popping up...

No problem! I can’t remember the site I originally used to watch it, but here are a couple I found just browsing:

first movie- 

second movie-

I don’t have any links for L: Change the World because I never actually saw that one haha. To be completely honest, the movies aren’t that great. I liked them anyway because I will like anything Death Note (even if the characterization is wrong and the plot is weird) but just be warned, they take some crazy liberties.