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this is a mildly sentimental post and i’m sorry about that, but-

it’s coming up on 6 months of having this little side blog up and running and i’ve said it a bunch of times already (and will probably continue to say it) but thank you! for just generally being awesome and welcoming. i wasn’t going to continue being involved in fandoms but then i saw su and i just had to do something about the sudden interest i had. so i decided to try something new and it’s worked out better than i dared to hope!

i know it’s not perfect or anything - i’m not new to tensions or conflicts in such a space, though i am new to the scale of it - but i’ve really enjoyed carving out my little corner here & making fun stuff & learning not only about editing software or how to use layer masks but also about a vast array of perspectives that i probably would not have encountered otherwise! and of course i’ve made some new friends

having this space has been a positive influence when i’ve been dealing with some painful recurring themes from past events over the last few months and all i can do is hope i can return the favor, at least a little bit.

anyway, thank you again! for all of the above

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“I had a friend, the only black British girl that I knew in my year throughout the whole of Oxford. She just emailed me and said, ‘I saw you in a play recently and I hope you’re going to be pursuing acting as a career.’ Nobody else said that to me. And when you look at the screen, it’s like, ‘Dude, there’s nothing there for you.’ That’s a message you’re internalising every time you look at the TV screen, every time you open up a magazine. That you’re not reflected in this culture. That you don’t belong. I thought drama school was a stupid idea. But then I thought, ‘Screw it. Let me apply to just one.’” - Riz Ahmed for The Observer

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I saw @xgracigloo(x) and @actualkana(x) do their versions, and I just had to try my hand at it.

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“And when you fail to solve them, and lay blubbering like an ignorant child on the floor, you will know…that The Riddler... is better than you.”

Nalu Drabble

Based off this spoiler for Chapter 514:

A/N: This will probably never happen in Chapter 514, and I haven’t actually read the spoilers, so this is likely an inaccurate depiction of what actually happened. (I heard that Natsu woke up and ignored Lucy? Just gonna wait for the next chapter to be released haha.) Anyways I just saw the picture of Lucy lying on Natsu and Happy next to them and I decided I needed a fluff fix so here’s a little drabble for you.

It’s been so long since I last wrote a Nalu fic! ^_^ Really happy to be back. (Btw I haven’t had the time to edit so proceed with caution.) 

He was ice cold against her flushed, hot skin. She shivered a little, feeling goose bumps appearing on her arms. She pulled the blanket covering the both of them tighter around them, hoping that this would be able to warm him up sufficiently.

Happy was currently clinging tightly onto Natsu’s arm, the corners of his eyes still wet with tears. He couldn’t stop crying earlier but now that he had settled down, it seemed everything had taken a toll on him. Emotionally spent, Happy had just fallen asleep, so it was now relatively quiet around the three of them — aside from the sounds of far-off battles as well as the occasional murmur of Natsu’s name that escaped Happy. In the meantime, Porlyusica had left for a while to give them some privacy and to tend to the other injured members.

Lucy peered up to see Natsu’s sleeping face, and quite reflexively she pressed her ear against his chest, relief flooding her when she heard his strong, steady heartbeat. He was alive. That was all she needed at the moment.

The blonde quietly reached out to gently run her fingers through his pink locks of hair that were mixed with rubble and debris, and stained with dirt. It was a rather subconscious move — she did like touching his hair secretly when he was asleep. It was nice and soft, and his pink spikes often reminded her of pink flames. Her eyes trailed down to his sleeping face, and it was then that she realized how intimate their position was, with her face hovering right above his, their noses just a few inches apart. Her face turned even redder, though she had to admit, she did feel quite comfortable like this.

Not that she enjoyed lying on top of Natsu while the both of them were practically naked, save for their underwear, of course.

It was just that the proximity made it easier for her to scrutinize his features. She never really got the chance to do so before this. Lucy’s eyes began to trace every line, curve and detail of Natsu’s face, hoping to commit this all to memory. This moment could be their last, after all. She noted the scar on his neck, and her fingers gently brushed over the mark, her lips curling upwards at the memory of how that had happened in the first place. Her smile faded when she noted the new bruises he had obtained from his recent battles. Angry purple bruises dotted his jaw, chest and arms. He smelled of sweat, dirt and smoke, but in the mix, she could detect the scent that was uniquely his and his alone. She knew because she often went to sleep in her bed that smelled of him. She noted how rough and coarse his skin was against hers, and the hardness of his abs against her softer stomach.

She really did hope that this wouldn’t be their last time together, of course. She believed in her friends, and that they would be able to overcome this war, somehow, but for Natsu’s case, things were different.

Happy’s belated revelation of Natsu’s true identity had come as a shock. Lucy still didn’t quite believe it though. Natsu was Natsu. He was Natsu Dragneel, the crazy fire dragon slayer from Fairy Tail, the mage who would never give up even when up against insanely strong opponents, the person who had introduced her to this wonderful guild she could now call a family, the boy who had helped her and saved her on so many occasions, the friend she had grown so attached to and the man whom she had even come to… love.

Yes, she supposed she did love him. When that had happened, she didn’t know, but this was the first time she was actually admitting it to herself. Perhaps it was because of the circumstances, where she could lose him at any moment, but she was no longer afraid of acknowledging it in her heart.

She loved Natsu Dragneel.

Lucy Heartfilia was in love with Natsu Dragneel.

She didn’t think that Natsu felt that way about her though. But it didn’t matter for now. All she wanted was for him to wake up again. She knew it was pointless to think about this, but a part of her just wished that this war could disappear, and that they could go back to how things usually were, with Happy and Natsu both constantly breaking and entering into her house to go through her underwear drawers or sleep on her bed. It felt like forever since she last screamed at the pair for annoying her in her house, or kicked them off her bed so she could get some shut-eye herself.

If only… Well, she supposed it was somewhat like that now, with her lying on top of Natsu and Happy curled up next to them, except that, well, Natsu’s life was hanging by a thread and Happy was anything but his old happy self.

Moisture began to gather in the back of her eyes, but Lucy blinked them back, refusing to allow herself to cry at a time like this. She had to get herself together, for the two of them. She couldn’t cry now, not when her friends were in danger and all fighting for their lives somewhere else. The ground was rumbling beneath them as attack after attack tore through it, and Lucy wished she could do something other than feel helpless right then.

“Natsu…” She shouldn’t be calling his name with such a pained voice. Natsu always hated it when she was sad. He preferred it when she was smiling, and he always made it a point to make sure she was smiling, or at the very least, angry with him for screwing up yet another mission, just not sad.

Lucy rested her head in the crook of his neck, hugging him tighter. This was the only thing she could do for him right now. She never was able to do much for him, Lucy realized. It had always been a matter of Natsu saving her, be it from the time she had been forcibly taken by Master Jose on her father’s orders, nearly killed by Oracion Seis or even by Lessio, Natsu had always been like her knight in shining armour, the kind she used to read about in fairy tale books as a child. Then again, Natsu didn’t strike her as knight material. He was more of a dragon, a warrior and guardian devoted to protecting his friends and loved ones.

Lucy just wished she could be something more. Not just the princess waiting to be saved by her prince or protected by her dragon, but someone who could fight alongside him. She knew that Natsu did trust in her abilities to some extent, but in this case, where they were all fighting against Zeref, it seemed like Natsu was taking things into his own hands, determined to end things all by himself.

What a hypocrite. Natsu had always been the one to remind her that she could depend on the guild if she ever needed anything, so why was he going back on that now?

“Stupid Natsu,” she muttered, letting out a long, weary exhale. She wanted him to talk to her, to trust her enough to share with her about these things.

That would have to wait, until he woke up, at least.

Well, until he woke up, maybe she could have her way just a little.

Raising her head, Lucy leaned upwards. Her body began to flush with heat, from her cheeks all the way down to the tips of her toes, and she felt a small shiver run down her back.

Just a little more and their lips would touch.

Lucy swallowed thickly. This was her first time doing this, and to think it would be a sneak attack on a sleeping man. For the record, she was most definitely not turning into a pervert. If anything, it was simply because everything else that lay ahead of them was now uncertain, and this could well be the last time she would ever be able to do something like this.

I love you.

That thought dissolved when she finally closed the gap between them, gently pressing her lips against his. His lips were still and cold, sending chills down her spine. A single tear that she failed to hold back fell onto his cheek, as the torrent of emotions gripping her heart finally tore through and her pleas for him to wake up became all that filled her mind.

It was only when she felt a cold hand that was starting to heat up with fiery speed latch onto the nape of her neck that Lucy realized her lips weren’t the only one moving anymore.


They pulled back, and Lucy found herself staring straight into a pair of half-open yellow eyes. His lips stretched into a tiny smile, and she felt her breath catch.

“You’re really warm.”

The words wouldn’t come. Her voice had died in her throat, and she was incapable of forming coherent words.

“You really had me worried there…” she managed out at last, choking on a sob and launching herself at him, forgetting for a moment that she was still half-naked and that she was practically smothering Natsu with her assets.

It was only when Natsu made weird strangled noises in the back of his throat that Lucy realized the implications of their current position.

With a scream, she scrambled off of him, pulling the blanket with her, which also effectively woke Happy up, who then burst into tears once more and proceeded to give his best friend a death grip for scaring him like that.

Well, Lucy thought with a small huff, I guess with the two of them around, we’ll be able to get through this.