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Carrying pepper spray without proper training is dangerous in and of itself due to the fact that if you don’t know how to use it you can be effectively giving your attacker a weapon to use against you (same goes for if you’re carrying a knife and aren’t trained on how to use it)

But if you MUST carry pepper spray DO NOT KEEP IT ON YOUR KEYS because if and when your attacker grabs it from you they will effectively have obtained your car and entrance to your home and your student ID and whatever else you keep on your keys.

Also you make it 10x easier for your attacker to grab your pepper spray from you if it’s attached to a lanyard.

Common sense people. Please.

Source: my neighbor is an ex-swat team member.

Writing Broganes Angst
  • Me mumbling: I'm the worst.
  • Me describing Keith's tears and Shiro's screams: I'm literally that Elmo gif where he's on flames.
  • Me as I write Lance's reaction: Who needs a heart
Major CLUE

Guys I just saw a little bit of the entertainment live cast and they mentioned something that clicked something in my head. It is about that Toby and ‘Spencer’ Scene at the cabin. Spencer walks in and looks through the room very carefully almost like she is investigating! We all have seen this kind of movement before!!! With Mary Drake!! When Mary visited Spencer for the first time at the Hasting’s house, they had a small talk and she looked through the room the same exact way. 😱 I feel like that somehow proofs the Twincer theory. What do you guys think??? 

 P.S. I might add the gifs later on if I can find them

Gifs from @iwasbuildingitforyou and @prettylittleliarsxxxx


FFXV Rare Pairs Week, Day 1: Song/Argument

Oh, so volatile
A little more than a man defiled
Oh, I need the pain
Please tell me she won’t change

Maybe I should let her go
But only when she loves me
How can I just let her go?
Not until she loves me
“Killpop” by Slipknot

Pairing: Lunardyn (Luna/Ardyn)
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Abuse implication, unhealthy relationship dynamic


Attracted To The Enemy (Part 1)

[Gang AU] [ Warning: Violence + Language + Suggestive ]

Jay clenched his teeth together to keep from cursing when he stepped in a puddle of unknown liquid. Loco and Kiseok laughed seeing their leader get angered so easily. “Why did we have to come here? We are higher than them.” He had been in a bad mood and it didn’t help to be called to an abandoned warehouse in the middle of the night. 

“They have the upper hand, therefore they get to choose where we meet.” Kiseok was second in command, therefore he would take over for Jay when he wasn’t in his right of mind. “They finally got that helmet wearing mercenary’s location down to a  twenty mile radius.”

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Imagine Jun being thrilled when you suddenly send him a bunch of selfies that you took of yourself.

BONUS: When you asked him what he thought about the pictures you sent, all you got for a reply was a bunch of heart emojis, .

I just saw @xxmileikaivanaxx was following me…. then, I glitched, obviously.

Geez guys, after living such a year in art class, I mean, where I had to deal with so much critcis, rude ones most of the time, it’s incredible to have you all supporting me… Your messages are always so kind ! (…okay, let’s ignore the anon haters…)
I love every single one of you, dear followers ! And thanks to you all, I began to develop more confidence in my work :)
I’m trying new things, I have projects, plans, I have so much fun, I’m happier and it’s thanks to you !
Wow, I can’t believe I got tumblr a month ago, seeing all the things that happened already…

I’m not very good with words, but still, I’m grateful, you’re all amazing persons !

anonymous asked:

Not sure if the mods are familiar with this or willing to write it (it's kinda lengthy) but do you think you awesome sauce mods could do Stages of Love headcanons (Attraction,Confession, First Date, First Kiss, First Time, Proposal and Marriage) for Python?

Python stages of love headcanons:


  • At first Python puts off his initial attraction to you as just something akin to loneliness. He honestly just feels that he craves someone to be with during a time of war where loss is around every corner. So, he tries to write it off and move past it.
  • As the feelings continue to stay, Python starts to really think about what they could mean. He never really saw himself as the type of guy to just settle down and live the easy life with someone, yet there he was, falling for someone. He laughed just thinking about him, the lazy outcast who never wanted anything in life but the easy road, potentially having a lover and even the possibility of a family. The mere thought itself stopped him in his tracks because not once did he ever think about things like that.
  • Python finds himself most attracted to your smile. He just can’t stop staring when it comes onto your face and he kicks himself for being so enamored with it. But he finds something so beautiful in it that he just can’t help himself.
  • Python begins to allow himself to have these feelings and not feel so… out of place when they come up. He decides he can live with a little crush, so he indulges himself in thinking about you daily until it begins to grow even more, and soon you’re all he can think about.

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Oh. My. God. Guys I just saw A Day To Remember live and holyyy shit it was the most fun I’ve ever had, there were people moshing and crowdsurfing, people crowdsurfing ON TOP OF OTHER PEOPLE CROWDSURFING and riding them like a surfboard, it. Was. Intense. I have never jumped and screamed so much in my life, God it so much fun. I have never felt more alive, if you guys ever get the chance to see them I highly suggest like oh.my.god.

i dont know if you guys saw this but the v live just updated with this picture of suho from kai’s v app from when he was inside the closet for his v app on the 22sd and legit… my depression just got cured


I’m a method actor.

Do you ever wonder what is going on in other people’s lives?
That guy you saw just this morning on the train who had his headphones on and never looked at anyone. What kind of music was he listening to? Where was he headed to? Did he dread to arrive there or was he excited?
Or that girl you passed on the street with that weird looking skirt. Does she like her life? Does she have people she loves or is she lonely? Does she have a dream she wants to fulfill? And if so what are her chances?
Do you ever wonder what is going in other people’s lives? And do they ever wonder what is going on in my life? For I constantly wonder.