just saw the movie and wow perfect

andymientusYou guys, we need to talk about An American in Paris. I saw it on Broadway and loved it and just saw it again on tour and I’m freaking out. It is so, so excellent. Adult, sophisticated, moving. I love it because it takes its audience seriously and trusts them to handle REAL dance, REAL scenes, REAL conflict without pandering. That act 2 ballet is so thrilling and so unlike anything I’d expect from a musical based on a movie with a preexisting score. We all know @RySteele is one of the best dancers on Bway but turns out he’s also a beautiful actor and singer who can 100% lead a show. Wow. And there is no greater joy than seeing an old friend be perfect in a role that’s perfect for him. @etaibenson killed me and everyone else. I was totally transported by this company and wept openly several times. The message is so relevant. It’s everything I love about musicals. Please let Christopher Wheeldon direct as many musicals as he pleases. 


How The Amazing Spider-Man 2 should have ended.

My Spideypool senses were tingling the moment I watched THIS and saw THIS.

Yes, I really believe that this is how the movie should have ended.

Gwen, Emma… I love you and Andrew but………….. Yeah. *cough*

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* \(◕ヮ◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

May the Force Be With You (Winchesters + Charlie + reader)


So I just saw Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens……….and so I had to write.

Pairing: Sam x reader (sort of)

Imagine: Being excited to go to the new Star Wars movie with Charlie

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One Direction Preference : Night Changes

(based off of the amazing music video! link here btw :) ) (yes i know Liam has 2 but i started his and went on and on, and i don’t want his to be so much longer than the others’ so i decided to do a second one for him with the disaster part, hope you like it cause i already wrote it ;)

Zayn: Out to diner with Zayn, it was amazing. So beautiful and he was such a gentleman, you thought nothing could make your night better. And nothing did make it better, you were okay with that until you saw someone you totally despised walk into the restaurant. “Oh no!” you chant under your breath and just as Zayn was about to ask you what was wrong, Zayn was yanked from his chair and found himself face to face with a very large guy. “(YN), who’s this?” The large guy asked and you sighed, standing up, getting your ex away from Zayn. “He’s a very good friend of mine and we’re on a date tonight, so go away.” “No,” He let go of Zayn and took your arm, leading you away and you looked back at Zayn and saw that he was coming to rescue you. “Let her go. Our date was going splendidly until you showed up. (YN), let’s get out of here, we can finish this date elsewhere.”

Liam: It had always been a dream of yours to go to a carnival with a guy you were madly in love with. While you were there with Liam, you passed by a game and saw a huge teddy bear, you loved teddy bears. Liam caught you looking and gave the carney a few dollars to play a couple rounds to win you the bear. “Oh, Liam, you don’t have to do that!” “Oh, but i do.” He says and leans in to kiss you. “For good luck.” He added and you nodded, stepping back and letting Liam work his magic on the game. One round was a loss. The second round was closer but still a loss. You could see that Liam was putting all his focus on the game, clearly intent on winning you that teddy bear, you wanted to tell him to stop, that you didn’t need the bear, but he won the game just as you were about to open up your mouth. The carney handed Liam the bear and Liam gave it to you. “And there you are lovely.”

Liam: “Want to go on those?” Liam asked and grinned as he saw you hugging the bear he had just won you tight against your chest. Looking at the ride he was pointing at, you got an uneasy look on your face. “Those look rather fast and we just ate, i don’t want either of us getting dizzy and or get sick, Liam.” “Oh we won’t get sick.” He laughs and along with you bear, you got on the ride and it begun. It was spinning around and around, faster and faster until it finally ended. It was a rush and you loved it. Getting off the ride you looked over at Liam who looked like you had earlier, very uneasy. “Liam?” “I’m fine.” He waved you off until he reached over and grabbed some random guy’s hat and used it to get sick in. Looking away you waited for him to finish. “And i think that’s a wrap on tonight, Liam, let’s get out of here and get you home.”

Harry: His perfect date, you were expecting something like a candlelit walk on the beach or a dinner and a movie. So when you saw an ice rink, you were astounded. “Wow.” “Yeah,” He was all grinning and helped you get into the skates then onto the rink. All around you were couples who were beginning just like you and other couples who had obviously been practicing since they were little. One did a spectacular trick and Harry smirked at you. “We should really try that, (YN).” “Oh, but we really shouldn’t Harry.” But Harry wasn’t listening anymore. Instead ,he let go of one of your hands, reached for your leg and began to spin you. “Harold!” you screamed just as he let go of you and you fell against the floor, hitting something and he fell on his arm. An ambulance was called and as they looked you both over, you kept glaring at him. “Sorry.” “Next time you’re listening to me, okay?” He nodded. “Yeah, that’s probably a safe idea.”

Louis: “Where are we going?” you ask and he uncovered your eyes to see a classic beautiful car sitting in front of you. “It’s amazing.” you breathed and he nodded, opening the passenger door for you. “It is, let’s see how she runs, eh?” You laughed and got in the car, when he got into the drivers seat, he pressed the gas pedal right away, speeding off forward. The wind was ruffling your hair and you loved the feel of it even if it was a bit chilly outside. It was peaceful for a while until you heard the sirens. “Uh, Louis?” “Yeahhhh, ohh. Oh yeah, that’s probably not good” He said and stopped the car, letting the officer come and talk. “Can i help you?” Louis asked calmly and the officer shook his head. “Get out of the car.” Louis did as the officer asked and when he got out of the car he started to play with the officers hat. “Louis, stop.” you told him and he ignored you and the officer than turned him around and cuffed him. You shook your head. “I tried telling you, Louis, i really did.”

Niall: Sitting with the fire blazing, board games sprawled everywhere, it was a perfect night with Niall in your home. It was his turn and he let something fall and you smiled wide at him. “I win again.” you stated softly. “So you did.” He returned your warm smile and stood up. “What are you doing?” you ask, sipping your wine and he pointed to the fire. “Adding wood, i think we’re still going to be up for a while.” Noticing how close his arm was to the fire you looked him dead in the eye. “Feeling a bit warm there?” “Huh?” “Your arm is on fire.” you said calmly and Niall reached over to grab a towel which lead to the wine bottle meeting with your very bright, very new white dress, turning it a horrid color that would for sure leave a stain. “I am so sorry!” He says as he patted the fire on his arm out and you stood up, smirking. “Well i can’t wear this dress now, might as well take it off.” “Huh?” You giggle at him and wiggle out of your dress. “No dress, Niall, no problem.”

Oh man, he’s perfect: A Dean Winchester Imagine

Summary: The reader really likes Dean and he finds out when they start watching a movie.

Word count: 334

A/N: I know its short but I hope you like it

“I can’t believe that you’re making me watch this, I mean I’m all about action and I’m happy its not a chick flick but seriously x-men and not even the first one, this is like the 4th one.” Dean complains as you set up x-men: first class.

“Well its not the first movie but its what happened first.” You told him.

“Oh alright, well I guess I can’t say no at this point.” Dean says looking over to you with a cute smile on him face.

You snuggle into him as the movie begins.

When the movie had been playing for only about 20 minutes you look up to him, he’s seriously so perfect it should illegal. You’d had a crush on Dean since you started living with him and his brother  Sam in the bunker, you just couldn’t help it. You even snuggled with him like this, but obviously he saw it in a totally platonic way.

“Wow that Raven chick is hot.” You heard Dean say later in the movie when Raven walks out naked in front of Charles.

“Yeah well of course she is, it’s Jennifer Laurence she’s perfect.” You told him.

“Well not as perfect as you but whatever.” Dean tells you casually as you takes another swig of his beer.

You look at him and just stop, you don’t know what else to do, he looks over to you with a little smile on his face. Oh man that perfect smile, those perfect lips, you could help yourself. Just before he can say another flirty remark you grab his face and smash your lips together in the most intoxicating kiss ever.

You break apart a few minutes later and look into each others eyes.

“Y/N how long have you been waiting to do that.” Dean told you with a cheeky tone in his voice and a sexy smile on you face.

“You have no idea babes.” You tell him as you go in for another kiss.

Reactions to first hour of Httyd2 on Twitter

DIY Film: “Saw the first hour of How To Train Your Dragon 2 & it’s perfection! Godfather part II, Empire Strikes Back levels of sequel awesome #HTTYD2” [x]

Christa: “1st hour of How To Train Your Dragon is funny, charming, moving movie perfection. Can’t wait to see the rest when its finished #HTTYD2” [x]

HeyUGuys Movie News: “We’ve just seen the first hour of How To Train Your Dragon 2…. Wow! Fans of the first film will not be disappointed!! #HTTYD2” [x]

Tyler Blu Gunderson: “Looks amazing. I got spoiled on something, but it’s made me even more excited. Hurry up July! #HTTYD2” [x]


I was watching Frozen on my ipod and I had to turn on the captions. Here are some screen caps of things the trolls said that I either completely missed or didn’t understand when they were singing!

External image

Is that a real girl? Probably my favorite one out of the bunch. No, Anna is a mutant boy with long hair :)

External image

Now that I saw the caption for this moment, I can totally hear it. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t catch it before.

External image

Kristoff’s peculiar brain… poor kid :)

External image

External image

I had to include those, just for the sake of including them. The first two times I saw the movie I couldn’t catch what they were saying here, but it took a while and I get it now :)

External image

So Kristoff has a peculiar brain and Anna is a bit betwixt? Wow! They’re perfect for each other :)

Hope you enjoyed!

filofrosine-deactivated20170128  asked:

aurora x diaval oops

                                        paps your face because otp

001 | send me a ship and I will tell you:

  • when I started shipping it if I did: I’m gonna be 100% honest, the moment I saw him as a person I was like oh god dammit I’m going to end up shipping him with the princess why me. No joke, that’s like basically what I thought. ; u ;“
  • my thoughts: wOW they are perfect, just they’re so comfortable with each other (obviously) and they seem to make each other happy
  • What makes me happy about them: just anything with them interacting in makes me happy. also the fact that she gets to call him pretty bird because UGH WOW RIGHT IN THE HEART.
  • What makes me sad about them: those scENES IN THE MOVIE – the first one being where Aurora’s asleep and the camera just fOCUSES ON HIM looking at her with like this little sad expression that lOOKS TOTALLY LOVELORN TO ME OKAY. Also the same expression he gets when Maleficent’s all "there is no true love” and he’s like well what if aurora doesn’t think that mally ??? huh ???
  • things done in fanfic that annoys me: this one is really complicated for me. I like the idea of her relieving stress from being queen by hanging out with him, but I also kind of really don’t like her only liking him so that she can feel free from it. That’s just kind of icky for me for some reason.
  • things I look for in fanfic: idk. just. fANFIC OF THEM. tbh my crappy one shot is one of the only three that isn’t ot3 friendly sobs ( i mean i don’t mind ot3s but i just ??? don’t ship them ??? )
  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: Probs Maleficent for either & Philip for Aurora I guess ?? I’m not a major shipper of the others, but I like Malora and I don't dislike the others.
  • My happily ever after for them: tbh ?? Aurora being all ‘WHATEVER SYSTEM I GREW UP IN THE FOREST LET ME HAVE A RAVEN KING" and then doing that. she’s the queen, y0. 
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon: diaval’s probs the big spoon but really who cares which side either of them is because aH THEM CUDDLING EITHER WAY
  • what is their favorite non-sexual activity: playing around (like hide and seek and stuff iMAGINE THEM RUNNING AROUND THE CASTLE LIKE LITTLE KIDS), cuddling, joking around, trying to prank maleficent because they’re lil shits