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Ok, so, I loved The Wayward Children series and wanted to read more from you so I discovered your pen name and saw that you had written about mermaids. Now. It was Christmas time and I asked some of my friends for Rolling In The Deep (0.5). Turns out, the only version they could get was like a 200$ signed copy on Amazon . I obv got something else for Christmas (lol) but I still want to read it. Any clue as to where I could buy it in Canada ? Or is it just not out yet and impossible to find ?


“Rolling in the Deep” was a limited-edition novella published by Subterranean Press.  The eBook is still available in US territories only, but the physical book sold out within two weeks of its first (and only) printing.  Subterranean Press does gorgeous work, and their books are absolutely worth their comparably high price.  Sadly, their books are also super limited, hence the price on the secondary market.

Because “Rolling in the Deep” is so profoundly out of print, Into the Drowning Deep was very carefully written to stand alone.  While the events of “Rolling” absolutely inform the plot of Into–”Rolling” documents the first voyage, the one that was a total party kill–reading it is absolutely not required.

As for finding a semi-reasonably priced copy, your best shot would be checking with SF/F specialty bookstores, as they may have stock (this is how I’ve been able to get some of the Kelley Armstrong books I missed).  My preferred store is Borderlands Books, in San Francisco, CA: historically, they’ve been able to find me everything I asked for.