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So, I’ve been seeing an AU called Scandalore started by @forcearama play out on my dashboard all day long and I must say, I LOVE EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF IT. I love Obitine and so I love this AU to bits. Throughout this whole thing, I’ve been wondering things such as, how much does Korkie knows? Not to mention the implications of Anakin meeting Satine at an earlier age. Did he constantly tease Obiwan about her? Or what about the Mandalore arc in this AU? Perhaps not only was Satine frustrated with the clone wars but the fact her HUSBAND was participating in it, making the fight between the two much more of a big deal. But did I write about any of the above? NOPE. Here, have 1.4k of how these two ended up secretly wed in the first place.

When Satine starts throwing up in the morning, she dismisses it as her illness of the month. Satine has never been the peak of Mandalorian health. Her immune system has always taken harder hits than most, and it is one of the many reasons her opponents have used against her ascend to leader of the houses.

But it goes longer than it should, and when she is finally persuaded to see a medical droid, it appears to be something far more drastic.

“You are pregnant.” The droid announced stoically.

“Pregnant?” Satine’s heart starts beating wildly.

The medical droid starts rattling on about the medical definition of being pregnant but the duchess tunes him out. She can’t be pregnant. Not right now. She has just reached a tentative peace among all of Mandalore–she knows there is still pockets of groups who are waiting for any first sign of weakness. A child with a Jedi father would cause a massive scandal. Many willingly overlooked her Jedi protectors, but none would be willing to overlook the fact she conceived a child with one of them. Mandalore’s hatred for Jedi still ran strong in some houses.

She knows what she must do. She must sacrifice the child for the sake of peace. She knows this, and yet her mind can’t help traveling back to Obiwan. She remembers the time he played with some children in a village they spent a few days in. How his eyes gleamed as he patiently answered each one of their numerous questions. He would be a great father, she knows it.

She thinks long and hard about the issue, before coming to a conclusion.

Drawing a deep breath, she wipes the medical droid’s memory before dismissing it from the room. She then reaches for her comm and clicks on the senior padawan’s contact.

“Sa-satine?” He asks, a bit surprised. He hadn’t expected her to contact him after the dust had settled and she retained her status as rightful Duchess of Mandalore.

She seemed adamant in the two ceasing contact with one another. It was perhaps for the best, as painful as it was for him. She was a duchess and he a Jedi. Both had duties to uphold, and had no time for attachments to distract them from their goals.

“Satine, are you alright?” He questions after she doesn’t respond the first time.

On the outside, she looked relatively fine. No one except her closest confidants would notice her that her hairpiece was slightly crooked and the vacant stare in her eyes.

“Obiwan, how I wish you were by my side,” Her voice cracked, but she continued on, “Something unexpected has come up, and I am unsure how to proceed.”

“What is it?” He asked, growing increasingly worried, “Are you being threatened again? I’m sure the Republic wouldn’t mind–”

“It’s not like that,” She interrupts, shaking her head, “It’s a completely different it’s–I’m pregnant, Obiwan.”

Oh. OH.

“with my child?” He asks weakly, collapsing onto his chair in a startled heap.

“Of course, your child, Obiwan Kenobi,” She says in a scandalized tone, but she smiles gently despite it.

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could you possibly draw anakin/padme and satine/obi wan in the 70s? ty!

So here they are, looking like they’re ready to guest star on The Love Boat?

It looks like Anakin might’ve just told an embarrassing story about Obi-Wan and Obi-Wan is giving him a seriously, is that how you want to play this? look, but Satine appears to have found this all very endearing? Anakin is all, whatever, you’re welcome, you can thank me later, and Padme is just like … right, so you two probably need some privacy, but let me know when it’s time for wine and girl talk later, Satine.

(I assume this is how most of their double dates go in any AU)

All right guys listen to my offer

Moulin Rouge AU 

Take a Chance

The gifset of Dean giving himself that little pep talk from 7x04 inspired me to write this. Dean x Reader, Dean’s POV. Hope you like :)

For fuck’s sake, Dean, you’ve done this a thousand times. You can charm a woman without even breaking a sweat. Why are you so damn nervous?

Because, dumbass, it’s Y/N. This time it’s not some random bar chick that I’ll probably never lay eyes on again. And I don’t want to mess things up. I don’t want to do something that’ll make everything all awkward.

I just want… I just want to be with her. Whatever that means. And I don’t even know how to say that without making things all fucking weird.

Just tell her the truth. Well, the surface truth. Say you’re bored. Take a chance.

She doesn’t need to know you hate being in a separate room from her, that you miss being around her. That you feel not all there when she’s not around, like a piece is missing. That you’re dying to touch her. Like really touch her.

Okay. Here’s her door. Just heard a noise, so you know she’s awake. So knock already.

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Your art is beautiful and perhaps if you could be interested in doing another Bo-Katan? Perhaps in one of your historical AU?

Bo-Katan as Athena kinda works???

(thanks very much anon, glad you like the art!)

Satine & Cody, On Obi-Wan Kenobae

@evaceratops got me thinking abt these two and their shared love of a Jedi Master who’s natural state of being is CHARISMATIC FLIRTING so. ofc i took a tumble down that rabbit hole of imagines:

  • Satine and Cody tolerated each other at first - both thought they were Obi-Wan’s truest love and the other was like. a fun fling, despite Obi-Wan’s repeated and multiple protestations claiming otherwise
  • the day they went from simply tolerating to actual friends (who both love the same Space Sass Master) was when the three of them were undercover in some bar and both see some unwitting patron flirting BACK w/ Obi-Wan and an Immediate Alliance was struck (that patron left in a Right Quick Hurry)
  • After this both Satine and Cody reached the unspoken agreement of: You’re the Only Other One Who Can Kiss This Man (I Guess)
  • Both Satine and Cody are low-key competitive and will often try and one-up the other in regards to affections, kisses, surprises, cuddles, and gifts lavished on Obi-Wan 
  • the day Cody and Satine go from friends to Real Actual Good Friends happens when Cody is having a bad mental health night (remembering the orders he was forced to carry out, the troops he ordered to their deaths, still weigh him down - he can hardly bring himself to look at Obi-Wan during these episodes and sometimes he just… disappears) and Satine found him first with a cup of tea and a blanket and a shoulder to cry on 
  • Obi-Wan is immensely relieved his two loves get along now but really wishes that they didn’t spend so much times gossiping and lovingly complaining about him to each other - the amount of times he’s walked into a room only to be greeted with a quickly-ended conversation and stifled laughter is more than he can count
  • Obi-Wan lost bed-sharing privileges with both, because just because you’re a Jedi Master and a General does not entitle you to all of the blankets, Kenobi

Does anyone ever consider - and correct me if I’m wrong because I’m just a tad behind in the fandom - the reasons behind Satine *not* asking Obi-Wan to stay with her on Mandalore?

Yeah, we moan and groan and complain and write AUs where she did. Or we sit and pray in thanks that she didn’t because then we wouldn’t have our favorite Jedi son to write angst about.

But think about it. From what we’ve heard, Mandalore does not have a very happy past with the Jedi. At all. There seems to be a lot of underlying prejudice, at least from some people. And Satine had one hell of a job putting the planet back together after the war and stuff. (Here’s where I falter…was it a war or just insurgents….)

Since they spent a year together and fell in love, it seems liable to me that Obi-Wan may have confessed to Satine about the first time he left the Jedi Order - back on Melida/Daan. Which was in a strikingly similar situation, just look at the parallels. And when he came back, the Order didn’t exactly welcome him with open arms….

Maybe Satine didn’t ask him *because* she loved him so much. Maybe she felt it would be better for him if he didn’t stay with her. On Mandalore, he would have always been considered an outsider. Probably without respect. And what if he came to regret leaving the Order, regret her, but couldn’t go back?

If I were Satine, I wouldn’t have been able to bear that thought.

So…maybe she did the best thing for their love.

Just thoughts before Chemistry class….


    @becaamm asked: Hii. Are you open to requests? Could I request a story where Reader is pregnant (like, 8 months) and is trying to have sex with Dean, but her stomach is in the way, so it turns really funny? Ps: One of the girls told me about your blog when I sent her a request. I’m still figuring out tumblr, haha. Regardless of your answer, Thank you . I appreciate that you gave me a bit of your time.  ( making sure it tags you, @becaamm  )

A/N:  I don’t usually take requests, nor do I ever write smut, but this felt like a challenge.  I hope you like this.

Words:  1302

Pairing:  Dean x Reader

Warnings:  Dean being an adorable idiot.  Implied smut

My usual crew: Let me know if you want on or off    @whispersandwhiskerburn  @wi-deangirl77  @smoothdogsgirl  @zombi3gyrl07  @laurenw1025  @ashleymalfoy @iamflanneltrash  @kristaparadowski  @mrswhozeewhatsis  @plaidstiel-wormstache @atc74  Pond tags at the end



The smell of something amazing aroused me from my much needed nap.  With a groan I stepped from our room and waddled my 8 months pregnant self down the bunker’s hall.

The dimmed lights drew my attention to the library.  One of the tables had been dressed with a white linen table cloth, candles, flowers, and place settings for two.   

“Wow.”  the soft words escaped uninhibited.   

Dean rounded the corner as I trailed a finger along the soft cloth.  He was carrying a covered platter that’s smell made my stomach growl audibly.   

“Hey Sweetheart.  I was just about to come get you.”  He placed the food on the table.

“What’s all this? Where’s Sam?”

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This is very “hairpulling” isn’t it?


Qui-Gon liked to say that Obi-Wan enjoyed bickering with the Duchess.

Loath though Obi-Wan was to contradict his master, that was complete nonsense. Satine was utterly impossible when her temper was up, and no one in their right mind enjoyed that.

(Even if she was undoubtedly attractive with her cheeks flushed and that imperious toss of her head.)


It was fairly clear that both Obi-Wan and Satine did enjoy the process of making amends, so perhaps Qui-Gon wasn’t entirely wrong after all…