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Imagine Tony’s face the first time he opens one of Iron Man’s fan letter. Imagine him still reeling from the aftermath of his public coming-out–with Pepper and Coulson and SHIELD and the board and pretty much everyone being pissed at him– and after a long, long day, Tony opens this letter and finds a crude drawing of his suit with a shaky, misspelled You’re my favourite hero, Mr Stark and he just- stares at it with this expression of utter wonder, traces the letters in silent awe, feels this rush of warmth and affection and happiness that settles in a soft smile on his lips.

unpopular opinion

I want only platonic otayuri moments in the movie. At this point in their development, I feel like I’d much rather just see them be friends. 

  • Give me Yuri trying to convince Otabek to come to ballet practice with him
  • Give me Otabek going on a spontaneous, one-day road trip with Yuri
  • Give me Yuri and Otabek challenging Victor and Yuri to a skating contest
  • Give me a snarky but friendly banter session between the two before their competition
  • Give me Yuri and Otabek continuing their traditional exchange of the *thumbs up* and “davai!” 
  • Give me Yuri trying to convince Otabek that cheetah print would be A Look on him
  • Give me Otabek unironically buying best friend mood necklaces for Yuri because he’s never had a best friend and wants to do it right.

Sometimes it makes things hard, but Kuroo doesn’t really mind

messy handwriting solidarity

people are calling shiro out for his messy handwriting (it ain’t even that bad y’all…), so i’m standing in Messy Solidarity with shiro by posting my own handwriting. 

if you have messy handwriting, too, add a pic of your handwriting!

freezing--fire  asked:

Not to be rude or anything, but that was the end of the comic? It was cute, but kinda anticlimactic. Is there going to be anything else? Because I really love this AU and I can't wait to see what happens.

shit youre right, theres some missing panels

now thats an ending!

Honestly even ignoring the whitewashing I’m actually glad Sanvers isn’t endgame (if they are breaking them up and not just having Maggie in a couple of episodes while mentioning her) because it was so freaking rushed… them liking each other came out of nowhere after hanging out a few times like calm down you are attracted to each other but chill. and now the proposal after like a few days or weeks of saying I love you… like you have been dating for less than a year and one of you was apparently terrible at relationships and it’s the others first actual relationship and like… Alex seemed to be overcompensating for years of repressing her sexuality by rushing and clinging onto the first gay girl that she shared a mutual interest in


I am so tired of seeing everyone shit on Keith because Shiro asked him to lead Voltron if things go south in season 2? Like really just so tired of watching people say the same rude things to justify why he would be a bad leader (which really aren’t even justifications at all?) lmao you’re not cute or original. 

So let’s talk about why Keith would actually be a good leader for Voltron, please and thanks:

  • We know that Shiro has been like a mentor for Keith, both pre-series and during the show (”Remember; patience yields focus”)
  • That being said, it means that Shiro has been there for him as he has grown and matured (excluding the time he was held captive, obviously)
    • While Keith is not at the fullest capacity to lead due to his poor impulse control and hot-headedness, it doesn’t mean that he will never get to that stage of maturity and rationality
    • It means that Shiro obviously sees those qualities in Keith (which is why he put this responsibility on his shoulders) and challenges him to hone them, which will in turn force him to grow as a character to become more level-headed and rational, as a leader needs to be
  • I mean y’all are so quick to make positive posts about your faves’ character developments but refuse to think that Keith is going to have an arc that transforms him and pushes him to focus on his leadership qualities and what is best for the team? bye lmao
  • Keith actually already knows how to think of the greater good; he argued against going to save Allura because it would be hand delivering the universe’s greatest weapon to Zarkon, something Allura has said can never happen
    • Yes, it was seen as callous and cold, but strategic-wise? Actually a smart move to avoid sending the universe’s last hope straight into the hands of the evil alien mastermind who has been conquering everyone left, right, and center for the past 10,000 years
  • The kid is dedicated to his teammates in every way possible
    • At the end of the first ep, he says “It’s been on honor flying with you boys” like ?? they had their lions together for 10 minutes and Keith is talking like they’ve gone through a hundred and three battles together? he loves his peeps
    • Flies through an asteroid field to get Lance’s lion back when Nyma and Rolo were a bunch of sneaks
    • Gets all up in Zarkon’s business for attacking Shiro
      • Point being that the Black Lion takes “someone whose men will follow without hesitation"
      • Keith has proven that he is dedicated to his fellow paladins, and they have proven the same to him 
  • When the time comes that leadership is needed in Shiro’s absence, is it really that far of a stretch to believe that the other paladins will follow Keith, who Shiro has been grooming for this kind of position already?
    • the answer is no, it’s not that hard to believe, so y’all can shove your ‘he’s hot-headed and an idiot bc he just rushes into things’ logic somewhere else it’s called character development let the second season actually air before making assumptions that just make an ass out of u and me! sound good?
  • In the original series, Keith literally is the leader of Voltron lmao sucks to suck it’s gonna be canon anyway just give it time
That One Special Hug

A/N: Muse burst out of nowhere and before I knew it, I was jotting down this blip. Based off of the AnimalSet from SIF. Semi-crack(?)
Words: 4,782
Ships: Kanan x Dia, implied You x Riko
Summary: In which the popular body pillow Panda went on a journey to find her one night stand the mysterious stranger who shared her bed.

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Seriously though, just look at what each main and side Kirby release gives us:

Core gameplay that doesn’t fuck with a solid concept but merely adds new mechanics and deeper systems that flesh it out further without making things complicated.

Enemies that remain beatable yet clever if you try to just rush things without knowing your limits.

Bosses whose attacks get more and more complex, but still have blatant opening and patterns to them so as long as you know your moveset and pay attention, you can dodge and get in hits, but growing relaxed even against the first boss will get your ass kicked. Also they all flow well and serve as a way to increase the excitement of the situation beyond just being “it’s a boss fight”, turning it into a climactic encounter even on multiple runs.

Twisted and expansions on new and familiar location types that regularly even combine to create all new scenarios while linking together to create a natural progression from area to area as the story goes on. Similar backdrops are varied and turned around in many ways to keep things fresh without resorting to arbitrary random level gimmicks that feel more like a bunch of random ideas slapped together under a “world” banner.

Stories that are easily woven into the gameplay and use quick cutscenes at key points to serve as bookends. Extra information is included in areas like the pause menu to flesh out characters and prove that a game can be fast paced and simple while still including a charming tale without breaking up the pacing.

Tons of new music that runs the line from bouncing energetic beats to dramatic and even somber compositions, all backed by catchy and appealing melodies. Remixes of old music across both popular entries AND lesser known ones, sometimes even just ripping the tunes straight from the games for use where appropriate.

Constantly using side games and different concepts as an excuse to bring back characters, themes, music, and ideas that may have only gotten a chance to shine once in the past, thus strengthening the entire Kirby world.

Blurring the lines between cute and cool with Kirby just…being Kirby. Seriously, this little guy’s cute as a button and regularly fights nightmarish abominations and threats ALONE that bigger, tougher video game characters struggle with in groups.

Also regularly rotating focus on characters to give the secondary cast new chances to show their grit, such as how Dedede and Meta Knight have been getting more of their own side modes again. Side modes that are ACTUALLY STORY, at that.

Kirby’s awesome, dude.

Musicians as desserts
  • Mike Rutherford: Doughnut holes
  • Phil Collins: Angel food cake
  • Peter Gabriel: Key lime pie
  • Tony Banks: Tiramisu
  • Steve Hackett: Chocolate cake
  • Jon Anderson: Milkshake
  • Bill Bruford: Lemon bars
  • Chris Squire: Jell-o
  • Steve Howe: Strawberry shortcake
  • Alan White: Pineapple upside down cake
  • Rick Wakeman: Banana pudding
  • Todd Rundgren: Fruit cake
  • Robert Fripp: Blueberry crumble
  • Brian Eno: Cheesecake
  • Keith Emerson: Chilli chocolate
  • Greg Lake: Bundt cake
  • Carl Palmer: Ice cream cone
  • Roger Daltrey: Sorbet
  • Keith Moon: Moon pie!
  • Pete Townshend: Gingerbread
  • John Entwistle: Fudge
  • Steve Winwood: Apple pie
  • Geddy Lee: Nanaimo
  • Alex Lifeson: Raspberry tart
  • Neil Peart: Ayn Rand
  • David Gilmour: Red velvet cake
  • Rick Wright: Cupcake
  • Nick Mason: Apple pie and cream (WITH NO CRUSTS)
  • Syd Barrett: Bag of Halloween candy
  • Roger Waters: Baked Alaska
  • John Bonham: Bear claw
  • Robert Plant: Cotton candy
  • Jimmy Page: Liquorice
  • John Paul Jones: Cream puff
  • Paul McCartney: Cherry pie
  • George Harrison: Baklava
  • Ringo Starr: Jelly roll
  • John Lennon: Chocolate chip cookies
  • David Bowie: Banana split
  • Kate Bush: Mixed berry parfait

Monsta X In The Morning/Sleeping Habits


  • He wakes up before you, and takes this chance to play with your hair or to just look at you.
  • He’s really happy that you’re even in the same room as him, let alone in the same bed.
  • Since he’s awake before you, he showers and starts to make breakfast for you both
  • He wakes you up if you don’t wake up before he’s finished making food.
  • His favorite is when he hears your morning voice and seeing your messy hair, to him it’s such an adorable look.


  • He wakes up at the same time as you usually, sometimes before you.
  • When he wakes up before you, he pulls you in closer and doesn’t get up until you finally wake up
  • Probably ends up with all the blanket around him and he feels guilty about it
  • You usually make breakfast because you don’t trust Wonho to cook something healthy
  • If it’s not too early for you, he invites you to work out with him after eating.


  • Unless one of you has work to do in the morning, you won’t be waking up before noon
  • He sleeps in weird positions, sometimes ends up completely wrapped around you or on top of you
  • When he wakes up, he doesn’t leave bed right away, it takes him around 30 minutes to actually get up out of bed.
  • His breakfast usually is something easy, unless you cook for him, he’s probably going to eat dry cereal.
  • Even out of bed, if he isn’t completely awake, he’ll drape himself on you and just cling to you like a little sleepy koala.


  • You’d probably think he’d be responsible and have a good schedule and a pretty early wake up time, right?
  • Nah, I feel like when his alarm goes off, he shuts his phone off and sleeps for another hour, even if you wake up.
  • When he does get up early, though, he’s fired up and does a lot of chores to help you out, but this is kind of rare.
  • He doesn’t like being too hot, so he doesn’t mind you taking all of the blanket from him unless it’s already cold in the room.
  • When he gets up, his routine is ridiculously detailed and well-managed, he takes an hour to get ready for the day. Hope that you have two bathrooms, because he’s definitely a bathroom hog.


  • This cute sunshine always sleeps super close to you and loves to be held in your warm hugs
  • He’s the only one who actually likes waking up early
  • He also loves to do the cliché morning stuff like playing with your hair and looking at you lovingly
  • Probably gives you morning kisses
  • Don’t be fooled though, this is so you won’t get mad that he’s hogging the bathroom for an hour and a half because he’s taking too long in the bath.


  • Such a heavy sleeper, you could sound an air horn and he wouldn’t wake up.
  • Usually, you wake up before him and play with his hair until you finally get out of bed.
  • When he wakes up, you’re usually finished making breakfast
  • It’s usually quiet since he’s still starting up and also eating, it’s kind of awkward..
  • Right after eating though, he’s as loud and as jumpy as usual and ready to start his day

Changkyun (I.M):

  • Changkyun is a light sleeper, so if you move too much, you might disturb him, so you usually sleep at a later time, so he can sleep for longer
  • But that doesn’t stop you from accidentally waking him up in the middle of the night.
  • In the morning, he’s usually up before you but his mood is dependent on how he slept the night before, so hopefully you didn’t move too much during the night.
  • Since you sleep in later, he takes a long shower and ends up using all the hot water, so try not to shower right away in the morning, but you seem to never learn
  • He’ll apologize for using all the hot water but only 2/10 times he actually means it. 

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