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One of my best party tricks is that I can play Satisfied on the piano.

Do you know how many people want to have their tragic Angelica Schuyler moment? I’m telling you now, SO MANY.

Play the first scale and there’s bound to be someone who’ll gasp, run over to you, and just start belting out some lines

But chances are it won’t be just one and there’ll be enough for some Angelica Schuylers, Alexander Hamiltons, and a company to boot. You’ll be able to perform the entire song.

It’s amazing, really. Whenever I play Satisfied for some people to sing along to, it just makes them so happy.

Thanks, Hamilton and @linmanuel

I just want to make sure we all know sombra doesn’t wear toe shoes / vibrams. The are thick tights/leggings with reinforced padding on the under side. If they were toe shoes, the shading defining each toe would be much more pronounced and go further into her foot. 

That is all, good night.

there’s this guy at work who drives a forklift around delivering parts to jobs, anyway one day a week ago one of my containers was empty (i have 2), so ofc i pushed the order button to receive more parts, he comes down and starts screaming his head off at me that he doesn’t know who i think i am but he’s not gonna cater to me, and that i better choose one container and stick to it bc that’s the only one he will replace. i was so pissed off, i was like fine, he refused to fill one of the containers and left it empty. so what i did was let the one i had get half empty, push the order button, wait another 15 min, push it again, and then never push it again after that. which means a whole hour would go by between the last time i pushed the button and by the time i run out of parts, but not my fault, he should’ve refilled the second container! so i did that 3 days in a row, and i guess finally he got in trouble with his supervisor, so he came down to my team and literally berated my team leader, talked to her like a fkn dog and she was in tears, she hadn’t even done anything wrong! he just wanted to scream at someone, but the thing is they let this guy talk to everyone like this and nothing ever happens, he did the same thing a few months ago, he didn’t think i was doing my job fast enough so he got off his truck and found my team leader (a diff one this time) and screamed his head off at her, she was so upset the rest of the night and so off, so i’m going to a union rep tomorrow to report him bc i still feel like i’m gna throw up everytime i see him, he’s so fkn evil

Masterlist - updated 30/11/16

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Bucky x Reader- Prompt drabbles

Bucky + knives + dirty talk (SMUT)

Under the table at black tie gala (SMUT")

“It’s Christmas, don’t be mad at me.”

“Welcome to fatherhood”

"Stop being so cute”

“How is my wife more badass than me?”

“I’m not buying IKEA furniture again.”

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charminglyantiquated’s hair tutorial!

HEY GUYS this is really quick and dirty, but basically how I draw hair that looks like stained glass (kind of surprised and definitely delighted at how many people have told me that!) is:

basic hair outlines!

then draw a few major lines inside the mass of hair - divide it into general clumps. try not to let these lines touch each other. don’t do anything inside/underneath the hair.

make your brush smaller (how much is up to you) and just draw a fuckton more lines. fill each hair clump one by one. try to keep these smaller lines all generally following the same curve of the clump they’re in! it’s okay if these lines TOUCH the side of the clump they’re in, but don’t ever have then CROSS it. you can fill the underside of the hair now too.

block color underneath the lineart

make a SOFT LIGHT layer UNDER the lines and OVER the hair color. using a clean, vibrant color (nothing greyish or brownish, or too dark; I usually use purple or blue) and that brush that is round and fades (soft round?), put in the major shadows based on the light, and next to each of the major lines dividing clumps of hair.

make the brush a bit smaller and run it along each of the smaller lines (or just some! follow your heartsong). it’s fine if it’s messy!

now it’s time for TEXTURES. just make a bunch of soft light layers between the solid hair color and the shading and play around with textures and opacity - usually 25 -75 is a good range, depending on the colors you use (I usually have a dark color, a light color, and a third color to overall tint the drawing. usually, these are watercolor texture, paper texture, and solid respectively, but seriously, play around).

if you’re so inclined, make a last layer above the line art, make it a clipping mask, and change the color of the lines to match everything else.

…and you have hair fit for a rose window! i love you all. have a good weekend. <3

EXO Reaction To You Being In A Group That Makes Music Similar To The 1975

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Reaction Masterlist

Anonymous said:

Hi! Can you make an exo reaction to you being in a band that makes similar music to “The 1975” pleaaassssseeeee? Thank you 💛💛

Xiumin: *He’d be singing you high praises, I mean, you make, play, and write really catchy music with great music, how can he not be impressed and proud?* So Jagi, you’re gonna write something about me right? 

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Luhan: *He’d be trying to get you to work with him on music, or at the very least get some of the producers who have worked with you to work with him. He’d want to do a song with that kind of sound, if only to try it and understand what your sound is better.* So Jagi, would you be willing do a song like that with me? Your boyfriend? What do you say love?

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Kris: *He’d be almost blasse about it. Very ‘of course my girlfriend makes amazing music, she’s my girlfriend and she’s amazing already. Why are you so shocked by this?* Of course I love the music my girlfriend makes, it’s great music.

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Suho: *Just eternally being a dorky dad - he’d insist on going to all your shows, standing in the wings and giving you over-enthusiastic thumbs ups and fighting fists until you’re tempted to go back stage and tell him to stop, even you would just end up kissing his cheek and saying thanks* You go jagi! You’re the best! This is a great show! I love you!

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Lay: *Cannot get over how proud he is of you, to be able to become a solo artist himself and then have his girlfriend come out and start making great music, he’d filled to the bursting with how proud he is of you.* Oh jagi, this is so amazing, I can’t believe all these great things are happening to us.

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Baekhyun: *Not only would he be in full on dorky boyfriend mode, he’d get the rest of EXO to come along and go into full on dorky boyfriend mode with him at one of your concerts.* You go baby! I love you! We love you! ok guys, say you love her too!

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Chen: *Wouold legitimately be spending the entire show, giving you these looks from the sidelines, to the degree where you could just imagine some cheesy pick up lines running through his head.* That’s right love, you play that guitar now, but I’ll be playing you later.

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Chanyeol:  *He’d be another member of the cheesy boyfriend club, but really, the two of you each make your own music and it’s a bonding point for you. You’ve given opinions on his songs and he yours. And every time he was asked about you he’d get a big dorky smile.* Yeah, my girlfriend is in that group, and she’s really amazing.

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DO: *He’d be a subtle member of the cheesy boyfriend club. He’d come to your shows and cheer, but only where appropriate and not constantly, and he wouldn’t take the other members unless they asked. He loved that you were the same business as him and he would always feel proud of you.* I just love coming to these shows, look at her up there, just amazing.

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Tao: *He’d love your music so much he’d be constantly playing it, even on his sets and almost everywhere else, his staff would definitely know every word to each one of your songs. Proud boyfriend all day every day.* Hey do you know who this is playing? It’s my girlfriend. She’s one of the best artists out there!

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Kai: *He’d be asked about you a lot, each time getting that cheesy, proud boyfriend smile. But interviewers would quickly learn to not ask about you because he’d be able to talk about you for days and days.* Oh yeah, I just really admire her. I was able to witness how much work she put into that song…I’m just so proud of her…

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Sehun: *He wouldn’t say a lot about your music or you in public but every time he heard your song on the radio, he’d immediately be texting you about it, and every time he heard that your group was doing well, he’d just get a really warm feeling inside. It was important that music was something you could share.* Aya, there’s her song again! I’ve been hearing it a lot lately, they’re doing really well…I couldn’t be prouder.

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History Taking

In a previous post I highlighted some positive feedback I received about my history taking. I received a lot of comments about sharing what I was doing. I think that history taking is a very individualized process. In all honesty, there is no right or wrong way to take a history. Each person’s style is a reflection of their thinking process, their knowledge base, and their comfort level and that naturally evolves over time.

Having said that, this is what I generally do now.

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Preference #25 He Makes You Feel Insecure (Niall)

**Thank you hannahl-ouise98 for this idea!

You had an audition in the morning and you were really nervous, so Niall offered to help you run your lines. “Okay, so I’m going to be the main character named Jessie and you are going to be Mark.” You tell him. “And Ni, please be serious I really need to know these.” You say. “Don’t worry, babe, I got this. I’ll be serious and I know you’re going to do great.” He says. You smile a bit and then you both start going over the lines. After a while, you start getting some of the words mixed up. “Babe, you okay?” Niall asks. “Yeah, it’s just sometimes, I get tongue tied because of my dyslexia.” You say. He nods and you both continue and you start messing up the words more and more. “Why don’t we take a break?” Niall says. You nod and go and get something to drink from the kitchen, when you hear Niall on the phone. “Yeah, we’re just running some of her lines for tomorrow. Well it’s hard to tell because she can’t read the script for shit man.” He says. “She keeps getting her words mixed up and it screws everything up. I really don’t see how she has a career in this. I mean she’s a great actress, but how does she get through an audition if she can barely read the script.” He says. After hearing your boyfriend say those words, you almost dropped the glass in your hand. All your life you struggled with dyslexia and with people making fun of you for it and now your very own boyfriend was making fun of you. You heard him get off the phone and you went back into the living room after composing yourself. “Ready to do it again?” He asks. “No, I’ve had enough. I don’t want to over do it.” You say. “I’m just going to go upstairs and take a bath.” You whisper. He looks at you confused and shrugs. “I’m going to go over to Zayn’s house and watch the game then.” He smiles. You just nod and go upstairs. You hear him leave and you sigh getting into the tub.  You sit there and can’t help, but breakdown as all of the feelings of when you were younger and the kids would tease you whenever you had to read out loud. You were always insecure about this especially since your dream was acting. At one point, you didn’t even want to try to pursue it because of it, but you pushed through and you worked hard to learn the script and not mess up. Apparently though, that wasn’t good enough at least not for your boyfriend.  After a while, the water started to get cold, so you got out. You dried off and changed before getting in the bed and lying down and falling asleep.

The next morning, you got up and got dressed for you audition and saw that Niall was still asleep. You sighed and were sort of glad that he wasn’t awake because you didn’t know what he would say. You grabbed you a quick breakfast and headed to the audition. The entire time you were extremely nervous and Niall’s words from the previous night were running through your head and you kept stumbling over the words and messing up. Once it was over, you knew that you had blown that. You knew that you wouldn’t get that part or any part in their movie. You got in the car and just broke down crying. Maybe Niall was right; maybe you weren’t cut out to be in this business. After about twenty minutes, you headed back to the house and walked into Niall eating on the couch. “Hey, Y/N.” He smiles when you walk in. “How did it go?” He asks. “Exactly like you said it would.” You spat. “I didn’t even get through the audition because I kept screwing up the words. You’re right. I’m not meant to be in this business because I can’t even read a freaking script. “ You yell. “Yeah, I heard you on the phone last night so didn’t even try to deny it. I’m going upstairs. Don’t follow me. Don’t do anything. Just leave me alone.” You say running upstairs and slamming the door shut before you lock it and breakdown crying on your bed. 

ColdFlash Theatre AU

Has anyone done a Theatre AU for ColdFlash? Cause I randomly thought of this yesterday:

The company is putting on a production of something - doesn’t matter too much what show exactly - that has a romance as basically the main plot in the narrative (and this romance is flexible with the genders of its two characters, just to fix that technicality). And, hey, everyone wants the two main leads, right? Biggest parts in the show, so there’s an obvious appeal.

Barry wants to be able to make a name for himself with this play. It’s a popular show, put on by a prestigious company, and he may be new, but he knows he’s pretty damn good at what he does. And guess what? He does get one of the lead parts! He’s ecstatic - this is what he wanted and he’s definitely not gonna squander this opportunity and absolutely nothing can put a damper on this day.

Until something does. Because he’d wanted to get to play this part with Iris - his best friend from childhood whom he might kinda be in love with, but he’s never had the guts to tell that. Hell, he wouldn’t even had had a problem if it was Caitlin, or Patty, or Cisco, for that matter! Instead, the part goes to Leonard Snart, and Barry’s pretty sure he’s ready to go lay down and die.

He hates Snart, okay? I dunno where this rivalry started - maybe they were rivals since college, or something about Len’s personality just rubs him the wrong way - but whatever the reason, it’s there (and maaybee he has a tiny little crush, and the guy’s a good actor, but it’s definitely nemesis territory, alright?). Really, Barry almost wants to give up the part…but he also doesn’t want to. It’s a big role, so he’s just gonna suck it up and deal until the production is done and over and he can move on to bigger and better things. Even if he is gonna have to kiss Leonard Snart. Many, many times over.

Table reads go fine, cause it’s just the lines. But then rehearsals start, and Barry hates every second of having to pretend like he’s in love with this guy. Well, at least Snart seems to hate it as much as he does, so they’re on even footing, if nothing else.

Thing is, as time goes on, things sort of start to change. Sometimes there’s some late night sessions, just the two of them, running through lines, the really emotional stuff that’s just their two characters. The content, plus the late hour, ends up leading to some opening up that neither of them is expecting. Some fluff, and of course some angst, because they’ve both got baggage. It’s definitely scary, and really confusing, but also…almost nice?

Come opening night and the time their actually doing performances, the kisses and the romance really isn’t too terrible, though neither of them would ever admit it to the other. Actually, it’s almost enjoyable?

Maybe they’re starting to see each other in their characters or something, too? Or maybe it’s the fact that they’re normally the last two guys to leave the theatre - what with all the audience members wanting to wait around and chat a little - and someone caved once, suggesting they go get a drink or something, but then that turns into a pretty regular thing. Whatever the reason, they’re starting to fall in love for real, and they’re falling hard.

But before things can take off, the universe throws a wrench in everything. One of them did get noticed by an even bigger company, someone doing something on Broadway, perhaps, and got offered a part, but they’d have to leave for it right now. The run for this show is pretty close to over, and this is what understudies are for, aren’t they? And both of them are pretty sure they should be happy about this - their selves from a few months back definitely would’ve been - but it’s…upsetting? Why?

They keep their professionalism on stage, but the sudden avoidance behind the scenes gets noticed really easily by the rest of the crew. Namely Lisa and Iris, who, unsurprisingly, confront their idiot brothers about this entire fiasco. Unfortunately, when it comes to communication between Barry and Len at the urging of their sisters…well, it doesn’t go great.

Long story short, things do work out. Whoever got offered the job is gonna take it, but not before declaring their love and promising to wait for the other to join them in New York. After all of the drama, despite these couple months apart, things turn out more than alright.