just run


“You need a distraction. Stop the car.”


The Earth is overrun with small children who want to bother Peridot

(btw it’s transparent so Dipper can chase Peridot all around your dash)

10 Ways to Be a Better Runner (Without Logging Miles)
If you want to be a better runner, the answer is simple, right? After all, the more you run, the easier it'll become. But what you do off the course can really affect your time and distance as well. Whether you're trying to improve your running stats or
By Leta Shy

The gentleman above all gentlemen, Prince Daniel of Sweden, helping his wife’s great-aunt, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, up the stairs of Stockholm Palace (albeit maybe a bit too fast for QMII’s poor knees) at the wedding of Prince Carl Philip of Sweden to Sofia Hellqvist on 13 June 2015.

ahh it’s alrdy july… summER IS GOING BY WAAAAAY TOO FAST 😭😭💦💦

My belief is that it’s only an award nomination snub if the person/title that got snubbed had a legitimate chance of actually winning the award ala the Lego Movie for best animated film.
It is now to the point where if Eva Green isn’t nominated for best actress for Penny Dreadful it will be one of the biggest Emmy snubs of the last decade!!!

wolfbanekiller asked:

If you were to branch all the aus that sprouted from the main au what would it look like?

Something like this, and I know that there are probably some that i’m missing too