just rockin out


about to start crying because of how FAR my lil self has come from just a few years ago. just last year I was in tears over the sight of my tummy in a two piece and today here I am with my new two piece bathing suits absolutely LIVING for how cute they are. my body is not perfect: it has lumps and chub and scars and bruises and cellulite, I’m pale, and I have freckles just about everywhere but this body is HOME and I’m finally treating it that way.

cross my heart and hope to die

Anyway imagine Barry singing really loudly in Iris’ car while she’s in the store and just rockin out and gettin really into it but he opens his eyes and sees Leonard Snart smirking at him from outside and he’s so embarrassed he almost convinces himself Iris wouldn’t mind if he took her car and just drove into a different state and changed his name and never saw Leonard Snart ever again

hepalien  asked:

Mollyhall! Billy Gilman auditioned for The Voice tonight! As the only other person I know of who shared my preteen obsession with him, I had to tell you.

you know what’s a weird thing? a weird thing is that i have never met, interacted with, or even seen billy gilman perform live and yet i would follow him onto a battlefield just because of the brief shining moment that i loved him with the ferocity that only 9-year-old girls can


Nirvana (Live at the Paramount)


just rockin out in a diner.. #nobodyloveFEB8 🍕

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