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Pidge Language Headcanon

So, I have a headcanon that Pidge understands the basics of a lot of common languages (spanish, chinese, korean, etc) due to all of their research and how annoying it is to have an online translator translate everything for you

so the shit Lance mumbles under his breath in Spanish about how gorgeous Keith is when he thinks no one is listening, or the quiet curses in korean that fall from Keith’s lips when Lance stumbles over him in training that he assumes no one picks up on

Pidge does. Pidge understands it all.


Don’t worry anon, CC is just as flustered. Thanks for liking my metal baby boy <3 He thinks you’re cool too!

So I’m sitting here watching Netflix with my girlfriend, she’s watching a show that I recommended her to watch so I’m sitting here on my phone rolled over on my side, and she turns her head and says “can you like rub me or something?” And I laughed and said “why? Do you want my attention or something?” And she responds and says “I just want to feel you.”
My heart is full

@ Monbebes and Monsta X supporters.

I know that Monsta X has been getting uneccesary hate just because a lot of fans are trying to get them recognized so that they can finally get their first win. I know it makes you angry and sad and discouraged, but please don’t let this affect you and how you support Monsta X. Please don’t respond to these hateful messages with hate. It will make us look just as bad as them. Read it and let it go. Don’t stoop as low as them because it’s really not worth it. It’ll just give our fandom and our boys a bad reputation. Heck! just respond to them with Monsta X memes or something, but please don’t be spiteful. I want Monbebes to stay this welcoming, sweet and supportive forever, regardless of how big Monsta X becomes, and I want to be proud to call myself a Monbebe so don’t fight hate with more hate regardless of how tempting it is. Let’s try our best to never tarnish our boys’ reputation. And #StanMonstaX.

Your trust in Allāh should be stronger than what you have in the palm of your hand. That means that if we see things even if they are right in front of us, we should have more trust in Allāh than what it’s visible for us with our eyes. Because we will be never able to see things from a objective point of view. We will never know what is the best for us and what not. He hears every breath you take, so never - for the blinking of an eye - think He doesn’t hear every Duā you make. He is As-Sami, the All-Hearing. And He is Al-Mujib, the Answerer. He hears the caller and He responds to the call. Just trust Him. If you want something and it happens then be happy about it, know the worth of it and if not then just let it be. Don’t force things , don’t be sad, don’t be disappointed. Look around you. Appreciate what you have. Nothing will be the same in a year.

Okay but please consider...

Hanamatsuiwaoi/Bokuakakurotsukki double dates.

It starts so innocently. They just want to grab dinner together. Each group had been so pleased when they heard there was another poly relationship in their volleyball world, figured they should at least get to know each other a little better, polyamorous support and all that jazz.

The problem starts with the fact that if you walk into a restaurant during dinner hours with eight people and no reservation you’re gonna sit your ass down and wait which just leads to lots of Hanamaki whining about how hungry he is and “can’t they just go to McDonald’s or something?” to which Akaashi responds “screw you this place has the best goddamn bread rolls I’ve ever tasted you don’t even know you don’t even know”. Meanwhile Oikawa is holding back Matsukawa after Salt Master Supreme™ (aka Tsukishima) made a snide remark about his eyebrows prompting a furious “well you’re dating a guy whose hair looks like a chicken!!” and then Kuroo is just crying like “why would you bring me into this I didn’t ask for this my hair is a burden you insensitive bastard”.

Then finally, FINALLY, the waitress manages to get them a table and when they sit down Akaashi immediately hogs all the bread rolls and starts devouring them and everyone else is pouncing, desperately trying to grab one because they are eight starving teenage boys. They try to order food but everyone has so much sass for everyone else’s order like “really? A salad? No wonder you’re a beanpole” “And you’re having shrimp, no wonder you’re so short” “OKAY HOW DARE-” and now it’s on because Iwa-chan’s height was brought up and Hana/Matsu/Oi are all of the same mindset of “only we get to make fun of our tiny boyfriend!!”  so they start going on about how Iwaizumi is fucking undefeated at practically everything and Bokuto is immediately like “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED” so they start arm wrestling right then and there, their boyfriends cheering in between receiving complaints from the other patrons about the ruckus. Bokuto and Iwa are so evenly matched, neither is moving but you can see their muscles straining and sweat dripping down their foreheads and their poor waitress keeps asking if they’re ready to order only to be sent away with a “NOT NOW” until finally they all hear a loud crack and suddenly crash and “holy shit, you guys broke the fucking table!” and yes, yes they did, one of the table legs snapped off and now their place settings and complementary waters are on the floor and the waitress in near tears and they all make a run for it as the manager shouts at them that they are never allowed back in this establishment again.

When they finally feel like they’re far enough away they stop, panting from the run, Makki, Oikawa, and Kuroo and start whining about how they got kicked out before they could get their food goddammit! And then Akaashi just reaches into his jacket and pulls out, just, and ungodly amount of bread rolls. There were not that many bread rolls at their table how even. But he’s actually nice this time and shares with the rest of them and they just start walking aimlessly, debating about whether Iwa or Bokuto would have won if the table hadn’t broken, and whether they’d get their pictures put in the restaurant’s offices like wanted posters. Kuroo gets hair tips from Oikawa. Bokuto and Iwaizumi try to pester Tsukki with ways to put on weight. Makki and Matsun try to tell Akaashi that he shouldn’t hog food so much only to almost die when Akaashi deadpans “how bout I do… anyway?” and the rest just start screaming because the meme squad is growing.

When they finally part ways, they all agree.

They should do this again sometime.

victor once accidentally thought yurio was 14 and now its just a running joke every time yurio says something trying to be edgy someone just responds with “aren’t you like *age younger than he is*” and every time the number goes lower like

yurio: i am the ice tiger of russia and I fear nothing

yuuri: relax ur like. 12.

I'm okay, I'm still here

I’m sorry about my last post. Thank you so much for all of the nice things you all said to me. I read through all of them but I don’t have the energy to individually respond right now. Just know that if you sent me something, I read it, and it helped me. Thank you all.

Law Kid and Ace Reaction

Thanks for the ask !

Eustass Kid: 

You can’t leave Kid. YOU. CAN. NOT. LEAVE. KID. He didn’t spend so much time and money with you on fancy restaurant, expensive jewelry and snob things just for you, so you could leave him after. He will put you somewhere in the boat where you can’t leave so he will be sure you will always be by his side. You can’t leave Kid. 

Trafalgar Law:

 will  not respond for a minute. Like what ? Are you serious ? Just for something this stupid ? He will approach her and press his body against his S/O’s one and try to be close to her, being flirty. And of course it works very well on his S/O who wants to destroy his clothes and fuck him. 

And he will be like “ see, you can’t leave me”. and leave. He is a psychopath. 


Will be hurt, sad. Not understand. Like why ? Of course he doesn’t want to leave his S/O, but if it’s what she wants, then he will let her leave. 

Feelings (Oliver)

 Requested- (the request was really long)

- - -

“Y/n, what’s wrong?” You best friend, Oliver Wood called. You shrugged your shoulders at him and headed back to your dorm. You were ignoring him, for some personal reasons. Oliver didn’t know what the reasons were, so he stood where he was, completely puzzled by your actions these days. Sometimes he’d see you cry, and sometimes he’d see you doing nothing but staring out the window a lot. You weren’t feeling yourself. He decided to go to his friends, Fred and George, for an answer. After walking through the endless hallways, he finally found them. They were leaning on the stone wall while joking about something when they noticed Oliver, “Oliver! What brought you here?”

“Just something that has been troubling me.” He responded, massaging his temple. “Do you guys know what did I do wrong? Y/n is giving me cold shoulders.”

“Are you being insensitive again? It’s normal that girls can be a little depressed when they break up with their boyfriend.” Fred answered. “What?!” shouted Oliver. George frowned, “uh, Fred said that it’s normal-” 

“I know what he said! Y/n broke up with Diggory?!” 

“You didn’t know? Cedric broke up with her.” said the twin in sync.


“Diggory!” Oliver shouted at the Hufflepuff boy. Cedric stopped in his tracks and turned to find the source of the voice. Oliver continued in a quieter tone, “why did you break up with y/n?”

“She- she seemed off, so I just suggested it- which she accepted.” The other boy answered, surprised by Oliver’s question.

“Well, she’s behaving differently ever since you two broke up.” Oliver pushed down his feelings for you, trying to get you smile again by getting you and Cedric back together. He loved you, not like those infatuations boys usually have with girls. “Please, talk to her and get her back?” Cedric frowned at Oliver’s request and nodded.

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Sudden Urge

Summary: Sometimes you just have no idea.

Characters: Suho x Reader

Type: Smut

Length: 607 words

-Admins M & R

Originally posted by asstheticsuho

    “Jagi, are you home?” your boyfriend asked once you answered his phone call. His voice sounded deep and distant.

    “Yeah, babe. I just got here.” You responded, a part of you wondered if something was wrong.

    “I’ll be there in an hour. Is that okay?” He asks.

    “Of course it is, you don’t even have to ask, you know that Suho. Are you okay?” You responded.

    “I just want to see you.”

    After the phone call you figured you’d help your boyfriend through the long hour and turned your camera on to take a photo of yourself. You fixed up your hair and brushed it over your right shoulder. You then pulled your v neck t-shirt down revealing a little more cleavage than necessary and snapped a photo. “I want to see you too. I miss you daddy.” you wrote in the message, pressed send and waited for Suho’s arrival.

                                                     – – –

    “You’ve been a bad girl,” Suho whispered hotly in your ear as he came in, wrapping his arms around your waist pulling you into him. You were in the kitchen washing dishes and Suho was in the mood. Your eyes widened in shock at his hot words, a shiver going down your spine and straight to your core.

    “I’m sorry Daddy,” you said turning around to face him. “I’m sorry I’ve been a bad girl. You should punish me.” You looked up at im with an innocent look. His eyes turned dark and you could feel your insides melting. You raced to take off your clothes and when you were bare he picked you up and pushed you against the wall. Your head hit the wall hard but you didn’t care. You grabbed Suho’s hair and smashed your lips on his. He forced his tongue in your mouth and you melted into the kiss. He took you to your bedroom and threw you on the bed. He quickly undressed, you took in the sight of Suho’s body in front of you, treasuring the image in your memory. He hovered over you and without warning, slammed his hard cock into you. He gave you no time to adjust, thrusting into you harder and faster with each thrust. Breathless moans escaping your mouth as Suho groaned in your ear. “Say my name, Y/N.”

    You felt his hot breath against your ear as he spoke, your head was spinning from the pleasure. You screamed his name as he pounded into you. “That’s it, jagi.” he says with a smirk. He leaned up and grasped your hips, he was holding your hips so tight you knew there would be bruises the next day. “Suho…” he mutter, your insides were igniting a fire in you and your vision was becoming less clear. He was moaning your name as he went faster and faster, the sound of his panting filled your bedroom. You could tell he was about to cum as his thrusts were getting more ferocious and erratic. Your moans becoming consistent as your body began to shake, he brought his fingers to your clit and rubbed it quickly, making you gasp. Your boyfriend brought his lips to yours and sloppily kissed you as you both finally reached your highs. Moaning into each others mouths, ecstasy washed over you. His cum filled you up as your walls clenched around him. He pulled out and crashed next to you on the bed, bringing you to face him while he held you.

    You both lay there for a moment, coming back to normalcy.

    “What was that?” you asked when he finally caught your breath.

    “I have no idea,” he replied.

    “Well, let’s not have any ideas more often.” You say jokingly and gave him a soft kiss.

~ Masterlist ~

Hey, I’m sorry if I ever seem awkward or short in conversation. Really I’m just incredibly anxious and sometimes don’t know how to speak with people. One may argue that I speak totally fine with certain folks and that has a lot to do with the fact I’ve known them for years, they know shit about me that’d make your hair curl lol.

But, sometimes the reason I don’t respond, or that my response is super short, is because I don’t know how.

geekmoodlet  asked:

Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and then send it to ten of your favorite followers! ♥️️

tysm for sending this!! 

1. I like how interested I get when I want to learn something new! I get really invested in what I’m doing!

2.  I love my nails! They’re super long and it makes me really happy when I paint my nails! 

3. I like how open minded I’ve become!

4. I like that I have such a a supporting and loving family I have!

5. I like my sense of fashion style. I mean usually everything I pair together looks very loud and vivid in color for some people, but I like it makes feel unique in a way> xD

About today


So now that I am home and at a computer and all that fun junk I can elaborate on the thoughts that have been running through my head while this whole thing entertained me throughout my work shift.

First of all - I don’t care about what was said. Normally I wouldn’t respond to a message like that but there was just something about the way it was written that resonated with me - it made me laugh. I thought it was funny so I responded in jest as well. I could tell a mile away, whether their thoughts are just of boredom or they do in fact think my art is shit, that the intent was just to be a jerk. I thought that was going to be the last message.

Fortunately that was not the end! I woke up this morning and saw there was another message in my inbox that was even funnier, so again I responded and poked fun at the whole thing yet again. It’s like the gift that didn’t stop giving! The other messages after the fact again were just as funny, although there was one I didn’t respond to because while it was good, I didn’t have time at work.

Ultimately what it comes down to is this - I’m totally okay with people not liking my art at all. I mean there are plenty of artists that I don’t like the work of and while I don’t go out of my way to be a dick about it, I have preferences just like anyone else. I criticize things all the time! To get mad over someone telling me my art is shit is pointless and doesn’t do anyone any good.

Art is a medium in which there is always room to improve and grow, although that logic can apply to basically anything in life. I understand full well that I have much room to improve and keep on reaching higher ground, that is what I like most about creative media. It is more than anything a constant struggle against yourself in trying to beat who you were a day before in skill. When people start flinging mud at you the most you can really do is laugh it off and persevere, sometimes its harder to ignore than others, but at the end of the day don’t let people deter you or take you down a peg from what it is you really want to do. Own your “shit” proudly, there will be people that no matter what will enjoy what you do and support you, not only creatively but as a person too! Just remember that and all is gravy, be kind to one another :).

So what I am getting at is while this guy has been a hoot, and I appreciate that so many people were willing to jump to my defense and whatnot please don’t bombard the poor guy with messages upon messages for my sake. I mean I can’t control what anyone does, do what you wish, but I’m fine and not hurt at all by any of this so it’s all good. Do I think they are a cool, rad dude? Fuck no haha, but as far as I am concerned none of this matters in the end.

That said I appreciate all the wonderful messages I’ve gotten in my inbox all the same. You guys have been blasting me with so much support in there I can’t even respond to it all - but thank you so much! I will continue to try and make cool shit to share with everyone :>.

Anyway, my two cents on this whole thing.
Go draw SHIT.

Will you be the next admin of FY LGBTQ Black people?

Hey everyone, thanks for all your submissions and participating on this tumblr. I started this as a way of seeing positive representation of Black people who weren’t straight or cisgender. 

Since then, I have seen various different blogs pop up all over this site, serving specific niches of our community. I have felt truly lucky to participate in that conversation. 

After some careful reflection, I have decided that I will stop curating this blog as of January 1, 2017. I don’t quite have the energy right now, and beginning of 2017, I will have many more things to take on/take over. 

Because of this, I’m putting a call out for anyone who feels like they would like to run this Fuck Yeah LGBTQ Black people. 

You have until December 30th, 2016 to respond. (You can just send an ask or submit something.) 

I hope to hear from someone, but either way, I will stop actively curating this blog on January 1st, 2017. 

Thank you and keep on shining. 

Jordan (Admin behind Fuck Yeah LGBTQ Black people)

hellomrwhale  asked:

I left a comment that talks about the GITS "whitewashed" I don't know if you agree that it's white washed but if so then that reply is for you. Because it's fucking not. Me personally yeah would have preferred an Asian actress BUT like the reply said (please read the reply) her shell doesn't matter. Plus I honestly think the movie is going to be pretty but lacking the philosophical part of the franchise which is a blow to gut. But anyways, the outrage over GITS is dumb tbh.

my big issue is with the fact that they planned on using cgi to make scarjo look more asian than actually hire an asian actor

they would rather hire a white woman and try to make her look more asian than actually hire an asian??? which just kinda shows how little asians are actually regarded in mainstream media

like im done with the whole ‘hey this is an asian thing or its heavily based off of asian culture but this white person takes the spotlight’ like the great wall and shit bc hollywoods gonna keep pulling that kind of thing and im always going to be constantly angry if im going to care about it man im just tired

reply below 

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it would have been better if nicki never even responded. now she out here with a wack song looking stupid. if she never responded she could have at least pretended that she was too good to respond or something like that. but she just took the biggest L and disrespected herself with that weak attempt.