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Savanna’s asks:

1. What is the best nickname someone ever gave you?
2. What has been your favorite age so far?
3. What is your favorite kind of music?
4. What is/was your favorite subject in school?
5. What is your favorite drink?
6. Have you ever written fanfiction?
7. Do you believe in aliens?
8. What is your favorite planet?
9. Are you more of a cat person or more of a dog person?
10. Have you ever had any pets?
11. If you could change your name, would you? To what?
12. Do you like fireworks?
13. Are you right or lefthanded?
14. Do you have any sibblings?
15. What is your all time favorite movie?
16. Do you like playing boardgames?
17. What is the color that most of your clothes have?
18. Who would you call your idol?
19. What do you when you need to relax?
20. What is the coolest place you have ever been to?
21. When was the last time you cried? Why?
22. How are you feeling right now?
23. Are you hydrated?
24. What was the last you ate?
25. What is the best birthday present you ever got?
26. Have you ever met an internet irl?
27. Who did you fangirl over when they followed you?
28. Do you prefer giving or getting presents?
29. Are you a procrastinator?
30. Pineapple on pizza, yes, or no?
31. How do you feel about bananas?
32. Do you know miffy/nijntje?
33. What’s your favorite season?
34. Who are people you met on this strange site that you wish you had met in real life?
35. What were you like as a kid?
36. Have you ever eaten something that is not meant to be eaten?
37. Do you have any currently alive houseplants?
38. Are you happy with who you are?
39. How do you celebrate your birthday?
40. Apples or bananas?
41. What does your room look like?
42. Do you speak any other languages aside from English?
43. Are you capable of playing a music-instrument?
44. Do you like fruit/vegtables?
45. Do you prefer calling or texting?
46. When was the last time you wrote a letter?
47. What is your favorite kind of tea?
48. What is your personal opinion on aliens?
49. What is the last movie you saw?
50. Talk about something you’re passionate about.

Extra: Get the nearest object which contains text, go to page 15, sentence 8, type it up here with no further explanation, no matter what language it is.

anonymous asked:

I didn't even know tumblr could have passwords. But suguru if the people who have the passwords reblog your posts won't art thiefs be able to repost them? Sorry you have to deal with that... Just wish people would be more respectful

I mean isn’t that obvious? I can’t stop them but i’m doing whatever I can to prevent mass reposting of my art lol 

today (3/24) through sunday (3/26) i’ll be away at a convention until late sunday afternoon – though i likely won’t be back around until monday morning since i do have work sunday night. the queue is still running at two posts per day (because i’m lazy and never got around to doing more drafts), so there will still be activity here until i’m back. i’ll be around via IMs & discord (sarraqum#9324 - mutuals only please), and via text to those of you who have my number if anyone wants to chat, but replies will be slow as checking my phone won’t be my top priority. i hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend however! keep safe. take care of yourselves. ilu. ♥ 

nikifrouv  asked:

apparently that post by victorakaniki that you reblogged was actually a repost, i just checked out their blog and they're stealing a lot of art from other artists on tumblr and deviantart as well

thank you for letting me know! i just deleted the reblog. usually i always check these things, but the one time i don’t…….. of course this happens. this is the post in question so if you reblogged it as well, please delete it!

oh and if anyone knows the original artist please notify me so i know who to sell my soul to for creating such a masterpiece

there, i fixed it
inb4 coaching fee


would you like to save your game? ♡


Victor Nikiforov // History Maker ❉ 


you and me, we make each other better, we may not be perfect but we’re perfect together~♡

- Ignis, can you… sense light?
- To a degree, yes.
- So when dawn breaks, you’ll know it.
- I should.
- Good to know.