just remembered and having an attack of feelings

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PSA: It’s OK to block me.

I’m serious. Nobody is perfect. I do my best not to upset anyone, but sometimes certain behaviors are just triggering to others. Maybe my OOC is overwhelming you, maybe I just IM you at the worst times, maybe I ask about our threads just a little too much.
I would much rather we talk about what’s wrong, but if the thought of any potential conflict makes you worse, I understand. I’m not the type of person who will attack you or start drama because I’ve been blocked or unfollowed. I’ll probably be a bit hurt. I’ll probably wonder why. But I won’t let it consume me.
We all have a right to do what we need to do to feel secure. I will exercise this right. You should, too. Remember, blocks aren’t permanent – I’ll be here if you ever feel safe enough to talk.

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adhd feel of the month: did i take it? i think i remember taking it. if i took it then why is this pill on the desk. i think 2 came out and i just left one on the desk? i should use my pill caddy then this wouldnt happen. but what if i did take it and dont remember, i cant take 2 ill have a heart attack. but i dont remember taking it? or did i? *30 minutes go by* wait did i take it?

Empathy - Takashi Shirogane x Reader

Prompt: Could you write where the reader has empathy and because each of Paladins and Allura have their own problems and emotions, she goes to each of them to help them feel at ease (like calming Shiro down with his PSTD)? but the reader has an attack when she gets bombarded and somehow revealing that she was captured by Zarkon and leaving her with amnesia or large gaps in her memory along with with very little emotions other than the basics (like happy and anger)?

Ever since you could remember you had a unique way with people. You just had this way of calming people with just your presence. You mother always thought you would grow up to become a therapist. 

Well, she wasn’t wrong.

Here on the castle ship you made yourself useful in many different ways but you were most helpful in the emotional therapy you could provide for all of the paladins. They all had their own woes and worries and with your natural powers you were able to soothe their pain.

As a general rule all the of the members on the ship came to you whenever they needed you. Some may not say it explicitly but you knew immediately when they sat down next to you from the emotions they were throwing your way what they needed. With Shiro though, he never came to you. You could clearly see his tired, drawn eyes every morning indicating yet another sleepless night but he ever once asked for your healing touch. You understood that as the leader he didn’t want to display any sort of weakness but you felt yourself wanting to help him.

You didn’t interfere with Shiro’s inner turmoil until you heard his terrified shouts and whimpers when you passed by his door on your way to the kitchen for a late night glass of water. You decided in that moment that you wouldn’t sit idly by and watch whatever plagued him give the fearless leader another sleepless night.

You pushed open his door and gently called out his name. He lay in his bed as stiff as a board. A sheen of sweat covering his forehead and his Galra hand glowed bright purple, illuminating the room. You cautiously approached him and brushed his sweat matted hair away from his face. His eyes shot open and his head flew to your neck defensively. His breathing was hard and labored as he came back to reality all the while you kept your soothing touch to his skin as you tried to control his erratic emotions. As soon as he realized that his hand was on your neck his eyes widened in horror.

“Oh god!” He cried hanging his head in his hands and gripping his hair. “[Y/N] I-I’m so sorry.”

“Hush, it’s alright Shiro. You weren’t in control. I’m fine.” You reassured him. You crawled up into the bed and wrapped your arms around him. You soothingly ran your fingers through his hair sending waves of feelings of comfort and warmth his way. “It’s alright Shiro. You’re safe now, you’re far away from that place.”

“The things I did [Y/N].”

“It’s all in the past. You did what you had to to survive, Shiro. You’re here now, no one blames you for anything.” You soothed. He didn’t say anything for a while and just enjoyed the warm feelings you were bathing him with. He hadn’t felt this relaxed since he was abducted so long ago. After a while of just holding each other, you assumed that he had fallen back asleep.

“I haven’t told anyone this, “ You confessed to his sleeping form. “But when you found me on that trade planet I was in hiding. I was once a prisoner of Zarkon and I escaped somehow. I don’t think we were ever on the same ship but I don’t remember much of my time there and my memory is still really foggy. I’m sorry I haven’t told you this earlier or when you’re conscious but I want you to know that I’ll be here for you whenever you need me, Shiro. I know the plague of the mind all too well.” You confessed. You wished you had the courage to tell him all of this while he was awake but a part of you feared how everyone would react. The last thing you wanted was anyone’s pity so you thought it would be best to keep your history as vague as possible.

“You’re the strongest woman I know, [Y/N].” Shiro mumbled sleepily. So he wasn’t asleep after all. “Thank you … for everything.” He didn’t say anything after that and his breathing slowed to a comfortable slow pace. You assumed if he remembered any of this you would be having a discussion in the morning but for now you were exhausted by the use of your powers. You settled into the bed closer to Shiro and fell asleep wrapped around him, should either of you need any more comfort tonight. As you slipped into unconsciousness you couldn’t help but to think that this would probably the best night’s sleep that either of you have gotten in a long time.

I’ve been seeing way too many minors getting harassed on this site.. Especially autistic minors, trans minors, minors with mental illnesses etc. It really bothers me, like why do so many people feel the need to attack and invalidate minors who are just trying to have a good time on social media? I understand if your opinion differs from theirs, or if you’ve grown some since 15. That’s still no excuse to send hatred, cruel messages, and suicide bait to young teens who are trying to find themselves. I’m not trying to put negativity on your dashboard, but I will fight to protect people who need it. Honestly these type of things don’t accomplish anything, they just cause harm. Please remember these kids / young teens have feelings, and you need to know your place as an adult. Please leave them alone, they don’t deserve to be harassed to such an awful degree.

Attack on Titan - Jonsa AU

Of course, every soldier is prepared to die. But these people aren’t just pawns on a chessboard. They all have names, families and feelings in their hearts too. They are all humans who live and bleed. You have the responsibility to ensure their death will not be in vain. No matter what may come, remember this in your naive heart, and be ready to die to fulfill that duty.

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what makes me mad is that nintendo probs just wanted to give Link multiple possible love interests and thought "gee, nobody had a problem with Peatrice in SS, the fanbase will probably like having two possible LI's and we'll just let them choose which they prefer--or neither, thats fine too." and then the fandom just reacts by being a bunch of pissbabies and attacking each other over it and shitting on two lovely, well-written ladies..... like the loz fandom ruins literally everything lmao

yeah, i remember seeing everyone say they wanted romantic options in botw before it came out. and nintendo delivered on that wish and instead of people picking a love interest as it was intended, everyone’s arguing over who link had feelings for in canon. like you can’t ask for options and then try to get everyone to agree with your option. between mipha, zelda, etc., link has no confirmed feelings for anyone. really odd that people are debating over it when it was the thing they wanted prior to the release of the game.

ok anyone with tinnitus listen up

so i’ve been having tinnitus for about a month (or more) known this is just my way of coping with it and actually making it stop a bit

so for starters i had the same thoughts as anyone else with tinnitus 

“i’m never gonna hear silence again”

“it’s gonna ruin my life”

“it will get worst” etc.

but please don’t think that way AT ALL. the thing i do is basically trick my brain i guess you can say hehe. what i do is i tell my self “yeah i may never hear silence again but that’s ok, it might even get better” think positive things don’t panic or have anxiety attacks (like i have done) because you have to remember tinnitus is your nerves that is messed up and it’s already in overdrive so panicking, feeling nervous, having anxiety will only make it worst because the nerves will act up even more

another thing is (and i want you to do) is just walk around your house for a moment and listen to the noises you hear coming form electronics, machines, nature sounds, etc. notice how everyday those are noises that’s naturally tuned out, that you don’t even notice? treat your tinnitus like that. now I’m not saying it will happen in a day because It will take time but pretend your tinnitus is the refrigerator  sound or a sound from your laptop etc, i pretend my tinnitus is the air conditioner it it helps! my tinnitus is tuned out and even before bed it’s like nothing to me so now I’m catching up on sleep :) just don’t think of it as tinnitus think of it as “that noise i hear in the background everyday that i never notice”

another thing is distracting yourself! try everything you absolutely can to distract yourself from it. at night i use  often read or will just think about the most random things or i would close my eyes and imagine things. i would even pinch my arm and think like “no, don’t think about tinnitus!” lol i would scold myself. mostly i would listen to music, get on the laptop, dance, sing, beat box (I’m so horrible at it XD) whatever just to take my mind off of it. 

so i do that and noticed it’s like i forget my tinnitus for DAYS. always remember that you have a life, don’t let tinnitus control it or hold it make. overcome it

if you guys have any questions about tinnitus or questions about my tinnitus please just inbox 

7 things to know when speaking about transgender people - by Pat Cordova-Goff

1. ‘Transgender’ can be a complex concept.

It is important to mention that the term “transgender” does not stop after MTF (male-to-female) and FTM (female-to-male). In fact, the transgender community also includes people who believe they have no gender, multiple genders, genders that vary by day and are “fluid,” and the list goes on.

2. We are people who have feelings.

I’ve worked so hard to embrace my gender, that a single person’s insult or slight can make that self-acceptance seem futile. I isolate myself to cope, and even though I know this isn’t healthy, it becomes a reflex to deal with attacks on my identity. I’m not the only one who experiences this. It happens when someone makes an insensitive remark or when my community is told to stay in the shadows. The struggle to survive and remain true to our gender is already difficult. Just please remember — we have hearts, too.

3. Let’s not talk about what’s beneath our clothes without permission.

I’ll keep this simple: Never ask a transgender person what their body without clothes looks like.

4. Transitioning is not a selfish act.

To the family members, partners and friends who think they are being betrayed by a loved one who transitions: This is not about you. I did not socially transition to “get back at my mom” or to “embarrass my sisters.” I chose to live as myself because I deserve a happy and true life, and so do all other transgender people.

5. Pronouns are very important.

If you want to be certain of someone’s pronouns, simply and respectfully ask in private, “What are your gender pronouns?”

6. Transphobia is everywhere.

For some transgender people, facing transphobia is a part of daily life. From navigating which restroom, if any, is safe to use, to hiding gender identity at work, our society does not yet accept us all or make it safe for us to be our authentic selves. Understanding this is important in order to understand the transgender community and the battle we are currently up against.

7. Someone’s gender identity story is personal.

I think it is incredible to celebrate diversity in gender. Trailblazers like Orange Is the New Black actress Laverne Cox serve as examples of how transgender people can lead successful and happy lives after coming out. But this does not mean every transgender person would like to share their story when you ask.

These seven things only make up a portion of what you need to understand if you choose to be an ally to the transgender community. If you want to celebrate and support our diversity, I urge you to look away from the media spectacle and speculation, and instead look at what we share in common: a desire to live healthy, happy and authentic lives. [via]

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omg now I feel so bad! I didn't ever see your earlier post so I had no idea you were having a hard time! I'm so sorry! Just please know that if you ever post something like that and I don't say anything it's because I didn't see it and please know that I love you a lot and I hope you're doing better and remember to drink water, sleep, and eat. I love you and I really hope you're doing ok now!

Oh friend, don’t feel bad. I totally get it. Actually I hate the fact that I still keep posting here about all my attacks and bad days. Like, I don’t want to spread negativity here, you know? Anyway, it’s okay, friend. I know you have a life outside the computer/cellphone (I’m glad you do actually because all of us need it). 

Anyway, I’m feeling a little bit better today, friend. I’m trying to relax and have a nice day. As much as I can anyway. I hope you are okay tho and having an amazing day <3 Love you lots!

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Even when you’re feeling jealous, you’re still in control. Jealousy is like that creepy guy sitting behind the king whispering in his ear, ‘The ambassador has just insulted you most grievously, Your Grace! Attack his lands at once! Raze his villages!’ But remember, you’re still the king. You don’t have to set the world on fire and run off to live in a cave, no matter how satisfying that sounds.
—  Franklin Veaux & Eve Rickert, More Than Two

Remember kids: if someone is having a panic attack, do the exact opposite of what my mom does.

Do not:
- get closer/keep touching them when they’ve very clearly sobbed for you to stop, even if it’s just touching their hand
- yell at them
- tell them to stop acting crazy
- call them manipulative for wanting space to breathe and call down
- say they must have a demon inside them for not feeling safe around you
- claim they’re “wacko” when they’re cowered in a corner using a pillow as a shield to keep you from touching them which you WILL NOT STOP TRYING TO DO
- say things like “Do I have to beat you to get you to start acting normal!?!” when they’re still hyperventilating and sobbing after all of this.

This has been a PSA. I am very tired. I just want to sleep for a thousand years.

Just Breathe

Chris Evans x Reader

Summary : Chris is having a panic attack during photo ops and needs some air. While walking outside, he bumps into a fan who manages to calm him down.

A/N : with all this crap going on with Chris, I decided to write a little story! PROTECT CHRIS EVANS!! And to those fans who don’t know how to respect his boundaries, please remember that he is not a prop! He is a human being with high social anxiety! Be respectful!

Warning : language?


Everything felt so close. The walls seemed to move in, trapping him. Chris could feel his breathing grow heavy, his heart pounding profusely in his chest, as he held his head in between his legs.

He tried to calm himself, to breathe in slowly and force the noise to hush in his mind. But no matter what he did, he couldn’t control it.

Propping up to his feet, he looked at his PR and sighed. “I just need to step out really quick.” He whispered.

Before giving anyone time to respond, Chris started down the hall and out to the courtyard where other interviews were being held.

As soon as he pushed the door opened, and stepped out into the daylight, his broad shoulders collided into your body, making you fall on your butt.

“Shit! I’m so sorry!” He exclaimed, reaching down to you.

You winced at the sudden pain that had courses through you, as you looked up at the stranger.

You were about to give him a mouth full until your eyes adjusted and you were able to see who the stranger was.

“Your Chris Evans.” You muttered.

He let out a dry chuckle, as he helped pull you up to your feet.

There was something off about him. He didn’t seem like his normal dorky self. Instead, he seemed stressed, annoyed and even a bit nervous?

It only took you a moment to realize what it was. Since, you were also going through an attack as well.

“Are you okay?” You asked.

Chris scrunched his brows at you, his hand still pressed against your shoulder. “Me? Are you okay?”

You nodded quickly, and returned to your question. “But are you okay? You seem a little uneasy.”

He took in a deep breath, and dropped his hand. Letting out a sigh. “Y-Yeah, I’m fine. Just a little overwhelmed.” He tried to play it off.

Looking deeply into your eyes, you flashed a soft smile. “Well, whatever it is, I just want you to know that it’ll be okay.” You muttered.

Chris was taken aback. He wasn’t sure how you knew, or why you said that but somehow, he needed to hear that.

“Thank you.” He whispered.

You only smiled, “I should go, my friends are probably looking for me.” You chuckled. “But, it was an honor to run into you.”

He chuckled to himself, his lips curving. “My pleasure.” He winked. “Maybe I’ll run into you again.”

Shrugging your shoulders, you started toward the door. But before slipping back into the lobby, you looked at him and smirked. “If you’re lucky.”

The moment the door closed behind you, Chris felt his cheeks ache from his smile growing. There was just something about you that made him feel at ease, that soothed him back.

And for that, he made it his mission to find you again before the day ended.

“I hope I am.” He whispered to himself.

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hey um i have this really deep fear that people will deadname/misgender me on purpose can u just give me some positive vibes because it came up for me in a dream and i woke up on the edge of a panic attack

I’m sorry you feel that way, but please try to remember that if people really care about you they won’t deadname or misgender you on purpose.

You’ll have a group of people who try to get it right because they want to make you happy and they’ll love you as you are. You’ll find them. Keep holding onto that 💙

“Blood—“ Wonho doesn’t remember what happened, he noticed the blood from the person’s arm running down, he saw the liquid just drip down and instead of attacking like a normal vampire, he turned away to throw up, the smell of blood made him sick, it made him feel sick to the stomach. Wonho doesn’t remember anything, what if he attacked them, what if something clicked and he attacked…Wonho rubbed his lips after throwing up, he turned back and noticed a person on the floor dead…Checking the person and realising it was not a human but a creature. That must have been the real thing that attacked the other. “A-are you okay? Let me just…um.” He ripped some of his shirt and wrapped it around the others arm tightly. “I’m sorry…I just—I am a vampire I just don’t like blood, so seeing your blood, well smelling it made me sick, it sounds rude…but I’m not saying your blood is not delicious to other vampires, it is just the smell is so strong and my father forced me so much to drink it makes me sick.”

Timing Chapter 9

Yay it’s up! The wonderful and amazing @alackofanythinghtosay has once again done the translations. They rock. Enjoy xx “Hannibal,” she rarely used his name and especially in this strangely soft tone, he felt his emotions rising to the surface, “you can allow yourself to be vulnerable. Will is the first person who you have met in a long time that you have felt a connection with.” The words hit him like a wall and he found his eyes were brimming with tears. He had not realized how lonely he truly was, not just since the attack but his whole life. He had been alone ever since he could remember, he always thought himself solitary and self-sufficient but those were all other words for hard and alone. It was a strange feeling to be in love, actually in love for the first time in his life. He suddenly felt terrified.

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Please can the reader be gibb’s partner and they have a child together. Someone breaks in and attacks the reader and kidnappes the baby. Gibb’s is distraught and blames himself as he thinks he is cursed with children! 

Requested by fandoms-united221b~

Gibbs was sure to get you out of the house first, in the safety of the EMT’s before he allowed himself a moment to look around his home. Books and papers were scattered over the floor, glass shards among them from when the attackers broke some picture frames.

The Marine almost had to stop himself from looking around for his kid. Keep them away from the glass…

But he remembered your sob-wracked words. The baby was taken. And as much as Gibbs was angry; he was furious. He couldn’t help but be a little self-loathing at this point. First Kelly, then the child he had with you? Was Gibbs destined to not have any children of his own?

This feeling of guilt and loathing was just a passing thought, though; the Marine’s hardened mask was back on, and he was ready to tear the world apart to look for his child.

⋆✦ - “Lance?”

It was earlier than Shiro had ever seen Lance up and about the castle. The metaphorical sunrise- metaphorical only because in space there were no sunrises, only suns and the planets orbiting around them- wouldn’t have even taken place yet.  

I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in the training room before.” Shiro grins, to show he’s joking. He had almost regretted the joke, just for a moment, before he remembered Lance was not Keith. Lance wouldn’t get upset just because Shiro joked about his training regiments…or lack thereof.                            
Or did you need something?” Shiro pushes himself up of the ground, interrupting his set of pushups to give Lance his full attention. He feels like his mind is constantly on edge. If Lance is here, if something is out of the ordinary something might be wrong. Galra might be attacking. Pidge might be sick. Keith might have done something stupid. A thousand possibilities. And he has to have a thousand different answers. Or just one, depending on what Lance said.