just relentless

Sometimes you’ve just got to be relentless. Take risks. Show your courage. Feel your undying spirit burning bright within you.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
EXO Reaction to their girlfriend trembling during sex

Anon Requested:  Could you do an EXO reaction to the bts trembling one 😅

Lmao of course! I hope you like this one, sorry for the wait :) also VERY NSFW AND I APOLOGIZE FOR THE CHEN GIF I HAD TO USE IT

Sehun: Seeing you tremble from underneath him made him so cocky. You weren’t much for talking or making much noise when you and Sehun were having sec but this was much more than just sex, you began to moan loudly and you just couldn’t stop yourself from making the sounds that you were. He was fucking the soul right out of you and you couldn’t stop from the intense orgasm he was giving you. Your body shook from under him but he wasn’t stopping any time soon.

Jongin: You cursed out another profanity as Jongin brought you back down on his cock. Even though you were on top, he was in control. He’s always in control and that just made this more and more enjoyable for you as well as him. He had been so rough with you to the point where your legs just gave out and you were now laying against his chest, he didn’t stop just because you were tired. He continued to thrust up in you, the feeling of him in you was just too much because you were cumming once again. Your body slightly trembled and Jongin only got more aroused from that. His arms wrapped around your waist and started to pound you senseless as you shook in his arms screaming out in pleasure.

Kyungsoo: The second you started to shake Kyungsoo was intrigued, he kept his pace with you and brought his hand to your clit beginning to rub it in a circular motion, moans would escape from your lips and he’d only speed up both his fingers and his thrusts which had you shake even more. Kyungsoo wasn’t disappointed with what he was seeing.

Chanyeol: He always loved to hear you, you weren’t afraid of making noises from underneath him, but what you didn’t expect to do let aloe control was your legs shaking while you had your second orgasm of the night. Chanyeol knew what that was and it only gave him more motivation to fuck you, you were tightening around him as he fucked you through your second orgasm but as he brought you all the way to your third you couldn’t stop the shaking of your whole body. Your legs wrapped around him pulling him down to you as you both came together breathless.

Jongdae: “Jongdae!” You screamed out, you tried closing your legs but his arms quickly hooked from under you keeping them spread apart as he continued to eat you out even through your orgasm. He always said foreplay was the most important part but as of now you didn’t think it was ever going to stop. You were out of breath and tried to push his head away but your hand just fell limp on your stomach, you were too fucked out just by his tongue to fight against him. Your fourth orgasm was coming up and before you knew it you were trembling just from his tongue.

Baekhyun: You were shaking just from the pure pleasure of him pounding you roughly from behind. His hands gripping your wrists and the occasional slap on your ass making you squeal. He thrusted up harder making you lose the ability to even speak, he did it again and again and again until you were gripping the sheets from under you and dropping your head as you shook with him still fucking you roughly.

Junmyeon: He smirked up at you as he saw you shake against the wall. “That’s it baby, show daddy how well he fucks you.” He spoke lowly into your ear. A moan immediately came out which was loud and dull of need. He continued to fuck you against the wall, the loud thumping of your body being heard all throughout the room let alone the dorm where all the other members were at currently. You clenched down on him muttering a “Please..” showing him just how badly you wanted to cum again. He didn’t let you and fucked you until you were screaming his name.

Yixing: Yixing had a lot of stamina, you knew this , he knew this, practically everyone knew this since he was never tired during practice, but tonight he was just relentless towards you. He pulled out while you pushed his chest away, you just couldn’t take it anymore, you were sore and you couldn’t count the number of times you came. The second you were empty your body twitched and then you started to shake. Yixing couldn’t help but chuckle at how he got you.

Minseok: You weren’t known by Minseok to make a lot of noise during sex, but the second you made just a small little moan he wouldn’t stop. He wanted to hear more and more and wouldn’t stop until he did. He had you moaning and begging for him to fuck you faster and harder and a wide smile appeared on his face when he heard the banging on his door of the other members to shut you up but it grew even more when he felt you shake from underneath him trying to bite back a moan threatening to come out again.

What do you want to bet that the first conversation Lup and Taako have after all of this is over and there’s time for a conversation is not “there’s a lot of baggage for both of us to unpack what with forced imprisonment and memory weirdness” but instead “why the fuck are you dating the grim reaper.”

Lup sits Taako down and has the same amount of seriousness the first conversation would require, and Taako’s emotion-avoiding ass is in panic mode because there is so much shit she could bring up right now. There’s the extra callousness and coldness he’s picked up without her around, or the giving up on everything moment, or even the weird awkwardness that comes from having to remember that he has a sister followed by the vehement inner rebuttal that of course he has a sister he always has and he’s not going to let himself forget again. There’s a veritable field of landmines around them in every direction, and Lup is single-mindedly focused on “why the fuck are you dating the grim reaper.”

And Taako doesn’t know what to say, because there are some emotions there that he has not looked too closely at yet and he is not about to delve into that mess with his sister of all people. “He’s hot” seems like the safest, if insufficient, answer.

“I’m a lich, Taako. Barry is a lich. I can’t help but think that this feels a little… personal.”

Taako gave his sister a lot more credit for her intelligence than that, but maybe she was a little scrambled. Everyone was a little scrambled right now. A lot of shit had gone down. “I… didn’t mean it that way? I wasn’t really looking for, I don’t know, petty revenge or anything since I didn’t really… remember either of you. That’s a pretty big part of, more like a requirement, of the revenge scheme. Pretty integral to the whole idea.”

Lup knows that, he can tell from the way her mouth twists into a frown. She knows she’s being a little ridiculous about what amounts to a coincidence, but he can also tell that she is not prepared to let it go. “Maybe you were projecting some kind of subconscious anger? That’s a thing, like with people who repress emotions and memories and shit.”

“Lup, I’m not angry with you.” Yep, that was it. Her left ear twitches, a dead giveaway. “The memory stuff isn’t on you, and the disappearance… that wasn’t great, it would’ve been cool to take someone with you maybe, but you would’ve been back. That was an accident.”

Lup’s mouth quirks up, almost a smile. “Yeah, I guess so.” She leans forward, grin suddenly wicked, and Taako knows that the subject had not been dropped. “The grim reaper though? You have a thing for danger now or something?”

Fuck. He can give whatever excuses he wants, but he knows his sister. She is absolutely not going to let this go, and she is going to be relentless. Just let her believe what she wants, that’s his best bet, he’d feed into that “danger is hot” bullshit if that’s where she was going with it. “He’s such a dork, Lup.” Or, maybe not. Maybe he’d get uncomfortably close to those feelings again.

Lup raises an eyebrow, a clear “do tell.”

“He does this thing - he’s gonna be upset that I told you but whatever, fuck, you’re my sister he can get used to it - he totally fakes an accent when he works. It’s his ‘work’ accent, so he can seem ‘cool.’“

Her smile widens like she’s about to share the best joke, and Taako leans in. “You know what that reminds me of? That one time when Barry…” She trails off, looking into the middle distance, with a growing expression of horror. Taako is about to ask her what happened, but she shakes her head.

And Lup covers her face with her hands and groans, with feeling. “We have a type. Oh god Taako we both have a type and it’s the same type.”

Then they’re both laughing at that, and it’s so nice to laugh together again.

Harry’s promo is already so fucking great. It’s so HIM. It’s hilariously dramatic in the best way. It’s not so fast paced. It’s so far with people he’s comfortable with and it’s starting at home. He’s getting to shape the way people see him for the first time and I’m so excited for him. I literally am just so happy he’s getting this opportunity to, it seems, be himself, and explore what he maybe always wanted to do but couldn’t in the band because their management and label were so relentless. It’s just so exciting.

Bill Skarsgard X Reader (Too Shy)

Request: Could you do something where reader and Bill are taking a holiday somewhere, but as friends. Fans get in the way of reader’s true feelings, but she realizes her feelings for Bill and admits them.


Requested  By: @weallhaveadestiny  

Bill tossed the last of your suit cases into the backseat before shutting the door, and hopping into the driver’s seat, ”Ready to go, (Y/N)?” He asked digging into his pocket for the keys. Once he found them he started the car. “Yeah, I’m ready…but like are you sure you wanna take a break? Y-You didn’t have to come you know?” Bill only laughed pulling on his seatbelt, glancing back at you, “We both deserve a break, (Y/N). I from acting, you from writing. Besides we are going to somewhere quiet because we both need it.” You did not dare to argue back once he had his mind set on something, he was going to do it.

The ride to Atlanta wasn’t that long since you’d slept most of the way, Bill and you had rented a hotel room together. Bill said he didn’t mind sharing beds even though the room had two. Wanting to respect his privacy you decided to sleep on your own, but you honestly had feelings for him just kept that part to yourself. Grabbing a t-shirt and a pair of shorts you walked past him to change in the bathroom. Once you shut the door you stripped yourself of the dirty clothing and into something much more comfortable. After completing your nightly bathroom routine you went back out to the room to lay down and rest to prepare yourself for the next day. 

Bill watched as you laid there sleeping peacefully, “Goodnight, (Y/N).” He murmured flicking off the lamp before laying down himself.The next morning you woke up to the sound of frantic knocking, “I don’t wanna get up… it’s too early..” You muttered hugging the blanket tighter around your small form. The knocking came once more this time followed by a voice, “(Y/N), please! I left the key on the nightstand let me in!!” Bill shouted from the outside. You groaned and threw the blanket off of your body the cold air making goosebumps appear in your arms and legs. You shuddered and reached over grabbing a small jacket to cover yourself up to prevent your body from becoming even colder than it already was from the loss of warmth.  

You shuffled over to the door and pulled it open, you were slightly shocked to find your friend standing there panting. Bill stumbled in and shut the door quickly behind him, you rubbed your eyes sleepily letting out a yawn. “Bill what’s going on it’s 7:00 in the morning..” He sighed taking a seat on the edge of the bed fingers curling in his hair. “I-I thought it’d be quiet here, but the fans.. the fans are just relentless.” Bill sighed and you shrugged. “Fans will be fans, I mean look at you… you’re a nice looking guy. You also have natural talent.” he looked up at you as you took a seat next to him. “Thanks (Y/N).” Bill whispered and the fans continued to bang on the door, “We love you, Bill!” One girl screamed, “Sign my book!” You laughed.“Sign this, sign that, I’m can’t live without a signature!” You cried out dramatically, bringing your arm up to your forehead and sighing dreamily.

 Bill chuckled and turned to look over at you his eyes locked on your face and eyes. “How come I’ve never seen it before?” He asked looking back at the ground, “Seen what?” You asked becoming nervous and sat up quickly. “Seen how much you care about me..” He responded.You laughed nervously eyes side glancing to look away, “Well yeah I mean who woul-” Bill leaned forward placing his lips on yours in a quick kiss. “I love you to, (Y/N). Don’t ever get jealous of those girls because you’re the only one who I love back.” He told you and you blushed slowly wrapping your arms around him.“Please come out we just wanna get a picture!” You growled and shouted. “Get out of here! We’re having a moment!!” Bill laughed, “This is why I love you.” You smiled. “Aww thanks…”


You two spent the evening inside of the hotel as the many fan girls crowded outside the door just begging to get in, “How long have we been stuck in here?” You groaned flopping down lazily next to bill as he turned another page of the Stephen King novel he was reading and chuckled, “It has only been an hour, (Y/N).” He replied glancing down at you a grin replacing his smile and you punched him lightly on the shoulder. “It’s been an our and I am hungry.” You pouted and Bill shrugged not looking at you at all this time.

“I am about to be on angry person, wait here!” You told him and got up sliding on a jacket again and flung open the door glaring at the girls who stood grouped around the door. “Get the heck out of here!” You snapped waving your arms angrily and they in fear dispersed in many directions fearing to come back. You smiled and walked back inside smiling to yourself. “Could we order out, that took all of my energy?” You asked and Bill set aside the book and grabbed the phone dialing a pizza place nearby. 

“Yes! I am so happy right now and glad I met someone like you.” You sighed wrapping your arms around him and placing a kiss to his cheek.

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lance texting hunk: ayyy pretty boy ♡ noticed u werent in class 2day :/ all ok?

hunk texting back: yeah. my depression just decided to be relentless today tbh i still haven’t gotten out of bed. but don’t worry i’ll be there tomorrow :) thx ♡

45 min. later

hunk: (suddenly hears what sounds like someone knocking on his window)

hunk: (gets out of bed, pushes away the curtains, looks outside, and opens it)

lance: (is perched in a tree next to hunk’s bedroom window, holding a massive bag of fruitsnacks, a deck of yugioh cards, & their favorite video game under his arm)

hunk: what the f—

lance: dude let me in i’m about to fall

Journalist of Justice!Izuku tho:

“I can’t fight a villain but I can point the heroes to where they are!" 

  • is painfully normal, absolutely cannot fight a villain 1 on 1
  • knows how to sneak into practically anything because he’s analyzed where the weak points in a villain’s defenses are 
  • has a connection and informant network that spans the entire city because he still helps EVERYONE that he comes across and they like to keep in contact with him 
  • villains don’t generally think he’s a threat because "what can a quirkless person do??? They’re useless" 
  • Izuku just relentless in his hero journalism, is absolutely determined to help EVERYONE in the city by calling out the wrongdoings to those with the power to do something 
  • has taken down a crime ring once because he gave the police all the proof they needed to call in the heroes (he got SUCH GOOD QUOTES)
  • knows absolutely every single hero because all of them have to save him at some point either because he’s getting kidnapped or is the hostage or he’s in the middle of a fight between heroes and villains trying to get a good pic 
  • his camera skills are LEGENDARY - Izuku is now desensitized to being in danger because he’s Used to It™ 
  • he’ll just be asking the villain with the knife up to his throat "so you’ve said that your goal is to destroy the mall, but why this particular one” like he’s asking about the weather 
  • Izuku CAN defend himself but chooses not to 60% of the time because getting pics of the heroes and villains in action are worth a pretty penny (and his hero worship hasn’t actually decreased so he wants to see them look cool but he always feels a little guilty afterwards)
  • he’s not afraid to call out heroes of they’re being shit heads 
  • Endeavor hates his guts and has tried multiple times to sue him for slander or defamation of character, but Izuku has made friends with powerful lawyers and they’re able to cut down Endeavor like a hot knife through butter 
  • Todoroki is his greatest source of Endeavor discourse and they have lunch every Tuesday to just talk heroics 
  • Izuku still calls Bakugou “Kacchan” while in his hero costume and now half of all media refer to him as “The Hero Kacchan” instead of his real Hero Name and Bakugou LITERALLY cannot forgive Izuku for this because “DAMNIT I HAVE A FUCKING HERO NAME SO USE IT”
  • Ochako and Tsuyu love him and are honestly the ones that rescue him the most so they have some of the best press around
  • Iida complains about being paraphrased so often but if Izuku didn’t then it would be enough to fill the article by itself
  • He still fainted when first meeting All Might and every single article Izuku has written about him has been trashed because it’s not actual hero journalism, it’s 100% fanboy mania and his editor can’t publish it
  • his editor is Shinsou and is always Suffering™ pls Midoriya cool it
  • Let Mama Inko Rest 2kAlways

Izuku would 100% be the Lois Lane of the BNHA world admit it


  • “Shigaraki Tomura, can you tell me why you became a villain?” “Why aren’t you scared of me?” “I’m sorry, but I just came back from another kidnapping with a villain who has a Fear Quirk, I’m a little out of fear right now.” 
  • “Kurogiri-san, what’s it like to be the caretaker of one of the most high profile villains of the current century?” *is blatantly ignoring Shigaraki’s tantrum in the background* “No comment.”
Dress me up and Dress me Down

pairing: Blue Zircon x Yellow Zircon (lawsbians/courtship)

words: 2k

genre: 18+ NSFW, public sex yall

I saw a bunch of fanart with Yellow Zircon’s hands up Blue’s shirt, so this is the NSFW human!Zircon ode to that, dressing room fic

summary: Blue Zircon (Zarah) is trying on her first real suit, with a designer name and fancy fabric and everything. Yellow Zircon (Zayda) decides to help with the process.  Ao3

Takes place in my human law students AU, but you don’t really have to read that to understand this one

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link + memories

link only knowing his name because zelda told it to him immediately after he woke up

link hearing zeldas voice again for the first time in a century and understanding it as a strangers voice while it simultaneously stirs some tiny speck of familiarity somewhere in the deepest part of his subconscious

link walking around hyrule, feet wandering down paths he doesnt even remotely know through seemingly alien muscle memory

the scars littering links skin aching in a vague, hazy memory of the pain that accompanied them there, but with no recollection of what put them there

the familiar feeling of the raising of the hair on his neck upon catching the movements of a guardian out of the corner of his eye, despite having only just learned what the relentless monsters were

the aching tug of guilt in his chest when faces fall after their ecstatic cries of dont you remember me? are met with silence

the vague, ever present sense of déjà vu that accompanies everything he sees, hears, smells, tastes, does

the incessant guilt weighing on his skin at some thing hed done that he cant even begin to recall

the constant tickle at the back of his mind of i know this, ive seen this, i know i have but not knowing quite how or why or when or where or who

finally getting at least a few precious memories back only to realize he was remembering the dead, remembering a hyrule that hadnt existed for a hundred years

I wonder what Disney would think of C$ if they actually gave a fuck.

I just watched the “Beauty and the Beast” remake and Gaston is EXACTLY like OUAT’s Hook, but he is portrayed like the very shitty person he is.

We see him (Gaston) equate wooing Belle to hunting/conquering a special prey and how the more she resists him the more he wants her. Just like Hook’s relentless pursuit of Emma. Except that in BatB Belle’s rejection is LITERALLY called “having dignity,” but in OUAT they called it as Emma “having walls” up or “wearing an armor.” Really, Kitsowitz?

It’s hard (actually no; SAD) to believe OUAT, the self proclaimed “modern fairytale,” would be promoting something as misogynistic as C$ for “romantic” when Disney is showing you exactly what kind of abusive relationship that would be and how perverse the “Gaston” mentality is.

Anyone involved in the direction of this movie could look at OUAT and see what kind of bullshit they are feeding the audience under their name.

If only they cared…

AA!SteveTony; You know you say everything out loud.

Word Count: ~2800
Warnings: none?


Seventy two hours after Tony disappeared into his lab and failed to come out, Steve found himself outside the doors, punching in his entry code. He wasn’t the first Avenger to come knocking, but he was the first to come bearing food– ham sandwich, baked chips, and, at Natasha’s insistence, a bottle of coconut water. Because fluids were important, and nothing improved a mood quite as fast as sugar.

She was right in guessing that Tony’s mood would need improving. As soon as FRIDAY waved him in, Steve was greeted with a sharp, “What?”

Setting lunch down on the nearest flat surface, Steve grabbed the coconut water and headed toward the bank of screens where he heard Tony’s voice. He boldly shook the bottle in the man’s face and commanded, “Drink up.”

Tony scowled, potently, for all that he looked wrung out and exhausted. “I’m a little busy, Cap,” he said, distantly. “So, unless you need something…”

“I do,” Steve held up the bottle again. “Drink.”

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anon requested : I was wondering if maybe you could do some cute belle/esmeralda stuff? 

Looking into the mirror, Belle took a deep breath before adopting a stern gaze. “This is it. You are going to march out there and tell her how you feel!” With a sharp nod of her head, she straightened her dress and marched out, staunchly ignoring the slight tremble in her hands. She had watched the woman (Esmeralda, a voice whispered to her) dance for a couple weeks and each day had been working up the courage to introduce herself.  

Music reached her ears as she approached the square and she sighed as she tracked Esmeralda’s movements, allowing herself to imagine for a moment, that she was up there dancing too, smiling and laughing as they moved around each other. 

Belle was so caught up in her daydream that she almost failed to notice the Romani take off at a run, with shouting guard chasing after her. At first, she was unsure if she should follow them - after all, what could a tinker’s daughter do in the face of the law? But as she watched the guards gain on the dancer, Belle took a quick breath before falling to the ground with a piercing scream. 

The two men came to a sudden stop, trying to place where the cry had come from and as they turned back to see Belle splayed out on the ground, Esmeralda took advantage of their distraction and dashed into the nearest building. Having kept one eye on the woman she was trying to save, Belle gave a sigh of relief and stopped her relentless cry just as the guards approached her. 

Adopting her most innocent gaze, she thanked the guards for their worry but the spider that had crossed her path had already fled. As their expressions slowly changed from incredulity to anger, Belle did her best to assure them that, yes - it was a very large spider and that no - she wasn’t off her rocker. Beaming at them as they walked away muttering, what she was sure were insults about her intelligence, she continued her simpering routine until they turned the corner and could no longer see her mad dash to the library. 

Pushing the half-door open with her usual care, she gave a M. Robert a quiet smile before walking up behind the dark haired woman who, for all intents and purposes, looked extremely invested in the book she held. Belle paused for a moment to gather her thoughts before she reached out and tapped the woman ( Esmeralda, her mind reminded her again ) on the shoulder. 

Well, anyone would have thought Belle had poked her with a hot iron the way the Romani whirled around, a fierce look on her face. Esmeralda relaxed a little when she realised that it wasn’t the two guards who’d come up behind her, but the screaming girl from the square. The surprisingly pretty girl, a small part of her added unhelpfully. “Are you alright?”she asked gently. “They didn’t hurt you, did they?” For surely pain could have been the only cause of such a piercing noise. 

A small blush rose to the bookworm’s cheeks as she tried to think of an excuse. Somehow, ‘I’ve seen you dancing in the square for the past week and you’re beautiful and I think I’m in love even though this is the first time we’ve ever spoke’ didn’t sound quite right. In the end, Belle simply shook her head and used the same excuse she’d told the guards. “There was an extremely large spider. I don’t like spiders…or guards who chase innocent people.” 

Understanding flashed across Esmeralda’s face and a small grin spread across her face. “I’ll keep that in mind for next time.” She closed her book with a loud snap and glanced out the window. The guards would surely have moved on to tormenting other citizens, allowing her to make her way back to her corner.  “Thank you. Not everyone is so quick to help someone like me. I promise your kindness will not be forgotten.” Moving past the brunette, Esmeralda was already trying to remember where she’d dropped her tambourine when she felt her momentum stopped by a gentle hand on her elbow. 

It was now or never. Belle swears, even up to this day, that her hand had moved without any instruction on her part - her own subconscious seeming to rebel against the fear her mind held. “Ah, I was - that is - I was hoping…” This wasn’t like the outspoken bookworm at all, she was a woman who always seemed to be able to say what was in her heart, so why was it so hard for her to even string together two sentences? 

Esmeralda, for her part, remained where she was, a patient look upon her face. While she was a bit confused by the other woman’s scattered words, Esmeralda was sure eventually they would become clearer once she overcame whatever obstacle was in her way. Besides, the brunette was especially cute when she was so flustered - Esmeralda got the feeling she didn’t fall apart like this very often.

“Will you - that is, would you like to accompany me to dinner tonight? My father is at a fair for the week and I was wondering if you enjoyed roast hen?” 

Suddenly the woman’s nervousness made sense to Esmeralda and suddenly her amusement turned to uncertainty. For a moment she faltered, eyes widened momentarily with shock until her brain gave her a sharp kick and she realised she was being ridiculous. This woman had just saved a mornings worth of earnings and that alone put Esmeralda in her debt - besides, she was intrigued by the brunette and her quiet courage. “In fact I do - as long as I don’t cook it. I’m afraid kitchens and I don’t seem to get along.” 

Belle was stunned for just a moment - had she actually just said yes? And before she could gather herself and project a relaxed front, words burst forth from her mouth with all the excitement of a young child around the holidays. “Really? I mean - great! You should come over just before sunset - my house is the one just over that hill there.” 

Bemused, Esmeralda watched the brunette start down the street at a brisk pace once her directions were uttered. It crossed her mind that she didn’t even know the other woman’s name. As if she’d heard her thoughts, the brunette woman - now several feet away - waved a hand and called out a brief and rather unorthodoxt introduction

“Oh! My name is Belle by the way.” 

A gentle smile spread across ruby lips.


- i’d like to thank several of you for picking up the cloud blogging slack while i shirk my sky duties to lie around melting into the furniture being slowly enveloped in a thick blanket of mental illness and the dissociative haze of the drugs used to “””treat””” it, i love you

- i did however just watch a very tiny chihuahua do that thing where they stand on their two front legs to piss up a wall, so that helped a little

- my favorite time of day is when the sun passes over the southwest corner of the building so my apartment is once again in shadow and listen, i love natural light as much as the next asshole and this has sad implications for my dreams of a future carrara marble kitchen full of skylights but sometimes life is just Too Fucking Bright, i’m a scottish cave rat with very sensitive hazel eyes and i need sunglasses indoors on this overcast day please help me

- fedex is a great company if you like watching a package purposelessly sit in 2 separate warehouses for a total of 28 hours when said warehouses are 40 and 32 minutes away from your apartment respectively and your package is now set to be delivered three days late, also a truly exemplary broken live chat that flashes “ERROR: NULL INPUT” before disconnecting 6 times when you try to find out where your shit actually is, modern life is one infuriating fuckshow of petty aggravations after another

- speaking of which, i have more options for personal entertainment than lit’rally any generation before me, an endless ocean of Media Content to mindlessly ingest and the luxury of the requisite leisure time to do it in, so please explain to me why all of it is SO boring and terrible and uninteresting, why i cannot find a single thing to watch that looks tolerable, not even enjoyable, just like i could tolerate having it on in the background while engaging in other activities

Sweet Dreams - KYG

“Baby, I’m too tired…” + “You like that, baby?”


Kim Yugyeom x Reader

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(ignore Bambam ty)


You closed your apartment door behind you, sighing once the exhaustion had finally caught up to you. You began work at 1 after having lunch with Yugyeom and figured that you’d take on a few more hours to distract yourself from missing him when he went to practice. It took a huge toll on you, though, and you reminded yourself that you’d never work an extra shift unless it was completely necessary.

Taking a glance at the time on your phone, you groaned when you saw that it was 11:42, meaning that you had basically worked for 10 hours that day. Just the thought made you sigh in fatigue.

You placed the phone along with your house keys on the counter once you’d made your way to the kitchen, heating some of last night’s leftovers into the microwave and eating it as quickly as you could - just wanting to go and throw yourself into your bed.

Entering your bedroom, you almost jumped when you saw Yugyeom laying down, scrolling through his phone like it wasn’t almost midnight.

You sighed once you had gotten over the scare, walking to the adjoining bathroom and removing your dress shirt. Once that was off, you proceeded to begin removing your jewelry, makeup and brushing your teeth.

As you were about to take your skirt off, Yugyeom’s hands were on your waist, unbuttoning the garment for you.

“Thank you, babe,” You said to him, and he hummed in response.

Once the skirt was off, Yugyeom’s hands began to wonder, and his left travelled downward to the crotch of your panties, the right cupping your right breast over your bra.

“Baby, I’m too tired,” You tried to wiggle out of his hold, but he only gripped you tighter and nuzzled his face into your neck, placing little kisses on the sensitive skin, “Yugyeom,”

“Come on,” he teased, pushing his erection into your back, “I know you want this,”

His hands dipped into your undies, finger grazing your slit and his eyes widened at the arousal that had gathered there.

“Just feel how wet you are for me,” he circled your clit a few times before sinking a finger into you, your sigh meeting his ears once you had taken the digit completely.

Pretty soon you were grinding your hips against his hand, itching for something more and he responded by entering another finger and thrusting them teasingly inside of you.

You moaned, the sound a little bit tired but it was music to Yugyeom’s ears all the same - him removing his fingers when you were ready for him.

“Let’s go to the bed, hmm?” he lifted you easily, gently placing you onto the bed, removing your bra and panties.

You laid on your back, waiting for him to just go and do his thing so you wouldn’t have to do any work, but he nudged you over onto your left side and began spooning you - leaving you confused.

Yugyeom grabbed his member, now leaking a large amount of pre-cum, and lifted your right leg, thrusting himself into you at this new angle.

God,” You gasped deeply at the action, not knowing what to do with your hands, but he seemed to know exactly what he was doing - placing his right hand onto your heat to rub your clit.

He began thrusting his hips, but not aggressively like usual. It was soft and sensual and intimate and your moans were high pitched and shaky because he just felt so good -

“You like that, baby?” his voice was breathy when he asked this, you nodding and he used his other hand to turn your head to him, kissing you passionately as your legs began to shake out of sheer pleasure, “You feel so good,”

His fingers on your clit were relentless - knowing just how to get you to your climax - the extreme sensation overtaking you as you screamed his name, thighs shaking as you came.

Your orgasm seemed to trigger his, his hips stuttering in their thrusting once your walls had begun to contract around his length, resulting in him groaning into your ear, his warm seed coating your walls.

You both laid there, Yugyeom removing himself from inside you, the mixture of your releases flowing out of you.

An exhausted sigh left your lips and you raised your hand, punching Yugyeom in the peck.

Ow,” he whined, clutching his chest in mock hurt, “Why’d you do that?”

“I just wanted to sleep,” You narrowed your eyes at him, “Now I have to go shower before I do,”

“I’m sorry,” he pouted, “At least you enjoyed it,”


“Excuse me?!”