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Probable contemporary manuscript of Elizabeth of York and Henry VII. Unfortunately, I cannot find any other detail on it besides that it’s housed at the British Library Illuminated Manuscripts Collection.

I love how they’re side-eyeing each other and look like they’re about to fight to the death for the throne.

To live in this world

you must be able to do three things:
to love what is mortal;
to hold it

against your bones knowing
your own life depends on it;
and, when the time comes to let it
to let it go.

—  Mary Oliver - ‘In Blackwater Woods’

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Never Soon Enough

She finds the picture on her phone a few days after they part ways. Not for good, of course, (it’s never for good, the rock on her finger - well, hanging from her neck - says so), just a few weeks this time, but still her gut rocks with want. 

Being in separate cities is hard. Sleeping in separate beds, in separate apartments, cramming entire weeks of love and adventures into a few days is exhausting (the good kind, but still so very tiring).

She just misses him. Misses the brush of his mouth against her ear, the scrape of his stubble on her cheek, the rumble of his laughter as they avoid another pack of tourists on the sidewalk. She misses the way his fingers tighten on her hips when she stops suddenly, to avoid a roadblock or just because she wants to have him come closer. She misses the way he lights up when she suggests doing something new with him.

But for now, she has the picture (and a dozen more just like it), has the proof of their happiness even when she doesn’t have him.

She’ll have him again soon, and yet never, ever soon enough.

I honestly don’t get why people are boycotting Doctor Strange over one character being made white? I mean like sure whitewashing is bad and blah blah blah. But the story is going to be amazing. And the visual absolutely spectacular. The story of Stephen Strange and the Mystic Arts is wonderful, and personally one of my favorite told by marvel. The changing of one character to being white, while yes not exactly a good thing, shouldn’t be blown out of proportion like it has been.

P.S: I am not racist, I simply like Doctor Strange. Maybe get educated on what racism actually is. (=^・^=)

Me: I love all the characters on MTV scream! 

Will Belmont, Seth Branson, Mayor Maddox, Miguel Acosta, Kevin Duval, and Nina Patterson all in unison: Wow thank you so mu- 


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So listen...

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(I’m not gonna try to fuck you if you don’t want to, so don’t be shy)

Winnie Byanyima, Oxfam International Executive Director

When Winnie Byanyima arrived in Britain, a frightened 17 year-old fleeing Idi Amin’s brutal regime, she was immediately arrested. The $300 pressed into her hand by her mother as they parted ways in Kenya – after crossing the Ugandan border together under cover of darkness – turned out to be fake. Ms Byanyima was found out as she tried to change the black-market notes into sterling at the airport.

“The policeman looked at me crying and saw I was an innocent young girl,” she says, chuckling softly now about the ordeal. “He tore up the money and advised me never to get any except from a proper bank.Of course I laughed: in Uganda you couldn’t go to a bank and get currency.” [x]

This amazing woman right here:

  • daughter of a politician and a women’s rights activist, whose childhood home became a resistance again the Idi Amin dictatorship. (““Anyone who was suffering abuses of power and oppression ran to us. So I grew up seeing that as a normal thing. I grew up thinking the most decent job to do was to fight injustice.”)
  • came to the UK as a teenage refugee
  • went on to get a degree in aeronautical engineering and then her masters in mechanical engineering 
  • returned to Uganda and served 11 years in parliament there.
  • led Uganda’s first parliamentary women’s caucus and is a world recognized expert on women’s rights
  • founded the organization Forum for Women in Democracy (FOWODE). 
  • She has served at the African Union Commission and as Director of Gender and Development at the United Nations Development Program. 
  • is a signatory to Uganda’s 1985 peace agreement and has helped to broker and support women’s participation in peace processes in Rwanda, South Africa, Burundi, Sudan
  • co-founded a 60-member Global Gender and Climate Alliance 

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