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Imperfect Pair (01)

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Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

Word Count: 6.5k

Genre: Angst, (Future) Smut, ArrangedMarriage!AU (Kinda?)

Series: 01 / 02

Description: The government is in charge of matching everyone up with a partner, the person they believe you are the most compatible with. You get assigned Jungkook, who looks perfect on his profile and even more perfect in person. You are later reminded however, that perfection does not exist, and not everything in life goes as planned.

           You held your mothers hand tightly within your own, your eyes glued to the large screens as names flashed in and out of view, directing people to their corresponding doors. You willed your eyes away as your mother slipped her hands away from yours, sending you a comforting smile as she rubbed at them soothingly. You hadn’t notice how hard you had been holding onto her.

           “Y/n, don’t be so nervous. It will go well,” she assured you, smoothing your hair like she did when you were a child. You nodded at her with a smile, gulping down as you felt your lunch stir in your stomach. Your eyes made their way back to screens, the sound of your heart strong in your ears.

           You hoped you had as good of luck as your parents did with finding each other, praying to every god in the universe that you would meet someone with a connection to you as strong as the one your parents had. They were matched perfectly on their first try, saying they felt instant chemistry within their first meeting. Even now, thirty years later, they were so obviously in love with each other that it made you grossed out to look at them. Still, they were everything you yearned for, everything you wanted.

           Your name flashed up brightly on the screen with a number seven right next it, directing you to a door that was out of sight. You grasped your moms arm in a panic, the blood rushing from your face as your stomach churned, your body going cold.

           “It’s okay, it’s okay, go! Good luck, Y/n!” she said as she pushed you forward into the world and towards your future. You stumbled away from her slowly, looking back at her before you turned down the hall, leaving you surrounded by strangers. You looked around at the people around you, relieved that you weren’t the only one that looked like they were going to vomit. You stood in front of the perfectly white door with a huge gold “7” placed in the top center, stepped back from it in surprise as it opened automatically in front of you. You looked around yourself warily, watching as others stepped into the rooms as their doors opened as well.

           You walked in slowly, your eyes roaming over the clean walls of the room. It was small and bare, the walls the same shade as the door. The only colors you could see were from the dark blue tile and the large monitor hanging against the center of the wall. The door shut softly behind you and blocked the whispers from the outside, the room absolutely silent. You stood in front of the screen, pressing your finger against the small touch pad bellow it to confirm your identity.

           “Welcome, Y/n,” the familiar deep voice said, the voice that came with the majority of appliances. You stepped back with a smile, making yourself more visible for the camera to make sure it could capture your movements.

           “Please listen carefully and follow the directions. If you need me to repeat the directions, please say so. You have completed all the tests and interviews necessary for finding your official partner. Would you like to proceed?” it asked, its voice filling up the room. You nodded your head, not wanting to speak out loud.    

           “We have matched you with three different people. Please read through their profiles carefully. After you are done, rank them according to who you would prefer to be with. If it is a definite no, please open the menu and select ‘options’, then click “Delete Profile”. Do you have any questions or would you like me to repeat the directions?” the monitor asked, trying to calm your breathing as you were finally going to see your potential partners. You shook your head, staring intently at the screen as three different profiles came into view. You moved in closer, your eyes scanning all the profiles for key words as you took in their information and their photos.

           You found all of the men to be attractive despite how different they looked from one another, glad they were able to find people that also fit into your physical preferences. They had the characteristics that you looked for; they were family oriented, they valued education and the arts, and they held similar ideologies. There were slight differences that you noted, the ones that were going to help you rank them, even though some of the differences looked insignificant.

          Youngjae was religious and very fond of animals, claiming in his profile he hopes to have upwards of three dogs. While you yourself respected other religions you were worried you two might clash in that area and you were also not very fond of having a lot of pets, but you knew that kind of thing could be worked around. The second option, Daniel, wanted a huge family, and hopes to one day father five children. You cringed as you looked at the number, but knowing that besides that very small part his profile showed he was a good match for you.

          Lastly there was Jungkook’s profile. Your eyes frantically scanned through it as you realized his was a perfect match. He was identical in the parts you needed him to be, the personality on the profile very different from your own but seemed to complement yours well. It claimed he was caring and outgoing, enjoyed being around people and was very social. You smiled as you thought back to your own family, how your father was introverted and the very opposite of your mother. She helped him branch out and see the world differently. Different was good.

          “Rank order: Jungkook, Daniel, Youngjae,” you called out confidently to the screen, watching as the profiles shifted in the order that you wanted them in. You were surprised at how quickly you were able to rank them, smiling widely as an orange loading circle showed up at the bottom right of the screen.

          “Your partner will be chosen shortly. Please wait.”

          You looked down at yourself, smoothing out your light pink blouse. You pulled out your phone to look at your reflection against the black screen, making sure your make up was holding up well. A loud ring filled the room causing you to jump in surprise, shoving your phone back into your back pocket. Jungkook’s profile moved to the center to then expand across the screen, the background of it turning from white to a light green. You stared in amazement, both in the ease and quickness it was all going down in and at the fact you got your first pick.

          “Congratulations, Y/n, Jungkook has been assigned as your partner. You have one month from tomorrow to choose whether or not you want to complete the registration. Do you have any questions?”

          You shook your head as you jumped up a little in excitement, trying to hold back your squeal. This is what you had been waiting for. You waited for so long, held out and worked on yourself in hopes of one day matching with someone that you could live with the rest of your life, and this was potentially him.

          “Are you ready for your introduction?” the voice asked, clearing your throat quickly as you calmed your expression. You didn’t want to look too excited; you wanted to be calm when he first met you. Would he be excited? After all, if you got him that meant you were most likely his first choice as well.

          “Yes,” you said out loud, testing your voice. It was strong and steady, exactly how you wanted it to be. Without another word a low ringing filled the room, waiting for his end to pick up the call. Your breath started to come out shaky the longer the ringing went on, wondering if anything had gone wrong.

          The screen filled completely with a setting very similar to yours. The room looked exactly like the one you were in, the tiles as blue and the walls as white, all a perfect reflection of your own room expect for the man that stood in the center. You could only see the top half of his body, your eyes scanning over his thick green jacket and the dark shirt he wore underneath. His hair was brown and straight, falling down smoothly over his forehead. He had a large smile plastered over his face, one that held a warmth and friendliness you weren’t expecting.

          “Y/n, it’s nice to meet you! I’m Jungkook!” he exclaimed, breaking the short lived silence before you could. You smiled in relief at his attitude, already loving how cheery he was.

          “It’s nice to meet you too Jungkook,” you replied back, thinking back to the pamphlet you and your mother were going over before heading in. The call wasn’t just for fun; you were supposed to figure out where each of you lived and who was going to move in with who.

          “We don’t seem to live too far from each other, thankfully. I live about an hour north of you. I live alone already,” he explained, nodding your head along with his words. You still lived with your parents, so it would probably be best to move in with him. You and your mother had already discussed it before hand and she had encouraged you to move where ever you wanted to long as it made you happy.

          “I still live with my parents, so would it be okay if I moved in with you?” you asked, the decision made a lot easier when you knew you would only be a car ride away from your family.

          “Yes, of course! They’ll be giving you my contact information before you leave, so contact me later tonight and we will figure out how you will get here,” he suggested, feeling the time slipping by.

          “Okay sounds good. It was nice to meet you, I’ll see you soon,” you smiled, waving a goodbye to him. The call was short and sweet, a lot shorter than what you would have liked, but it was long enough for you to know you were definitely glad you chose him.

          “See you soon,” he said back warmly, his hand going up to wave goodbye before he disappeared from the screen.

          “Please return to the main lobby to pick up your partners profile. If you have any further questions, call the number on the pamphlet or seek assistance from someone in our facility,” the voice called out as you backed away with a smile, thanking the monitor. You walked back out quickly, everyone’s faces a blur as you searched for your mother.

          It was over. In less than fifteen minutes you had found your partner and would be meeting with him soon. Something so important had been sorted out in such a small amount of time. The smile faded from your face as a new nervousness began to take over, the reality of it kicking in. You had never lived away from your family, let alone lived with another man. Where were you going to sleep? Maybe a spare bed, or the couch? Or would you be sleeping in his bed so early on? What if you two didn’t get along, and you had to find a different partner next month? You shook the thought from your head, not wanting to even think it.

          But this felt right. Despite only barely talking to him, you felt a connection, just like your mom and dad said they felt. Maybe that wasn’t what it was it all, but you wanted to trust your feelings. You could see it in his face and his smile, a kindness held there that you hoped to see more of. It just felt right.


          You opened the taxi window and let the wind gust in, you hair whipping around wildly while the air cooled your face. Your tears were now long gone, your used tissues stashed somewhere deep in your purse. You could still feel the tightness on your cheeks that they left behind, the only reminder that you had been crying at all.

          Leaving your family was harder than you had thought it would be. It was silly, you knew it. They were an hour away. You could call them constantly and you knew they would be okay, and that you would be okay. But when you looked into your parent’s eyes before you turned to leave, knowing you wouldn’t be able to see their faces every day like you had the past twenty two years, it proved to be too much for you. You tried to look at the bright side. It could have been worse. You could have been matched with someone in a different country and possibly had to move overseas.

          For some people, they left more than just their family and friends. Despite that you all knew that you would have your partner assigned through the government some people still got in serious relationships beforehand. They were forced to be separated from their partners, not just by distance, but by law. Eventually the government had to begin serving punishments for those who cheated, revoking their ability to find another partner again along with a jail sentence that depended on the severity of the situation. It was harsh, but it was how it was. It was due to that that you had chosen to never get in a relationship before getting matched, even though you had been tempted to.

          You had only known a couple of people that got into relationships beforehand, like your older brother. When he first brought her around the house your parents had forbade her from coming, trying to keep them apart from each other in order to protect them both, something he didn’t understand at the time. He said he knew they wouldn’t be able to be together in the future but he wanted to enjoy his youth, and enjoy it he did. He was with her for four years and the love between them was strong despite how stupid it looked to everyone. You think they hoped that maybe they would match with each other, that maybe they were fated.

          They weren’t. Even after he was assigned a partner and moved to the other side of the country he kept in contact with her, emailing her secretly and planning when they would meet up. His wife caught on and followed him on his way to meet her, calling the authorities on him while she watched them get arrested from a coffee shop across the street from where they were meeting up. Your family didn’t blame her, she had all the right. It had now been four years since you had last seen him, and quite a few months since you had last spoken to him. He was the reason you had chosen to never get with anyone, even when guys promised it would be nothing serious.

          The car slowed to a stop outside a large yellow apartment building, your eyes bolting between the address in your hands and the address displayed above its entrance. It had taken a little more than an hour due to traffic, but you were finally here, right in front of your new home.

          You handed the taxi driver what you owed him, grabbing onto your luggage and purse. You slid out of the car awkwardly, the driver climbing out of his seat to help you unload the luggage you had in the trunk. You stacked the three other suite cases on the curb, thanking the driver before he pulled away. You sighed as you looked around, your eyes scanning the small shops that surrounded the area. The street was tiny, barely any room for the cars, but there wasn’t much traffic and it felt safe. There was a tiny market right down the street and a small shop right in front of the building that you would have to check out sometime. You tore your eyes away, trying not to stall what you knew was to come.

          You turned to face the entrance, your eyes meeting his as he jogged out of the building with the same large smile plastered on his face as before. You recognized him right away, having spent last night staring way too long at the photos on his profile. He was dressed is dark jeans and a white hoodie, shoving his hood back and off of his head as he approached you. You tried not to gawk at him, trying to maintain eye contact as he greeted you.

          “You should have told me you were here! You haven’t been waiting long, have you?” he asked as he picked up your suitcases with ease, slinging one of your bags over his shoulder. You smiled and resisted the urge to look down at your feet, not wanting to let your shyness get to you.

          “No, I just got here actually,” you replied as you began to walk into the building, following close behind him. You stared at his back as you walked, eyeing how strong his shoulders looked. He didn’t mention whether or not he was into sports or exercising in his profile, but it sure looked like it. You on the other hand were only really good at ping pong.  

          “How was the ride over here? Are you hungry?” he asked as he eyed your face, blood rushing up to your cheeks as you looked away. He was more attentive than you thought he would be, and despite that it was only really small talk it was making you nervous.

          “The trip here was a breeze. And I’m only a little hungry, I can wait another hour or two,” you said as you climbed up the two flights of stairs, thankful that he didn’t live on one of the top floors since there seemed to be no elevator.

          “We’ll have lunch together,” he called back to you, turning his head so he could throw you a smile before flinging the door to the apartment open. You smiled down shyly, knowing he couldn’t see it but unable to help yourself. He was so much more open than you and so friendly that you wondered how in the world you had gotten matched to him in the first place.    

          Your eyes scanned everything they could land on, closing the door softly behind you as you followed him down the hall and into a room. He stacked your luggage at the foot of the bed, grabbing onto what you had been holding and placing it there as well. The room was small and clean, the smell of the detergent from the sheets filling the room. The bed was done neatly, a large TV hung across the wall with a shelves right beneath it. There was a small dark wooden dresser next to the bed, open to show that it was completely empty. You looked around the room and back at him, an eyebrow raised. It looked a lot like a hotel room.

          “This was my room, but I cleaned it out so you could settle in first,” he explained with a smile, looking a little embarrassed this time. You nodded and thanked him, looking around the room awkwardly despite that there was nothing to see.

          “I’ll let you unpack and we can go out and have lunch in an hour. Sound good?” he asked as he looked down at his watch, your stomach grumbling silently at the thought of food. You had been way too nervous to eat breakfast but the hunger was finally starting to catch up to you. You smiled and nodded, agreeing to the plan. He left the room quickly, closing the door as he left. You sighed, crawling over onto the bed to burry your face in the pillows. You loved how clean the sheets smelled and admired how soft the fabric was as your smoothed your hands over it, closing your eyes to rest for a moment.

          Okay, maybe longer than a moment.


           You opened your eyes to darkness, the sound of soft music playing in the background. You rubbed at your eyes, unsure of where you were. You patted your hands around the bed, searching aimlessly for your phone. You crawled around until you found it, turning your face away from it and squinting when the bright light attacked your face. You had three missed calls from your parents and a couple of texts, your eyes widening when you saw the time. It’s already past 10?!

           You jumped off of the bed, remembering where you were and the plans you had managed to sleep through. Your legs tangled in the blanket as you bolted up, your whole body hurdling towards the ground in one hard thump. You rolled on the floor as you moaned, laughing a little at how stupid you must look. You gripped the blanket, realizing you hadn’t been the one to put it over yourself. You heard a soft knock on the door, his face appearing in it as he cracked it open.

           “Is everything okay?” he called out, his eyes widening as they searched the empty bed, stepping in to flick on the light to find you laying on the floor. He stood at the door way looking from the bed to the blanket caught around your legs, his shoulders starting to shake in laughter as he took in the situation. You got up quickly, stepping out of the blanket and throwing it back onto the bed. He crossed his arms in front him, leaning against the doorframe comfortably.

           “I didn’t think you’d stand me up so soon,” he sighed, looking away dramatically with a hurt expression on his face. You laughed softly, swiping underneath your eyes in case any of the makeup you had slept in had smudged. You probably looked like such a mess.

           “I’m so sorry, I didn’t get much sleep last night, and after I laid down I couldn’t get back up,” you confessed, your hand going up to cover your stomach as its growls began to fill the room, reminding you that you had neglected it.

           “No, it’s okay, I’m glad you caught up on sleep. We should definitely still eat together though,” he said as he eyed the hand that was attempting to muffle the growling. You nodded in agreement, following him as he motioned for you to follow. The apartment was small but cozy, the living room just big enough to accommodate a sofa, coffee table, TV, and a desk. Your eyes scanned the room, enjoying how new it all was, knowing that there might come a day when you would know every inch of this room and the stories that came with every item. The walls were a light cream color, bare except for some photos hung randomly by the desk that you couldn’t see too well. The computer was on, a slow tune coming from its speakers that filled the small space. He had papers scattered on the desk, looking away quickly before you could make out any words, not wanting to invade his privacy if they were personal to him.

           “I wasn’t sure what kind of food you liked but I asked your parents when they called,” he called back to you as he disappeared into the kitchen, your head snapping up in his direction at the mention of your parents.

           “Wait, you talked to them?!” you yelled back in a panic, your voice raising an octave or two. He popped his head around the corner, only his head visible as it hovered in the air. He threw you a smile that said he hadn’t missed your tone of voice and was very much enjoying your jitteriness.

           “I needed to reassure them you hadn’t died when you hadn’t reached out to them all day! Your poor parents would have probably thought you died on the way here or something,” he defended as he went back into the kitchen, reappearing with a dark bag in hand. That explains why there were only a few missed called instead of the two hundred you would have anticipated.  

          “Anyway, they told me you hated mayo, pickles, and fish, but that you would eat anything with chicken in it, so I just bought you a chicken sandwich. I wasn’t sure what kind of chips you would like so I bought three kinds, only salty, one cheesy, and one hot, and you can take whichever, or all of them if you want,” he went on as he set it all out for you on the table, displaying the chips and a water before handing you the sandwich. You stared down at him in awe, your eyes glued to his face. Was he always this nice? You felt a fluttering in your stomach, a nervous feeling that you had been feeling over the last month, but now it was for a completely different reason. You couldn’t help but smile as he looked up at you, waiting for you to snap out of your daze and give him some type of response.

           “Ah, yes, yes, I like chicken! Thanks a lot, this was really nice of you,” you said as you unwrapped your sandwich, unable to slow down as your hunger took over. You took a quick bite before picking out the spicy chips, tearing it open and throwing one into your mouth in the same bite. Jungkook grinned up at your happily, satisfied with himself. He went for the cheesy chips and popped the bag open, getting up from the floor to sit on the couch next to you. You made it half way through the sandwich before he initiated conversation, both of you munching loudly on chips.

           “Your mom sounded nice. She told me to remind you to call her tomorrow morning,” he broke in, resting his arm on the back on the couch between you, shrugging down into it comfortably.

           “She’s really nice, you’ll like her,” you replied automatically, your eyes widening when you realized you had said the last part out loud. It wasn’t a bad thing to say, but you didn’t want to sound too forward. You wanted this to work out, but you didn’t want to automatically assume that it would.

           “I already like her. I didn’t get to talk to your dad but hopefully we get along too,” he said, making you look away from him in embarrassment. You didn’t want to get your hopes up, but he was making it pretty hard not to.

           “What are your parents like?” you asked, trying to picture what they would look like. They must be nice if they raised a person like him. You tried to imagine his mom but all that was coming to mind was an older looking Jungkook with a perm.  

           “Oh you’ll really like them. My dad is really calm and nice and my mom is really funny and loud. You won’t be able to meet them in person anytime soon though, they live more than eight hours away by car, but we should be able to skype with them or something,” he said. You raised your eyebrows in surprise, taking a swig of water before speaking

           “Really? Why do you live so far from your parents?” you questioned. It almost sounded rude to ask, but it was a little strange. Parents and their children lived apart all the time, but that normally happened after they were matched, not before. The majority of people stayed with their parents until the found their partner, but there were always a few who moved away for some reason or another. You looked up at him as he shifted a little in his seat, pausing for a moment.

           “I got a good job offer in the area and I have other family that lives nearby, so I thought ‘why not’, you know?” he explained, nodding your head and inhaling the last bite of your sandwich.

           “How long have you lived apart from them?” you asked, curious to how long he had lived alone. Although you didn’t like being around crowds of people, you liked being around people in general. You would have never contemplated living alone and would have opted to live with family or a roommate. He seemed so outgoing and definitely seemed like a people person, so it surprised you.

           “Only about three years,” he replied, your eye brows shooting up again in surprise. Only three? Three seemed like a long time to live alone.

           “How do you feel, being apart from your family?” he asked back, eyeing you curiously. You felt his eyes over your face, making you wish you had looked in the mirror before settling down to eat.  

           “Honestly, I thought it was going to feel worse. But it’s only the first day, so ask me again in a couple of weeks and let’s see what I say then,” you shrugged, picking up the small pillow that had rested between you two and playing with the fringe on its corner.

           “You’re making the transition here easy,” you admitted, wanting to let him know that you appreciated his effort. He seemed really genuine in his attempts to make you feel comfortable, and you could tell he wanted this to work out as much as you did.

           “I’m trying my best. Want everything to start off as smoothly as possible,” he smiled, proud that he had been able to make you feel more at ease.

           “You think you’ll be rested enough by tomorrow to go out for dinner?” he asked, chuckling a little as he looked at the time. You could see him doing the math in his head, realizing, as you had earlier, that you had slept for ten hours straight.

           “Yes, dinner sounds good,” you laughed, knowing that you had gotten enough sleep to last you until tomorrow night.

           “I normally leave the house between six or seven in the morning, and I should be home sometime between two and five, it all just depends on how work goes,” he informed you. You had totally forgotten that he still had to go to work, unable to get the time off that you had gotten.

           “When do you go back?” he asked, making you more nervous as you thought about returning to work. You were able to transfer to a school in the city, which was great for you, but now it meant having to get used to a whole new environment, coworkers, and students.

           “I go back next week,” you said with a sigh, your hand automatically going up to your mouth to place your nails in between your teeth, biting away at them.

           “Oh, great! You can just relax until I get home, or you can go look around the city,” he suggested. You nodded, having already looked up the area for interesting places to check out and having a couple in picked out.  

“But don’t go to the arcade or the amusement park in the city over, I want to go to those together,” he said quickly as it came to his mind. You pressed you lips together in a line, trying to suppress a smile and failing.

           “Alright, sounds good to me,” you replied, the warmth very obvious in your voice. You got up, feeling like the conversation had come to its close.  

           “I’ll see you tomorrow,” he called as you retired back into the room, all smiles once you were no longer in his sight.

           You knew once you made it back into the room that you weren’t going to be sleeping anytime soon. You laid out all of your belongings on the bed, organizing everything around the room and making yourself more comfortable. You kept as quiet as possible, unsure of how light of a sleeper Jungkook was and not wanting to wake him up. After you hung your clothes, organized your shoes, and stacked your books and pictures on the shelf you turned on your laptop and opened Netflix, finding a scary movie to watch to pass the time. You felt lazy not doing anything, but man did it feel good.

           You started getting hungry again at around four in the morning, picking out a comedy to watch and knowing it would go perfect with a snack. He wouldn’t mind if you grabbed something from the kitchen right? I mean, technically you lived together now, but it definitely still felt like his home. No, you don’t think he would mind though.

          You spent a minute opening the door, opening it inch my inch to make sure you wouldn’t make a single sound. You tip toed out into the hallway, goosebumps rising on your legs as they met the cool air. You made it to the kitchen as quiet as a ghost, finding the last bag of chips sitting on the counter, calling your name. You smile and picked them up, opening a cabinet curiously to see if there was other junk he kept in the house. You found a small baggy of chocolate covered pretzels which you quickly grasped in your hand before exiting the kitchen.

          You looked over at the living room curiously, realizing quickly that Jungkook wasn’t there. You looked over at the bathroom, the light shining from under the door. You sighed and let out a soft laugh, feeling silly for having put so much effort into being quiet. You stood there for a moment, walking further into the room when realized the apartment had a small balcony. The doors were open wide, the darkness from the outside seeping in. You looked out at the fading moon, walking out into the cool air. There wasn’t much to see since you were on the second floor, but from the vantage point you could see that there was a park nearby along with a pet store, smiling as you read the different signs and looked at the different buildings. You walked to the edge, resting your elbows on the ledge and closing your eyes.

           You jumped when you heard his voice, so lost in your own thoughts you hadn’t heard him exit the bathroom. You were about to turn around and let your presence be known, wishing you had went straight to the room so he wouldn’t see you heading back into the room you’re your stolen snacks.

           “Baby, I told you not to worry,” he whispered, your movements stopping just as you were about to turn around. Your eyes went wide, your heart lurching forward. Baby? No, you were just jumping to conclusions. It had to be something else, something other than what you were thinking.

           “I’m not going to do anything with her, I promise. Just one more month and we can be together again, okay? Now please get some sleep, I’ll call you during my lunch break,” he promised, pressing yourself as far against the edge of the balcony as you could as you heard his voice come closer.

           “Love you too. Talk to you soon.”    

           Okay, so maybe it was exactly what you were thinking.

          You became very aware of your breathing, your breaths becoming shallow and rapid. You felt a small pain shoot up your chest, anxiety filling your stomach as tears stung at your eyes. This was worse than what you had imagined. You didn’t want to get your hopes up in case you two didn’t work out, in case you found out you weren’t good together despite being matched together or in case you found out he was very different than he had made himself out to be. You never, for a moment, thought you would have to worry about him cheating.

          Cheating. Was that the right word? You weren’t married yet, so maybe it wasn’t. If he was just planning to go back to her, why was he being so nice to you? It’s not like the government had set you up to be friends and you had taken his kindness the wrong way, I mean you were supposed to get married for Christ sake.

          Not just that, it was against the law.

          You stayed pressed against the balcony wall, sounds no longer audible from the room. Wait, how were you going to get out? Maybe he would go to the bathroom again and you could make a run for the room? You eyed the balcony doors, sliding closer to the wall and hiding partially behind one of the doors, thankful that the glass was covered with a dark curtain.

          Oh god, what if he came out in to the balcony? You stayed still, wishing you had chosen to wear sweats instead of shorts. You slid down quietly, pulling your knees up to your chest.

          You decided to wait it out. It wasn’t too cold and you weren’t sure your legs would take you to the room anyway. You placed your snacks down at your feet, making sure your movements were slow so he couldn’t hear the crinkling of the material.

          What time did he say he went to work? 6? That meant you only had to wait for about two more hours, which was okay. You needed to think everything through anyway and you much rather sit here than have him know you had just overheard everything.  

          It was exactly when you heard him pick up his keys that you knew what you were going to do. You weren’t one for confrontation, so you weren’t going to be telling him that you knew unless you really had too. And despite this, he was a nice person. Even though he loved someone else and didn’t want to be with you, he still made an effort to make you feel at home, which you appreciated. You knew what would happen to him if you reported it, and although it might end up being his fate anyway if he does it to his next partner, you didn’t want to be the person to call him out on it. You would make it through the month, and at the end, petition to no longer be his partner, which seemed like something he would definitely be up for.

          It was good you found out now, before you began to feel anything more than a slight crush on him. That’s all you felt for him, just a crush, you told yourself. You had barely had more than a full conversation with him, there was no way it could ever be more. He already loved someone else.

          You let out a silent sigh as you heard him head for the door, hearing his sweet humming as you heard him slide it open. You silently grabbed your snacks and started to get up, rubbing the cold off of the backs of your thighs.

          “Oops, almost forgot!” you heard him hiss out, his footsteps ringing loudly over to you as he sprinted across the room.

          “Wouldn’t want to leave it open,” he said, your heart stopping as his arms came into view, his hands curling around the door knobs before pulling them away, shutting the balcony doors. You heard the ominous click, the click that told you were just locked out of the apartment. You heard him rush out, leaving your to stare out at the sunrise in defeat.

          Well shit.  

I’ve watched listened to WAY too much Grey’s Anatomy (all of it from the start, within a month and a half probably, or less). xD I meant to ACTUALLY include Anders in his nurse’s outfit but the way this went he didn’t want to be in the picture. xD LATER, then.


Favorite Con Moments [1/]
↳Misha wiping “fairy herpes” (Jensen’s words not mine) on Jensen at JIB 6 [x]


[Acrylics on cardboard]

The lighting in my room is appalling

I needed to bulk out my portfolio but the only thing I really felt like painting at the time was Pharah. Which turned out to be a mistake. But hey I did eventually finish it so just take it.



Idk I was bored…??? 


Taeyong: the host who shows off their wall writing stickers “and this one says live, laugh, love…its my favourite" 

  Jaehyun: the one who sits quietly and laughs really late at jokes but pays no attention when everyone looks at them, has secretly been drunk since three hours prior 

  Doyoung: the subtle bringer of discourse and shade™ “this chicken is as dry as your hair Mark…" 

  Ten: crushes everyone when the Wii is pulled out and someone puts on just dance© 

  Mark: the one that gets his ears covered when someone says something inappropriate 

  Taeil: wine mom™ actually jealous of Taeyongs wall writings

Guys I really hate all this "try apps and get paid" like we all know that things don't work, like ever. So why do you insist on other people to do it? If you can't get a job or do something better with your life than posting that sh*t. well, let me tell you that you need help. We are here just to chill and have a good laugh not to try apps and never get paid + having a virus on our phone, thanks a lot. Bye ✌️

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