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I JUST SAW THIS & AFTER I FINISHED SHRIEKING, I IMMEDIATELY THOUGHT YOU HAVE TO SEE IT IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY!!!! Baby Nicky & Mike Green: iwatchhockeynow(.)tumblr(.)com(/)post(/)159839452712


(I had to find the source to actually realize what the heck this was, because what the heck is this, why does this exist, and Greener why did you have to go for the artistic blurred zoom except to torture us all Nicky probably vetoed all other shots because it showed his face in any expression other than a frown)

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After things have wound down, after seeing that his crew is safe, after they’ve wished him happy birthday with warm grins and laughter, Jim slips his hand into Bones’ and they head back to their temporary lodgings at Yorktown. They take the long way, because they’re so used to only walking the same corridors over and over.  It’s different.  It makes Jim have to tell him.

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Same sim, two versions. I realize they’re almost identical outside of their styling, but I can’t decide which one I hate less so I’m posting them both. She’s an old character from my story that I’m sure no one remembers, lol, but once I finish updating her face I will work on a Pixel Rust scene or two. :)

I just realized that I never really posted anything about my Pearl costume so here’s the staff I made. It was a huge pain to make but I’m really happy with it. It’s just paper clay sculpted onto a dowel rod. It’s super glittery and pearlescent in person. I’ll be wearing Pearl to ACen in May!

So the good news is that I'm finished with my Cassandra Cain movie script

The bad news is that I still have no fucking idea how to begin to pitch it to DC Animated 

You’d really think I’d have the contacts for it

But it’s proving surprisingly hard to pull together

So yeah

Scripting is the easiest part, I guess.