just realized how white this group is

Okay. There’s something that has been bothering me for a long time and today I’m gonna try to articulate it. Here I go:

If you are white, you do not get to distance yourself from your whiteness by saying “white people suck” to a person of color. Believe me, they know.

If you are straight, you do not get to distance yourself from your straightness by saying “straight people suck” to a non-straight person. Believe me, we know.

If you are cis, you do not get to distance yourself from your cis-ness by saying “cis people suck” to a trans and/or nonbinary person. Believe me, they know.

I’m white and I caught myself doing this shit the other day while I was working on a race theory essay. I was writing about how white people try to infantilize black people in ads and media and I wrote “they” instead of “we” to refer to white people. Once I’d realized what I’d done—how I’d subconsciously tried to other myself from an oppressive group simply because I was criticizing it—I corrected it to “we.” Because, as a white person, I know that I am part of the problem.

You don’t get to decide that you are one of the “good ones” just because you think racism/homophobia/transphobia/etc. is bad. You’re still a member of the oppressive majority. You still perpetuate racism/homophobia/transphobia/etc.… regardless of whether you’re aware of it or not.

TL; DR: Please spend more time actually listening to minorities and less time assuring them that you’re not like those other bad white/straight/cis people.

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I know requests are closed but can we have some like cute fluffy smutty niall blurb? Where you guys go on vacation for the first time as a couple?


A/N: What happens when Niall goes to Ibiza and my disgust with Goulet peaks???  This.  Shout out to my girls for helping me work out the kinks!

When Niall suggested a quick getaway to Ibiza you were ecstatic.  When he also told you a gaggle of Devines and Matt Goulet would be along for the ride, you immediately refused to go.

“Babe c’mon!  Goulet’s got this hook up for a private yacht and Deo’s really excited to see Dua Lipa.”  Niall was close to begging, his big blue eyes pleading while he made his most pathetically adorable puppy face at you.

You groaned and slumped back into the couch dramatically.  “Fine.  But I’m not speaking to Goulet the entire time we’re there.  And if I hear him name drop you one time I’m totally kicking him in the throat.” You crossed your arms defiantly and set your mouth in a deep pout.  A wide smile broke out across Niall’s face and his eyes lit up with excitement.  He draped himself over your body and peppered kisses across the soft skin of your jaw and neck until you were a giggling mess underneath him.  When you finally caught your breath he pulled back and pressed a sweet kiss to your lips.  

“S’gonna be sick darlin’, no interviews, no schedule.  Just sun, drinks, swimming, and music.”

You quirked your head slightly, a question bubbling up before you could really think about it.  “Wait.  Why is Deo so excited to see Dua Lipa?  I didn’t know he was into her music.”  Niall rolled his eyes and sighed.

“He thinks they might be soulmates ‘cause her name is Dua and his name is Deo.”

“Niall.  Please tell me you’re fucking joking.”

“Hand t’God.  Told me that himself.”

You closed your eyes and tried to comprehend the adorable idiocy of Niall’s cousin.  Unfortunately there was no way around it, Deo had outdone himself on this one.  “Ok, but that’s not even his real name and - you know what?  I don’t even have a response for that.  Fucking Deo.”

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Them: White Feminism just means you don’t think white’s can do anything right.

Me: Carefully explains that White Feminism isn’t saying all white women who are feminists are bad, but White Feminism is rather a type of feminism (As they are many different branches of feminism, not just one) that caters to middle to upper-class able body cis straight white woman, and ignores the problems of the poor, disabled, LGBT+, trans,  and most importantly WOC’s issues (and really overall ignores the issues of MOC too). Further talks about how white woman have historically have been oppressors of such groups and need to realize they hold a place of privilege in society. Explaining that going as far back as the suffragette movement white woman went out of their way to discriminate against WOC in the movement. Points out that white women need to be held accountable for the systematic racism in this country the same way white men are.  

Them: you just hate white people

Me: *Slams head into brick wall repeatedly* 

On islamofascism

I’ve posted a bunch of longass picture posts featuring Islamofascists, rebutted with the pictures, added many videos to them, and I havent done that in a while. I never really did a stand alone post about it based on commentary, I mostly just shared my 60-ish pictures and a bunch of videos.

So here’s the thing about muslim nazis

The relationship between white neonazis and these islamofascists is complicated. White neonazis hate islamofascism. They like the fascism, they dont like islam, and they dont like nonwhites, so to them, it’s a “2/3 enemy, would lynch”. They hate muslims and any other ideology that claims to be better or more important than their nazi ideology, plus, they dont like other races and muslims are almost unanimously not white. But islamofascists love Hitler and the Nazis for killing so many jews that they actually dont care that the relationship is one sided. They honestly believe that white neonazis will see the truth of allah, the prohet, islam, and the quran. They honsetly believe they can convert them, especially if they can become the majority in places where white neonazis live, which is obviously nations where you find white people. If it didnt happen in one generation, it would eventually happen over time. It helps them rationalize the relationship that the Mein Kampf translations into Arabic are a lot softer about the hatred of non-whites and emphasize the hatred of jews. Nazis also share a hatred for western liberal values with islamic fundamentalists such as islamofascists, so there is also that aspect.

There is another relationship involving islam that is this one sided. Social justice warriors are unanimously in support of groups that they view as oppressed, and they view muslims as being one of the most oppressed groups. To sjws, all oppressed people will join in solidarity with one another to destroy their oppressors and status quo, and muslims are oppressed people in their view, and so if a muslim does not join in solidarity with the left, they are passed of as “not a true muslim“ and either being “internally oppressed” or privileged/oppressive in some way. Their view of islam is that an oppressive person could not be muslim, but also that a muslim gets a universal free pass on wrongdoings, because who are you to judge the oppressed? If they are fighting against their oppressor, they are just, according to the left. “Punching up is not the same as punching down”, so to them, 9/11 was justified because of western occupations in the middle east. When lead in a rally by an islamist leader who advocates sharia and has personally been involved in terrorist attacks, such as Linda Sarsour in the women’s march, they do not get upset, because in the leftist view, you can not denounce the cause of someone who is “more oppressed” than you.

The primary enemy of islamism and nazism both is western civilization and “the jew” (which they dont distinguish between). The primary enemy of marxism is capitalism, and therefor conservatism, liberalism, western liberal civilization, and to some leftists but not all, this also includes jews. The primary enemy of feminism is any group or society which has the most aggregate power and wealth, or any group or society that has the most liberals/capitalists among them, and all of those necessarily point to western civilization, white people, western white “cishet” males, christians, and also jews (though antisemitism is not a primary or necessary part of feminist views). I wont get into the nuances of how marxian analyses like feminist theory perceive jews, but I’ll instead just summarize that social justice is very two faced when it comes to jews. So, the problem of antisemitism among muslims has room to be overlooked in their view, or even quietly accepted. They can just point at israel as an injustice against palestinians and rationalize it that way, that’s good enough for them, and anyone who criticizes muslims is distinguished as the REAL badguy. And again, you cant judge someone who’s less privileged than you, so as a leftist, you’re not allowed to criticize their hate. Bad things = prejudice + (the leftist analysis that you have) institutional privilege, so actually, hate is a bad things and muslims are oppressed, so muslims cant hate by definition because, for it to be hate they’d have to have institutional power. And that’s your brain on social justice - not even once.

Sjws see that muslim populations have been successful in replacing centrist and right wing voting populations, liberal people, westernized groups, white people, etc, and that’s an effective way for leftists to attain political power. So they’re in favor of all the policies that will cause muslims to flood into Europe, which btw, includes destabilizing their nations - look no further than Obama and Hillary for that kind of military, strategy, & weapons related behavior from leftist politicians (behavior which the leftist masses ignore, because it’s their party that they wont criticize, and if they only hear the info about their candidates being warlords from people outside their party, they think it must be fake info or that there is some other reason for the massive armaments and actual wars, so leftists just dont think about it, they’re too busy slandering everyone else).

One of the amazing things about islamofascism is that these outright nazis actually take full advantage of leftist stupidity. The Muslim Student Association apparently started an unironic Hitler Youth Week in a university, according to this Palestinian girl (right before she proclaimed jews deserve death to a jewish man’s face):

There were no anti nazi rallies, of course. These islamist nazis even join leftist parties like Labour:

Immigrant muslims largely vote leftist because leftists have chosen to unconditionally serve muslims, specially, to the point of allowing them to commit atrocity that sjws would normally froth at the mouth over and riot against. So they support encouraging muslims to immigrate and outpopulate everyone in Europe, because leftists politically benefit. Plus, muslim immigrants mostly dont integrate, they have very tightly knit ingroup based communities like jews do, but muslims actually go so far as to replace local western systems with sharia. So not only does the left get rid of whites, liberals, conservatives, and gain a huge voting block, they get to replace the western societal structures by painting the map with islam. It’s not bringing about the communist/socialist/feminist magic fairlyland utopia they want, but it’s “diversity” and the next best thing, the destruction of the status quo for an “oppressed class”. It’s especially great for them if they realize their fantasy of converting all muslims to a legitimately leftist worldview. They genuinely think they can convert islam in exactly the same way islamofascists think they can convert white neonazis. ISIS is already like how they wish antifa could be, antifa cant organize a takeover or rebellion like ISIS, so antifa wants to be like them and they want radical groups to be allies with leftists like themself, so really, antifa just want ISIS to be a little less fa and little more com. People like Malala give them hope that islam is compatible with leftist ideology:

The left will backtrace on their support of outright nazis, but it wasnt the left who blasted Zakia Belkhiri. They praised her for her ‘courageous stand against islamophobia‘ for taking a selfie in front of anti-islam protestors. When she was found out to be a legit neonazi, the left was silent about it while liberals and conservatives were outraged.

Muslims and nazis rarely have direct hostilities that play out, so that keeps their one sided relationship stable. Although the white neonazis in muslim populated areas are certainly getting very stirred up, they’re not actually a very large group, other less radical ethnic nationalist groups seem to have almost completely replaced them, and even those arent particularly huge groups. And at least in the west, hostilities specifically between leftists and islamists are rare, but when they happen, leftists are 100% more likely to thank them and apologize to them than to actually go after islamist extremism for being violent. And so that one sided relationship is, if anything, reciprocal. Islamofascism is not even on the leftist radar whatsoever, it’s not a though in their head or an idea they’ve been exposed to in anyway, so that’s not a problem for them to rationalize nor to actually stand against, so that’s not a mental obstacle for them when it comes to rationalizing mass immigration. And I dont suspect their response to islamofascism is anything that would in any way be productive, it would probably make things way worse, so from now on, I’d rather point it out to everyone else besides leftist radicals & progressives.

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hey there, i was wondering what your thoughts on Sofia Coppola's The Beguiled getting rid of the one black character from the original? i kinda have mixed feelings about it. sofia never has POC in her films anyway and having the only WOC in The Beguiled be a slave is messed up, but i still feel like maybe there should be POC there. i'm still excited for the film but i wish she was subverting a little more of what the book/1971 film had already done, maybe by having the black character do more.


My feelings are very similar to yours.

Coppola briefly addressed the issue in one of her Cannes interviews for the movie saying that slavery was so important that she would rather cut the character out than handle it in a half-assed way. That isn’t something I find to be a really satisfactory answer. I feel like if she knew more black women or had collaborated with a black woman writer or if in an alternate universe a black woman was directing that this person would have been able to expand on the character in a subtle way that neither made her a racist stereotype nor reduced her to a walking lesson on how slavery is bad. 

Coppola gets a lot of (imo justly deserved) criticism for her movies being all about white blonde girls. I used to find that aspect of her casting annoying but after seeing The Bling Ring I changed my mind. The Bling Ring was based on a real life group of teens most of whom were Asian or hispanic. In Coppola’s movie she focused on the white characters and the only poc was the ring leader, who was of Asian descent, who was reduced to a co-lead. So after that I realized this is just who she is. She’s going to keep making beautiful movies but they’ll always be about white people.

And let’s get real here: even if she had expanded the point of view of the black character in The Beguiled it still would just be a subplot in a story that is ultimately about white people. Even if she decided that all the projects she’d make for the rest of her life were going to be centered around poc they would still ultimately be about poc as interpreted by a white woman. Which points to the bigger issue at hand here: the reason things like this hurt so much is because there is an industry wide racism problem and women of colour have so much trouble getting projects made and then getting the critical/financial support they need to continue. 

So I have no problem with anyone seeing The Beguiled but I really hope people who are disappointed by the whiteness of her movies go and seek out the work of women of colour. If anyone wants suggestions they can always hit up my inbox! Giving a special shout out here to the TV show Queen Sugar. Ava DuVernay produced and a big selling point was that she hired an all-women directorial team for both seasons of the show. But something that was not talked about but which is also so important was that almost every director she hired was a woman of colour. Off the top of my head she hired Victoria Mahoney, So Yong Kim, Aurora Guerrero, Julie Dash, Cheryl Dunye: feature film directors who have at least one or more movies! So familiarize yourself with their names and their work! And go see The Beguiled if you’re interested in it and drop me a line letting me know what you think. 

Just for fun I collected the heights of various Teen Wolf characters (based on the actors)

Core pack, up to S3b-
Lydia: 5’ 3”
Kira: 5’ 4”
Allison, Erica, & Malia: 5’ 8”
Jackson: 5’ 9”
Scott, Stiles, Peter, & Ethan: 5’ 10”
Derek, Danny, & Aiden: 6’ 0”
Isaac: 6’ 2”
Boyd: 6’ 3”

Additional characters-
Liam: 5’ 5”
Mason: 5’ 7”
Braeden: 5’ 8”
Dr. Deaton: 5’ 9”
Chris, & Deucalion: 5’ 10”
Gerard, Sheriff Stilinski, & Jordan Parrish: 6’ 0”
Coach: unknown lol

I find it amusing how, up to S4, Jackson is the shortest guy among the teens. Also I didn’t realize Boyd is that tall or that the twins are different heights. 

This is a good reference to have because Stiles is always said to be tall, but he’s the same height as Scott and he’s average height for the group. If you wanna talk noticeably tall white teens, that’d be Isaac.*

(*All these characters are played by actors older than twenty. So you can still have a headcanon where actual-teen Stiles shoots up in height first, just this is me saying Stiles’s height, on the show, isn’t that significant.)

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if you dont mind but do you know any good ereri fics on ao3? im deprived rn lmao

Of course! I don’t know if you’ve read some of these so I’ll put as many as I can! Enjoy!

I Heard You Talking by screwtodayimsleeping


Levi is a prissy History teacher, who insists on everything being orderly, clean, and on time.
Eren is an outgoing, fun-loving English teacher who every student loves.
Oh, and they hate eachother’s guts.
So naturally, the 104th class decides to get them together, by any means necessary.

1994 by Vee


Before cell phones. Before the Kardashians. Before internet porn. The year is 1994. Eren, Mikasa, and Armin, poor kids from the wrong side of the tracks, have been transferred with the rest of their neighborhood to the posh, uptown Trost High (Home of the Titans). Mikasa and Armin seem to fit in well enough, but Eren isn’t quite so lucky. Of course, most of this has to do with Eren’s personality. When he accepts a bet to lose his virginity (and actually prove that someone likes him) by the end of the semester, it’s hard for him to deny the improbability of winning. After all, the only one he seems to be talking to these days is the weirdly pretty (and just plain weird) goth working at the donut shop down the street…

Haute Couture Love by SailorHeichou


Eren Jaeger is sharp, determined and hard working but doesn’t consider himself beautiful or good looking in the least. When he lands his dream job, working at Survey Corp Publications as the Executive Assistant to a high-end Fashion magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, his life is turned Topsy-Turvy. All he wants to do is work hard to become an Editor, but his boss Levi seems keen on making his life a living hell.Levi is a notorious playboy who gets what he wants both in and out of the bedroom. As Editer-in-Chief of New York’s best selling high-end Fashion Magazine, Levi is forced to work with an overly determined, hot-headed brat with a rat’s nest for hair and the most incredible eyes he’s ever seen and it’s all because of Erwin Smith.

Phantom by Lady Ackerman


Real World AU. Eren Jaeger seems to have the good life. He just got into Rose University, Heaven for a Photographer, and his horribly absent Father is completely out of his life. But on Eren’s first day of University, he is given a project by his professor. Use all three art forms to prove your talent but theirs a catch. It has to be based on the musical run by the Drama Department, ‘Phantom of the Opera’. It’s not much of a problem until he end up with the senior ‘Phantom’ himself, Levi Ackerman. With time, they get closer and closer until they realize that their future is in jeopardy. Are you Ready?

Extra Pepperoni by hikarimitsuko


Eren, 17, student. Not gay, definitely not gay (at least that’s what he says). Known as “The fuck-up” has to work every night of his god damn life to deliver pizza in an attempt to make enough money for him and Mikasa to get by on their own since their dad abandoned them. The shitty tiny apartment is what he calls his hell hole. He hates school, he hates work, he hates his life but he wants to make it better some day. One particular night, a customer calls a couple of minutes before the Pizzeria closes to place an order. Eren is pissed off, to say the least. Until that stranger opens the door of his house and grabs him by the shirt.

Love.exe by myoue


All Levi wants to do is drink tea, run his goddamn convenience store, and not have to deal with this kid who keeps coming in to leech his wifi bringing down high-end corporations.

Street Brat by Monsoon


Having been on the streets with his sister from a young age, Eren is used to skirting around the law to get by. He’d long since discarded any childhood dreams of joining the Survey Corps; his focus now was to help provide for and protect Mikasa, her son, and the secret that could very well get them killed. He was doing just fine after joining a street gang, until of course fate decided to literally fling him straight into the line of sight of the one man with a reputation for hunting down criminals like himself; Captain Levi of the Survey Corps.

Undercover Lover by SimplyTsundere


FBI Agent Eren Jaeger goes undercover into The Legion, a notorious group running drugs through the city of New Orleans, to avenge the death of his best friend and partner. How will his life change when he realizes that sometimes things aren’t always as black and white as they seem?

Red Heat by scienefictioness 

(still haven’t read it but I know it’s amazing)


Eren is one of the few Alphas who go into rut without the presence of an Omega in heat nearby, and after suppressing it for nearly two years, the drugs are no longer working. As a last resort he heads to an Omega refuge, hoping to find a suitable, but temporary, mate. When he finds one lost in a fatal 'red heat’, he’ll do whatever it takes to ease his suffering.

When Levi’s fist sounded out against the wood, the Alpha did not open it right away. Leaned into it, pressing his forehead against the smooth surface. Felt the pull of the Omega on the other side, just as he had that first day in the shelter. A whole new kind of gravity that tugged him not down to the earth but straight towards Levi. The laws of the universe shifting to bring them closer together, and Eren could not resist their inevitability.

The Reason Why I Smile by Kurokitty


Levi had planned to spend his summer vacation before 5th grade reading and quietly doing chores outside at his uncle Kenny’s house. That is, until the boy with the most beautiful teal eyes Levi has ever seen moved in across the street and wanted to be his friend.

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What are your favorite riren/ereri fanfictions?

Ah, well I have a lot actually, so I’m sorry if this gets to be too long of an answer for such a simple question. Also, umm pardon for the amount of smut I’m about to list, but the ones that have * labeled next to the title are my ultimate favorite fanfics. Ones with the ~ are unfinished works or are still ongoing.

*Tree House by Momma_Ran

Eren and Levi have various methods of relaxing. Some include sex. Some include doing domestic stuff together. 

*Always Taking Care Of Me by twisting_vine_x

Levi should have never taught Eren how to fuck.

come to daddy by TheSpazzBot

Levi’s never felt so absolutely wrecked.

*Ropes For Pancakes by shotgunsinlace

A night out after a rough work week finds Levi at an exclusive nightclub, where he picks up an attractive young man with a repertoire of debauched kinks. Luckily for him, Levi too has a taste for the more obscure and taboo kinds of fetishes.

House Sitting by Johzanne

Only the worst could come from skinny dipping at a stranger’s house.

*Mile High Club by TheSpazzBot

Levi had suggested it weeks ago as a joke, but 30,000 feet in the air is really not the place to be getting cold feet.

You Got me in Chains by erenbaeger

Just 2 boys discovering what they like in the bedroom.

*Turn the Lock by orphan_account

Levi could understand wanting to leave class, it was boring as hell. So usually when Eren offers a way out, she’s 100% up for it. But a bathroom? Really?

Eren better make it worth her time.

~ *I Miss You by ASDFGHJFR55 

Levi Ackerman has no idea why every time it rains, he feels really, really miserable. He didn’t expect his new neighbor who has just moved in next to his apartment to show him the reason, either.

Like literally.

*What A Catch by cosipotente 

He is giving Levi an intimate sort of power over him that has nothing to do with incest and everything to do with putting his entire well-being in Levi’s hands. Leave it to Eren to do it in the weirdest fucking way possible.

*Yellow Wall by Trick_Fantasy

After becoming enamoured with webcam model Levi Ackerman, Eren becomes a Camboy on the same website - undressing and performing for audiences on the internet. Eren builds up his fan-base, steadily getting more popular until Levi notices him, and scouts him for a joint Camshow.

*Red Heat by sciencefictioness

Eren is one of the few Alphas who go into rut without the presence of an Omega in heat nearby, and after suppressing it for nearly two years, the drugs are no longer working. As a last resort he heads to an Omega refuge, hoping to find a suitable, but temporary, mate. When he finds one lost in a fatal ‘red heat’, he’ll do whatever it takes to ease his suffering.

“When Levi’s fist sounded out against the wood, the Alpha did not open it right away. Leaned into it, pressing his forehead against the smooth surface. Felt the pull of the Omega on the other side, just as he had that first day in the shelter. A whole new kind of gravity that tugged him not down to the earth but straight towards Levi. The laws of the universe shifting to bring them closer together, and Eren could not resist their inevitability.”

*Never A Rose by PlayingChello

Levi owns the Petal Wings flower shop and enjoys it as well as he can. At least until the new tattoo shop next door starts blasting music and irritating his work flow. He decides to take it upon himself to tell the shitty owner to turn it down. But there are just a few things standing in his way….

~ *Street Brat by Monsoon

Having been on the streets with his sister from a young age, Eren is used to skirting around the law to get by. He’d long since discarded any childhood dreams of joining the Survey Corps; his focus now was to help provide for and protect Mikasa, her son, and the secret that could very well get them killed. He was doing just fine after joining a street gang, until of course fate decided to literally fling him straight into the line of sight of the one man with a reputation for hunting down criminals like himself; Captain Levi of the Survey Corps.

Give the Dog a Bone® by TheSpazzBot

Levi was just looking for man’s best friend when he adopted the dog. What he got instead was man’s best wingman.

(or the AU where Levi’s dog tries to hump Eren every time it sees him)

*Deal With It by Corporal_Levi_cleans_my_house

Eren and Levi are mates. They bicker rather than coo and murmur, and Levi is always complaining because Eren is his Alpha and that is incredibly unjust. Eren is a brat and he knows it, and Levi is a diva and he shows it. Omega or no Omega, this raven-haired drama queen won’t let anybody push him around or give him orders.
…except for the stupidly handsome, often grinning, generally dopey brat that just so happens to be his mate. His Alpha. His everything.

*Undercover Love by SimplyTsundere

FBI Agent Eren Jaeger goes undercover into The Legion, a notorious group running drugs through the city of New Orleans, to avenge the death of his best friend and partner. How will his life change when he realizes that sometimes things aren’t always as black and white as they seem?

*Magic Eren by warschach

Eren is a stripper at Erwin’s club and when Levi is hurting for cash he is offered a job. So dancing happens and so does smut.

*Not The Monster You Wished For by JustAWrist

Eren never thought he needed group therapy. Eren never wanted group therapy. Even getting him into physical therapy was tough. But now, one car accident and two worried friends later, Eren finds himself thrust into the world of group therapy for people like him. People with PTSD, the wounded veterans. Little did he know that this group would be made up of the people who haunt him in his nightmares. Including, but not limited to, the man who he blames for the loss of his lower leg. The man who led him into battle. Corporal Levi.

~ *To Kill With No Regrets by SinfulAvenue

“You’re shaking Detective….do I really make you that nervous?”

A serial killer is tearing through Stohess slicing away the napes of their victims necks but something about these crimes seems familiar. Young trainee Detective Eren Jaeger is tasked with visiting a high security prison to interrogate notorious serial killer Levi Ackerman to see if he has any insight into who would want to replicate his killings. However Levi won’t give him the information he wants so easily. Is it his imagination or is this cold killer flirting with him? After finding out about the person Levi used to before he gave into his dark side Eren is torn between hatred and empathy for the killer. Will an unlikely friendship blossom between Detective and killer? will Levi help Eren catch the Stohess Slasher.

Suspecting Nothing by prettyboydotexe

Eren comes across Levi, who is having car troubles, and decides to take him back to his garage for a free diagnosis, porn references, and suspicious sisters.

geekgirl101 replied to your post “Antisemitism? How? ��”

but Snape was based on a teacher JKR had in grade school. She didn’t make him “Stereotypically Jewish.”

Maybe you should listen to what Jewish people like Mod Egg have to say about this instead of just arguing?


Here is one comment on that post that is particularly important:


The thing to remember before “it’s a reach!” Is that JKR does this *all the time*. It’s not just about Snape being the literal embodiment of antisemitic tropes (inspired by Shakespeare, among other classical authors, btw, a source JKR repeatedly draws from for references).

She never canonically stated Dumbledore’s sexuality, even as she wrote a 700 page book about him, because, “it’s for kids”. Lycanthropy is coded as an AIDS-equivalent and Remus Lupin was infected as a child by a male pedophile. There’s three major gay-coded tropes for you.

The reason there were so many casting backlashes is because JKR rarely uses racial descriptors in her writing. Blaise Zambini. Dean Thomas, who had no race in the original printing. Lavender Brown, who was black until she started dating Ron. JKR writes from a perspective that “doesn’t see race”, and her resultant work is “colorblind.” Color blindness is a white thing, and many, many minorities on tumblr have spoken more eloquently than I about why it’s not so great and mostly exists to make white people feel good.

None of this is to say one is equivalent or more oppressive than the others, before I start getting messaged. *They’re all bad.* But the point is that JKR is an author who writes very much from the perspective of her own privilege. She doesn’t examine the tropes she’s relying on and she doesn’t acknowledge how harmful they are. She probably never stops to realize they’re tropes at all, or that they originated from historic hatred of marginalized groups. She’s not consciously bigoted - she just isn’t self-aware enough to check herself before she strays into murky portrayals and invisible minorities.

So looking at her track record on the whole, is it *really* such a reach?

Source: http://rapacityinblue.tumblr.com/post/159388361733/so-now-jkr-is-anti-semitic-bc-snape-has-a-big-nose

I’m not Jewish. I am not the expert on antisemitic tropes. But I see a lot of Jewish people speaking out and I think as people who aren’t Jewish, we should be listening to them.  So I think instead of saying, “But she didn’t mean to do it!” or “She never did that!” it would be more productive to say, “Okay, she did it without meaning to do so, but it was still hurtful and people are allowed to be upset and concerned, and I need to make an effort not to make that same mistake and stay educated so I don’t hurt people too.”

-Mod Bella 

Klaine fic - “Need for Speed” (Rated NC17)

Kurt Hummel moves from California to Lima after his dad’s heart attack causes them to lose their repair shop. Kurt leaves his prestigious performing arts school and any chance of moving to New York and getting into NYADA. His only other joy in life is custom tuning cars, but his father doesn’t approve. Things seem to get back on track when he joins the Dalton Crew as their mechanic, behind his father’s back. He’ll make the money he needs as long as he can put up with the unwanted attention of Sebastian Smythe. But, how will his dreams change after he meets the head of the McKinley Crew, Blaine Anderson, who decides that winning Kurt Hummel will be his next big challenge?

For those of you who don’t know, this is one of my first and, in my opinion, flagship fics, so I’m doing a little touch-up job on it in preparation for the sequel. I’ll be posting the revised chapters here one at a time to give everyone who wants the chance to re-read it and get re-acquainted with it. It is posted in its entirety on AO3 and FF.net, with the majority of the chapters revised, if you want to go that route, but if you guys could also spread this around, I would really appreciate it <3 The cover for this story was done by the incredible @freakingpotter so you guys should all go and give her some love because she hella deserves it :)

Chapter 1 (2772 words)

Kurt sat cross-legged on his bed, elbows propped on his knees, head in his hands. He felt like crying, and not just a calm, rejuvenating sob, but an all-out, throw-yourself-on-the-floor-kicking-your-legs-and-flailing-your-arms-while-you-wail-like-a-skewered-seal tantrum. He looked around at the worn cardboard boxes piled high in his room, each labeled accordingly - clothes, books, music, Vogue magazines, misc. - all waiting patiently to be unpacked and put away, but Kurt wanted none of it. Unpacking his things and settling in felt so permanent. It felt like giving in. Once he put his clothes in his closet and his books in the bookcase, it would all be real.

Setting his room up would mean he was staying.

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If something doesn’t apply to you, then you have no right to speak on behalf of a whole group that is affected by it. When women, the LGBTQ+ community, the mentally/physically disabled, Muslims, immigrants, POCs, etc. say that they are offended or that they are hurt or being disrespected or being oppressed or that they are fearing for their lives, fucking LISTEN TO THEM. Believe me, they know a hell of a lot more about their oppressions than you do.

So stop telling minorities that there’s nothing to fear or that if we just do everything the “right” way we’ll be fine. Not everything is so black and white and to act like it is is just showing that you are coming from a position of privilege that, unfortunately, not everybody has.

Stop telling minorities how to feel about what is going on around them and what is happening to them. They shouldn’t have to feel these horrible things- nobody should- but they are. The least you can do is realize that their feelings are valid and try to help them.

Stop telling minorities, “Oh, well, I’m an [insert minority group here] and [blah blah blah] doesn’t hurt/offend/scare me.” Because yeah, it’s great that you are in a position of privilege/power where you aren’t being affected by these things, but use that position to help others and just acknowledge the fact that not everybody has the same luxuries that you do.

Just because you can’t see or understand the magnitude of what is going on, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening. It just means that it isn’t happening to you. (at least not to the same extent as other people are)

Instead of telling minorities how to feel, listen to us. Open up your eyes. Don’t stay ignorant. Try to understand the viewpoint of different minorities and realize that although you will never truly be able to, you will have at least a tiny bit more of an understanding- you will gain some sort of compassion by doing so. Then find a way (or ways) to join in the fight for justice and equality.

House of Cards: An Ace (M)

word count: 4.8k

genre: super angst + references to smut; non-idol AU ; set in i need u + run mv universe, references to other mvs

pairing: ot7/reader (includes all pairings but enforced yoonseok, vhope, jikook, yoontaeseok, sugamon, yoonmin, jinkookmin)

summary: all eight of you were just trying to live life, go with the flow. unfortunately, fate had much more awful plans for you all.

warning(s): lots of angst, plenty of major character death, suicide, self-harm, depressing thoughts, cursing, sex (straight and gay), murder, violence, eating disorders, codependency, drugs, smoking, verbal, physical and mental abuse, sexual situations, use of the word slut and whore (both used only once), promiscuity, mentions of being arrested

a/n: this is suuuuper angsty so please read the warnings beforehand because it has a million things that could trigger someone. this was inspired by the song listed, along with a video edit that i’d love to link but unfortunately, the one link i had seen it from was a repost with no luck in finding it so if anyone recognizes the edit to go with the song, please let me know!

music: dynasty - miia


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Hello Bangtan just arrived in Bangkok and they were seen wearing the late King's number over their heart and i just need to cry it to someone. It's so sweet of them and I hope people will realize just how much this act means for thai army. They remind me yet again that i'm stanning the right group!! Just had to get it out my chest thank you!!

For those who don’t know, King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand passed away on October 13th, 2016. The government announced the mourning period of 1 year for the late King and black & white clothes, as well as wearing a small black ribbon are acceptable ways of mourning the King. The badges they wore at the airport represent number 9 in Thai, as King Bhumibol was the 9th mornach of Thailand.

THE ELLEN SHOW: Chapter 14

The Ellen Show Master List

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“Oh good god.” You said breathlessly as you pull Shawn out of you before falling back into the bed. Pulling up the cover you turned to Shawn. He was out of breath too, and you loved that you had done that to him.

A smile turned onto his lips as he held his eyes closed. You couldn’t help but smile at him as he did. He turned his head and his pretty brown eyes opened up as both of your chests still expanded and collapsed. Slowly he put up his hand and held it.

Confused you gave it a look before you realized he wanted a high-five. The moment you did, you began to laugh, but quickly fulfilled the high-five.

“Nice job.” He said still breathless.

He was giving you a high five for the sex you both just had.

What an idiot?

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Hi I just wanted to ask if you have a few new pining fics where either Derek or Stiles is already in a relationship because they think the other doesn't like them. Something just like "Surpise nap" or "This might be irony" Thanks!


eclipseofparis said: Hi, I was wondering if you know any Sterek fic with Stiles being with Malia or Lydia first and then Derek was inlove with him the whole time? Or any pining Derek but Stiles is with someone else. Most Sterek fics is with pining Stiles so I want the other way around for a change xD Thank you!

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The Surprise Nap by randomquixen

(1/1 I 20,570 I Explicit)

So Stiles may have surprised napped in the middle of lecture, but the guy he fell asleep on fell asleep on him too, so he doesn’t think the hot bearded Adonis should be angry abut it.
Though maybe Stiles shouldn’t have fallen for him after, or you know, got sucked into the guy’s crazy group of friends.

This Might Be Irony by thepsychicclam

(1/1 I 38,340 I Mature)

Stiles and Derek have been close friends since the Hale siblings moved in next door after their parents’ death. But Derek’s in the popular group, he’s a star baseball player, and he dates popular Pep Squad captain Jennifer Blake. Stiles doesn’t have any of that, just his skateboard and a hopeless crush on Derek (oh yeah, and his Vote Lydia Martin Prom Queen button). As prom and the baseball state championship grow closer, Stiles and Derek start rekindling their friendship.

And it all begins with two white boards.


Leftovers by foxtricks (knightofbows)

(1/1 I 2,413 I Mature)

Derek thinks Stiles’ boyfriend is a douche.

(5+1) How Stiles Realized He Was Jealous and Maybe in Love With a Certain Sourwolf by scarlettletterr

(1/1 I 3,317 I General)

Stiles is in love with Derek. He’s also a virgin, and ace, but Derek… Is not. Derek is hot, and has a very active sex life. Stiles knows that even if Derek would lower his standards enough to date him, he would never be able to give him what he wants.
So he observes from afar, jealousy overwhelming him every time he sees him with someone else.

‘Cause You Like To Taste by sweetbutterbliss (aka: me)

(1/1 I 4,832 I Explicit)

Derek is the kind of guy who casually threatens violence. He has it on good authority that he doesn’t even actually have to say anything; just stand there and glower like the 'sourwolf’ that he’s been told he is.

He usually doesn’t follow through, but he usually doesn’t have to, the glare is enough. But right now, he’s never wanted to actually rip someone’s throat out more. His wolf rolls just under the surface, wanting to take over and protect what’s theirs, to take out the threat and make sure that Stiles smells like Derek inside and out.

Matchmaker by lover_of_love19

(8/? I 12,511 I Not Rated)

Derek wanted Stiles help set him up with Stiles’ brother, but the more he hangs out with Stiles, the less he remembers his original objective.


Where Stiles agrees to set Derek up with his twin brother even though Stiles totally wants into Derek’s pants.

Worth the Wait by Dexterous_Sinistrous

(1/1 I 13,381 I Explicit)

Stiles always had a thing for Derek, but then again, so did everyone else. Stiles just wanted to be seen as different, which was why he waited.

But maybe he waited a little too long.

Mating Habits of the Domesticated North American Werewolf by lielabell

(5/5 I 35,548 I Mature)

Derek doesn’t do pining. He doesn’t. So when it becomes clear that Stiles is much more interested in having Derek as a new best friend than a boyfriend, he puts on his big boy pants and makes it fucking work. He becomes the best goddamn friend a spastic teenager could ever hope to have.

The New Normal by midnightcas

(24/26 I 59,293 I Teen)

After Stiles gets hurt…again, Derek puts him on the metaphorical supernatural bench. Meanwhile, Stiles tries to have a normal life and make normal friends. But when a new pack comes to town and the Hales start getting threats, things start to get a little….not normal.

songspinner9  asked:

Fyi...I deleted my reponse to your post because I got a violent and threatening response from someone in return that said that my perspective as a survivor of hate crimes and death threats meant nothing and I shouldn't speak. I hope, you understand my hope of marginalized groups supporting one another rather than dividing more. It was not to suggest that someone else's fear is invalid. (I am a Jewish, queer, disabled woman) This webcomic we love hopefully inspires discussion and listening.

look, i get where you’re trying to come from, but nothing freezie said was “violent or threatening.” it was just in all caps, because they were frustrated.

that post was specifically about the antiblackness nursey would likely be facing at samwell, especially given how white hockey is. i’m not saying your experiences don’t matter in general. but when a post is specifically made to talk about antiblackness, and how that will still exist for nursey when class privilege is all but rendered irrelevant at college, your comments about how one type of discrimination isn’t worse than another (and as an aside, i know where you’re coming from here, but i don’t think too many cis able-bodied white men get shot and killed in the streets for being poor) felt derailing.

should minority groups support each other? absolutely. but supporting each other should include being able to realize how different privileges will overlap in different ways under certain circumstances. to insist that all minority groups just support each other blindly without ever critically examining how they do have advantages over each other would honestly likely just lead to less effective allyship. support doesn’t always just mean singing kumbayah together.

this fandom has a repeated pattern of insisting nursey has more privilege than dex because of their financial situations. it’s been called out, time and time again by black bloggers (and other nonblack poc, and occasionally by white people like me) in the fandom. this pattern is an issue, because it likes to pretend that the antiblack racism nursey faces at samwell is virtually nil, or at least “not as bad” as whatever shit dex would get for being poor. if you try to apply real-world circumstances to this comic, as just about this whole fandom does when dealing with things like homophobia and classism, that’s simply unrealistic.

this is getting very long, so let me just summarize and conclude: yes, minorities should support each other. no, this does not mean turning a blind eye to their differences and refusing to acknowledge them. in the end, that will likely cause just as much harm as it does good.

To The Four of Us (Part Three)

Hey y’all it’s ya girl back with part three of my lil modern Hamilton college AU! I seem to have accumulated some readers which is pretty lit and hey if you wouldn’t mind reblogging so others can share in the jOY OF MY WRITING (haha just kidding) that would be awesome!! 

Part one can be found here

Part two can be found here

I’ll probably make a masterpost later today so all the parts can be found together but we’ll see how that goes.

Let me know what you think of the text conversations bc I’m not sure how to format them (transcribing texts is so awkward yoU GUYS????)

And, as always, PLEASE let me know what you think!!! I can tag you when I update if you like, just shoot me a message so i know!!

words: 1,692

soundtrack song: Nine in the Afternoon - Panic! At the Disco

full soundtrack: x

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ok so scenario: Lance think's he's the best wingman ever. He's always giving the reader advice about the best ways to win over their crush. this has been going on for a while, but he never thought to ask who this mysterious crush is. reader finally decides to start putting their advice into action, and suddenly Lance realizes he's the one his friend has been trying to woo the entire time. turns out they've already had his heart. and all the asking for advice just showed how much they care.

This was really fun to write actually!! i had a bit of trouble writing Lance though, for some reason he’s a bit harder for me to characterize  and write, i hope i did him justice! thank you for the nice request ^^


“H-hey guys? Can we slow down a bit?” You huffed at the back of group, hands on your knees as you steadied yourself. It hasn’t been more than a week since you joined Allura, Shiro, Keith and Lances little jogging club. You didn’t have the endurance they had just yet. Today wasn’t so bad, with thick white clouds sometimes offering shade from the sun. No one was really pushing the group to reach their limits since Keith was out sick.  

“How about you guys go on ahead, I’ll take care of ‘em. Meet you at the park?” Lance answered, pointing to the bench a few steps back for you to rest. Shiro and Allura nodded and continued their jog, leaving you two alone. Bless Lance honestly, you swore your legs were about to give out if you hadn’t sat down.  Oh, what you wouldn’t give for him to realize… rather, what you wouldn’t give to just have the courage to confess out right.

“I don’t have any water with me, sorry. We’ll get you nice and hydrated at the park though, don’t worry.” Lance sat beside you on the wooden bench patting your sweaty back a bit too hard.  You waved him off, falling back on the bench to stare at the light blue sky.

“You usually keep up with us pretty well, did you not get much sleep last night or something? If Keith got you sick too I swear…” You couldn’t help but chuckle at him and his concern. You shook your head and admitted.

“Nah, I was just distracted by stuff last night.”

“Like what?” Lance asked quickly, a look in his eyes you couldn’t make out.  Again, you waved him off. In truth, you’d been uhm… plotting? In your journal, about how you couldn’t keep playing dumb when people asked about this nameless crush of yours. it was ironic that the one person who didn’t ask who it was, was the “culprit” himself. Surely, he had to be able to see your affections for him. You knew he could be smart, observant too, he wasn’t naïve like people assumed. So, he must just not want to break it to you that he’s uninterested…

“Come on. Did something happen with your crush?” His sudden sincerity caught you off guard, eye opening to see him facing you completely, ready to listen if need be. Your heart jumped once… did he truly not know?  The cliché high school romance feeling to all this sprung out at you then, pulling a hearty laugh out. When you didn’t hear him laughing along with you, you took a breath and sat upright. This was getting ridiculous.

“No Lance, nothing happened with you.” A loose confession veiled in humour was all you could manage. Sometimes just jumping head first worked better than planning. You desperately hoped this was one of those times. Doubt was all that answered your hopes as the only sound between you two was the creaking of the wood and the birds in the sky.

“Don’t you mean… I thought… I…” Lance stumbled over his own words, a rare sight. Again, you laughed at just how strange this was playing out, all the scenarios of your perfect confession melting away to leave this odd reality you were stuck with now. This time Lance joined you in your laughter, flopping onto you and pressing his forehead to your shoulder as if to hide.

You didn’t know quite what to say, but you felt a rush of adrenaline and excitement coming from what seemed like a good turn out to this. After a few moments, Lance lifted his head, and you swore such a beautiful sight had never been seen. His cheeks were flushed red, eyes slightly glazed in tears, with the truest smile.

“You’re so dumb, you know that,” Lance kiddingly nudged you away, crossing his arms, “You could have just told me.”

“I tried! The first time I asked you for relationship advice, remember? Then you had to go and ask what my crush was like and if I had gone and described you?… I was mortified.” You and him had never really gotten too personal. You’d never even seen him cry, nor he you, but you couldn’t help what you felt.

“This is all so weird.” He stood suddenly, turning to you and offering his hand. Curiously you too it and stood, but eh didn’t let go.

“Come on, lets catch up before they get suspicious.” Lance led you down the path at a brisk walk, still holding your hand, a bit too tightly.

“Lance you don’t have too-“ You tried to stop, tugging your hand aay, but he retaliated by lacing your fingers with his.

“Don’t make me say it out loud, please.” His cheeks were still red, you saw that now. A smile once again graced your face, as you nodded and kept walking, side by side. Damn it, this was sickeningly cliché and sweet, but theres no shame in it. Maybe the sweetness was what you both needed.

Serena Williams creamfest

I was on vacation, taking time for myself, and I have this thing where I’ve been checking my status and taking a picture every week,” Williams said at the TED2017 Conference in Vancouver. “I’ve been just saving it, but you know how social media is — you press the wrong button and…”

long vacation having group sex with white men exclusively and now she realizes she’s pregnant. Venus knew better giving the best head but who would deny Serenas ass and pussy.

I want to talk about how when white tourists come to Japan they think it’s OK to take pictures of underage Japanese people like daycare kids or middle schoolers without permission

A couple days ago I was at an event and these Daycare workers had a bunch of their kids to go see the event and these two older white tourists were trying to take pictures of the daycare kids and the workers had to tell them not to over and over again

Then just now these 2 older white ladies were taking pictures of this group of middle schoolers who were sitting in a large group waiting for their teacher & the creepy thing was that the kids were like staring at them taking the picture & the white ladies didn’t realize how rude it was??? Like as if they didn’t think they were people? (They were literally like 8ft away from them at most)

I just don’t get how creepy & fetishy & gross you can be to a country’s youth without realizing it?