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Dean Winchester x Reader

Even badass hunter chicks get scared at Fright Night.

Warnings: Language, fluff, Dean being adorable. WC: 998 Gifs aren’t mine.

A/N: This is for @torn-and-frayed Halloween With Dean Drabble Challenge, my prompt was Fright Night. As always thanks to my beta queen @andromytta

“Come on, let’s go for one hour. An hour isn’t gonna kill ya.” Dean negotiated. “We never do Halloween stuff.”

“Dean, our whole lives are Halloween stuff.” Sam sassed as he tossed his backpack on one of the beds in the motel room. “I’m gonna stay here and read up on the case.”

Dean turned to you with the hopeful green eyes that often turned your resolve to jello. “Please?”

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Becoming a Father Overnight Part Twenty

Series Summary- Jared x Daughter!Reader. Jared Padalecki’s life is flipped upside down when he gets a call from a teenage girl saying she’s his daughter.

Disclaimer- I don’t own the Supernatural universe or the images/gifs used, they were found on Google.

Warnings- Few curse words, but nothing major.

Becoming a Father Overnight Masterlist


“Oh no,” Danneel sighed, dropping the magazine in her lap. This was not going go over well with Y/n, who undoubtedly saw it. Poor girl!

“Have you seen this?” She asked Jensen as he entered the room. His eyebrows furrowed together.

“What is it?”

“The Padalecki’s People article.”

“Not really, Jared showed me the pictures on his phone, but I haven’t read it yet. Why?”

“See for yourself,” Danneel extended the magazine towards her husband, waiting while his eyes quickly zoomed over the article.

“Okay…” his texas accent drawled. “You seem annoyed, what’s wrong? It’s a nice little piece.”

“Seriously?” Danneel raised an eyebrow, then rolled her eyes when Jensen just shrugged his shoulders. “Maybe read it again, more carefully. And say, I don’t know, from the perspective of his seventeen year old daughter.”

“Crap,” Jensen muttered, reading the article again. “Man, this is going to be a mess.”

“That is probably an understatement. Jensen, this is going to crush her.”

Jensen flopped down on the couch next to her, “What are the chances you think she doesn’t see it?” Jensen nodded at the look his wife gave him, she would definitely see it. “He didn’t mean for it to come out that way. The public doesn’t know about her, he was probably just trying to protect that.”

“That probably isn’t going to help. Why is that even a thing? It’s been months, this could have been the perfect opportunity to revel her to the public and the fans. There really isn’t a need to keep her a secret anymore.”

“I don’t know babe.”

“Well, it’s a good thing we’re going over for dinner. I’m sure Gen doesn’t know yet, or I would have gotten a phone call. And it’s probably a good idea to give Jared a heads up before he talks to Y/n next.”

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bts reaction: fans shipping you and them when friends

Requested by anon: hi! can i request a bts reaction to their best friend (who’s also an idol) asking them to do a collab but the dance/performances of it are kinda ~flirty~ so their fans start to ship them together? +no crush

Notes: i forgot to copy n paste the second message sent, but i did read it ^^b

Credit to gif owners~


Jin was broadcasting another Eat Jin episode when he found out fans were shipping the two of you. “Shouldn’t I invite Suga or Rap Mon?” He asked the fans, picking up some more noodles with his chopsticks. He furrowed his brows suddenly and scrolled up the comments to look for the one that made him surprised. 

“I should eat with Y/N because we’re going to date soon?” He burst out into laughter and wiped his mouth. “We’re not going to date, but I could invite her as a friend for the show.”

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“So, fans have been shipping you two with that collab coming up! Can we expect something to happen?” The MC announced joyfully with a slight teasing tone making Yoongi laugh and shake his head.

“No, no, we’re just friends. The lyrics in the performance is merely a coincidence, not for something suggestive,” he claimed, rubbing his nose a little out of embarrassment. “Don’t expect anything to happen between us.”

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Hoseok had posted a picture of him and his sister on Twitter and received a comment with a picture of you and him. Confused at first, he realized it was because of the dance moves in the collab you two were going to perform in a couple of days.

Soon after realizing that, he started typing a tweet saying you two were just together for the collab coming up, and not for anything else, especially love-related.

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“You guys are telling me to call someone… Is there someone in particular?” Namjoon asked, already pulling out his phone and unlocking it. “They might be too busy though…”

He leaned closer to the screen to read the comments shooting upward and leaned back with a wow. “Y/N? We’re good friends. We also have that performance coming up–is that why you want me to call her?” He paused for a little to read some more comments and laughed a bit. “No, no, we’re not gonna get together or anything, we’re just friends!”

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The moment Jimin started to practice the moves he was going to dance with you, the members started clapping and teasing him making him laugh. “You’re going to be dancing with Y/N? Wow…” Hoseok started in a teasing tone and a large smile.

“Jimin is going to get a girlfriend already!”

Jimin shook his head with a smile and held his hands out to calm everyone down while getting their attention. “She was just more comfortable to do the moves with me because we’re good friends,” he said, receiving a large response of oh’s.

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“Yes, Y/N and I are going to perform a collab soon. Look forward to it!” He took another bite of his burger as he licked his lips while reading the comments. Soon, he made a loud humming noise of confusion and swallowed.

“A lot of you seem to be misunderstood about something,” he started. He took another bite of his burger and with a finger, made sure there was no food sticking out and continued, “Y/N and I are friends, not romantic interests. So we don’t plan on dating each other anytime soon.”

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Jungkook wished the news of him performing a collab with you didn’t spread so quickly. “Our little Jungkookie is going to perform a dance with a girl!” Hoseok laughed out, slapping Jungkook’s back repeatedly while the other members laughed along.

Hyung, it’s not like that… She’s just a friend!” Jungkook said exasperatedly. Taehyung laughed and wrapped an arm around his shoulders heavily making him lean forward a little.

“You and Y/N huh?” Taehyung teased suggestively making Jungkook sigh harshly and playfully.

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Classical Greek Drama and Classic Doctor Who

I just realized something.

Ancient Greek drama? 

They were written to be performed and seen exactly once, at a particular drama festival (usually the one in Athens in honor of the god Dionysos). 

They were essentially three-parters, a trilogy of three plays by the same playwright, plus a satyr play (burlesque, kinda) to clear the brain after all the angst and high drama. 

It’s just a miracle that some of them were written down and preserved. No one expected that, when Greek drama started. Later, of course, people realized and would save scripts, and it became customary to revive old plays, but originally that would’ve seemed weird.

Fast forward to the early years of television. 

Early classic Who was filmed “as live.” Actors like Peter Purves compare it to repertory theatre, because of the speed at which they rehearsed and performed each episode, with minimal props/stage dressing, moving from one set to the other in the same soundstage, and most actors drawn from the stage rather than movies.

Learning the script, rehearsal, camera dry run (choreographing cameras and their cumbersome wires/rigs was a major logistical challenge) and filming were all done in one week. They weren’t recorded all that many weeks before they were broadcast. 

These episodes were expected to be ephemeral: performed, broadcast, and seen by viewers once. Nobody was recording stuff off TV (except for a few crazy people with early home movie cameras pointed at TV, but that was expensive high-tech wizardry at the time). VCRs wouldn’t become everyday household items for another two decades. Nobody ever expected to see a TV show after it was aired that one time.

And yet here we are, rewatching and hunting for copies of those old classic Doctor Whos, just like Greek drama wound up being something that outlived its original writers and performers. 

The Fairy Godmother - Headcanons

- Before the Isle kids were brought over to Auradon, she disliked talking, or hearing people talk about the Island Prison. She had been so focused on the place just being a thing of the past, and encouraged others to just forget about it and move on.

- The Fairy cares about her daughter more than anything in the world, even if her actions don’t always show it.

- The VKs had confused her very much. Despite the ripped leather outfits, they just seemed like regular kids. It was the first time she had really questioned King Adam’s decision/s.

- Secretly has a small tattoo of the words ‘MAGIC’ written behind her neck.

- She and Cinderella rarely have much time to chat and catch up with each other since their schedules are so busy. FG doesn’t even realized how much she had missed the blonde haired queen until she finally sees her again in person.

- Loves pumpkin pie, pumpkin flavored drinks, and- well, pumpkins!

- On the Family Day, whearas she had thought she was doing a good thing whilst setting up a video call with the children’s parents, she had realized that the teens had lives with these awful villains all their lives on a crappy island. After that, th Fairy Godmother promised herself that no matter what, these kids would have much better lives in Auradon.

- Dizzy reminds her of Cinderella.

- She honestly just wished that things were less complex, like how it was long ago. A time when the line between good and evil was much more visible and that she would never have to wonder about which side she really has been on all this time.

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Hi! I just finished reading the new chap of Memento Mori (which is great and I love it so much btw) and I just realized... Do the Exorcists have the new uniforms in the fic? They changed just before going to the new order after all, but they've started moving faster in the fic so idk. Cheers!

Ahhh, I’m glad you liked it <3

Well, I always imagined them in the third generation of uniform because that’s when Johnny came to measure everyone after the invasion.

And because that takes place after the invasion, the third version it is ^^

Last night I was smoking in the park with my friend chase and my girlfriend (@the-at-symbol) and someone was walking their dog, so when we see him, we got paranoid, so we grabbed our stuff and started frantically whispering to each other and moving into the tree line and shit to hide. At some point I lost track of chase, so I loudly and angrily whispered “chase chase chase”

Now, all that is only mildly interesting on its own, but when we got home I realized, we must have scared the living hell out of that guy. Like, imagine walking through a park a night, and seeing 3 dark figures in dark clothing, start scurrying around and getting into the trees or into bushes and shit, all while frantically whispering to each other. And then just hearing “chase chase chase”.

Dudes probably never gonna walk his dog at night again

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☀% and insert music note,peace sign, and star emoji here for Damian Wayne (I'm sorry I didn't have the right emojis on my phone hjsfklgf)

☼ - Childhood headcanon

Damian didn’t think he had an unusual childhood until he moved in with Bruce. He thought his childhood was how most kids have it but once he moved in with Bruce he realized being a kid isn’t just about training there is also fun to be had.

% - School headcanon

Damian is smart enough to skip ahead a few grades. Bruce refuses to let him because he wants Damian to interact with kids his own age and he will learn more with time.

♫ - Musical headcanon

Damian isn’t really big into music. He often times just puts on Pandora shuffle and listens to whatever plays.

☮ - Friendship headcanon

Damian makes sure to text Maya and Jon every night before he goes to bed so they know he didn’t die and is okay. If he doesn’t, Maya calls him and wakes him up and Jon sends him a million texts.

✪ - Romance headcanon

Damian is a kid and I don’t feel comfortable coming up with one for this, I’m sorry.

Just Give Me Time (Part Two)

A/N: My fucking dumbass accidentally deleted the original trying to fix a typo so here it is the second time, omg. I hate myself. I apologize to those being tagged again. I’m so sorry, love you all. Gif is not mine!

You groaned softly and ran both of your hands through your hair once you realized who it was, feeling like you were about to blow up. Sami, Finn, and Char all looked at you, as if they were waiting to see how you were going to move forwards from here. “What are you gonna do?” Char asked you quietly, not wanting Seth to hear them. You thought about it for a quick moment before shrugging in response. Everything was so overwhelming as is, and this wasn’t helping your case. They looked at each other and you for a few minutes as you continued to think, Seth’s persistent knocking and begging never ceasing. “I’ll just talk to him.” You sighed out, sitting up a little and waiting to hear their responses. “Alright…” Finn nodded, looking into your eyes. “But we’re not leaving this room until we threaten that asshole.” He smirked, causing you to shake your head and laugh a little. “Of course you’re not.” You said, his statement being something you expect out of Finn. They all gave you a big hug and encouraging words before heading towards the door. Seth’s constant banging on the door stopped once the door opened, but the look on his face said that he was expecting you and not your three best friends. You heard Charlotte mutter something along the lines of “If I come back to find her crying again, I’m cutting your dick off.” You giggled and covered your face, mumbling a quiet ‘oh my God.’ You didn’t hear Seth speak as they each dropped him a quick threat before leaving the room. You expected Sami to be doing something stupid as he walked away, like using his hands as binoculars to let Seth know he was watching him.

You took a deep breath, letting it out slowly as you waited for Seth to enter the room any second. He walked inside slowly and gently shut the door behind him, his eyes glued to the ground as he buried his hands deep in the pockets of his sweatpants. You bit down on your lip, trying to hold back the tears that were threatening to leave your eyes as you saw him and remembered his words from earlier. You usually would be the type to have enough respect to say ‘hi’ to someone, but in this case it was completely different. The awkward silence went on for a few agonizing minutes as you both waited for the other to speak up. You looked over at the gifts your amazing friends had brought you, bringing a little smile to your face. Seth noticed them too, and you hoped that he realized what an absolute jerk he is. His co-workers are more excited about his baby than he is. “Y/N…” He said quietly, finally looking up at you. His eyes contained a mix of both sadness and slight regret, but it didn’t phase you. He probably regrets this happening, not acting the way he did. You didn’t respond, your eyes moving back to the beautiful flowers sitting down on the nightstand next to the bed. “Can you look at me?” He asked, slight annoyance evident in his voice. “Why?” You responded simply, deciding to look at him a few seconds later just to see the sorry look he had on his face. “Because I’m trying to talk to you and you won’t even bother to look at me.” He muttered, moving closer and sitting down on the edge of the bed next to your feet. You moved your legs away from him in response, shaking your head. You looked into his eyes before responding to him. “Must suck, huh? When you want to communicate with someone and they don’t even care.” He sighed, probably realizing that this wasn’t going to be an easy conversation by any means. “I apologize. I was scared.” He admit, shrugging. “How else did you expect me to take the news?” He genuinely asked, causing you to scoff in response. “Really, Rollins? Oh, I don’t know, maybe telling me that although you’re scared, we’ll figure something out. Maybe just not being an asshole would be nice, too.” You told him, your eyes never leaving his. “I’m extremely scared, too. I have to give up my title, my job, and my life for around a year. I need to learn how to be selfless and how to raise a baby. One I made with someone who isn’t my husband, let alone my boyfriend.” You confessed, covering your eyes with your hands again once you felt your eyes water again. You paused for a moment and tried to clear your mind until the tears went away before you continued. “We’re not together. It’s not like we’re dating. It’s not like we plan on getting married one day. You were interested in one thing only. I dreamed of having a baby after I accomplished all of my goals, found a good man, and got married. Aside from all the disgusting labels that are going to be given to me, I’m not gonna get my happy ending. This situation would be a hell of a lot less worse if we were together. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not asking you to be with me. Even though we are going to be a family whether we like it or not, nobody should be forced into a relationship for whatever reason.” You took a tiny break so you could catch your breath, and as you did you studied his face. For the first time in ever you felt like he was truly listening. He moved a little bit closer as you continued to talk and you tried your best to ignore thinking about why he’s doing it as you spoke. “Majority of this situation is all falling on me. I don’t know what to do. I’m young, I’m selfish, and I’m living my dream. I don’t want to give it up. This wasn’t how things were supposed to work out. I could still abort, but I don’t believe in that. It’s still my baby and it wasn’t made out of rape, or something disgusting. I’m not going to take his or her life to continue my own. I’m sure he or she is meant to happen and that’s why we’re in this situation. You know, ‘everything happens for a reason.’ You shrugged, a little smile on your face as you hoped the cliche would lighten the mood. “I’m rambling, but I don’t know… It’s terrifying, no doubt, but even if you’re not involved I’m a lot less nervous than I was earlier. Charlotte helped out a lot, she made me an extremely little bit excited too, if anything.” You blushed, not knowing why you were telling him all of this, especially that you’re even a tiny bit excited now. “I feel like he or she is already thinking about how they’re the greatest of all time, the ‘architect.’ You were caught off guard by the loud laugh that escaped his mouth, and it made you smile up at him. “I’m still scared, nervous, insecure, terrified, aka extremely lost but I’m trying to be positive. Nothing is going to be easy but I can and will eventually come back and that gives me some peace of mind.” You concluded your autobiography with that sentence, and by this point Seth was sitting down next to you. “I’m not promising you anything, or that I’m as invested and positive regarding this situation as you are, but I’m not going to let you go through this alone like I was saying earlier.” You swear that you felt like you had the world’s biggest weight lifted off your shoulders when you heard him say that he won’t let you go through it alone. You nodded and looked up at him, hoping that he noticed how thankful you were that he was somewhat stepping up. “Is it okay if I hug you? I feel bad about earlier.” He chuckled softly, sounding slightly embarrassed. You responded by completely sitting up and wrapping your arms around his broad shoulders, giving him a hug. He instantly returned it and wrapped his arms around your waist, the hug remaining like that until he completely pulled you onto his lap. You were caught off guard for the second time tonight, but you didn’t protest. You spent the next good bit of time in Seth’s lap, resting your head against his chest as he held you close. It wasn’t anything emotional, sexual, or even physical. It seemed to just be accepting the fact that you two had to work together to overcome the extremely big change that was about to happen. Your mind wandered, as you two were never really even friends until the night everything happened. Being this close to him, feeling the heat radiating off his strong body reminded you of it. You obviously were somewhat interested in him, or else you wouldn’t let him even get close to you, but you knew him. He was a player and nothing more, and that was okay because that’s all you hoped to get out of that night. But now, here you were, wrapped in his arms and relaxing with him. He drew you out of your thoughts when he spoke up, gently running a comforting hand up and down your back. “You hungry? Want to go out and grab a bite?”

I’m literally stupid btw

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im litearlly sitting here drinnking vodka and crying over zuko’s speech to ozai in the day of black sun. he’s so strong !! hes so good hes so strong and i love him and just. he’s calling ozai the fuck out and i love him so much and hes realizing how much he deserves and how terrible ozai is and /verbalizing/ how abusive ozai was and he’s he’s moving past it and saying ‘how can you JUSTIFY this it was cruel and wrong’ and he DID THIS ON HIS OWN like all thanks to iroh’s influence and iroh’s love for him and hes just … so proud to be like iroh now (’your uncle has gotten to you hasnt he’ / ‘yes. he has.’) and he’s recognizing that hes better than his father ever tried to make him think he was and hes better than his father will ever be!! 

and im so tired of you gross nasty fucks in the voltron fandom even TRYING to compare lotors gross, self-serving, murderous, unredeemable ass to zuko, a character who took every single thing thrown at him and used it to make himself into this amazing character who understood that what he was a part of was wrong and he did a complete 180 and joined the side of the good guys

and when his father shoots lightning at him (a physical represntation of the abuse that he put zuko through) zuko redirects it and its such a powerful contrast to when he didn’t fight back against his father in the agni kai because now he is refusing to let his father hurt him anymore he’s using what iroh taught him and refusing to let his father touch him. he’s saving himself and thats such an important moment

zuko didnt join the good side because it was his last option. he didn’t try and swindle his way onto the side of good by saying they ~owe him a favor~. he admitted to what he did wrong and took responsibility and he grew so much and trusted so much and became so loyal and a valued member of the team and i swear to fuck if i see one more post comparing the purple asshole to my son zuko im going to scream 

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40, 32, 41 fanfic ask

40. What do you struggle the most with in your writing?

I would say something like, moving from ideas to execution. One of the multi-chapter fics I’m working on at the moment is a freaking mess because I have thought of approximately 10,000 subplots I want to include and I know that is NOT POSSIBLE. Plus I have a couple of ideas for developing friendships and other relationships among characters and don’t want to shortchange anyone, but if those scenes don’t move forward the story…I’m realizing they shouldn’t be in there.

And then there is the whole just writing it thing. As in, these scenes do nobody any good while stuck up in my head, and while I know they’ll never sound quite as good as I envision when I actually get them on paper, they will actually be on paper. But I like the part where I get to reread things I’ve already written better. (Sadly, this does not magically make new sentences appear.)

32. Do you listen to music when you write or does music inspire you? If so, which band or genre of music does it for you?

I can’t listen to music when I’m actually putting words on paper because it distracts my brain too much, but music absolutely inspires me and is an important part of my writing process. Listening to music is the way I come up with or work out scenes I have in mind. It’s like music videos for my daydreams, which become scenes in my actual writing.

I cannot pick a particular band, honestly, but I listen to a lot of ‘80s pop and ‘90s alternative stuff, and a lot of female-fronted bands/artists, so those probably play into it. I also occasionally check out more current stuff via Spotify and often will something that speaks to me.

41. List and link to 5 fanfics you are currently reading:

Okay, these are five of the multi-chapter ones I’m currently reading…there are a lot of single-chapter fics that I’ve recently read that I would also recommend highly as well.

Separate Together by @inelegantprose

Eretraa by @knightedrogue

revenge of the empire. by @hanorganaas

The Foundling by @aidanstein (jedi_fish81)

Of Queens, Knights, and Pawns by @chancecraz

Thanks for the ask!

types of study breaks for every situation

if you realize you’ve been studying for hours: grab a snack to refuel your body and watch a sitcom to refuel your brain. then back to the books.

if you’re feeling stressed out: take some deep breaths, text your friends, maybe stare at a wall for a few minutes. gather yourself.

if you can’t seem to focus: get moving and get outside. take out the garbage, check your mail box, maybe walk your dog. just get moving and get fresh air. it’ll help bring you back.

if there’s something else going on in your life and you can’t get it off your mind: write down what’s going through your head, sort of like a diary entry. it’ll help you work things out.

if you’re just mentally and physically exhausted: set a timer for 25-30 minutes and take a nap. any longer and you’ll hit REM and you’ll wake up feeling just as tired. once you wake up, get some caffeine in you.

if the material is boring as hell: find another way to study. see if there’s a crash course video online about it or draw out what you’re trying to learn in diagrams and pictures to make it fun.

if people around you won’t shut up: listen to some music. soundtrack and classical music is always good because they won’t absorb you as much as music with lyrics. white noise (like ocean waves, rain sounds, etc.) also works.

if you only half understand a concept: call/message a friend who’s not in the class and try to teach the material to them. this will help you mentally work through the material and will help you remember it as well.


Here’s the Soulmate!AU collab @rickandmortygetschwifty and I did together! :) It was so awesome to work on this with you; you’re so amazing <3

Please, read @rickandmortygetschwifty ‘s part of the collab right here, under the cut!! (The comic will make more sense, after you’ve read it) Prepare to weep! The fic is long and heart-wrenchingly beautiful!!

For longer than you’ve known, you never truly understood what a soulmate was.

Your first memory was of your mother hovering over you, inspecting the reddening bruise that was blossoming over your knee. She was looking over at you in disapproval, tutting as she tried to hush your sobs.You couldn’t help the tears that ran down your cheeks as you cradled your leg and begged your mother to make it stop hurting.The pain you felt was unlike anything you experienced before. And so you cried and cried, hoping that your screams would drown out the unpleasant sensations.

Your mother simply picked you up, whispering sweet things into your ear as she bandaged you up.

“Oh, you poor little thing,” she cooed, flicking you playfully on the nose. “Rick, you need to be more careful, or you’ll make your soulmate sad too.

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msdistress said: I saw that civilized werewolves being super competitive when it comes to other packs, and now I can only imagine an AU where (adult) Stiles and Scott are renting a house together, and Derek moves in the same area. And while the McCall pack and the entire Hale pack (Talia, Laura, etc.) are on civilized terms, Scott and Derek just can’t help themselves. And maybe a part of the showing off is actually a way to impress (court) Stiles, as in “My lawn ornaments are much nicer than his!”

So this is kind of that, but kind of not? This is pretty silly :) Happy Halloween!

“You’re not dead,” Stiles says as Scott bangs open the door and shucks off his shoes in the next movement. They hit the wall and then bounce into an ungainly pile in the middle of the hallway that Liam will no doubt trip over when he gets home.

“Nope,” Scott says. He looks confused by that part.

“So… That’s good?” Stiles has pumpkin guts all over his hands, but offers Scott a fist bump anyway.

Scott follows Stiles back into the kitchen and then plops down across from Stiles’s half-finished jack-o-lanterns at the counter. He’s a couple weeks early, but Halloween has to be taken seriously. These are practice pumpkins.

Scott says, “It was weird. I think they’re all models. They force-fed me pie.”

Stiles arches a skeptical eyebrow.

“I mean, the pie was great,” Scott says, face screwed up. “I think they were happy I ate the whole thing?”

Werewolf metabolism, Stiles thinks sourly. He’s getting to that age where he has to watch his beer and pizza intake. It sucks. He says, “I’ll make them brownies,” and then apparently it becomes a thing.


Stiles doesn’t know if the Hale pack are actually all models, but they’re definitely taking the supernaturally hot thing to a whole other level.

Scott’s betas are reasonably attractive, sure, but Liam’s the size of a cave troll and Mason’s on this whole hippie-chic kick that makes him look like a train hobo.

Stiles holds out the plate of brownies and tries not to stare at Erica’s boobs. Boyd has the bulging chest of a roman gladiator and Stiles could cut his hands on Isaac’s cheekbones, it’s insane.

Stiles says, “Nice to meet you guys,” and Erica’s lip curls up and her hands hover around the plastic-wrapped plate like it’s made of poison and-or possibly oatmeal. He waggles the plate back and forth. “Promise they’re wolfsbane free.”

And then Jackson fucking Whittmore comes swanning down the staircase and Stiles says, “You’ve got to be shitting me. Jackson?”

“Stilinski,” Jackson says with a scowl.

“Lydia told us you got eaten by a giant lizard.”

Jackson scowls harder. “Fuck off.”

Stiles would like to say that the addition of Jackson makes the pack less appealing, but despite having the personality of a canned ham, Jackson still looks like he was carved out of marble. Balls.

And then someone says, “Do I smell chocolate?” from behind Stiles and he definitely does not jump three feet into the air, but it’s a close call.

He flinches and spins around and says, “Fuck my life.”

The hottest mountain man Stiles has ever seen is frowning at him and Stiles wants to bury his entire body in his beard. He wants to weasel his way under that soft-looking Henley and lick his collarbones. Stiles is ninety-nine percent sure this is Alpha Derek Hale, even though Scott had failed to prepare him for the way Derek’s eyes are eating Stiles’s soul.

Stiles wordlessly holds out the plate of brownies.

Derek takes them with a resigned silence. No one else is saying anything either, and the back of Stiles’s neck is starting to prickle with unease. Are they going to eat him now? They’d moved into town so Liam and Mason could go to the local college, expecting some kind of resistance, territorial posturing, possible brawl for dominance, but Scott had been tirelessly optimistic—even more so since the pie eating thing.

Stiles slinks around Derek, hands up. He says, “I’ll just, uh… leave now,” and backs down the sidewalk so he can see any kind of attack coming. He’s got a taser in his back pocket and he’s not afraid to use it.

The Hale pack all watch him with narrow, calculating eyes and Jackson gives him the finger.

Stiles thinks that if this is the way they react to brownies, he’s going to bake them a motherfucking cake.

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get to know me meme: favorite female characters [5/5] - clara oswald | doctor who

↳ Listen. Listen. This is just a dream. But very clever people can hear dreams. So please, just listen. I know you’re afraid. But being afraid is all right. Because didn’t anybody ever tell you? Fear is a super power. Fear can make you faster, and cleverer, and stronger. And one day, you’re going to come back to this barn, and on that day, you’re going to be very afraid indeed. But that’s okay. Because if you’re very wise and very strong, fear doesn’t have to make you cruel or cowardly. Fear can make you kind. It doesn’t matter if there’s nothing under the bed, or in the dark, so long as you know it’s okay to be afraid of it. So listen. If you listen to nothing else, listen to this. You’re always going to be afraid, even if you learn to hide it. Fear is like… a companion. A constant companion, always there. But that’s okay, because fear can bring us together. Fear can bring you home. I’m going to leave you something, just so you’ll always remember – fear makes companions of us all.