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anonymous asked:
What if Luke and Leia were “switched at birth” (or rather, the difference is how they were split)? Prince Luke Organa? Leia Skywalker?


When she is nine, Leia sits her uncle and auntie down and, small face screwed up with determination, asks for an increase of her allowance. She has prepared points and counterpoints. She cites both local and intergalactic codes of labor law.

Her uncle frowns at her for a long minute once she’s done. She holds his gaze, stare for stare, chin untrembling, because that’s how he’d taught her to when they went to barter for parts at Toshi Station.

“Alright,” he says.

“My bedtime should be pushed an hour later, too,” Leia tries and her aunt laughs and tells her to go do the dishes.

When Leia is twelve, she organizes all of the children of local farms into a union. Their parents think they’re kidding until they hold their first strike.


I was trying to make cool crossbred Pokemon Variations like these ones, but somehow ended up with Digletts with faces that resemble their father ヘ(;´Д`ヘ)
These probably qualifies more as Pokemon Fusions, but err anyways…

Although it’s not too noticeable, but these are all drawn on Illustrator! It’s good for making symmetry stuff <3 

Feel free to click on them and read their descriptions too | ・ω・)ノ

Art trade of Achilles and Patroclus for @niarchery! She gave me a few different ideas to choose from, but I knew I wanted to draw her suggestion of Achilles in drag seducing Patroclus. If you haven’t read The Song of Achilles, Achilles has to hide as a woman for a good deal of time until Patroclus comes to rescue him, and while this scene might not be entirely canon, it should be. Hope you enjoy, Nia!

I was astonished to find that there was no evil in any soul.
I said, ‘How can this be?’
The answer was that no soul was inherently evil. The terrible things that happened to people might make them do evil things, but their souls were not evil. What all people seek, what sustains them, is love, the light told me. What distorts people is a lack of love.
The revelations coming from the light seemed to go on and on, then I asked the light, ‘Does this mean that humankind will be saved?’
Then, like a trumpet blast with a shower of spiraling lights, the Great Light spoke, saying:

‘Remember this and never forget; you save, redeem, and heal yourself. You always have. You always will. You were created with the power to do so from before the beginning of the world.’

—  An excerpt from Mellen-Thomas Benedict’s near-death experience (via @hiighsound)
Superhero AUs #11

One-sided AUs

- ‘I did not wake up this morning expecting to referee a superhero grudge match’ AU

- ‘I’m really regretting asking how music could be an effective weapon because you’ve been playing Justin Bieber at ear-splitting volume for the last THREE DAYS’ AU

- ‘You think you’re badass because you’re a supervillain? I’ll bloody show you badass’ AU

- ‘I just kidnapped the sidekick of the world’s most powerful superhero and now I’m really regretting my life choices’ AU 

 - ‘I’m trying to extend my basement and I hit three evil lairs so far, is everyone in this cul-de-sac a supervillain?’ AU

- ‘So you can’t read minds…but you can read a phone’s search history with just a touch? Oh my god. Oh my god, just kill me now’ AU

- ‘Apparently I should stop giving supers dumb nicknames on my blog because the villains are getting really mad when they catch on in the mainstream media. But my blog is anonymous and I know our great hero, Captain Skidoo, in person, so frankly the Caped Crankpants, Plantosaurus Rex and old Copper Knickers can stuff it’ AU

- ‘Only a bad workman blames his giant firebreathing lizard’ AU

- 'Did you just propose to me? You’re my greatest nemesis!’ AU

- 'You have powers of TIME MANIPULATION and all you use them for is to freeze time so you can draw a dick on my face in the middle of this fight?!’ AU

missingmywing  asked:

Hey, do you know of a Turk!Cloud fanfic where he's a hacker/computer expert, his dad is an angel from Earth, Jenova is a demon obsessed with his dad, Lucrecia was the evil one who experimented on herself and Sephiroth, and Hojo was a good guy? I can't remember what it was called but I know it was on AO3. I can't find it now though... T_T

Oooh. No, I don’t. That sounds pretty distinctive, I think I’d remember if I had read it. (Is it a multichapter? I imagine it must be. I have this terrible habit of not reading multichapters because, ‘oh, I’mma wait until I have some time free/more energy and read through that properly *never has free time/has forgotten about the fic by the time free time is available*’)

Once again, any followers out there who can help??? Tonight is fic search night. xD

Does anyone else feel like they are going to miss some of their classes once the semester ends? Not even just the class but the people in it that you may never have class with again? Because I do, I’m going to miss you, guy in my classics lecture who watches smash bros videos almost everyday and reads one piece and who just opened an Incognito window to search up “kirby air ride” looked at two pictures of it and then closed the window, I’ll miss you

the improvement is real guys, just belief in power of practicing and other people’s tips

I remember this story’s about triangle love, I don’t have a chance to finish it… and I don’t remember who’s won wan heart thou..  but for now I ships those cute boys<3

p.s u can find and read this in Thai Line webtoon thou just search ‘2 love story’ it will come up…. I think

p.s.2 It’s so long that I already change my pen name lol 

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Never trust a man who reads GQ magazine religiously. If you just google image search "GQ magazine" you can see the covers. Most of them are men in suits, almost all of the women they feature on the cover are half naked.


anonymous asked:

I know ask box is closed, but searching your tumblr I've just read that you live in Slovenia. It's such a beautiful country, I'm going there this summer and may i ask you what would you recommend to a nature-loving tourist?

Oh boy OH BOY there are SO many good places to visit especially if you love nature. I don’t know how long this list will be so I’ll just begin, but I am adding these links here Top 10 things to do in Slovenia then 50 Beautiful Places in Slovenia and Ten Places to Visit in Slovenia for more information.

  1. Bled. Lake Bled, ya gotta. This is such a beautiful place with a small island in the middle of the lake, to which you can go by boat and walk, look at the church, or just walk around the lake, I think it takes 1-2 hours, I’m not sure, but by bike definitely less. In summer, you can ever swim in the lake, so if you see some people already swimming in the lake, don’t be shocked or surprised. It’s normal.
  2. Postojna Caves or Škocjanske Jame (Caves). Underground place with beautiful structure. In Postojna Caves there’s also this lil fella that hatched last year, meaning more babies! But yeah, I don’t know if it’ll be visible, cause the last time I was at the caves I only saw where it laid, nothing more. So if you see him, you’re lucky. Also this is kinda to pay. I checked the price on internet and it’s 24€. I’m not sure if they’re any different if you buy there in person.
  3. Predjama Castle is a castle before Postojna Caves. This castle sits on a cliff and is built into the mouth of a cave.
  4. Triglav National Park. Most of the park is made up of the Julian Alps, with highlights in the region including the towering peak of Mount Triglav itself as well as the calm waters of Lake Bohinj, Savica waterfall. I think there might still be some snow in spring, though I’m not sure since it’s already warm here in my town, but then again it’s expected from the Spring.
  5. Ljubljana. It’s the capital of Slovenia, but very interesting and pretty intrigued in its own way. There are old neighborhoods, Ljubljana castle, Tromostovje (or Triple Bridge), many bars, cafés, restaurants, shops, stores in vicinity and lots of interesting things in general. AND WHILE YOU’RE IN LJUBLJANA I JUST REMEMBERED HANAMI!! It’s from 24th MARCH till 6th April and you can go and watch sakura! The link is here, it’s in Slovenian, but if you’re interested shoot an ask and I’ll translate it, because the exact date isn’t entirely said, only when it could possibly be.
  6. Soča river! It’s one of the most beautiful rivers in Slovenia flowing through Triglav National Park and rising in the Julian Alps.It is very popular river among kayak and raft lovers. The river has a beautifully clear emerald blue water.
  7. Piran. It’s situated on a picturesque peninsula between the Gulf of Piran and Bay of Strunjan. The old port is one big open-air museum with medieval buildings, interesting architecture and rich history.
  8. Velika Planina is a favourite destination for sport-lovers.
  9. Ptuj. The oldest town in Slovenia. Each year there’s a carnival in this town and it lasts 3 days (I saw it’s 11 but I only know for 3 days), but it’s in the beginning of March.
  10. Logarska dolina. I honestly want to go there again and again, because it’s one of my favourite places to just….enjoy and watch the nature, mountains and just.. it’s very peaceful.
  11. Lipica. Very known for it’s white horses.
  12. Sečovlje - Soline National Park.
  13. Rogla. This “hill” is above Zreče (a spa town). It’s a ski center but also very popular for hiking and just walking. You can go to the lakes and a hut gotta promote Rogla when I get the chance
  14. And how could I miss. Planica. It’s very famous for ski jumping at the end of the March (MEANING: If you can get the tickets you can watch ski jumping LIVE). I honestly have no idea if tickets are still available, but yes, ski jumping at the end of March. Otherwise, Planica as a place is also very beautiful and nice to see.

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Which Namjoon fan fics would you recommend? Smut not necessary, but a bonus. (Fluff definitely encouraged.) Same question for kookie, only smut definitely necessary. I love your stories, and I'm currently making my way through your masterlist.

thank you for reading! ^^ you can check @bumvie for my ficrecs and just search ‘namjoon’ or ‘jungkook’!

wordwitch-of-prythian  asked:

You will not believe how long I just spent searching for Give Me Love. I started reading it last night around 10, but when I woke up this morning I couldn't remember the name or author. So I just went to a bunch of random fanfic writers and scrolled down their pages for a few minutes each. THEN I remembered that I bookmarked it, so that I would be able to find it again. Good thinking, tired me in the middle of the night.

Oh my goodness, you poor poor soul!! LOL. At least tired you was smart enough to bookmark it, even if you forgot you did😂

Here’s something for everyone - if you can remember that I wrote Give Me Love but can’t remember the story’s name/can’t find the story.

If you go to my page, at the top right hand you’ll see Current Project:

If you click that it will take you to Chapter 1 of Give Me Love. And all the chapters are linked on the top. So it’s easy to find what chapter you’re looking for!

Danny Phantom Fics

Anonymous asked for some Danny Phantom fanfics

I actually haven’t read any since I first rewatched the show back in 2013 (when it was on Netflix) so I had two that left an impact on me and the rest I searched and read on AO3 just now

Darkness was the first good dp fanfic I ever read

Followed by Interview with a Phantom

A Snapping Sound is also very good and has the bonus of art by the author on her tumblr

This is a good story about ghost biology and is a part of a great series called Ghost Stories

Weird ghost mushrooms

Clockwork and the Christmas Truce story that’s only slightly depressing

Some Ghost King Danny

Lancer and Danny Have a Talk While He Bleeds Out

And this is my all time favorite fanfic ever

Feel free to add onto this