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WARNING, THIS WILL PROBABLY BREAK YOUR HEART Okay guys, I just had a massive realisation and you need to read this omg.

It’s common knowledge in the Mystic Messenger fandom that the codename Seven (707) can be read as ‘LOL’ when flipped, and this is likely a deliberate move by Cheritz. But what if there’s another reason for the codename 707? (hold onto your hats guys)

Seven is a hacker, meaning he deals with massive amounts of code. When there is an error in code, a message will appear with a number which is a label for that specific type of problem. For example, a common one is Error 404: File Not Found. All of the error labels and their meanings can be found online.

I looked up the error that goes with the number 707, and look what it is:

Now, keep in mind the theory that Seven’s memories aren’t lost when the player resets the game. Have a look at what the error for 707 actually is.

“When the server is unable to release that section of memory, error 707 occurs.”

It’s highly likely that Seven keeps the memories after the reset, meaning whatever causes the other characters to lose their memories cannot remove Seven’s memories.

And Error 707 occurs when a server is unable to release (basically get rid of) parts of memory on the server. Error 707 happens when memories can’t be removed.




*cries in Korean*

Stucky Fic Recs

It’s been a while since I’ve read these, but I distinctly recall them all being quality. I’ve made lil’ comments here and there in parenthesis. Also, how I organized these may not be super accurate, but just go with it. 



AU’s (aka, not sure how to label these):

Hotel Service - Odsbodkins
this city bleeds its aching heart - Renne
Five Times Bucky Modeled For Steve - Selenay
Fantasmic! - mambo (Bucky is Prince Charming at Disney World, what else could you need?)

Bakery AU’s:

nothing short of thankful - shmabs (Hilarious.)

College AU’s:

sharing beds like little kids - tesselated (Also filed under: skinny!Steve)
so i go (but we know i’ll see you down the line) - idekman (Bucky’s an asshole, but skinny!Steve brings out his good side. There’s trains!)

Veteran AU’s:

at the other end (of the line) - mwestbelle (This can also be labeled as skinny!Steve, just so you know.)
Critical Feline Mass - Kryptaria, rayvanfox (Amazing duo that have written several of my favorite Stucky fics.)
You Were Standing There - thebrotherswinchester (Oh look another favorite author.)

Teacher AU’s:

180 Days and Counting - SaraNoH, the_wordbutler (Behemoth of a story, with a slow build but excellent characterizations.)

Prostitution AU’s:

Night Light - thebrotherswinchester (I’ve read this like four times.)

BDSM AU’s (contains elements, not necessarily a lifestyle):

Good Boy - triedunture  (Could be filed under ‘post ca: tws’.)
Politics and AnimalsKryptaria, rayvanfox (This handled what it means/takes to be in a healthy BDSM relationship very well.)


Born At The Right Time - caughtinanocean
When You’ve Died For Your Country You Can Wear Whatever You Want - Paraxdisepink (Kind of cracky and just a funny story.)
Let’s Fall In Love - Desdemon (Love this one to pieces.)

Outsider POV:

it’s a love story, baby just say yes - KiaraSayre (This is full of cracky win.)
The Smithsonian Guard - galerian_ash
A Distressing Affliction - kitkatnip (Excuse you feelings.)
5 times Bucky and Steve were Unnaturally Comfortable Around Each Other, and the 1 Time They Weren’t - WhatTheBodyGraspsNot (This is more switching POV’s)

CA: TFA (some hand-wavy canon compliance):

GravitationOdsbodkins (This story will hit you right in the feels.)
Body Studies - Ark (Pre-serum Steve.)

Post CA: TWS (some hand-wavy canon compliance):

The Quickest Way - Wynn (One of my absolute favorite Marvel authors. I’m in love with her characterizations.)
Brooklyn Reclaimed Series - Brenda (Brilliant author, it’s a must to check out their other works.)
lonely houses off the road - Etharei
Through the notches in your spinecaughtinanocean
Parallel Constructions - freshbakedlady 
The Bucky Barnes Guide to Household Management - CryptoHomoRocker
The man on the bridge - boopboop (Such an amazing author, and this story was just damn.)

Canon divergent:

Your Kind of Idiot - dirtybinary
Timestamp series - what_alchemy (Another favorite author for Marvel, but this series is just excellent. Shows a really interesting look at the development of Steve & Bucky.)
Gone Quiet - victoria_p (musesfool)


There are thousands of excellent Stucky stories out there and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Read these and go off and explore because MAN, there are a ton of f*cking amazing authors for this fandom. BLESS. <3

anonymous asked:

Hmm, I'm very sad tonight. I follow so many X-Files blogs and I have never chosen a 'side' because I loved how unique everyone's blogs are and I'm a person who is interested and participates in various topics. But reading through certain blogs last night left me physically shaking. It doesn't give me a good feeling when people say other's should stop talking about things and when they label others. And the topic itself doesn't even bother me. I'm just so sad that this has went so far.

I understand that you feel this way, it’s probably almost impossible to follow XF-related blogs without having to read about Gillovny/Gillorgan these days, since there are just a handful of people left who don’t care or haven’t had to chose a “side”, and therefore not getting pulled into the discourse.

Being sad is normal at this stage. You realize you don’t feel comfortable with someone you once liked, and therefore you’re in the process of letting go. At one point, I just leaned back and watched the whole thing unfold and now I’m pretty sure with whom I want to be associated with, and who I want to avoid. I just wish they would simply avoid me too.

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Do you think you could help me with writing description? I've got some npc's in my rp threads who don't have faceclaims and I'm really bad at describing people's appearance naturally.

*cracks knuckles*

All right, partner, it’s time for Character Description 101. Now I assume when you say you want the description to be natural, you’re saying that you have a tendency for description to come across unnaturally - to wit, wooden and stilted. This is because a lot of times descriptions are done in what I’d like to call the Police Report Method, where the description reads like something filed into a police report.

  • Jack was tall and had a slim build, with thick brown hair, large gray eyes, and a thin beard. He wore a red button-up shirt over blue jeans with white sneakers.

Descriptions like that are about as exciting to read as the nutrition label on a box of rice. It doesn’t sound like prose; it just sounds like a dull inventory of appearance traits. Here are some methods you can use to avoid that sort of description.

Focus on just a few details. We don’t need a full profile on the character’s appearance; we just need to know what parts of their appearance are distinct enough to significantly contribute to telling them apart from other characters. Then, now that you’ve cleared up the clutter, fill that description space by further expanding upon the few selected details.

  • The broad set of Maria’s shoulders were a sharp contrast to her narrow waist, giving her such a top-heavy appearance that it was amazing she could keep her balance.
  • David must have been at least a head taller than anyone else at the table, taller still if one counted the hair that was combed into a pompadour that looked as though it were being magnetically pulled toward the ceiling.
  • The sleek, jet-black hair that fell past Amy’s shoulders ended in a jagged, unkempt line, a result of her barbering it herself with the dagger she always wore in the leather holster around her thigh.

Incorporate posture and movement. When the reader is imagining your character, they’re not picturing a still photograph. They’re picturing the actions you attribute to the characters. Use this to your advantage when creating descriptions.

  • Maria’s slender figure made it quite easy for her to slink her way through the crowded terminal, her long, narrow legs lending her a graceful stride.
  • Jack shoved his hands into his pockets and refused to meet Amy’s eyes as he walked beside, instead staring defiantly at the ground, his long dark bangs falling into his face and covering his eyes.
  • David sat with his legs crossed tightly, slouched over onto himself, as if very aware of how much room he took up and quite used to trying to remedy it.

Compare and contrast. You’ve already got other characters in your RP world, including the one you’re playing. One way to incorporate descriptions of new characters is to use the ones already there as a point of reference.

  • It was immediately obvious that this was Jack’s brother. Although David’s hair was much darker and longer, and his frame broader, the shapes of the two boys’ almond eyes and crooked smiles were nigh identical.
  • “It’s too bad I outgrew this dress,” Amy sighed. “But, hey, you’re, what, a couple sizes smaller than me, right? Maybe it’ll fit you?” She held the dress up in front of Maria, trying to appraise its suitability.

Use the description in the story. I don’t mean that you should make your story about the character’s height or hair color. I mean that there are places where you can include little actions in the writing that can naturally transition into description. Particularly, where a physical trait of the character is a problem or an asset.

  • Maria took longer than the rest of the team to get her swim cap on. She had always struggled to get all of her thick, unruly curls to stay put under the lycra.
  • Jack muttered in annoyance as he fished out his ID card for the bartender. Even though he was nearing thirty, that clean-shaven, round-cheeked, wide-eyed baby face of his cursed him into looking young enough that no one would ever give him a drink without an investigation.
  • There was no hiding the signs of last night’s scuffle. What had begun as a pink bruise on David’s eye had overnight turned into an impressive black and purple shiner, a stark contrast against his otherwise pale face.

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive manual for character description. There still are plenty of other tricks and methods for working a description naturally into the narrative. So before I wrap up, here’s some links to a few other places that give advice on character description:

I hope this helped!