just read his lips

Grantaire who is deaf. Who was estranged from his family and peers all of his life because no one cared enough to learn LSF or teach him. So he taught himself. Who dances without music. Who pushes his pain out through dance and painting and boxing. Who started drinking before University because he was lonely. Who meets Courfeyrac on his first day and is shocked and touched when he decides to learn LSF for him. Who is dragged to an Amis meeting by Courfeyrac because “You have good ideas, Taire. Ideas that deserve to be heard. Seen. All of the above. And deaf issues deserve just as much attention.” So he goes. And he sees someone beautiful there. And he stops watching Courfeyrac try to frantically translate and just concentrates on that beautiful boy who sits up front. And sometimes he reads his lips but sometimes he just watches him. And then Courfeyrac stands up and talks about him. And Grantaire watches everyone’s reactions. Watches their eyes widen and prays to god he won’t see that look of pity he’s so used to, like he’s a hurt puppy or like he’s stupid. But they doesn’t. He just signs, thank you; he means thank you for coming. And finally Grantaire has found a home. And the Amis have LSF lessons once a week, and Grantaire swears, no matter how bad the rest of the week is, no matter how many times he’s not heard, that night is happy. And watching Enjolras’s look of concentration is the purest form of joy that he’s ever found. On his birthday, the Amis sign happy birthday to him and they sing along so loud that he can hear the vibrations in his feet. And for every rally and every speech, there is an Ami standing by Enjolras signing, if Enjolras isn’t doing it himself. And for the first time in his life, he’s finally found a place where he never struggles to communicate.

Here's an idea

Cloud playing with Sephiroth’s fingers.

The Setup - virgin!Michael

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Michael walked into GameStop as he did every Saturday walking up to the counter to see his friend and ask about any good deals they had, while possibly seeing his favorite person, not that she knew he existed.

“Hey, Cal,” Michael said smiling at the tanned boy behind the counter, Calum’s head snapping up from the football magazine he was reading, a smirk falling onto his lips.

“You just can’t stay away for one weekend, can you Mike?” Cal questioned shutting the magazine as Michael rolled his eyes. He knew what Calum was referring to, trying to hide the small blush forming on his pale face. “She’s over there looking for Kingdom Hearts if you want to help her.”

“You want me to go talk to her…are you crazy?” he questioned as Calum sighed rolling his eyes. “You clearly are if you think I have the balls to talk to her.”

“Michael, for the love of god, go fucking ask if she needs help,” Calum said throwing his pen at his friend. Michael sighed before looking around for the wall with the PS2 label above it before walking over seeing the girl he had been hopelessly crushing over for a month there with her back to him. She had on a pair of white skinny jeans with a simple, old band tee, arms covered in bracelets as she hummed to the overplayed pop song being streamed through the speakers

“Which one are you looking for?” he asked startling the girl who’s face broke out into a bright smile.

“The first Kingdom Hearts. My sister broke my playstation with the game still inside and it snapped. This is the only one that said they have it in stock,” she replied simply as Michael nodded looking around for the game, eyes scanning the shelves he knew all too well, landing on the case on the seconds shelf, reaching up to grab it handing it to her. “Thanks, Michael.”

“H-how do you know my name?” he asked startled not expecting her to know who he was.

“I asked your friend the other day. I’m y/n by the way. But, anyways, how’s the Fifa game you bought last week?”

“Great. Want to come over to play it?” he questioned, the words falling from his mouth before he could think about what he was saying, his face growing paler as the blood drained from his face. “I-I mean…wow, okay. You don’t have to. I don’t know where that came from.”

“I’d love to,” she said smiling, his eyes growing wide in surprise at the fact she agreed. “Let me just pay for this and we can go, if you want. Unless you were thinking a different day.”

“O-oh, no…today’s great,” he said, the girl nodding as she walked up to Calum at the from desk placing the game down, a smirk forming on Calum’s face as he rang in the girl quickly, eyes occasionally flicking to Michael’s as he stood there blushing.

“Have a great day. Michael, call me if you want to hang out later,” Calum said as he just nodded in his friend’s direction following the girl out of the store.

Michael was surprised when he got home to see no one was there, but quite relieved. He tugged her up the stairs to his room where his xbox resided, kicking off his shoes as he climbed up onto the bed, y/n climbing next to him as he handed her a controller.

“I didn’t peg you as someone that would be really into video games. You’re too pretty for that,” he said, y/n laughing as he blushed slightly.

“I have two brothers so the only way I was going to hang out with them was if I learned to play and eventually it just became a thing for me,” she said simply, waiting for the game to load so she could pick her team. “Do you have siblings?”

“No. Only child,” he shrugged, y/n nodded looking over the boy next to her as his eyes stayed focused on the screen. She’d be lying if she said she didn’t find him attractive, his jaw line was perfect, bright green eyes, stubble…she wanted nothing more than to kiss him, run her hands along his face, and that’s exactly what she did. She turned his head towards her slightly, gripping his jaw as she pressed her lips to his. He sat there stunned letting her kiss him as he moved his hand hesitantly to cup her jaw as she pulled away, biting at his lower lip as she pulled back. “W-what was that?”

“A kiss?” she questioned, head cocked to the side. “Have you ever kissed someone, Michael?” he shook his head as she bit onto her lip, taking the controller from his hand and placing it onto the floor before climbing in his lap. “This will be a stupid question, but have you ever had sex before?”

“No ma’am,” he muttered causing y/n to giggle.

“You don’t need to talk to me as if I’m an adult, Mike. Do you…want to have sex?” he shifted slightly, a bit uncomfortable, mostly from the growing erection in his pants. “I don’t want to force you into anything,” she muttered kissing his jaw loving the way his stubble ran across her skin. “Tell me if you want me to stop.” She kissed down his neck, his hands finding her hips as he moaned feeling her teeth nip at his skin.

“I don’t want you to stop,” he muttered as she pulled back, pulling his shirt off before pushing him back onto the bed, running her hands up his body as she slowly rotated her hips against his, his moans getting more desperate as he craved her touch. He wanted her to touch him, run her hands over his body, have her kiss every inch of his skin. “Fuck, don’t do that. I’m going to cum in my pants.”

“What do you want me to do, Mikey? Tell me what you want.” He moaned loudly watching her pull her top off, reaching behind her back to unclasp her bra, tossing it to the side, gripping at her breasts, flipping her hair to the side as he watched her, not even sure what he wanted. “I could start with a blow job,” she said slipping her hand down into her pants, rubbing at her clit as she let out a shaky breath, “or we can skip to the main event.”

“W-what about you?” he asked, his fingers teasing her skin.

“This is your first time. It’s about you, baby.” She climbed off of him, pulling off her jeans and panties before going to tug off his pants and boxers, ignoring the fact he had ninja turtle boxers on, the poor boy probably not thinking he was going to get it in that day. “Have any condoms?”

“N-no,” he muttered as she giggled going into her bag to pull one out. “You just carry them around?”

“Only on Saturdays,” she said, a smug smirk on her face as she tore open the wrapped, pulling out the rubber before rolling it onto his length. She climbed up onto him straddling his waist. “Tell me if this is too much for you, too fast, okay?” He nodded his head as she lined him up with her entrance, slowly sinking down as he moaned, gripping her hips tightly holding her in place.

“Fucking hell,” he muttered, y/n chuckling as she stopped her movements, moving as slow as humanly possible until they were skin to skin letting him get used to the feeling of her around him before  slowly lifting her hips, letting her fall again, his entire length inside of her as they both moaned, the speed of her movements picking up as she placed her hands on his chest for leverage helping to get a better angle and move easier. His breathing quickened as his grip on her tightened again, the feeling of wanting to cum overcame him as he released into the condom, y/n slowing her movements as she lifted her hims removing him from inside of her, her body falling to the side of his bed as he got up to dispose of the condom climbing back into the bed. “So…”

“So?” she asked curling into his body.

“Is this…a one time thing?” she sighed sitting up looking towards him.

“Not unless you want it to be. Quite frankly, I like you, you’re different, and you’re absolutely adorable,” she said running her hand through his hair. “But god damn, it took you long enough to talk to me.”

“Well, I’m glad I did.”

Yusuke from Brother’s conflict

It hurts how much I love this character.  He’s one of those you just want to tease and mess around with.  Seeing how embarrassed he gets.  whew what a ride.  Thought I’d start on some prints for my table at anime banzai… but now I’m wondering about this one.  hmmmm.  anyway have some sexually frustrated tsundere step brother

Barista on 34th *Soulmate AU

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Prompt: Your soulmate somehow finds a diary/journal from your old selves and it sparks memories. 

Warning(s): Slight angst, maybe? A little fluff, maybe? Either way, I hope you all enjoy it!

We vow to always find each other because no matter what, we belong together,” Bucky reads out loud as he looks into the glass case containing his past belongings. “Graciously donated by Anonymous,” he continues to read, but he knows full well who the anonymous person is. He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes, not wanting to believe what was just read. Biting his lower lip, he opens his eyes again and looks towards his best friend, or so he was informed. 

Steve looks at him, a sad look covering his features. A part of him wants to be sympathetic towards Bucky’s situation, but if truth be told, Steve isn’t capable. Steve’s past relationships were nothing like his best friend’s relationship. He only vowed to be someone’s dance partner, never mind being with them forever. 

“Do you remember her, even a little?” Steve asks, almost instantly regretting his words. 

Bucky clenches his jaw together and looks at all the items in the glass case. Shaking his head, he turns away and leaves the Captain America exhibit, running into a few people on the way out. A few people call out to him, claiming he needs to watch it, while others are too mesmerized by everything to pay him any mind. 

Heavy breaths leave his body as he finally manages to find his way outside the massive building. He clutches his hand to his chest, wanting anything to not feel lost. As soon as he gains his composure, his eyes scan the staircase to only see other people staring back at him. Without a second thought, he rushes down the staircase and finds himself near a calm lake, surrounded with green grass and a few trees. Taking a deep breath, he walks around, looking for the perfect spot to sit down and rest. 

The moment he sits down, he feels a tinge of regret when he sees a couple of families laughing, having picnics and playing with some type of flying disc. Instead of moving and finding a different spot, he forces himself to stay and watch, no matter how painful it may be. The only running through his mind is that this is the life he could and should have had with her.  

Since getting lost in his own thoughts about what could have been, Bucky barely took notice of the company beside him. “You just got beat up in this ally, as always, and it was winter. I remember because the snow created this pathway and it was the only way we could tell where we were going,” he says, a small smile finally making an appearance since the day began. “And it was night because everything was closed, including the coffee shop where she worked. If it wasn’t for the way your blood was dripping all over the place, I wouldn’t have met her. I have you to thank for that,” he says. His small smile turns into a sad one. 

“I know you didn’t ask for this life, Buck,” Steve says, unsure of where he’s going with this when no other words come to his mind. 

“Don’t,” Bucky responds, knowing Steve’s intentions. “No one could have predicted this.”

“The coffee shop is still there. We can go there if you want.”

Finally looking away from the families, Bucky turns his attention to Steve. In this moment, a whirlwind of emotions course through his veins. As a simple response, he nods and stands up from his spot on the ground. Steve does the same. 

“Off to 34th,” Bucky says, who now seems excited for the adventure to come. 

“Off to 34th,” Steve says, a feeling of appreciation filling his body.

The two walk to 34th Street in silence. Block after block, street after street. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, they come face-to-face with the coffee shop. Bucky gulps the lump that’s been lingering in his throat for quite awhile now. He’s unsure of what’s about to happen and he can only hope he won’t have an episode in public. 

“Let’s do this, Punk,” Bucky says, now just wanting to get it over with. He steps up to the door and opens it. Just like before, a bell rings signalling there’s a customer and just like before, the place is filled with people. “It really kept it’s character, didn’t it?”

“Yeah, it sure did,” Steve nods. The two look around the small place, carefully examining their new surroundings.

“Hey, fellas. What can I do for ya?” a perky, female voice asked. 

Bucky and Steve turn their heads towards the owner of the voice to come across a barista. A bright smile covers her face, while her eyes shine with enthusiasm and optimism. Subconsciously, Bucky slowly steps closer to her. Everything about the barista reminds him of her. A part of Bucky hopes she’s somehow feeling the same, but he feels like that probably isn’t the case. 

“Hi,” he says, his voice softer than he intended. “I, uh. It’s been awhile since I’ve done this.”

“Since you’ve what? Had coffee?” She asks, a hint of a giggle seeping through. “If so, I’m more than happy to help you,” she reassures.

“I’d like that,” Bucky says, mentally slapping himself. It’s a good thing he’s capable to go into recovery mode.

The barista giggles and grabs one of the cups. “I’ll start you off with normal, black coffee. You seem like you need all the caffeine you can get,” she says as another small giggle passes through her lips. She turns away from and starts brewing up the caffeinated drink. 

Bucky watches her intently when Steve steps up beside him. “I’ll be in the corner booth if you need me,” he chuckles as he slaps his best friend’s shoulder playfully. Bucky only groans in response, making Steve laugh lightly.

“You know, I feel like I know you,” she says as she turns around and faces Bucky once more. “Have you been here before?” she asks as she hands him his hot drink. 

He graciously takes the cup from her hands, making sure not to make any physical contact with her. “Uh, yeah, but it was years ago,” Bucky says.

She grabs the rag from her pocket and begins to wipe down the counter tops as he watches her gentle movements. This creates a moment of silence between them. 

“Maybe I know you from a past life or something,” she concludes, looking back up at him once more. “I’m Y/N.” She sticks her hand out for him to shake. At first he’s hesitant, but decides that as gently as he can, he is able to shake her delicate hand. When they make contact with each other, he suddenly know that those are just as he remembers, too. 

“I’m Bucky.”

“Well, Bucky,” she begins as she puts her rag away and looks at him, giving him her full attention. “Let’s say we figure it out, huh?”

Bucky nods and smiles as his heart starts racing. She definitely has the same spirit as she did before. “I’d like that.”

For @puckerupmikey and @hemmocrat‘s First “I love you” blurb night

When Calum and you first met he didn’t know a thing about sign language; in fact, he hadn’t even known you were deaf until your second study session where you told him you needed him to look at you when he was talking. As soon as Calum learned of your loss of hearing, he knew he had to learn your language. He couldn’t bare the thought of you having to work twice as hard at reading his lips just to keep up with the conversation so he started his lessons right away. Your biology study session quickly turning into ASL one’s with you teaching Calum the proper ways to sign different words. And you were surprised how fast Calum caught on, the two of you quickly conversing solely in sign language by his fifth lesson. Though, Calum’s late night study session on the internet probably had something to do with his rapid fluency. Before long your study session became dates, the two of you both taking an interest in each other. One date turned to two and pretty soon the two of you were seeing each other every night, your relationship never being labeled but both of you aware that whatever was going on between the two of you was more than just a friendship. Though, Calum hoped to changed that tonight when he signed the words “I love you” to you tonight and changes things he did. The two of spent the rest of the night exchanging “i love you’s” you with your words in Calum’s language and Calum with his hands, in your language. 

Stay: Part 4 (Matt/Claire drabbles)

(A/N: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3. Slight AU based off of “A World on Fire” if Claire had stayed a week and they never had that fight.)

“Okay,” Claire said, holding up the blouse from the Gap plastic bag sitting on Matt’s bed. “I’m officially freaked out now.”

Matt cocked his head. “Why? That I knew your size?”

“Oh, we’ll get to that in a second,” she said, rubbing the material between her fingers. “How did you know blue was my favorite color? Can you read brain signals or something?”

“No, just…” He licked his lips. “Colors I remember well. I thought it would look nice with your skin.”

She held the garment up to her body, swishing the hem a bit. “Oh, so now I’m dressing up to be your eye candy. We’ve finally progressed to that point.”

He lifted his eyebrows. “Eye candy?”

She winced. “Sorry. Force of habit.”

“It’s okay. I wanted you to be as comfortable as possible while I figure things out. If you don’t like it—”

He reached for the bag, but she caught his wrist. “Come on, Matt. You know I’m kidding. Grow a sense of humor, Captain Serious.”

He relaxed beneath her touch. “Well, I do have one of those. That’s why I bought the leather corset and thigh high boots for you.”

Her jaw dropped. “You did not.”

She grabbed at the other big bag in his hand while he laughed, holding it out of reach. She tried to snatch it loose, but he caught her around the waist to keep her away from it, bringing their bodies in full frontal contact. He was warm. Solid. She didn’t get many chances to be this close without his life being in danger, and so she savored it. He seemed to notice the shift in her posture, his playful grin easing into a fond smile.

“You gonna tell me how you knew my size now?” she asked, settling her arms around his neck.

“Height, weight, the way my clothes fit on you. Nothing special.”

She bit her bottom lip, her lids lowering as she looked at him. “Sure you didn’t peek while I was taking my shower this morning?”

“How do you define the word ‘sure’ in this context?”

She laughed softly and leaned in, kissing him very gently, holding it for as long as she felt was appropriate. He didn’t shy away. He just melted into it.

“Thank you,” she whispered, slipping the other bag out of his hand.  

Part 5 coming soon! Seriously, Daredevil fandom, you guys are so kind. Thank you for the likes and reblogs on the drabble series so far. Part 5 will be posted on Monday, probably. 

Kyle hummed happily as he cleaned a high window. Not being able to hear had never really hindered him at any point during his life. He’d learned to read and read lips extraordinarily well, just talking wasn’t really his forte. Nor was noticing when someone had something to say to him. Especially since he was up on a ladder at the moment.

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