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EXO / Their S/O being sensitive because of her past

Request: Hellooo:) I would like to request an Exo Reaction: Their GF/fiancee/wife is a very sensitive girl, who gets hurt easily and cries easily. She gets scared when they yell at her in a discussion or fight. Shealso   didn’t get much love at her parents home. Thank you:)            

Thank you for your request! Hope you enjoy! ♥️

TRIGGER WARNING! Harmful past relationship with family members. Also, some strong language.


Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Minseok was tired. Exhausted, actually. He had just returned home and all he wanted to do was rest because, in seven hours, he’d have to be up on stage again. And this schedule has been going on for weeks. At first, you were really scared for his health because you thought he was working literally 24/7.

“Minseok,” you said softly, while he lied on the bed. He opened his eyes to look at you. “It’s 2am. Was the show really that long?”

“No, the show ended at 10 or so,” Minseok answered with a yawn. “I stayed out with the guys for a little while.”

You contemplated this. “And what about yesterday when you returned home at midnight?”

“I don’t remember,” Minseok shrugged his shoulder simply.

Slowly, you started to realize that he was spending time with the other members after performances and that was the reason why the two of you only hung out when you were sleeping. You weren’t mad at him for spending time with his friends, but doing this every night when he was about to go on tour and wouldn’t see you for months was making you feel somewhat rejected.

And this feeling of rejection brought back a lot of negative memories from your childhood. You were never the main priority and suddenly feeling as if you’re not a priority for your long-time boyfriend, caused tears to well up in your eyes.

You turned your back to him as you tried to calm yourself down, not wanting to give in to the feeling, but not being able to control the tears that started to fall down your cheeks.

“Y/n?” Minseok’s concerned voice was suddenly heard from behind you. “What’s wrong? Are you crying?”

You couldn’t reply, afraid that if you did, a sob would escape your lips.

“Y/n, look at me,” he asked, sitting up on the bed and leaning forward to rest his head on your shoulder. “Is it because of me?”

You tried to shake your head but instead ended up taking a shaky breath, making Minseok even more scared. He was quick to catch up what was wrong as he knew you well enough to read your emotions almost better than you.

“Y/n, I’m so sorry,” he said, quickly getting up from the bed and walking around so he could see your face. “Please don’t cry. I realize I’ve been away from you for too long.”

“It’s o-okay,” you tried to tell him.

“It’s not okay, I’m really sorry,” Minseok disagreed. “I’m not leaving you. I’m taking you to the show with me tomorrow. I don’t want you to be alone.”


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When Junmyeon returned from his fourth interview that day, you could tell that he was very tired and in a bad mood. Not wanting to start a fight with him, you chose to give him his space until he calmed down.

Soon though, he entered your shared bedroom by loudly slamming the door open. You flinched in your seat and turned around to look at him.

“Did we not agree that you’d do the grocery shopping today?” he asked with an annoyed expression.

“Oh! Shit, Junmyeon, I completely—”

“—forgot, yeah. How many times have you forgotten to do that this week? Three? Four?” he snapped.

“I’m sorry, I can go to the store right now if you want me to,” you tried to say.

“Don’t. I’ll do everything myself,” he said, turning around. “Like I always do.”

That last part of his sentence felt like a punch to the face. It was as if he’d subtly called you useless. Taken aback by this, you just sat there for a moment, feeling your hands slowly start to shake. He knew you were sensitive when it came to fighting and you couldn’t blame him for being tired and annoyed, but did he really have to take it out on you?

Suddenly, the door of the bedroom slammed open again. You got up from the chair, afraid he’d yell at you again.

“Where did I—” Junmyeon started but then stopped himself when he noticed the fearful tears in your eyes. “Are you crying? W-why are you crying?”

You looked down, not being able to look him in the eye. “I’m sorry I’m so useless.”

“Useless? Why would you—? Y/n, you’re not useless,” he said, reaching you in a few quick strides across the bedroom. “Did you think that because of what I said? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that.”

He wrapped his arms tightly around you before you could answer anything.

“You’re not useless,” he repeated again. “You’re the most important thing in the world to me.”


Originally posted by baekhyuntella

You’ve been scrolling down your Twitter timeline when you came across something that caught your eye. It was a tabloid article that claimed to have pictures of Yixing kissing another girl. Normally, you would have just ignored it and kept scrolling because you trusted your boyfriend, but this time you pressed on it. It was the third article about him cheating that you’ve seen in the past two days. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t a little concerned.

The article quoted a source that claimed Yixing has been seeing this girl for the past few weeks and that he really liked her. Your heart started to beat faster as you continued to read the article, despite the sensible part of your brain telling you that there was no way this was true.

And then, much to your surprise, you saw pictures of Yixing actually holding the hand of some girl you didn’t recognize. You could tell that the pictures were recent because of his outfit that you had helped him choose. You started to feel sick. All the other articles you read didn’t have any proof but this one seemingly did.

You couldn’t believe that after opening your heart again, even though every single person you’ve ever loved has left you alone, you were about to be hurt all over again.

Suddenly, the door of your apartment opened and you saw Yixing’s happy face.

“Ah, jagi, I’ve missed you so much!” he said, walking towards you to kiss you hello.

Affected by the article you just read, you turned your face, so his lips pressed on your cheek.

Yixing gave you a concerned look. “Is everything okay?”

“Uh, yeah,” you said, trying to hide the article on your laptop but your suspicious movement caught his eye and he turned his head, noticing the picture of him with a girl you had just seen.

He swallowed deeply and seemed to go a few shades paler at the sight of it. You took this as a sign that this was definitely serious and excused yourself.

Just as you stood up and tried to walk back to your bedroom so he wouldn’t see you cry, he grabbed your hand.

“Y/n, stop,” he said. “You know this is bullshit, right?”

“I don’t know anything,” you said, using your free hand to cover your face.

“What do you mean? You know I love you!” Yixing said, trying to pull you closer. “That’s Chanyeol’s sister. She was getting out of a car and I was trying to be nice and help her, so I took her hand. Are you listening to me? It doesn’t mean anything.”

“This isn’t th-the first time I’m reading an article l-like this,” you told him through quiet sobs.

“Why are you even reading—Y/n, listen to me,” Yixing looked somewhat annoyed but he kept his composure because he saw you were hurting. “None of these articles mean anything. They’re just trying to cause rumours. I would never leave you for anyone. Never. Don’t forget that.


Originally posted by progamerbyun

This was one of the busiest weeks of your life. You had three exams in the course of five days and you spent all of your time studying. So, when Baekhyun came over to your apartment, he wasn’t surprised to see you surrounded by books and notes, as you were getting ready for your last exam of the week.

“Hi, baby,” he announced himself, hoping you’ll stop studying for a moment now that he’s here.

You simply nodded in acknowledgment and continued to highlight the important paragraph of the chapter you were reading.

“Can you take a break?” Baekhyun asked, a little surprised that you didn’t bother to even look at him.

“Not right now,” you answered. “I still have three chapters of this book to get through.”

“Okay… but you do realize that I’m leaving for tour in, like, a week?” Baekhyun continued. “I won’t see you for months.”

“I know, I’m sorry,” you said, still not raising your head. “I’m just really busy this week.”

“Right,” Baekhyun said, suddenly feeling angry at this rejection. “Okay. I’m leaving then.”

“You could come back a little later,” you suggested hopefully. “I’ll probably be done in a few hours.”

“I’m not sure I’ll want to,” Baekhyun answered and was about to open the door of the apartment when he heard you shut your book.

When he turned around, he saw you stare at him with wide eyes, fear evident in them even though he was across the entire apartment from you.

“You won’t want to?” you asked quietly, your heart hammering in your chest. The irrational fear of another person leaving you and never coming back slowly creeping into your brain.

Baekhyun’s stomach dropped at the sight of your distressed face. He sprinted across the apartment to be closer to you.

“No, no, I’m sorry I said that,” he apologized immediately. “I just want your attention, I didn’t mean to say that, I’m sorry. I-I’ll take a nap while you study, okay? I’ll be right here when you’re done.”


Originally posted by baekhyunsama

Neither one of you could even remember what the fight was about, although you were sure that it started out as a small argument and then escalated within a few seconds. You tried to keep your posture but you already felt close to tears as Chen snapped back at you in a raised voice.

“Jongdae, you need to—”

“Don’t tell me what I need to do!” he yelled, throwing his hands in the air in exasperation.

This sudden movement caused you to flinch involuntarily and take a careful step back as the tears, that were threatening to come, finally broke free, along with the memories of never being good enough. Of never being loved enough.

It took Jongdae a moment to realize that you had started to cry quietly, since he had his back turned to you and was breathing heavily. When he finally turned around, he had already opened his mouth to yell, but his voice got caught in his throat as he saw how fragile you looked.

You had your arms wrapped around yourself with your face turned to the side so you wouldn’t be looking at him, with tears streaming down your cheeks.

“Oh my God, Y/n,” Jongdae whispered, finally realizing that his unnecessary fight and every single argument was cutting your heart into small pieces. “I’m sorry. I take everything I said back. Let’s forget this day ever happened, okay? Please don’t cry.”

Carefully, he wrapped his arms around you, wanting to see if you’d push him away but you didn’t. You couldn’t. You let him hug you as tightly as he was able to.

“I love you so much,” he was whispering now. “I’m never fighting with you again, I promise. I can’t stand to watch you cry.”


Originally posted by baekhyunsama

Chanyeol had locked himself inside of his room, working on a song. You decided not to bother him and only knocked on his door to bring him food and ask him if he’d like to do something. He always said no, cutting you off. So, when he finally exited his room at 11pm, you suddenly got very happy to finally see him again.

“Have you finished the song?” you asked excitedly.

“No,” he replied shortly as he made his way to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

“I could have brought you water,” you tried to say helpfully. He ignored you as he turned the tap on.

You swallowed, not knowing how to keep the conversation going.

“So… how come this song is taking this long?” you asked slowly, not wanting to offend him, and just wondering when were you going to get your boyfriend back.

“Because I can’t get it right,” Chanyeol began ranting as he turned the tap off. “Because the song is the stupidest thing ever.”

“Maybe you should take a break,” you offered as you noticed that his stress was getting the best of him.

He placed the glass down on the counter.

“I can’t take a break! I’ve told you this over twenty times already,” he snapped and turned around to face you, not realizing how menacing he looked when he was towering over you with an angry expression.

You took a step back, feeling anxiety pool in your stomach. A sudden feeling of déjà vu overcame you as your mind traveled back to all of the times you’ve been downgraded and put down by your own family.

You looked down, nodding simply, suddenly very afraid of what Chanyeol was going to say or do next.

“Y/n… are you okay?” he asked, surprising you slightly.


“I was being an asshole, wasn’t I?” he said, realizing. “I’m sorry. I’m really tired. I don’t know why I snapped at you like that. I’m sorry, Y/n, please don’t feel bad.”

You nodded again, trying to recover and get rid of the anxious thoughts racing in your head.

“I love you,” Chanyeol said, hopefully.

You couldn’t reply right away and Chanyeol panicked mildly, running towards you. He lifted your chin, so your eyes met, and wrapped his arms around your waist.

“I’m not going back to work until you smile,” he told you. “And tell me that you love me even if I’m being a pain in your ass.”

You laughed at this, making him smile softly.

“That’s my girl,” he said softly. “I really am sorry, Y/n.”


Originally posted by lovinthesoo

You and Kyungsoo have been in a relationship for almost a year, and you haven’t gotten into a fight once. Your personalities completed each other so well that you never disagreed about anything. Which is why it was a shock to you both when you found yourselves arguing about the future of your relationship.

“I’m just afraid,” you told him when for the twentieth time he insisted it was time to confirm your relationship in public. “I don’t want people to start hating on me. I don’t want to be in the spotlight.”

“Well, I don’t want to keep you a secret,” he shot back. “We’ve been together for so long. I’m sick of lying and saying that I’m single.”

“Why does it matter?” you asked. “A relationship is between two people. Why do we have to make it a worldwide issue?”

“A worldwide issue?” Kyungsoo raised his eyebrows, laughing humourlessly. “Since when is our relationship an issue?”

“It’s not… you know what I mean,” you sighed.

“No,” Kyungsoo countered. “I don’t know what you mean. And I don’t know why the fuck you’re being so difficult.”

All air had suddenly gone out of your lungs. You’ve had heard these words said to you before. You never wanted to hear it again, as even the memory alone was enough to bring you to the verge of tears.

Kyungsoo heard you take in a shaky breath and all of his anger disappeared the moment he realized what he had said to you.

“Oh my God, no, no, no,” he muttered, coming forward to take your hand and kiss it. “I must have gone crazy for a moment to actually say what I said to you. I don’t mean that. You’re not difficult. You’re the love of my life.”


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You’ve seen him get jealous before. His jealousy usually showed itself in the form of insecurity, making him clingy and needy for your attention. This time, however, it was a completely different story.

“Have you seen what people are saying?” he shouted. “They’ve been tweeting me for the past two days about how you were seen hugging some guy. There are even pictures to prove it!”

“He’s one of my good friends, I’ve already told you this,” you tried to explain.

“Right. And you just so happen to hug him right in front of the cameras, yeah?” he pushed. “Multiple times. In different locations.”

“I hugged him when I said hi,” you tried to stay calm. “And then when we were saying goodbye. That’s two times, Jongin.”

“And that’s two times too many!” he insisted, not realizing how childish that sounded. “How do you think it makes me feel when I’m away and all I can think about is my girlfriend hanging out with some guy?”

“For the tenth time, he’s my friend.”

“That’s not what it fucking looks like!” Jongin shouted, losing his patience completely, and angrily hitting his fist on the counter in front of him.

You jumped back after this, looking at him with horrified eyes. His sudden violent outburst was new. Unfortunately, this was not the first time you’ve seen someone lose control in front of you.

Suddenly overcome with fear, you took a few more steps back, further away from him, despite knowing very well that Jongin would never hurt you.

He realized he’d stepped over the line immediately, running a hand through his hair.

“I’m sorry,” he said, not daring to come closer to you. “I shouldn’t have… Y/n, I promise you, this it the last time you see me lose control like that, okay?”

You stayed quiet, not knowing what to reply, but also not knowing if you’d be able to talk even if you did have what to say.

“I would never hurt you. You know that right?” he asked quietly. You managed to nod. “Okay. Good. Can I hug you? Please?”

You nodded again. He walked out of the kitchen and towards you, wrapping his arms around your body tightly, letting you know how much he loved you not in words but with actions.


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You were just teasing him, trying to get him to smile after he’d had a long day. However, he misunderstood something you said and got offended.

“Wow,” he scoffed, standing up from the couch where the two of you have been cuddling. “Is that really what you think of me?”

“Sehun, no. I was kidding,” you said, not smiling anymore.

“Well, it’s not very funny,” he said, walking out of the room.

“Okay, I realize that now—” you started to say, following him out of the room.

“You realize that too late,” he cut you off angrily, without stopping.

“Let me apolog—”

“Your apologies don’t mean shit!” Sehun yelled, stopping in the hallway and turning to face you.

You were taken aback by this. He was never one to scold you and you knew it must have been the stress, but it still forced you to remember all of those times you couldn’t please your family. All of those times they yelled at you for doing the smallest thing wrong.

You thought you’d left them behind, but Sehun’s outburst brought all of it back.

You nodded and turned around, deciding that maybe it’d be better if the two of you took a time-out. But you didn’t get very far because Sehun caught up to you and blocked your way.

“Wait, I’m sorry,” he said. “I shouldn’t have yelled at you.”

“It’s fine. It’s my fault,” you said automatically.

A pained expression settled on Sehun’s face as the words left your lips.

“It’s not,” he said softly. “You apologized. I didn’t listen. It’s my fault and I’m sorry.”

You dared to look up at him. “I really didn’t mean what I said.”

“I know,” he nodded, extending his arms so he could embrace you. “Let’s go back to doing what we’re so good at.”

“Which is what?” you asked as you entered his arms, allowing him to hug you.

“Cuddling,” he answered. “And being so in love it’s disgusting.”

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Welcome to Jurassic Park (unbeta’ed)

(Read on Ao3)
Stiles stares off to the right, fascinated by the tropical plant life around them however there is something nagging at the back of his head. There is something off. He thinks with the tilt of his head and frowns his eyebrows.

Up ahead there is a tree with its branches overhanging on the road. Stiles reaches out and grabs hold of one of the leafy branches as the Park’s jeep drives by, tearing it from the tree. The rough bark scraping along his hands.

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The Roommate Swap - Lip Gallagher Imagine

Originally posted by lip-gallaghers-bae

Word Count: 3125

Warnings: Swearing, strong sexual content

Note: Pretty much this is just really long and really sexual

The sound of yet another muffled giggle pulled you away from the notes you were studying for what felt like the thousandth time. The bed behind you creaked louder than before this time. A long sigh escaped your lips. Yet again, your roommate had brought her boyfriend back to the room when you really needed to get some studying done. You had forced yourself to ignore it in the past, but you were being pushed over the edge this time. 

“Fuck, I really need to get some studying done,” you called out, putting your face in your hands. If you had it your way, you would’ve been at the library. Unfortunately, it was well after midnight and your desired location was closed for the night. 

“Shit, I’m sorry, Y/N,” your roommate responded, followed by another fit of giggles. 

“Fuck, sorry. I didn’t even realize,” her boyfriend apologized, the bed squeaking as he sat up. “Not to sound rude or anything, but could you maybe go to the library for a bit or something?”

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Shawn is so mind blowing, literally. (smut)

It’s a bit too early for a Christmas blurb but I blame my mom for already playing, enthusiastically, Christmas music at home. This one takes a drastic turn so I hope you enjoy the ride because “Y/N” surely did. This is also a result of the way those pictures of Shawn wearing that white button-up affect my mind, I had to share. I really hope you like it! All the love xx

You smiled and gave Manny a small ‘thank you’ as he handed you another glass of wine.

“This one is really good, my parents brought it. They used to drink a similar one back in their hometown.” Manny started to explain as you took a good look at your glass. “I don’t remember what it was called.” He let out a chuckle and you giggled.

It was a week before Christmas and you were at the Mende’s residence rotting from drunkenness with Shawn’s father. Shawn’s parents were having a Christmas party for family and friends and they were more than happy to invite you and have you over, before you had to go home to spend Christmas with your parents.

You had lost your boyfriend somewhere around the house for over an hour ago. You had met three of his aunts whenever you walked around the house to try and find him, but you always ended up chatting with them a little longer than you were expecting and forgot, momentarily, that you were looking for him, due to how tipsy you were. You had been sitting at the stool bar with his father for about half an hour now, tasting all the different kinds of wine the guests had brought, baptizing all the bottles, as he would say. You had tried to leave the stool bar for a couple of times, whenever you caught Manny talking to a friend, but you had no idea of how to stand by yourself, at some point in the middle of the night, let alone walk.

Manny raised his glass and you mirrored him before clicking the glasses and turn it all down again. He tasted it with one sip and started nodding, approving it, while you were mid-glass away. You stopped, afraid he would notice the way you were letting it slide down your throat, and put down the glass, smiling at him.

“It’s really good.” He nodded and you did too, agreeing, although you were clueless.

To be honest, you couldn’t taste a fucking thing anymore. Your tongue was numb from all the wine you had. Your cheeks felt hot and you were sure they were intensively flushed by that moment. Manny’s cheeks were already flushed and he, sometimes stumbled in his words himself, but you were oblivious with all the drink running in your blood.

Manny was an amazing father. You enjoyed his company and listening to him talk about Shawn, non-stop, and hear about how proud he was of him and that he found a girl like you to guide him and get his head straight, since he thought you were so mature and down to earth. You loved talking to him. You thought he was a very smart man and he always thought you something, every time you came around to visit Shawn’s family.

“Mama knows best.” He smiled proudly, raising his glass and drinking a bit more of his wine. You smiled and looked down at your glass, still finding it very tasty.

“Yeah, she’s really sweet.” You slurred and then looked up at him to smile.

He leaned over the bar counter and smiled at you.

“You speak Portuguese?” He smiled, excitedly, probably thinking you had spoken to her some time during the party.

“No, but she are so sweet!” You emphasized, in between laughs. And you were so drunk!

Manny let out a loud laugh and leaned back, placing his hand over yours.

“You’re something special.” He smiled. “Welcome to the family, Y/N.” He smiled and looked around, taking his glass to his mouth again, finishing his fifth round, you thought, losing count of how many drinks you two had had already. “Hmm!” he mumbled against his glass, taking his hand away from yours and pointing out to the living room entrance. “Shawn!” He called out.

You looked over your shoulder to see your boyfriend making his way towards the bar. He was wearing a white button-up shirt, trodden in his pants, sleeves halfway up his arms. His hair was slightly pushed back and he was wearing the most beautiful smile. You were almost drooling over your drink, because by that moment you were seeing double. And double was trouble. He got closer and you felt his arm slide around your waist as he walked around behind you, to stand on next to you and giving Manny a smile.

“I’ll leave you two now, I’ve got to share this one with the guests.” Manny slurred, taking the bottle with him. “Can’t keep them all.” He gave you a wink and then smiled at Shawn before walking out of the bar.

You looked up at Shawn to see his wide eyes, lips parted, letting out a chuckle as he watched his father stumble, outlining the couches to serve his friends some wine.

“I’ve been looking for you everyw…” He started, but the sentence faded in his lips and you watched his tongue twirl, attentively. “Is my dad drunk?” He asked, pointing at him when Manny lost his balance for a second as he sat down with his friends.

He turned his gaze down at you, resting his hand over the bar counter. You looked up at him innocently, and shrugged, turning your attention back to your drink and finishing it quickly. Shawn watched you attentively, his eyes wide as he looked you.

You turned to him, about to answer when he spoke.

“My aunt said you taught her how to dance Tango.” He raised a brow at you, watching you attentively as if he was trying to figure you out and catch you screwing up at any time.

“Oh yeah!” You exclaimed an uncrossed your legs quickly, your skirt going a little up while you almost jumped out of the stool to show Shawn some moves, obviously losing your balance, extending your arms to reach out for Shawn, but he was already holding you.

“Are you drunk?!” He questioned you, stupefied.

You looked up at him and gave him a lazy smile as you leaned in, trying to keep your balance, although you were not feeling your legs at all.

“You’re not?” You asked him, your eyes wide.

“Y/N?! At my parents Christmas party?!” Shawn looked a little angry about it, although he was, deep down, enjoying having you stumble over him.

You’re not?” You repeated in disbelief.

“Oh my goodness!” He exclaimed, his brows rose in surprise although he was laughing, watching you.

You held his biceps tighter, and closer, trying to stand still, which was impossible.

“Did…” Shawn tried to talk but he was laughing way too hard by now.

Your gaze was locked in his lips, trying to read them since you had lost your senses a bit.

“Did my dad get you drunk?” He asked in between chuckles.

You tried to read his lips but you were struggling so you just giggled and nodded. Shawn was amused with your giggles, until you let out a loud burp. You covered your mouth quickly, your eyes wide. He looked around the room to see if anyone had heard you but they were all entertained with Manny’s speech about the Portuguese look alike wine. Shawn looked at you again.

“‘m so sorry.” You slurred in a whisper, getting closer to him.

Your hand was now on his waist, holding his shirt, almost ripping it due to the pressure you were putting on it, not to let yourself fall. Shawn wrinkled his nose a little as he looked at you, letting out a giggle after. He leaned in, placing one of his hands on your waist, holding you closer to him, trying to keep it casual. He pressed his forehead against the side of your head, lips close to your ear.

“Baby, you stink.” He whispered, mentioning your alcohol breath.

You giggled against the crook of his neck, covering your mouth with your free hand as he reached out to hold your wrist down, pulling you closer to him and removing your hand from your mouth. You let out another burp now followed by a lazy giggle. You felt Shawn’s chest tremble, not noticing you were resting your forehead against it until he let out a laugh.

He pushed your waist back to get a good look at you and check if you were pale, or if your eyes were closing or any signal that he should take you out of there right now.

“Should I take you anywhere near a toilet?” He asked, smiling at you as you nodded.

“No.” You smiled, letting out another small burp, looking down a little.

You felt your stomach turn but you didn’t feel the need to throw up, yet.

“Are you sure? I really don’t want you doing it all over my shirt.” He smiled as you leaned into his chest again, pressing your forehead hard against his tense muscles.

Shawn was leaning against the wall right by that moment, from how hard he was trying to hold you. You took your hands up to his chest and started playing with the buttons of his shirt.

“Yeah, I don’t want that either.” You smiled, looking up at him, your eyes almost closed.

He smiled down at you, taking his free hand to place a strand of your hair behind your ear, the other hand still holding your waist.

“You don’t?” He started to speak quietly, eyes gazing up and down your body. You nodded as an answer. “Why’s that?” He asked and you smiled, biting your lip as you stared at his chest through his button-up.

“You look rather hot in it.” You were whispering by now and Shawn let out a quiet giggle as he watched your eyes darken while you took a good look at him.

“Yeah?” He asked you quietly, moving his hand from your hair up to your neck, pulling your face a little closer to him. You kept biting your lip. “You look hotter in that skirt.” He smiled and you let out a small gasp, closing your eyes as you leaned in, taking one of your hands down his torso to rest it in his waist, giving it a small grip. Shawn’s smile grew until you took the other hand, letting it slide down his torso as well, only to let it ‘fall’ innocently further.

“Y/N.” He warned you, his eyes wide now. You let out a quiet giggle, biting your lip after, eyes locked in his.

You watched his features change. He looked around worriedly, trying to see if anyone had their eyes on you.

“Y/N, not here.” He whispered, looking back at you. His eyes were wider, in concern. “My family’s here.” He stated.

He was being serious, and so were you, just not about the same thing. You were at a point in your intoxication that made you think with a different kind of ‘head’. You wetted your lips and moved closer to him; Shawn’s eyes were traveling between you and the living room area, non-stop. Your hand stopped at the waistband of his pants, holding his belt close to you.

“What’s wrong baby? Scared mommy will find out you don’t treat your guests as she told you to?” You pouted teasingly. Shawn gave you a nervous chuckle at the mention of his mother in that moment, praying she wouldn’t show up in the living room in that precise second.

“Yes… so please calm down now.” He tried to cut you off, pushing you a little away whenever you tried to get closer.

You let out a chuckle and looked back around the room. You nodded and looked back at Shawn, giving him a sly smile. “I’m a guest too.” You shrugged, giving him an innocent look.

He smiled and looked down, blushing. He couldn’t believe you were doing that to him in that moment, but there was something about your drunk and vulnerable state that was leaving him curious and very hungry. You gave him a lazy wink, stumbling to your side as you tried to adjust yourself closer to him.

Shawn’s hands held your waist firmly, pulling you closer and unraveling away from the wall. His smile grew as he watched your sweet features turn into a cheesy one.

“What do you mean?” He asked, teasingly, getting in it with you.

“Aren’t you supposed to treat me right?” You asked innocently.

He leaned down, lips close to your ear. You let your head fall against his chest again as you held his biceps, feeling him tense with every word he used to answer you in that moment.

“I can make you cum in a minute.” He whispered.

You shivered, not only with his words, but with the way they kissed your earlobe, where he let his tongue slide slightly, after firing back his answer.

You bit your lip fighting yourself, pressing your fingers harder on his muscles. You tilted your head up, leaning your forehead against his cheek, lips close to his, already, heated ear.

“You’re on Mendes.” You dared him and he let out a chuckle.

He leaned back and looked at you. You raised him a brow and he nodded as he licked his lips at you.

You were already feeling the need to have his touch in your middle but you felt like you couldn’t give it away, although Shawn knew what he was doing. He got it from previous experiences with you that, whenever you were in a more vulnerable state, in what came to drinking, he could take you to the clouds faster than he did any other time. It was pure body science. At least you thought. You had no control on your senses with the alcohol you had consumed by that moment, let alone your thoughts. If it was any other type of situation, you would never let him win but you needed him the moment you saw him getting inside that living room, and he was feeding you into it.

You were now holding his hand tightly, both of your palms sweating as you passed through some of his relatives. You smiled at them, clueless, as Shawn gestured them while he explained quickly that you were not feeling quite well, excusing himself from every house partition you both passed by.

He let go of your hand once you reached the bottom of the stairs, and placed it on your waist instead. He pulled you closer and opened the bathroom door next to the guest bedroom. He pulled you inside after turning the lights on and closed it behind you, getting closer to you, until you were with your back against the door. You were smiling up at him and then let out a giggle. You loved to see him this demanding over you, especially in that moment, since you were seeing double. Through your eyes, the room was blurry, but Shawn, oh Shawn, was the only one you could see clearly.

He held your waist and pushed you slowly against the door, leaning down to rest his forehead against yours softly, his curls tickling your forehead as he looked down at your body. He got his waist closer to yours as he held you down in place, letting his hands caress your sides as he went further down on your body, reaching the end of your skirt and then lifting it. You felt his cold fingertips through your tights while he let them slide back up and then reaching out for your bum, caressing it slowly under your skirt. You bit your lip, looking down at the way he was teasing you.

“So…” He mumbled, eyes going back up to meet yours, slightly moving his forehead away from yours and then leaning in to let his lips touch your cheek, moving his head slowly to the side. You felt his fingers reach the waistband of your tights, sliding inside them. You breathed out, feeling his cool touch directly on your skin. “I heard you wanted to gamble.” He whispered, lips slightly touching your ear.

You closed your eyes, feeling his breath on your ear and then on your neck as he moved closer to it until he pressed his lips against your skin, leaving small and soft pecks on it.

“No games baby.” You breathed.

His cold hands went further down as he started to push your tights down from your bum only with his index fingers. His fingers rubbed against your bum as he slid them down and then outlined your legs until he had the back of his hands against your trembling thighs, still pushing your tights down, sloly.

“A bit shaky, are we?” He teased, breathing against your neck.

He let go of your tights harshly, making them hit your skin harder than normal. You jumped a little, eyes still close. You chuckled quietly and moved your hands up to wrap them around his neck, pushing him further in your own neck as he started to kiss your skin.

His warm tongue tasted the cold skin of your neck as he licked it only to close is mouth after, slightly sucking on your skin. He leaned back and blew softly on the wet spot and started to kiss lower, to your collar bone, feeling his hands following his moves as he got lower on you, taking your tights in-between his fingers again, starting to pull them down.

You didn’t even answer him. There was no way you could deny how submissive you felt towards him right now. You were feeling dizzy and your heated cheeks were making your head spin. You felt weak and Shawn’s cool touch contradistinguished with the heat wave he was sending inside you. You shut your eyes tightly and then opened them, looking down at him.

Shawn was already on his knees before you. You felt your head spin so you leaned it back on the door, taking one of your hands to his shoulders to keep him right there, where you wanted him, and the other up to his curls, tightening the grip on his shoulder as you slowly opened your legs a little. Shawn looked up at you as he positioned himself. He let go of your tights, already down on your ankles. He helped you part your legs, both of his hands holding your ankles firmly. He took one of his hands up to take yours away from his shoulder and placing it against the keyhole to cover it.

“Right there, baby.” He said quietly, pressing your palm against it.

You nodded and hummed something he couldn’t understand. You still had your eyes closed. You bit your lip as you felt his other hand slide up your leg, feeling him move his head, under your hand, closer to your middle.

“So..” He started, both hands now playing with the ends of your panties. “How much time can you keep yourself quiet?” He got closer to you. You could feel his hot breath against your clit area as he spoke against it now, nose rubbing on your panties.

He opened his mouth and kissed you over your panties. You parted your lips and opened your eyes only to face your reflection in the mirror. You looked amazing with him going down on you. It turned you even more on to watch him in that position. You could see his back muscles tense, almost ripping out the white, rather transparent now, button-up shirt.

You moved your hand around his curls, feeling his hot breath on you, leaning your hips against him. He had his hands on both of your thighs and as soon as you tried to lean in against his mouth, he looked up at you, pushing your thighs strongly against the door.

You parted your lips, letting out a giggle. You loved it.

So…” he started again, eyes looking up at you as you stared back at him through the mirror although he couldn’t see you. “You promise you’ll be quiet?” He whispered and you let out a chuckle.

“I’ll try…” You teased, tightening your grip on his hair, keeping your other hand pressed up against the keyhole.

Shawn kept playing his teasing game while he let his fingers slide up your thighs, wiggling them back and forth against your panties. You could only get wetter with that.

“We both know it won’t take more than a minute.” He whispered and let out a quiet giggle, looking up at you to see you tense every time he caressed you through your panties. Your mind was spinning that you almost believed you were already feeling his tongue on you.

“I never understood why your mother called you a believer, but now…” You let out an ironic chuckle, teasing him back.

Shawn loved when you teased him like that. It’s like you were pushing him to his limits to prove you wrong. He loved that you challenged him, not only in intimate ways, but in every other way. He loved that, although you knew how to be serious when it was needed, you always had this teasing side of you.

He slid one finger under your panties instantly feeling it skitter easy due to how wet he had got you by then.

“Watch it, hun.” He smiled, looking up at you. “Your body reaction doesn’t seem to match those pretty words of yours.” He said quietly.

“Try me.” You challenged him again. He smirked and slowly got your panties down, letting them fall over your tights, just above your ankles.

“Oh I will.” You heard him.

Shawn leaned in, planting small kisses over your clit and moving his hands up your legs, caressing them. You gasped once you felt his warm tongue slid under you. You could already tell you would actually cum in seconds. You could feel the alcohol rush through your veins as he sucked your clit. You massaged his head along with the tilting movement he was making, throwing it back to reach further on you. His nose was rubbing your clit in that moment as his tongue made small and slow circle moves around your core, and then further right on your entrance.

You felt Shawn’s arms tangle around your legs, trying to make you sit on his forearms. You let yourself slide down against the door as he placed his hands against it, letting you sit on his arms. He held you, not letting you fall, although you would due to your weakness.

You closed your eyes, letting go of his hair, extending your arm to the side, holding yourself on the doorframe not to fall. You rolled your head around, feeling him pressing his tongue harder against your warmth, as it got wetter and wetter. You felt one of his arms move, and  you forced your foot on the floor to keep your balance as he slid one finger from your butt cheek to your core. He played with your sensitive skin, moving his tongue back to your clit where he licked it in a steady pace. You felt one of his fingers glissade inside you, followed quickly by another one, making you gasp.

“Hmm.” You hummed, feeling Shawn’s arm tense underneath your other leg, holding you up. You knew you had to be quiet but he was pushing you. He knew how to force you and make you reach your ultimate weak point.

You were feeling yourself getting warmer, not only down where he was, but anywhere around your body. Shawn started pumping his fingers gently inside you, up and down. You leant against his tongue as he started sucking on your clit, moving his head back to reach further on you with his tongue, sucking again. He covered his teeth with his upper lip, keeping the pressure on your clit as he reached out for your slit with his long tongue. You were on the edge right now. You felt yourself getting dizzy and your legs tremble. He repeated again, and again, pulling his fingers out and sliding them through your front, working his tongue against his own fingers on you.

“Excuse me?” There was a knock on the door. Your heart was pounding like crazy. You were feeling weak and Shawn didn’t stop. What a fucking balky little shit. “Is there anyone in here.” They tried to move the doorknob.

You couldn’t think straight anymore. You were out of breath and you wanted to scream. Your breathing increased and you felt like your heart could burst. The alcohol wasn’t helping and you felt your stomach twist whenever Shawn rolled his tongue on you again.

“I’m..” You stuttered. You felt like you were about to faint with the rush of all the emotions you were feeling. “I’m cum…”  Shawn almost bit you, but not hurting you, only to give you a little warn. “…coming!” You felt like you were warning both Shawn and the guy on the other side of the door.

You let out a whimper, shutting your eyes harder, letting go of your arm, arching your back away from the door as you trembled, forcing your legs to close, although he had his arm in-between, not letting you close them. Your hand went back to his hair, your fingers running through it, pulling him closer, pressing his nose against your clit. You moved your hips against him and he opened his mouth widely, sucking on you harder, and longer as you started to let yourself fall over him.

He tried to keep his balance and took his hand from your core to your legs, holding you a bit longer over him, as he reached out for your entrance with his warm tongue, letting you cum undone and easy over his soft lips as he closed them one last time for a last kiss.

You stumbled clumsily over him but he held you down until you sat down over the cold tiles of the bathroom floor. Shawn got his foot on the ground, still resting the other knee on the floor as he held one of your legs, still tangled in his arm, his other hand on your back, holding you so that you wouldn’t hit your head anywhere.

He smiled at you, licking his lips. You leaned against the wall, letting your legs fall. He looked at you and let out a quiet chuckle. You were about to speak but he hushed you.

“Shh..” He whispered, standing up slowly and quietly, afraid the person on the other side of the door would hear you and notice there were two people inside, especially Shawn, who everyone in that house knew who he was.

Shawn leaned against the sink and drank some water and then washed his mouth a little. He closed the water and leaned down to look at you.

You were pale as fuck. You looked weak and he was proud of himself for proving you wrong one more time and watching you feel so good under his touch, until he noticed how much you were sweating.

“Are you okay?” He whispered, getting on his knees again, leaning in closer to you to help you sit straight. You tried to move and open your eyes but you couldn’t do it. You were too tipsy and the bathroom was a sauna. You looked at Shawn for a few seconds, closing your eyes after. He reached out for you as you leaned in and tried to hold him.

He held you as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

“Baby, are you okay?” He asked. He was concerned now. “Are you going to be sick?” He asked, trying to get you to sit straight but you only leant against him.

He couldn’t care less if you threw up all over him but your body was starting to get heavy.

“‘m gonna pass out..” You tried to warn, stumbling on your own words. You tried to hold him.

His eyes were wide in concern. His heart was pounding.

“What the fuck’s taking so long.” He heard the guy knocking on the other side of the door, growing impatient. He looked at the door, frowning.

“My girlfriend’s feeling sick.” He almost shouted, irritated. His gaze went right back at you once your voice sounded.

“Shawn.” You breathed, letting out a weak chuckle when you felt him lifting your shirt to ease the warmth of your body. He started to blow on your sweaty stomach, crossing his arm around your back and pulling you close to him but it didn’t take you longer until you fainted in his arms.

“Y/N?” He called for you. You weren’t completely out. You still heard him and you could still hold him slightly, but you were out of strength. He held you and let you calm down a little. “I’m so going to fuck you up with this one.” He let out a chuckle but you didn’t even had strength in you to laugh. Dickhead.

Batfam have a deaf S/O

Request: Heyy ! Do you take request ? If yes can you do an head canons of the Batboys + Bruce when they find their s/o are deaf ? I’m sorry if My request didn’t make sense I’m still progressing my English tbh. Also being deaf isn’t an handicap I respect all of ppl who are deaf, Blind or muet. Thank you so much for accepting it ! ♥️

Bruce Wayne

  • Would already know sign language
  • Taught all the boys as well so they knew 
  • Would make sure you could read his lips all the time, just in case
  • Doesn’t vew you any differently
  • Reassures you if you are insecure about being deaf
  • If any there are any and I mean any tabloids criticing you about being deaf, you bet he would get the person who made those comments fired instantly and make it real difficult for them to get a new job
  • Will gladly buy you implants if you don’t already have them

Dick Grayson

  • He would get a lil upset that you can’t hear his voice 
  • Gets really happy when you talk because he loves hearing your voice
  • You may be a lil insecure over using your voice but he makes sure to reassure you how much he loves it
  • Doesn’t care that he might have to repeat himself sometimes
  • Happily repeats himself 
  • Normally he’s very expressive which is a major plus
  • You like how he talks to you about everything even if he doesn’t have to explain something to you 
  • It makes you feel included and man you just love him lots

Jason Todd

  • At first finding it difficult to communicate with him in terms of how you were feeling and all that jazz
  • Trust me when I say he would do anything for you 
  • You need him to order you food at a resturant? you betcha, need him to punch some guy for making rude comments about you? will do so happily
  • He would get super angry if anyone spoke badly about you
  • Often will get into fights if some comments were thrown around about you
  • You can tell from his body language and expressions when he’s upset, angry or happy 
  • He loves not even having to tell you when he’s upset since your already at his side cuddling him

Tim Drake

  • He would try to not to be overbearing but it would happen every once in a while since he loves you dearly and would never recover if you were harmed
  • May feel get frustrated at his overprotectiveness since your just a normal person who can’t hear
  • You appreciate his efforts 
  • Helps you order food in public, tell you what’s happening in movies with no subtitles
  • Would definitely be the boyfriend that would always turn on the subtitles since he wants you to be able to know what’s going on during your movie marathons
  • Would get flustered when he realizes your looking at his lips but soon after realizing your reading his lips 
  • Cue Tim blushing like crazy

Damian Wayne

  • Wouldn’t understand why you were insecure (if you were)
  • Since he sees you as perfect and wouldn’t want to change anything
  • Gets violent if anyone even tries to say something critising about you
  • Might get a lil irritated if he had to repeat something a few times 
  • But will never yell at you because of it 
  • Definitely shows his love through actions more than words
  • Through kisses, hand holding and just being there for you whenever you need him to be
  • If he writes you notes, you die since he’s trying his best and will leave them whenever you will find them
  • You might not be able to understand them sometimes if he was rushing to write you a note
  • Asking him about it later and him flushing
  • He signs that it says “I love you my beloved”

They say my lip gloss is popping
My lip gloss is cool

Thrawn on his way to steal your man. Lmao…a lil pick me up for my @white-rainbowff from her latest chapter for Who Dares, Wins

“Dinner” Stefan Salvatore Smut

“Right this way.” The kind waitress led you through the aisles of tables. They were filled with families and teens on their dates and such. Nothing too surprising. Your booth was one sided, stuck in a corner with one other empty table. Stefan let you sit by the wall and he slid in next to you. “Here are your menus.” She smiled and handed you the laminated papers. “What can I get you to drink?”

You smiled up at her. “I’ll have a Coke.” She nodded and scribbled the words into her notepad.

“Just a water.” Stefan smiled from you to the waitress.

“Okay I’ll be back in a few.” The woman beamed down at the both of you. You looked over to Stefan and smiled. He was so breathtaking all the damn time.

You picked up your menu and had to choose between a steak or salad that looked so appetizing to you. Stefan rested his hand on your thigh as he always did and watched you. “I can’t choose. What are you getting?” You continued reading.

“Can I just have you?” Stefan pressed his lips to your ear, whispering lightly. You blushed and shook your head. “Why not?” Stefan laughed. His hand trailed higher and higher, rubbing your inner thigh. You pressed your thighs together, feeling a pull between your legs.

“We’re in public, Stefan.” You hissed. “Seriously, what are you having?” You looked up at him and he sighed.

“I was just going to get fries or something. I’m uh really not that hungry.” He massaged your inner thigh. “Not for food, anyway.” He smiled at you again, causing your cheeks to flame up. The waitress bounced to your table, setting your coke and Stefan’s water before you.

“Have you decided on your meals?” She pulled her notepad from her pocket again.

“I’ll have the Chef’s Salad.” You whispered.

“I’ll just have the fries basket.” Stefan nodded her off and turned to you. His index and middle finger pressed against your clothed clit. You gasped and inhaled some Coke, coughing silently and trying not to choke. “I just want to play.” He whispered against your cheek.

You gripped his arm and the edge of the table. “I love trying new things.” He continued on. You bit your lip, your breath hitching in your throat. Slowly, his fingers crawled into your waistband and into the front of your pants, beneath your panties. He pressed further into your clit and then traced figure eights on it.

“Shit Stefan.” You swallowed. Stefan smiled against your cheek, pressing his index finger teasingly into your folds. The torture was too much and you almost cried out loud. You had to slap a hand to your mouth. “You’re gonna regret this when we get home.” You chewed your bottom lip and Stefan scoffed.

The waitress returned and Stefan retracted his hand from your pants as if nothing happened and slid your food over to you. Your chest was heaving for air and Stefan laughed at you.

“Asshole.” You whispered, pressing your legs together to try and relieve some pressure.

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Jonerys AU Fest

A short one shot and aesthetic inspired by a certain picture we were blessed with recently.

She finds him in his sparsely furnished living room. He’s not sitting in the one chair he has, or even on the rug, but in the middle of the cold, wood floor. Knees up and spread, feet flat, he has one arm resting against a knee, serving as a stand for the magazine he’s holding, and thoroughly engrossed in by the concentration written on his beautiful face. A messy stack of at least two dozen others sit beside him, along with a few more scattered here and there. He has a cigarette in his other hand, though it seems to have been forgotten about. The ash is dangerously long. Smoke streams from it, spreading around him in a hazy cloud. An old dish he’s using as an ashtray rests at the end of his sock covered toes, nearly overflowing with crumbled butts. She hopes he hasn’t emptied it in awhile. There’s a glass of orange juice to the side of it. If she were to try a sip, she’s sure her throat would begin to burn. Another bad habit of his. Considering what little she’s gleaned from his past she can’t say she blames him.

His attire is as haphazard, yet pleasing as he is. Heather grey crew socks are pulled up to his mid calves. They have white toes, heels, and trim at the top. The only thing else he’s wearing is a gold, silk robe with some once instyle seventies pattern printed on it. He hasn’t bothered to tie around him, or even pull it closed. His riot of raven curls are more disheveled than usual, but they’re glinting in the sunlight streaming through his curtainless windows. Her fingers twitch with want to run through the silky strands.

She watches him for sometime, mesmerized. She isn’t sure she’s ever seen a more alluring sight. Even as thrown away and unkempt as he looks, he’s the sexiest thing she’s ever laid eyes on. The thought of crawling over to him and pushing him onto his back so she can have her way with him is incredibly strong.

He looks up then, finally spotting her, or feeling her stare. His mouth turns up into a small smile, his eyes crinkling at the corners. “You’re up.”

With a hum of agreement, she crosses the room, then folds herself up to sit beside him. His eyes never leave her. They stare, blue into brown, both wondering if they’ve ever seen a pair of eyes so beautiful.

Dany reaches up and smoothes his curls back, placing a kiss on his cheekbone before notching her chin into his shoulder. “What are reading?”

“Just an old magazine interview.” He leans in and presses his lips to her temple, lingering, breathing in her warm scent. She smells like peppermint and vanilla. Like Christmas.

Her hand finds its way under his robe, spreading over his ribs. Her thumb begins rubbing over his smooth skin. “A celebrity?”

“No. A writer.”

They keep their voices soft, both afraid to break the spell that’s wrapped around them.

“Which one? I love finding new ones to read.”

“You like to read?”

“Who doesn’t?”

He huffs a laugh. “Lots of people, actually.”

She tries not to be too offended. “Well, I’m not one of them.”

“Who’s your favorite?”

“Don’t make me pick, there’s too many,” she whines.

“C’mon. Pick one.”

“Anaïs Nin.”

He smiles. “We don’t see things as they are…

“We see them as we are,” she finishes with her own smile.

“Good choice.”

She nudges him. “Your turn.”

He goes quiet and still, his brow pinched in concentration. Then he sits up and turns his face to hers, his choice made. “To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.”

Her blue eyes shine with recognition. “Niechze.”

Jon leans in close, running his nose along her cheek to her ear. “You, are dangerous.”

She pulls away, confused. “Why?”

His face is pained, yet his eyes burn with want. “I may never be able to quit you,” he says, his voice strained.

Dany smiles at him, softly, bringing her lips to his and whispering, “Who said you had to?”

97 Days

Dean x Reader

A/N: This fic was written for the Love the Ships Supernatural Challenge by @waywardjoy. My prompt was “You called me for this? Why?” “What, you’re upset that I want your opinion now?”

A/N2: Moving this fic from my side blog @canyonic to my main one.

Summary: After 97 Days, you receive a phone call from Dean. “Hey, you need to get here, right now. It’s urgent.” So you do. A surprise is waiting for you. Maybe more than one.

Word Count: 1900+

Warnings: Angst

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I love all your works. Your writing has helped me through some awful days I've had lately. So thank you for publishing and I hope that writing brought your as much joy, as I had while reading. The Chancellor Qui-Gon is an interesting permise. What happens with Anakin in that Verse? Is he a Jedi or did Qui-Gon found and adopted him? If he isn't still on Tattooine, how long will it take before he is done with the flirting and UST, and shoves them both into the nearest closet? Just wondering.

Mingling is stressing but a necessary part of his job description.

Mingle with the traditionalists, the liberalism, reformists, conservatives…to many labels, to much fluff, to many people thinking they could influence him with a smile and a backhanded compliment.

Qui-Gon Jinn was much to old to be swayed by such things and if taking over after Valorum had taught him one thing, it was that such people were to be treated with respect on the outside while working around them on the inside.

After all, if they couldn’t see the threat you really were…

Well honestly was that anyone’s fault other then their own?

A flash of rough homespun beige caught his attention among the opulence, colors and wealth that usually covered the balls and parties he was forced to go to.

Obi-Wan, like a quiet banked flame, prowling the edges of the ballroom with observant eyes.

And in all of this, fancy creatures in fancy clothes, its this creature of light and warmth that draws Qui-Gon.

The Jedi who wants for nothing, who gives of his heart and gives genuine gifts from his heart and not to win favor.

Who blushes at the merest of touches.

A casual brush of his fingers to brush away hair from the others face. Thigh against thigh in a speeder. A soft hand on a wrist.

Blue catches green and Qui-Gon raises his glass in a slight greeting, his face blank but eyes sparkling as Obi-Wan’s lips quirk in answer and a small nod is returned along with the blushing tips of the redheads ears.

And then Qui-Gon has to bite in his laugh at the others padawan rolling his eyes pointedly behind Obi-Wan and the redhead hisses at him. He can only just read the word ‘broadcast’ on the little blonds lips before his attention is grasped by another well meaning, simpering politician.

Oh what he wouldn’t give to have Organa around to talk to but he’s on the other side of the room, patiently waiting for Qui-Gon to reach him. Blasted respectable man he is.

He’s almost ready to tear his hair out by the time something happens to cut through the fluff and buzz of politicians scheming.

A flash of beige with Obi-Wan suddenly landing behind him, the now all to familiar buzzing sound of a lightsaber. Over the gasps and cries, he heard Obi-Wan’s voice. “Anakin, stay with the Chancellor.” And then Obi-Wan was off, following someone through an open window.

The padawan stopped at his side with both of them looking at the window.

“…Five credits says he comes back injured.”

“You’re on little man.” Qui-Gon smirked, outright chuckling when the boy gave a delighted grin. “What happened?”

“Mercenary with a blowdart.” Anakin shrugged, gesturing to the melted mass on the floor with a hand. “Master was keeping a tight eye on everything.” He looked like he wanted to say more but held his tongue, something Qui-Gon was grateful for as people were starting to calm down thanks to the guards and the reporters were snapping pictures of him and Anakin.

“Have you enjoyed yourself tonight young one?” He asked instead.

Anakin mused on that. “Its different then what I’m used to for sure. I was…my situation wasn’t ideal before I became a padawan and Jedi food is simple but good, this is all…” He wrinkled his nose a bit.

“Extravagant perhaps is the word you’re looking for.”

Anakin looked like he was mentally going through the definition of the word before nodding. “Yah, that. Kind of wizard though.”

“Where are you from? I have to admit, I have not asked Obi-Wan about to many details when he told me had taken a padawan.”

“Tatooine. Master Koon found me there and took me to the Temple.” Anakin settled his thumbs in his belt and avoided looking at Qui-Gon but that knowledge answered more then one question Qui-Gon had.

The broken ‘I was…’ in full sentence was, ‘I was a slave.’.

“…Tatooine is on the far edges of the Rim, isn’t it?” Qui-Gon hummed. “Hutt controlled…”

“…Yeah.” Anakin pinched his lips together.

“Don’t like most hutts personally.” Qui-Gon settled on saying. “Meet one or two decent ones but most have an unfortunate favoritism towards slavery and spice smuggling.” He sniffed. “Republic will have to deal with them once I can get the Senate on board.” He ignored Anakin looking up at him.

“Oh…” The blond was smiling a bit. “…I think I see why Obi-Wan likes you.”

Qui-Gon smirked a bit.

By the time Obi-Wan returned everything had gone back to normal except for the slightly bleeding scrape on the redhead’s cheek.

Qui-Gon instantly broke from his conversation to stand in front of Obi-Wan, grasping him by the chin and pulling a handkerchief from his breastpocket to put against it. “You were suppose to be careful despite being my guard.” He remarked mildly, aware of every ear and every eye on them.

“The Jedi live to serve your excellency, even at our own expense.” Obi-Wan offered humbly.

From the corner of his eyes Qui-Gon could spot Palpatine fuming by a pillar and kept his face carefully blank despite the smugness he was currently experiencing.

“And serve they do.” Qui-Gon smiled at him.

Tomorrows tabloids would be full of speculations once again and most likely images from the party of Qui-Gon pressing the silken handkerchief to Obi-Wan’s bleeding cheek, but the most important part was to showcast the Jedi in the positive light Qui-Gon wanted to show them from.

Regardless, Qui-Gon got to touch Obi-Wan, that in itself was a win.

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for what parining are you writing? also for prompts: character 1 (c1) and c2 live in a world where soulmates exist. can be any of the soulmate promt au's that are on tumblr (seriously theres like hundreds). here's the only catch: c1 is famous and c2 doesn't want to be, so protect c2, they both hide their soulmate-ness

The Spotlight Isn’t worth Anything Without You

Word count: 4.7k


Dan is a famous deaf actor who happens to run into Phil, who is blind, by accident and it doesn’t take long for them to figure out they’re soulmates. But when the spotlight becomes too much and their lives are endangered, Dan tries to figure out how to fix everything, but can he?

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half of you

Originally posted by grinding-on-baek

Title: half of you
Pairing: Byun Baekhyun/Reader
Genre: Soulmate!AU. In a world where you always find your soulmate wherever you go.
Summary: The moment she meets Byun Baekhyun, she senses he is both strong and beautiful, a personality that might never get out of your head. Deep down, she realizes that Baekhyun needed a half, there was always something missing to him…something that she wouldn’t notice until she goes back to old memories.

Reading maps wasn’t the easiest of tasks, if she had to say the worst and most despising thing in the world that she had done, then reading a map was on the top of the list. A breath leaves her lips, causing a few strands of her hair to stand up with the wind before falling down once again, a big backpack over her shoulders that was calling out for a backache and her left foot moving out of nervousness as she reads the map over again only to be left in the same spot of confusion and fear. That was the thing about being in a country that you just recently visited, you never know what you could find and what else is waiting for you. At this point, she would love to call a taxi and ask for directions, but Venetia didn’t exactly work that way. A raged sigh leaves her lips once again and she sits down on one of the benches, letting the sound of the water in front of her soothe her as a few street singers tried their best to get their pocket money before dinner.

The sunset was falling and she couldn’t dare to say that she had seen something more beautiful than the way the water looked whenever the orange sky tried to touch it but they were too far away. It reminded him of a story she had read once, one that said that Narcissus had fallen in love with his own reflection on the river, but she likes to believe it was that water itself was beautiful. The movement, the way waves collide, how fresh it could be or how romantic it could get everything about the ocean, rivers or lakes were beautiful in their own way and even when she knew that she was lost, it still felt right to be there. Her attention is taken off from the beautiful scenery when she hears the sound of someone’s deep voice being heard by her side and she turns around to look at a very tall man that was talking about certain types of pizza and foods, most likely planning what they were ordering. Thankfully, she could understand the conversation from the amount of languages she had studied and the ones that she had learnt from the various trips she had taken.

Emptiness could be the only explanation as to why she liked to travel so much because she felt trapped in her own little world when she was back at home. Home; that was a strong word that she didn’t like to use because it wasn’t surely what her apartment represented, dull and empty with elegant walls and doors that came with years of hard work. A sound couldn’t be heard in her apartment, not the sound of friends’ laughter, of a family member nagging, it was just the sound of herself and it bothered her, so whenever she had the chance…she travelled, as if her life depended on it. Maybe that’s the reason why she didn’t find someone yet, her soul mate was probably having a hard time finding her because she always ran away somewhere else. She couldn’t understand why she did that, but it seemed like the perfect answer for her troubles.

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Bookstore Shenanigans (Kyungsoo x Reader)

Ehehehe I had just finished reading a book when I thought about this idea. For some strange reason I was also thinking of 50 Shades of Grey (no bondage in this one-shot sorry lol) as well, probably because I was listening to the surprisingly good soundtrack. That and basically Kyungsoo voice porn lol Well, I mean every time Kyungsoo sings it’s like pure sex to my ears. Like holy shite the feels. Kyungsoo bothers me so bad; bothers me in THAT way if ya know what I mean. Anyway, hope you enjoy this one!

P.S. I’m probably just horny af for Kyungsoo and that’s why I wrote this lol 

You tucked a stray piece of hair behind your ear with frozen fingers who’s nails were painted a chipped mint color from weeks ago, shifting your brown leather sling purse to the side of your hip as you felt your phone vibrate softly. You continued along the busy city sidewalk, practiced enough to walk and read the text message you had received. You acquitted this skill to the fact that you’d been walking with a book in your nose at the same time since you could read. Your petal pink lips parted with intrigue as you read the message:

From: Kyungsoo
I just arrived at Fernsby & Dankworth’s. I’ll meet you in the Young Adult Literature section.

You couldn’t help but smile, chuckling at the words, knowing that Kyungsoo had a pretty massive distaste for that genre. He was so quiet and mysterious, yet at the same time you knew all these things about him because he seemed to be open only with you.The two of you, ever since bumping into each other at the massive bookstore, had become inseparable. You didn’t talk constantly like normal people; really, now that you thought about it, you didn’t talk to him hardly at all. Instead, the two of you were content to just be in each other’s presence. It wasn’t a conventional friendship or relationship, but it was perfect and it satisfied you.
As you pushed through the massive oak doors of the giant bookstore’s entrance, holding down your skirt from the sudden gust of wind, you thought about Kyungsoo for a moment. You thought about your first encounter with him, when he had silently handed you a book he had just finished reading with a quiet smile on his heart shaped lips. You’d been very shocked at first, since no one hardly ever approached you, a perfect example of a wallflower. You also remember blushing substantially due to the fact that he was such a handsome boy; hands slipping into his pockets as he casually walked away, only to glance back over his shoulder to say that when you finished it to give it back the next time you saw him.
You scowled to yourself as you felt your heartbeat quicken from the memory. You and Kyungsoo were strictly friends and you doubted he would ever look at a girl like you.
Shaking yourself mentally, you began to ascend the steps to the second floor of the blissfully dusty bookstore, inhaling the musty smell of old and new books. Fernsby and Dankworth’s bookstore had been your most frequent haunt for years, becoming part of your routine to stop by numerous times a week, whether it was to read or just take some time to sip tea with yourself, as well as spend time with Kyungsoo as of recent. You entered the extensive Young Adult Literature section, only to find that he wasn’t there.
Frowning to yourself with a shrug, you walked off to another genre, knowing you’d find him somewhere in the store eventually. Padding in your worn brown leather combat boots, you went over to a corner of the store you hadn’t actually been in yet. Strangely, the rows of bookshelves weren’t marked with their genre. Curiosity got the better of you and you walked down the shelves reading the titles with growing revulsion. They were all smut and erotica novels, no wonder the section wasn’t labeled. Glancing up and down the row to check if you were completely alone, you pulled one book from the row, gingerly opening it’s cover. Reading a few pages led to the next chapter, and the next. You were completely engrossed in the strangely appealing sexual literature, that you failed to notice the other person in the row, until a faint chuckle came to your ears.
Your head snapped up like a whip, squeaking in shock, “K-kyungsoo!”
He smirked over to you, raising a dark eyebrow, “Didn’t know you were into those kind of books too, ____.”
You quickly replaced the erotic novel back in its place, pulling your over sized maroon sweater down, stuttering embarrassingly, “I’m not! It’s just…,” you failed to explain yourself much to your chagrin.
He pulled one off the shelf for himself, one hand perfectly balancing the book, the other shoved in his pocket, “It looked to me like you were enjoying it quite a bit.”
You bit your lip nervously, far past the point of embarrassment, cringing at his every word. He walked slowly towards you, not looking up from his reading, “I think you liked it a lot by the way you were practically trembling.”
As his soft voice murmured, you couldn’t help but watch the way his mouth moved over each word. He suddenly spoke again, reading from his book, still approaching you lazily, “Her body shook deliciously as his hands slipped up her thigh, his mouth grazing over her collarbone until his fingers found her aching clothed heat.”
You gulped as he seemed to taste the words on his lips, glancing up at you with a smile as he continued, “She moaned wantonly as he slipped two fingers knuckle deep into her soaking core, pumping in and out painfully slow, allowing her to feel the beautiful sliding motion at its maximum.”
You felt your own panties begin to get damp as Kyungsoo finally reached where you were standing, caging you against the shelf with his body. His head tilted down as his dark eyes looked at you amused, “Are you getting off at this _____?,” he smirked at you, letting a hand fall to your cheek, “Because, it’s okay if you are. I’m enjoying this little show of yours quite a bit.”
His warm palm cupped your cheek as he leaned in close, the pad of his thumb drawing patterns across your lips, and he placed the sensual novel on a shelf by your head. You sucked in a breathe as his beautiful lips moved a hairs breathe from your own, “Her heart began to beat furiously as he leaned in, his warm breathe fanning across her face,” his other hand caught your hip roughly, his voice going an octave lower. “Suddenly it was all tongue and teeth as he tugged at her lower lip, begging she would allow him to ravage and please her completely.”
At your breaking point, you gripped the collar of his jacket and brought him to your lips, attacking his plump lips furiously with your own. You felt his chest rumble with laughter, ignoring it completely as you bit his bottom lip angrily, mumbling between kisses, “Dammit Do Kyungsoo, I hate you.”
As you assaulted his neck, he threaded his fingers languidly through your hair, tugging as he spoke, “Really? Because I actually think you love me.”
You heard him gasp lightly when you sucked at the hollow of his throat, causing a small bruise to grow there. You looked up at him, smirking when you saw his open mouthed and closed eyes expression, daring to unbutton a few of the buttons on his shirt to press wet kisses to his pale chest. You were suddenly pushed back and you looked up to find an annoyed Kyungsoo, his expression also slightly dazed. Looking at his bruised lips and neck made you feel satisfied, that is until he pressed his knee between you legs.
You gasped in shock, looking up to find his dark eyes staring so deeply at your own. His hands managed to nimbly slip underneath your sweater, massaging your sides and drawing circles on your hips, causing you to moan his name softly. He leaned down to your ear, biting at it before speaking lowly, “Tell me what you want right now, ____. Do you want what’s in those books?”
You could hardly speak, your face heating up at his words. You refused to answer and instead decided to see what he would do to you next, a morbid curiosity aroused you.
His eyebrows furrowed, annoyed at you again, “You’re so stubborn, you know that?”
You were about to snap back at him when you felt the knee against you soaked heat replaced by fingers. You groaned as he stroked at your folds through your panties, teasing your clit occasionally. He licked his lips, his dark eyes intense, his fingers slowing their work, “What was that ____? I don’t think I heard you right.”
You glared silently up at him, grabbing his hand yourself and forcing him to pleasure you better. He smirked at this, pressing open mouth kisses to you neck, “You know, this would be easier of you just told me what you wanted.”
You were just getting wetter and wetter, wanting him to properly touch you with his rough hands. It was frustrating for you to see him taking this so easily, even though his arousal was poking at your belly. It annoyed you how smooth and indifferent he was acting. You wanted to see an animal, a beast, emerge from that cool facade.
You pushed his hand away, slipping off your panties and shorts and bringing your own fingers to your core. You moaned as you inserted two fingers into yourself, making sure to look up at him to see if he was watching properly. You decided to see what would happen if you pushed his buttons. You rubbed at your slick clit with a loud gasp, “Oh yes! Kyungsoo, if only you could touch me like this.”
You heard him growl angrily, ripping your hand away from pleasuring yourself and pinning your arms above your head. He crushed his lips into yours roughly, shoving his tongue into your mouth and ravaging you completely. You moaned your appreciation as he pulled his mouth from yours. He stepped back, shifting his jacket off and unbuttoning his shirt slowly. You bit your lip as he gazed at you with an intense expression, slipping the shirt from his flawless torso and letting it fall in a pile to the floor along with his other clothes. He obviously meant business by the way he basically ripped your sweater and bra off, making your breath pick up in anticipation.
He was breathing heavily as well, his chest rising and falling as he stared at your nakedness. Unable to contain himself, he easily hoisted you up and pressed you against the bookcase, attacking your exposed breasts with his mouth. You knotted your hands in his dark hair as he sucked onto one of your hardened nipples, his free hand groping at your ass. As he pleasured your chest, you made sure for him to hear you moaning his name and telling him how badly you wanted it. How much you wanted him inside you. Stroking his ego obviously turned Kyungsoo on, because he abandoned your breasts and guided his member to your entrance, teasing your aching folds as he groaned out, “I’m going to fuck you so hard ____ that you’re not going to be able to walk out of here,” he gripped at your waist as he pushed in the tip slightly, “You’re going to be feeling it for weeks after I’m done with you.”
You nodded frantically and he finally succumbed to need and slowly pushed into you. You gasped out his name when he finally reached the end of his member, fully sheathed within your gripping core. He moaned as well, beginning to shift in and out as your walls sucked him back in each time. His thrusts were powerful and controlled, knowing from reactions just where you wanted him to hit you. The bookcase shook slightly with each thrust as his hips flicked up into you, the feeling of his dick inside of you overwhelming your senses.
You groaned out as he mumbled hotly into your neck, “You like that? I’m giving you something better than anyone in those books could ever do to you.”
His own moans were beautiful, slightly musical and deep in his throat. Every time you would snap your hips to meet his, his moans would sound like he was singing. It was probably the hottest thing you’d ever heard and it went straight to your slick heat that he was currently punishing with pleasure.
You both groaned as your ends approached, your bodies slick with sweat and dotted with bites and bruises. You grasped his hair desperately as you gasped his name over and over and clung to his shoulders like a lifeline. His thrusts became dangerously frantic as you finally found your release. You yelled out his name as your orgasm swept through you, causing you to clench around his member tightly. He groaned your own name loudly as your tightened walls milked the release from him, his hot seed shooting into you in thick, powerful spurts.
As you both finished riding out your releases, Kyungsoo pressed his sweat slicked forehead to your own, breathing heavily as he mumbled, “Huh. I guess it’d be cliche to tell you I love you right now, but I do.”
You laughed and kissed his gorgeous plump lips, “Cliche’s okay if you backed it up with a performance like that. Also, I think you could be an erotic novel writer yourself with the way you spoke to me earlier.”
He grinned at you, the quiet boy gone and replaced with a charming smile and laughing eyes, “Then maybe we should meet in this section of the bookstore more often and you can help inspire my writing.”

30 Day Writing Challenge - Day 1

Day 1: Holding Hands

Summary: You and Sherlock are forced to be friends after months of mutual hatred.
Author: Maddy (@laterthantherabbit)
Characters/Relationships: Sherlock x Reader, John x Reader (platonic), Mrs. Hudson
Words: 2070
Warnings: None






“Would you stop your moping and actually acknowledge John and I? You haven’t even moved since this morning!”


“Are you listening to me?”

“…” You heaved a loud sigh and glared at the man spread out on the sofa, as far from you as possible whilst still being in the room. You looked at John who just shrugged and continued reading the paper, bringing his tea up to his lips. You had finished yours and stood to wash out your cup which was when Sherlock spoke up, his irritation towards his afternoon having you in it clearly punctuated in his extremely childish tone.

“Don’t touch my experiments on your way out.” He turned towards the back of the sofa, waving his arm in a motion that said go away with as much annoyance as possible, and continued his sulk.

“Bite me Sherlock!” You rolled your eyes and continued to the kitchen.

Yours and Sherlock’s difficult and largely forced association with one another began on the day you moved into 221C. The move to the big city had not been as difficult as you anticipated considering your lack of possessions and the fact that John had selflessly helped you move box after box into the apartment. He introduced himself and Sherlock and began to talk to you about London and moving, forming a friendship swiftly. Sherlock however, hadn’t found you interesting at all and had deduced you immediately, hoping to send you off with his sociopathic tendencies. You weren’t fazed and instead, continued to talk to John, blatantly ignoring him for the rest of the move. Over the first few weeks of your living in the building, you became close friends with John, and had made friends with Mrs. Hudson, Molly and Greg. Even Mycroft fell for your charm and you two frequently went out for coffee together. Everyone loved you and you appeared to never leave 221B, always being present when anyone showed up and making everyone feel welcome. Sherlock hated it and took every opportunity to say so.

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kacchand  asked:

Do you mind making a headcannon it's Valentine's Day and class 1-A all get cards?

  • As the class rep Iida insists on being the one handing the cards and will be pleasantly surprised when he sees there’s one for him as well. He’ll take it pretty seriously and will thank the person who wrote it (even if there’s no name mentioned) for going out of their way to write something like this for him
  • Izuku’s like “I just received a card from form a girl for Valentine’s day.” with his usual a girl was close to me face (like what did you expect). After his initial reaction he’ll smile and put the card in the left pocket of his uniform so it can be close to his heart
  • Kaminari and Sero decided to prank Mineta and wrote to him a bunch of fake cards
  • He’ll spread them like fan and start laughing hysterically. Kaminari and Sero are laughing in the corner as well until they count the cards and see there’s an extra one. They’re shocked he actually received a real one.
  • The truth is that Mina overheard their plan and wrote fake card as well in order to make fun of the three of them together
  • Kirishima will stare at the card and have this silly look on his face for a moment but then he’ll wave it around and brag how manly it is to receive one with a smile on his face I’d write him one
  • Aoyama looks like he expected it. He’s so gorgeous he could fall for himself so it’s not a big surprise that a girl liked him as well
  • Todoroki has the most. Even more than Mineta’s fakes. But he won’t make a big deal about it. He’ll just read them quietly and wonder why so many people wrote to him
  • Kouda’s a little bit anxious about his but he’s feeling happy as well. He wants to know who sent it to him but won’t say a word and he’ll just look around hoping someone may tell him
  • Kaminari will have a smug on his face and be like “i’m so cool and popular. of course all the girls want me”. He actually has only one card and Jirou’s trying not to laugh while saying “you wish“
  • Sero’s gonna say “hell yeah!“ followed by a wide grin spread across his lips feeling just great after reading the card
  • Momo’s blushing and her arms are pressed to her body with hands clenched in fists under her chin (you know, the cute pose). She will say something like “is this a secret admirer? how exciting“
  • Hagakure and Mina are so hyped up about it and will go around the class asking every single person if they sent them the cards. Might even go ask a few sempais
  • Shouji is completely composed, especially in comparison to the loud and lively bunch around him. I mean he just reads the card and acts like nothing’s happened
  • Uraraka reads the card and holds it in her hands the entire time. Rereads it a few times because she is just so happy and thinks it’s really cute that someone wrote to her
  • Tokoyami acts cool about it, not even batting an eye when receiving it and after reading it will say something like “too bad the sender will remain a mystery“
  • Oujirou is definitely curious who sent him a card but won’t show it this much. When Hagakure is gushing around him and asking “aren’t you curious?“ he’ll laugh while rubbing the back of his head and say “yeah, maybe a little“
  • Jirou will look a little surprised and smile slightly but after this she’ll act like it’s not a big deal and won’t display any emotions at all
  • Satou is blushing while thinking hard who might’ve written the card because he wants to return the gesture by baking them something
  • Tsuyu won’t appear very happy about it but on the inside she sure likes it that someone is sweet enough to write her a card. If it’s from someone she knows she’ll find out who it is right away by the hand writhing and the words they used
  • jesus fucking christ i almost forgot about Bakugou Everyone in the class thinks Bakugou’s the only one without a card but Kirishima notices something sticking out of Bakugou’s bag and he’ll be surprised to find it’s a card “so even you got one“ and Sero will back Kirishima up “who would want to write to you?“. Bakugou is just raging out like usual and yelling “the fuck?! everyone wants to write to me and not to you, you fucking losers! now die!“