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“OML OKAY I HAVE A REQUEST IDEA!! So the reader is getting rly stressed about exams (seeing as it’s that season again ;-;) and ends up having a breakdown. Chica comes in and tries to cheer the reader up with cuddles and being cute but when that doesn’t work Chica finds mark and brings him to the reader to help and fluff happens :,)) I’m so sorry this is so long :,,,,,,)” 

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The textbooks seemed to mock you. 
Nothing you read stayed in your mind. Words became fuzzled as you tried to get some kind of information from the books. 
You were already stressed about the upcoming exams, this bullshittery was just adding to the growing plate of anxiety. 
You shoved the textbook away in a fury of frustration. Tears stung your eyes but you refused to let them fall. 
Hurriedly brushing them away and breathing in a deep sigh. 
“I’m going to do fine,” You tried to reassure yourself. “It’s just a little test.  You’ve read through everything already. You know what it is.” 
But your words fell heavy as the crushing dread your situation flooded your mind. 
A quiet sob burst from your chest, and it seemed to be the breaking point. 
Tears streamed down your cheeks and you leaned back against your bed, stifling your sniffles in your knees as you curled into a ball. 

Unbeknownst to you, a particular fluffy canine had heard you. A black nose pushed against the small crack in your closed door and squeezed into the room. 
She was rarely allowed in your bedroom. Chica only came in when Mark allowed it or you would call her as she passed the door.
She stepped quietly towards you, surprising you with her wet nose prodding your arm. 
“Oh, Chica!” You sniffled, wiping away your tears. “Hey, girl. How’d you get in here?” 
Chica sat beside you, her tail wagging gently as her left paw came up to touch your hand. She then pushed her snout into your fingers and pressed her body against yours. 
You chuckled, still wiping away the tears. “I’m alright, girl. Just stressed.” 
You scratched her nose. Chica whined when you stopped and tried wriggling under your arm. 
“Chica, not now please.” You said, a little too firmly. “I’m not in the mood, girl.” 
You felt bad when Chica’s tail stopped moving, and she lifted her head from your lap. Looking at you almost reproachfully. 
You felt even worse when she turned and trotted out of your room, tail tucked under her belly. 
You tightened your hold on your legs. You hated crying. Especially at something stupid like school-work. 
It always came down to this. You breaking down over a test. It was a vicious cycle. 

“Chica what are you doing? Let go of my pants!” 
You looked up at Chica backed up into your room. Her jaws were clamped around a loose pair of trousers, which were being worn by her adoring owner, Mark. 
“Honestly. (Y/N) do you know why-” Mark halted when he saw you on the ground. Eyes red and swollen from crying, hiccuping with quiet sobs. 
“(Y/N) what’s wrong?” He asked, moving by Chica (who had released his pants upon entering the room) and crouching beside her. “Are you ok?” 
You tried to nod, but the movement wasn’t very assuring when another burst of tears rolled down your face. 
“I-It’s just school-work.” You hiccuped, wiping your tears with your sleeve. “I-I don’t think I c-can do it? What if I fail?” 
Mark moved beside you and wrapped an arm around your shoulders, pulling you against his side. 
“Don’t think like that,” He said softly. His arms enveloping you. “You’re smart. You’ll be able to beat this test easily. It’s just an exam, nothing you haven’t done before.” 
You shook your head, “But everything I read just-”
Mark hushed you, squeezing your shoulders. “It’s ok. Don’t worry about it now. Have a break, ok? Let’s go get something to eat, huh?” 
Mark shook your shoulders gently, rocking both of you side to side gently. As if soothing a child. 
Chica walked over Mark to get to you. Her nose pressing against your cheeks and her tail wagging madly as you stroked her head. 
“Ow, Chica that would be my dick!” Mark groaned with pain, moving Chica off his groin. Then spluttering as her tail slapped into his face. 
You couldn’t help but laugh at the scene. Hugging Chica close as Mark pushed her off him, spitting fur and wiping it off his tongue. 
He half glared at Chica, but smiled when he saw her cuddle up to you. She collapsed into your lap and you ran your fingers through her fur. 
The stress of everything seemed to disappear as you patted the loving dog. Mark stayed with you, kicking the text-book away from you with a disgusted grunt.




It is very possible that I was reading too much into the floaty bubbles and it is not actual. 


I have also been staring at those suits for long minutes now. I feel like I should say something beyond “wow”, and yet that’s all I can think of. 

So. Like. 


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gimmie all the recs girl! if i follow them oh well free promo right?

*rubs hands together* let’s dO THIS 

(so i dunno if you’re into multishipping fic other than destiel but i am just giving all the writers i know a shout out, do with it what you will)

@destieldrabblesdaily​ - WELL IF YOU’RE NOT FOLLOWING SHIRLEY AND YOU LOVE DESTIEL THEN I AM SURPRISED AT YOU just check out her drabbles they speak for themselves (by being incredibly amazing)

@caslikescoffeeandfreckles - this girl writes some of the best destiel drabbles your eyeballs will ever see and you need to check her out 

@angvlicmish - charlie writes the b e s t destiel drabbles, and now she’s working on a longfic that will blow your mind 

@deanisthebeesknees - amazing destiel writer, also a great beta that i love, check out everything she writes immediately 

@envydeanwrites - destiel and occassionally dean/benny so !! good !! 

@deansleather - dude, alllll the reader inserts you could ever want, incredible

@justrandomspnstuff - she is working on this fic right now and it’s !! amazing !! you will probably cry 

@samanddeaninpanties - awesome multiship writer, will not disappoint, absolutely amazing writing :’)

@mayalaen - writes EVERYTHING. seriously go check this wonderful writer out.

@purgatoan - crazy awesome multiship writer, her blog is SO active with her writing and other’s, check it out immediately 

@ltleflrt - ummm if you haven’t read any of ltleflrts destiel fics then you are missing out holy shit and also she’s extending her talents to dcj and we are thoroughly blessed 

@museaway - amazing destiel author, i openly cried at a couple of her fics, also she writes k/s if that’s your cup of tea (which, it’s mine, and i have read all her star trek stories twice. three times. maybe more.)

@intotheruins - yo Dale writes the best things, all i’ve read from his stuff is destiel but i know he writes other ships, too - and i’ve seen rumblings on his blog of a sherlock oneshot, too?? check him out, seriously

@rosemoonweaver - my go-to writer for multishipping and for destiel, check out her ao3 and all the stuff she’s written, Rose spins literal gold

@coffeeandcas - she’s working on this fic right now that i’m following, please please check it out, also her other stuff on ao3 is awesome 

@theriverscribe - working on The Grace of God series, SO amazing, go check it out it’s about angels and hurt!sam with hurt/comfort and just. so good

@procasdeanating - writes the most poignant destiel fics i’ve ever read, especially the recent one The Sum of my Regrets. highly recommend.

@braezenkitty - read everything on her ao3 immediately!! go run!!

@jhoomwrites - don’t get me started on how much i love ashley’s fics, this blog is BURSTING with amazing destiel and dcj writing, good lord 

@winchester-reload - kaldjfladsk you need to check out Jackie’s blog and fics immediately. she writes incredible destiel fics 

@hekate1308 - she wrote a wonderful s13 alternate series (destiel) that will charm the pants off you

@all-i-need-is-destiel - wonderful destiel fics and drabbles with a wonderful writer behind them - what more could you want??

@woefulcas - yo !! heidi writes amazing destiel drabbles you need to read them 

@mishkawrites - mishka writes *ahem* the best smut that my delicate sensibilities have ever been exposed to, of all ships, but of destiel as well :)

@cocklesheadboop - some of the first destiel fics i read were from this wonderful author (such as Misha’s Not in Vancouver Anymore) and just read everything on that ao3 account ok it’s SO GOOD 

@shannon-kind - writes lovely, amazing destiel fic and i highly recommend checking all her fics out 

@galaxystiel - i’ve read some lovely destiel drabbles by this lovely person, definitely check them out

@jimminovak - have seen some lovely destiel drabbles from her on my dash, also a lovely blog :)

@destielonfire - chloe has written some absolutely ?? charming ?? destiel drabbles and she reblogs a lot of wonderful writing on her blog, too ! 

ok i think that’s everyone i probably missed someone so i’m really sorry if you’re seeing this and i did feel free to poke my head


INTJs aren’t always complete geniuses on every topic who are always right and can tell the future. Sometimes they can be obnoxiously ignorant and stubborn because of that Te-Fi pair that is inherently somewhat biased (trust me; I’ve got it, too). Ni wants to make conclusions, Fi wants to be right about them, Te wants to assert them, and inferior Se can completely turn away from evidence other people have to offer. Ni doesn’t make you all-knowing or psychic – everyone has the capacity to be wrong.


anything for one of my biggest inspirations! i hope it was worth the wait haha

(requests [off anon] are still open for anyone interested!)

Hello I have a very scary exam on Wednesday and I can’t get anything done


You’re cured, Mary. You’re going back to how things were… you and Otto. If i’m done here, i’m done here.


“She craved to feel the touch of his lips on hers. It was a burning desire. Just like sleeping beauty, a kiss was necessary to bring her heart back to life, after decades of dormancy.” 

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ok just read on ur blog that you're a scoprio so like figures why the poetry is so refreshingly intense

tell me if you didn’t want this published and i’ll delete it no sweat but

this is my favorite ask like ever

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Zutara fic recs? Also your blog is quickly becoming one of my favourite blogs ok have a nice day ok :)

dsfghjdfghj IM SO SORRY I ONLY GOT TO THIS NOW i hope you see this!!

but anyway, wanted to give out a little disclaimer that I’m really picky with fics /and/ despite shipping Z & K since forever I haven’t ~properly~ read as much fics as everyone else has <///3 But in any case, here’s a [very] short list! I hope you don’t mind ack

1.) Clothe Me in Seasons, Dress Me in Snow by sadladybug

Status: Completed | Rating: T - Angst/Romance | Chapters: 7 - Words: 65,000 | 

“It is not the memorial she deserves, nor the one she would want. But it can’t be helped. He owns no property in the other nations, and he needed to keep her close. Closer than she was in life, anyway.” Zuko’s reflections on a life lived and a life that could have been. Told in four arcs: melancholy, slow dancing, unrequited, and cobalt blue/vigil. For Zutara Week 2014-2015. 

Hands down the best Zutara fic I’ve ever read. Beautifully written and canon compliant and everything just FITS. You’ll squeal and swoon and laugh but there are also parts of it that’ll make you just wanna stare at the ceiling and cry <–a whole lot of that last bit too, so be sure to bring lots of kleenex and your favorite stuffed toy to cuddle with because IT WILL HURT A LOT. I usually don’t read fics like these bc i don’t like crying lol, but this was just so beautiful and it was 50000% worth the read. 

2.) Tempest in a Teacup by AkaVertigo

Status: Completed | Rating: T - Romance | Chapters: 22 - Words: 34,018

Fate puts Katara in the Fire Nation to grow up in the company of a Dragon, a prince, and a lot of good tea. AU Zutara…of a sort. 

A fucking Zutara classic. This was written and completed back in 2006, 2 years before ATLA even ended. If you regularly read Z/K fics, I’m almost sure you’ve read this one. It’s a good amount of everything: feels, squeals, and just. Everything. I can’t even begin to describe how much this fic has stuck with me. There’s also an unfinished sequel to this, but the fic overall has enough closure. Just. Just read this ok just read it.

3.) The Rising by The Adamant Daughter

Three years after Fire Lord Ozai’s defeat, Zuko is threatened by the Raiders, a rebel group seemingly tied to his family’s dark past. With the help of Katara, Zuko leaves his home in pursuit of answers and peace. But, does the truth really set you free? *COMICS DON’T EXIST*

Status: In Progress | Rating: M  (for descriptive violence, strong language, dark themes, & sexual situations) - Romance/Adventure | Chapters: 17 -  Words: 101,373 (as of 03/27/16) 

I came across The Adamant Daughter’s blog very recently (she posts zutara one-shots and RP’s on her tumblr), and I fell in love with her writing almost instantly. So when I found out she had a multichapter up on FFn I nearly screamed in delight lmao. The Rising is pretty dark and angsty (it’s rated M for a reason), but also has enough fluff to balance it out. I’m not usually a fan of dark&brooding!Zuko, but I had to make a special exception for this. The canon ATLA comics are completely disregarded too (which is good bc the comics suck dont even bother), and The Adamant Daughter writes a very interesting and creative take in this intriguing AU-of-sorts. Her characterization/writing is consistent and follows through in every chapter, and you really get an in-depth understanding of the characters throughout the story, and why they do the things they do. Plus like I said, I normally don’t read M-rated stories like these. Barely touch the stuff. This is the one exception. Go read it.

Honorary Mention!!!!

The Stalking Zuko Series by emletish (part II & part III)

Status: Completed | Rating: T - Humor/Romance | Chapters: 50 | Words: 429,313 

Katara has developed a new hobby. At the Western Air Temple she takes to stalking Zuko. Much silliness and shenanigans follow. In chapter 20: Katara and Zuko return home to the others. Katara hates the F word and she comes to a decision regarding Zuko.

Just. Dork Zuko. Dork Zuko everywhere. Just. TFGSDHJJNFSKDLSD.  I came across this fic because I was looking for something to cheer me up after reading Clothe Me in Seasons, and needless to say, not only did it work, but I ended up continuously squealing and making a lot of this face–> :OOO!!!! and fanning myself for 3 days straight. And apparently ticklish!Zuko just has me weak everywhere I fucking can’t. Just. FUCK JUST HONESTLY THIS FIC MAKES ME WANNA HUG ZUKO 24/7 BLARGHAGHGAHGHSGDUHJSA *NIGEL THORNBERRY NOISESx10000000000000000000000000000000000000*

ALSO! Shameless plug lol. 

Where the Panda Lily Sleeps by panclarks (thas me on FFn. But i might move soon)

Status: In Progress/Hiatus | Rating: T (it says M but this is definitely a T) |  Chapters: 11 - Words: 18,918

“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where; I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close. (Pablo Neruda)”

Yes this is mine. Not sure if I’m still going to finish this any time soon because this fic has me on eternal writer’s block ugh, so read at your own risk basically. The reason I’m posting this though is because I’m currently working on a Zutara multichap AU as well as a Korrasami/Zutara oneshot which I’ll be publishing on FFn or Ao3 soon (?), and if you’d like to get a glimpse of how I write and see if it suits your taste, you can use this to check and see. I’d also appreciate some feedback on it if you guys can spare the time!

so um. Sorry this turned out rly long but lol tl;dr apart from my shameless plug just read all of these ok just read everything tfghjkl;.

PS @satans-sock-sorter Thank you! Your blog is rad af as well <3 <3 <3 Really sorry again for not getting back tot his sooner! But in any case, have fun and have a nice day too!!!!!!!!<3 <3 <3


Abby cupping Marcus’ face: 3x06//3x09

REAL MOMENTS;// Haruka Nanase 
/dumps all of my haru feels here/
* HD is best

“The you that you were then, who you are now, who you’ll be,” he began quietly, as if sensing my thoughts, “I love you. With my whole heart. My whole life, however long I’m lucky enough to get, nothing will change for me.”

His voice sounded raw, flooded with the same searing feeling racing through me. The relief, the certainty, the overwhelming gratitude I felt that fate had given him to me, all burned my eyes, left me unable to speak again. So I kissed him and told him that way, over and over again between breaths, as he moved over me, inside of me, until there was nothing in the world beyond us and the promise of forever.