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Little Battleborn Things #957

When you’re surrounded in PvE with little chance to escape, and some instinct inside you clicks and the next few seconds are your most badass as you pull out every trick you know and some you just made up. And even if you do finally go down, you can’t really feel bad because you lived so much longer than you should have.

*another death-defying submission from the adrenaline-hopping Battleborn chaosdx1. 

do you ever have these small moments in life where your sadness and anxiety leaves you for like ten seconds and it feels like time has stopped? when you look around wherever you are, whether you’re running through heavy rain or in the middle of a club shouting the words to your favourite song on the dance floor or riding ur bike home at 3am and you feel alive. like really ALIVE. when you’re not thinking about anything; you’re just living through your senses, trying to take in the moment. and when it passes you realise nearly every moment leading up to that moment - every second, every day you’ve been on this planet - you haven’t felt that alive? that you haven’t even been living, just existing, until that moment? i live for those moments

BTS as shit my (Admin Unnie) friends have said
  • Jin: *person is trying to kiss them* No I just wanna eat my toast
  • Yoongi: Can't a guy sleep in peace without their phone buzzing every few seconds?! *is 2:30 in the afternoon*
  • Hoseok: That is the whitest thing I have ever heard.
  • Namjoon: Most of the stories in the Bible make no sense, like, there's no background or context whatsoever, they're just so random. *is explained the context of stories he asks about* ....okay then
  • Jimin: *places hands on boobs* they're hand warmers
  • Taehyung: No I don't mean killer whales. I mean Whaley whales, like ones that live in the ocean.
  • Jungkook: I can't math *gets one question right* Maybe I can math!!

I just woke up, and to be honest I can hardly open my eyes enough to see what I’m writing, but you’re sleeping right next to me and it just so happens to be your 22nd birthday (oh, and this is about to get really sappy).
It’s so silly to me that we’ve only met three times in person…the first time at a dark train station near my house, when we somehow managed to drive all the way to a national park that changed both of our lives for the better; the second, at a train station in Philadelphia, during a time in my life when I felt like every day was a written test on how much of my own bullshit I could take…yet there you were, standing by, promising that this would be tough but that you were not going anywhere. I won’t ever be able to tell you what that time meant to me, and to have you fully understand that I’ve grown to expect everyone to walk away, for everyone to say that I’m not worth it, but only after three months you knew enough to fight and stay…and I would do the same for you in a heartbeat.
And now, this weekend, we found ourselves at our third meeting point…Pittsburgh, a simple middle point between my lowly Philly and your lush Huntington, and a city seemingly caught in the throes of 70s culture.
I haven’t laughed like I did with you in awhile, nor loved so easily, nor drank as much wine or watched as many lesbian movies, but I’d only ever want that with you. With you, everything is easy, everything flows, and we’d both be lying if we said that the Universe doesn’t literally wrap us both in a warm, comforting hug each time we come together. It’s actually getting kind of ridiculous at this point.
But here we are, 6:49 AM and you keep pulling the comforters off of me. I don’t know the next time I’ll see you after this morning, the next time we can say we’re going to sleep but talk in the dark for two hours instead. There will never be enough time for us to say all that’s on our minds, but that’s okay…our seven identity crises a day will have to be enough conversation for now.
love you dearly marissa.
as always,
jaim baim

Unless you are in the same position, you will never know how hard it is living far from the person you are in love with. The nights where you break down, they can’t be there to hold you. They can’t go out to eat with you and laugh. They can’t hold your hand in the car or bring you home. Every second you miss them and you can’t just say I’m gonna see you tomorrow. Because you know you’re not.
—  I love you, but I miss you.
So I sent Bethesda an email.


My name is Emily. I don’t really know how to introduce this so I’ll just get started. I’ve been looking forward to Fallout 4 ever since it was announced, and I started playing it the second it came out. It’s wonderful. I’ve been enjoying every second. It’s both familiar and new, and of course, it’s the most visually beautiful game I have played from Bethesda. I played hundreds of hours of Oblivion, Skyrim and Fallout 3, all three games being frankly magical. The art you’re making… well… to the point.

I’m polyamorous. My partner and I are living in a small conservative city in Scotland, and sometimes I feel very much alone. I can’t tell anyone at my work and my friends don’t really understand. Only my mother knows in my family and she is very worried for me, thinking that I’m taking too much of a risk. But I am happy, I am me, and I won’t be something that I’m not. 

I know that Fallout 4 doesn’t “deal with” or “talk about” polyamory. It just includes it, like it’s no big deal. It almost feels like an oversight, like the developers forgot to code it out or something, or that it’s going to be removed in the next patch cause it was a bug or something. But if that is true, please don’t touch it. I actually cried when I found out about it. This is the first time I have ever seen polyamory included in a story that wasn’t about how everyone learns their lesson and chooses the “right choice” - monogamy. To have the freedom to not only chose any kind of sexuality for my Woman Out Of Time, but to chose non-monogamy - to have people talking about it, and actually using the words “polyamory” to describe it - it means so much to me. I can’t even express how emotional it makes me to feel represented, included, and not just stuck with the societal default.

I’m just taking the time to say sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I know that you, the person reading this, are part of the outward facing customer service wing of Bethesda, so if it is possible to pass this along to the people who made the decision to include polyamory in the game, then I would be grateful. If not, then let me just say that you’re doing a great job, and enjoy the rest of your shift. 

Once again, thank you. 

Emily “

And they responded. 

“Greetings, Emily! 

Thank you for contacting The Bethsoft Support Team with your feedback on Fallout 4. My name is Tuesday, and I am here to assist you. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this with us! I am glad that the representation of polyamory in the game was not only a good one but was able to touch you personally. Maybe it wasn’t an oversight. :) 

I was very excited when ESO included several gay characters and couples in the game, so I understand the beauty of inclusion and acceptance without question or criticism. It is truly something this world needs more of. 

I will send this to the developers, so that they can read this as well. 

Thank you again for taking the time and effort to share your experience. It is greatly appreciated; and as Fallout 4 touched you, your story has touched me as well. 

Good luck out there, Wastelander! 

 Kind regards, Tuesday

The Bethsoft Support Team”

I just thought I’d share because it made me all fuzzy inside. 

As much as I don’t think Mace truly understands how much Fitz means to Jemma, I do think it’s true that pretty much every agent on that base knows about their relationship.

Think about it, a lot of them probably came into the fold after they were dating so they would know that they were dating but imagine the first time something goes down and they watch them just cling to each other like they’re scared for their lives. Imagine older agents seeing the looks of confusion on their faces and going “Don’t you know about those two? They’ve got like this crazy epic love story” and then proceeding to tell them all about it. 

Because let’s be real, everyone knows the stories of how he dragged her from the other side of the universe and how she pulled him up from the ocean floor and so no one questions why they react the way they do because they don’t even understand how they are still alive. 

tony’s wanda-induced nightmare being watching His Friends die and watching him make the team smoothies and seeing his interactions with the team before the end of CACW breaks my heart bc like!!! it’s so one-sided!! oh my god!! they’re living in his home and he’s been considering them his friends for years and then the second things get tough, every single time, it’s everybody vs tony and i just. oh my god. my son deserves better than this and i am so sad!! i’m so sad!!! when will marvel let me rest when will i know peace!!!!

“Becs, babe, c'mon. Get out of my suitcase. I have to pack.” Chloe sighed in exasperation.

Beca shook her head adamantly. “Nope! Don’t wanna. I’m staying right here.”

The redhead giggled at her girlfriend’s adorable response. “Beca! I love you. But you know I can’t take you with me!”

Beca closed her eyes, burrowing further into the suitcase. “Yes you can! I’m small enough and light enough. You can smuggle me.”

Chloe knew Beca had a history of people leaving her, so she wanted to calm her, reassure her. “Babe-”

Beca interrupted her. “Look Chlo, I just don’t want you to leave me. Okay? I love you and I can’t live without you. I miss you every second you’re not with me, and you’re going for 3 weeks… just… promise me you’ll be okay?”

Chloe walked over to Beca, kneeling down by the open case and reaching out to lay a hand on her arm. “I love you Beca. You are the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me. I promise you, I will always be with you.”

aren’t those “uwu you’re valid” tumblr blogs ever sick n fucking tired of positivity like i really do try my very hardest to be kind and gentle as often as possible because the world needs it but sometimes…. a human being just has to release negative energy like you have to. in some form. you can’t just radiate light every second of the day and be healthy you gotta scream sometimes. or maybe that’s just me

i’ve honest 2 god been so… genuinely happy lately?? it’s becoming more and more just.. a state of being than a feeling. like obviously there are still moments of self-doubt and insecurity but they’re getting so far and few between.. i love being myself. i love living. i love saying what i feel and not second guessing myself. i love making mistakes and just.. shaking them off. life is lived so easily now. how did i get here??? was it really all just a matter of perspective?? life looks brighter than it did, before. every moment is one to be cherished. even the small, boring ones. blehhh i sound so gooey rn… but it’s just.. all true. sometimes, like moments like this, happiness feels like a burning warmth in my belly, and a smile hurting my cheeks. sometimes, it’s more mellow, just the knowledge that… that even if i get down, there’s always going to be good times ahead of me, if i’m willing to wait for them, and willing to see them.

Day 3 of the @kandreilnet holiday challenge! @southsidelovers, I swear you will get all of these eventually I’m sorry I’m slow.

-No one expected them to have a tree

-The Foxes rotated which house they went to for team Christmas every year between Dan and Matt’s, Renee and Allison’s and Aaron and Katelyn’s and four years after Neil’s graduation it was finally (or unfortunately) Kandreil’s turn.

-Neil’s talking on the phone to Matt, who jokingly says, “We’re just gonna buy you a Charlie Brown tree, since you probably haven’t even decorated.”

-”You think we haven’t?” The fact that they hadn’t was irrelevant.

-Matt snorted. “You live with the two scrooges.”

-Neil hums in agreement, but the second he hangs up, he’s grabbing his coat and heading for the door, throwing the keys at Andrew in passing.

-”Field trip?” Andrew quips passively.

-Resolutely, Neil answers, “We’re getting a Christmas tree.”

-Kevin, who had been ignoring this whole exchange until now, shut his laptop and quirked an eyebrow haughtily. “Where the fuck are we going to fit a tree in here?”

-Neil didn’t respond other than to flip him off and throw his coat at him.

-Andrew blasted the heat in the car as they drove, but apparently wasn’t in too bad a mood since he didn’t turn off Christmas music in the car, since he knew Neil liked it.

-They opted for a fake tree, since five minutes at the tree farm made Kevin’s pine allergy abundantly clear. Still, it was big enough. They found some cheap lights, a garland and a few sparse ornaments and headed home.

-Putting the thing up was an ordeal, since Kevin and Neil still couldn’t work together without bickering and Andrew still found it amusing to withhold help from Kevin.

-They finished eventually and ended up collapsing asleep under the light of the tree.

-They wake to find that Andrew had dropped a blanket on them at some point in the night and Neil smiles to himself at the thought of Andrew rolling his eyes at them before heading off to sleep with the cats.

-He decided to make hot chocolate as a thank you, disentangling himself from Kevin’s snoring form.

-Before moving, he takes a Snapchat of the tree with the caption, “How’s that for a tree? (Star has yet to be moved)

-He makes Matt 80 bucks, but is informed that it doesn’t count as his Christmas present, which is bullshit.

OTP things to consider

Who in your OTP…

  • Makes it a mission to ride every roller coaster in the park by the end of the day?
  • Is the scaredy cat when it comes to roller coasters?
  • Wants to eat ALL the food at the theme park?
  • Has to talk the other into going on the merry-go-round?
  • Has to talk the other into going on the roller coasters?
  • Whines about being soaked on the water ride?
  • Wants to play games and win the other the big puppy?
  • Wants to pose with all of the costumed characters?
  • Tells the other to put on sunscreen/ doesn’t put on the sunscreen?
  • Wants to do random poses when the on-ride picture happens?
  • Tries to avoid participating in the live shows?
  • Smiles when all the twinkling lights come on at sunset?
  • Wants to take pictures every five seconds?
  • Packed everything the other forgot?
  • Buys the souvenirs?
  • Wants to find the perfect place to watch the fireworks?
  • Wants to ride the kiddie rides just because?
  • Ends up loving a ride they thought they would hate?
  • Tries to hold back tears on the way home bc they’re sad the day’s over?

i like how when just the topic of veganism comes up in a room at least one person suddenly reveals that they’ve been a nutritionist all along and if you go vegan you will definitely like, die. never mind that you’re standing there three years into going vegan with stable blood sugar for the first time ever feeling like a million bucks. death is coming for you any second. bc u need meeat to live, 

“Some moments are for Instagram, some are just for the moments itself. We’re encouraged to document everything important that happens to us. Birthdays, proposals, baby’s first this or that, crazy nights out when everyone’s outfit is on point. It’s cool, we all do it. What gets tricky is when something great happens and you didn’t capture it, then you feel this sense of loss. That sense of loss and anxiety that you didn’t get to your phone fast enough then completely overtakes the magic of the moment that just took place. So lately, I’ve learned to really live my life, and not worry so much about documenting every split second of it. The most magical, exquisite, spontaneous things happen when there is no time to grab your phone. The best moments of my life have been too fragile, too fleeting, too magical to even try to document them with a camera. And I wish you a lifetime of moments too beautiful to capture on film.”

Some moments are for Instagram, some are just for the moments itself. We’re encouraged to document everything important that happens to us. Birthdays, proposals, baby’s first this or that, crazy nights out when everyone’s outfit is on point. It’s cool, we all do it. What gets tricky is when something great happens and you didn’t capture it, then you feel this sense of loss. That sense of loss and anxiety that you didn’t get to your phone fast enough then completely overtakes the magic of the moment that just took place. So lately, I’ve learned to really live my life, and not worry so much about documenting every split second of it. The most magical, exquisite, spontaneous things happen when there is no time to grab your phone. The best moments of my life have been too fragile, too fleeting, too magical to even try to document them with a camera. And I wish you a lifetime of moments too beautiful to capture on film.
—  Taylor Swift in Glamour UK: the lessons I’ve learned and how they empower me.

“ When you hold me in the street

And you kiss me on the dancefloor

I wish that it could be like that

Why can’t it be like that?

‘Cause I’m yours

We keep behind closed doors

Every time I see you, I die a little more

Stolen moments that we steal as the curtain falls

It’ll never be enough

It’s obvious you’re meant for me

Every piece of you, it just fits perfectly

Every second, every thought, I’m in so deep

But I’ll never show it on my face


And nobody knows I’m in love with someone’s baby

I don’t wanna hide us away

Tell the world about the love we making

I’m living for that day, someday.. “

             >> Secret Love Song // Little Mix ft Jason Derulo <<

random third years headcanons

- mari is really weird about being touched by people without her permission - which is pretty unfair of her, considering how she glues herself to people. kanan hugs her from behind, and dia leans on her head (when mari is sitting down) specifically because of this.

- during their second year, dia made the trip out to kanan’s island every week to deliver her the printouts, and a copy of her notes. by her third year, dia just hands them to the boat driver.

- when they’re cuddling, mari has a Thing about making sure Dia is in the center. It just feels right, she says. Dia wonders if it’s because she’s the short one.

- big baby mari ohara will make kanan give her piggybacks when she’s sad/mopey/can’t be bothered walking. kanan is annoyed at first but eventually just gives in. it’s mari.

- dia and kanan still have the keys to mari’s house that they’ve had since they were kids. they never dared use them when she was away, though. didn’t have a reason to.

- kanan developed a habit of checking in on dia during their second year - partly to make sure she was okay, but also partly because she needed to get her mind off of things. when kanan stopped coming to school, dia missed their daily chats. the councilroom feels empty.

- dia knows kanan refuses to look after herself sometimes. every now and then she refills the girl’s water bottle when she’s exercising at school, or sends her a little something extra with the weekly notes. it’s not her place to tell kanan what to do, but. but.

- mari feels pretty sad sometimes about how dia and kanan feel closer to each other than they do to her, so she makes up for it with over-the-top affection. dia makes out like she doesn’t like it, but she does, just a little bit.

- dia and kanan are the only ones who know how mari talks to her horses - softly, gently, with none of the usual mari zest. it’s a totally different side to her. unfortunately, only the horses bring it out of her.

- dia’s the first one to cry when they fight - kanan will cry if they start shouting at each other. mari refuses to cry in front of them.

- dia’s the first one to cry when they make up, too. there’s something so dumb about being sandwiched between two people who are so precious to her and crying, but she does it anyway. mari swears black and blue she never sniffles, but kanan knows. dia knows.

101 Futurama Sentence Starters

1. “Oh, crap! It’s a miracle!”

2. “Things don’t exist simply because you believe in them.”

3. “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.”

4. “Why don’t you just go to hell!”

5. “This is a cool way to die!”

6. “Every time I interfere, I only make things worse.”

7. “You’re better off solving your own problems.”

8. “Right and wrong are just words. What matters is what you do.”

9. “This is, by a wide margin, the least likely thing that has ever happened.”

10. “I feel like I just went ten rounds with Mighty Thor.”

11. “I feel like I got mauled by Jesus.”

12. “I don’t believe that story for a second.”

13. “When you were a kid, what was your biggest fantasy?”

14. “It’s very important that you never, ever tell anyone. Under any circumstances!”

15. “I usually try to keep my sadness pent up inside, where it can fester quietly as a mental illness.”

16. “As if our lives weren’t miserable enough already.”

17. “Let the punishment commence.”

18. “I think I saved us somehow.”

19. “What is going on here?”

20. “Who the hell are you?”

21. “Stop right there. I don’t want to hurt you.”

22. “Isn’t there anything else you can tell me?”

23. “Better we should die than have her learn the shameful truth of her origin.”

24. “You must despise us.”

25. “This is the happiest moment of my life!”

26. “I just hope they like me.”

27. “You’re my hero.”

28. “Don’t you know anything about girls?”

29. “Well, I don’t remember any of that. But I don’t have the wherewithal to defend myself.”

30. “What have I done?”

31. “Hey, hey, we can all fight when we’re drunk.”

32. “That was incredible!”

33. “If I could feel anything right now, it would be pride.”

34. “I feel terrible about what happened.”

35. “If you’ll accept my apology, I hope we can put this embarrassing incident behind us.”

36. “No beer until you’ve finished your tequila!”

37. “I’m not familiar with the sort of thing I’m seeing.”

38. “Why do these popular kids consider you cool all of the sudden?”

39. “I’m afraid the answer is a gritty, in-your-face, no.”

40. “I’ve been a fool. A fully-justified, prudent fool.”

41. “I forgot you could tempt me with things I want.”

42. “I’m sorry for insulting your intellect. Your tiny, tiny intellect.”

43. “I may not be clever, but I have a good heart.”

44. “I can throw up on a stripper anytime. Tonight I want to not throw up on you.”

45. “I’m so angry! But also sad. But I’m still pretty angry. But … also sad.”

46. “I could eat. And fertilize.”

47. “My whole life I’ve been mad at him. And it wasn’t his fault.”

48. “I have to admit, I was afraid you wouldn’t make it.”

49. “Wait! Can I still change my mind?”

50. “That’s the dumbest thing anyone has ever done.”

51. “Admit it! You don’t care about the inner me at all!”

52. “I don’t know what to do! Do you think I should eat more butter?”

53. “I have everything I ever wanted. Money, wealth, riches.”

54. “I’m attracted to you as I’ve ever been!”

55. “In another city, we could be anyone we want.”

56. “Go. Go now, before I beg you to stay.”

57. “I like killing brave things.”

58. “I’ll need accomplices.”

59. “Get out! It’s not fun anymore! I want to be alone!”

60. “I tried to scream, but I barfed.”

61. “I’ve never been so moved. And I see no reason to begin now.”

62. “I am partied out.”

63. “I do love a man in uniform.”

64. “So he didn’t really want to marry me?”

65. “There’s never a cop around when you need one.”

66. “Funny thing about destiny. Sometimes fate has other plans.”

67. “I have no idea what’s going to happen next.”

68. “I’m a pathetic freak. My life is over.”

69. “I’ll never have another moment of happiness.”

70. “She has issues. I’m fine.”

71. “I don’t wanna hit on anybody I already had sex with.”

72. “I’m scared and great at sex!”

73. “I wish I could go with you, pal.”

74. “There’ll never be another like him.”

75. “I refuse to believe anyone is happy!”

76. “Thank you for being my hero.”

77. “I was going to ask you to marry me!”

78. “I deserve this, and more. Keep it coming.”

79. “Oh God, what have I done?”

80. “Don’t hug me, I’ve done a horrible thing!”

81. “For God’s sake, somebody teach me a lesson!”

82. “How was your day?”

83. “I find both genders supremely disappointing.”

84. “Never bet against me being stupid.”

85. “Really, what are we missing out on by not having sex right now?

86. "Being human isn’t just about being happy.”

87. “Welll…Hello from the neck down.”

88. “Did you know there are more than two feelings?”

89. “I suppose I should know your name if I’m going to be drinking ten gallons of alcohol with you.”

90. “I guess I’m just feeling uneasy about us being so on-again off-again.”

91. “If it were up to me, we’d be on all the time.”

92. “If we were together, where would we be ten years from now.”

93. “It’s time for me to leave and make a fresh start.”

94. “It’s good to see you. Is it good to see me?”

95. “I just don’t get why you have to flirt with every bad boy in sight!”

96. “You and I are through!”

97. “Of everyone I’ve ever dated, you are probably in the top ten.”

98. “You always say just the wrong thing in just the right way.”

99. “Everything will be okay so long as my parents don’t find out.”

100. “You’re just jealous, because you’ve never known true love!”

101. “This has gone too far!”

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