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“Yeah, just spinning from smacking my poor head against that rock Jason calls a skull,” Zack said a little dramatically.

“Dude, if my head’s a rock, yours is definitely some kind of super rock; twice the density and twice the pain,” Jason replied, rubbing his head.

“There is actually no solid categorized as a ‘super rock’,” Billy interjected, still smiling, “Though diamond is considered the hardest geological mineral and would thus be harder than common slate or quartz.”

“So you’re saying my head is a diamond.” There was a second of contemplation on the idea of Zack’s head being made of diamond before everyone started laughing again. The Frisbee lay forgotten a few feet away as the game was abandoned in favor at trying to imagine the Black Ranger’s head being a big diamond. It was pretty comical, or maybe they were just a bit hyperactive.

so my cousin made a really racist comment at this party and i was there and now i don’t like him and my mom just mentioned him and i went :/ and she yelled at me to stop being mean to him. like. eXCUSE ME.

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please dont make me look at his face without a beard its so sad ;~;    

listen I didn’t take all these screencaps just to not torture people with them


countdown to the end of extinction: [5/5] dino charge rangers » shelby watkins


she’s our leader: antonio&lauren

you’re cool too! i’ve seen you in action. you? you’re just as good.

Me: The new Power Rangers movie looks like a fucking shit show and is pissing on my childhood. The storyline makes no sense in relation to the content of the original, and they clearly stole the framework of Chronicle after firing Max Landis.
Power Rangers Movie: But there’s a gay character! Trini is totally gay.. or she’s like, figuring out her sexuality or something? But she’s not straight!
The Internet: Omg I wasn’t gonna see it but now I TOTALLY am cuz she’s gay (maybe)!

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Niall’s Smallzy Interview