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Today was my boss’s last day at the office – he got promoted to be head of sales for the entire company, so he’s moving to Germany, where our headquarters is (and where he’s originally from). We gave him a good send-off, with a mid-afternoon party featuring food, lots of booze, and a surprise gift: an exact genuine replica of Harrison Ford’s leather jacket from “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, because the boss not-so-secretly has a huge hero-worship man-crush wanna-be thing centered around Indiana Jones (when he opened the box and saw the jacket he whispered “Wow, now I’ll be able to live out all my fantasies…” and then quickly stopped himself :P). It’s cute because he’s this very smooth and accomplished guy, kind of looks like a model and has this classic silver-screen voice, but at heart he’s just a big kid – he was so excited about the jacket that he actually jumped up and down a little bit before he remembered to act cool and collected.

Anyway, he’s a sweetheart and we all love him and don’t want him to leave us, so today was an emotional day at the office. Lots of drowning-our-feelings-in-whiskey took place, starting from about noon and continuing onward. When the time finally came for him to leave, one of my coworkers handed out tissues to everybody, and we lined up on both sides of the corridor and waved them pathetically as he headed out for the last time, laughing fondly at us.

Of course we all signed a goodbye/congratulations card to him as well, but there are so many of us I didn’t have space to write more than “Thanks for everything.” So when I got home from work and sobered up, I texted him this:

I didn’t get the time to say this in person today or have the space to write it in your card, but: you were an absolutely awesome boss. Your relaxed and yet encouraging attitude made it a real pleasure to come to work each day, so thank you! Keep on keepin’ on, Dr. Jones ;) ~ Jinx

(In case you’re wondering, I don’t normally sign my texts, but I just changed my phone number and I knew he didn’t have the new one yet)

Then I got this response:

Hi Jinx, thank you so much for saying that. That really means a lot to me. On the other side, you did make it very easy to be a good boss. Thank you for all the crazy projects you did over the years and all the extra miles you are always willing to go. And this won’t be the end of it, since I will keep [redacted] as my client, and therefore will continue to seek your guidance and extraordinary expertise on all of these projects. Besides I also will continue to try to develop some more business for the US office, so I’m sure you will hear from me regularly with requests to edit RFPs and other such shenanigans. Good luck with everything and I’ll talk to you soon.

I’M SO HONORED like oh my gosh?!?!?!?!? What a sweet message gahhhhh :’) I can’t handle feeling this appreciated??!?!??

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V Birthday Scenario Game

Please feel free to try it. Tried making as much sense as possible. I just randomly put things here and there. I remember doing these a lot so I felt like I wanted to make one. I’m just playing a bit.

Anyway here it is:

Jan- I was reminded to egao by
Feb- I was told my fortune by
Mar- I bought ice cream with
Apr- I dueled with
May- I joined the lancers with
June- I became best friends with
July- I fused with
Aug- I was chased by
Sept- I was carded by
Oct- I was teleported by Yuzu’s bracelet with
Nov- I attacked the XYZ dimension with
Dec- I’m rivals with

1- Yaiba Todo
2- Masumi Kotsu
3- Yoko Sakaki
4- Leo Akaba
5- Michio Mokota
6- Ayu Ayukawa
7- Reiji Akaba
8- Sora Shiun’in
9- Hokuto Shijima
10- Tsukikage
11- Nico Smiley
12- Futoshi Harada
13- an Obelisk force
14- Reira Akaba
15- Halil
16- Yuto
17- Yuzu Hiragi
18- Shun Kurosaki
19- Olga
20- Yuu Sakuragi
21- Gongenzaka Noboru
22- Yuri
23- Dennis Macfield
24- Yuya Sakaki
25- Yugo
26- Teppei Tairyobata
27- Selena
28- Shingo Sawatari
29- Shuzo Hiragi
30- Mieru Hochun
31- Tatsuya Yamashiro

First letter of your name:
A-C: because it was necessary
D-F: because I got his/her name wrong
G-I: because he/she stole your ice cream
J-L: because he/she felt like it
M-O: because he/she wanted to
P-R: because he/she likes you
S-U: because you had the same goal
V-X: because it was all part of his/her plan
Y-Z: because it was a mission given to him/her