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Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the inspiration to Georgi’s routines

It’s mentioned that Georgi’s short program is Carabosse from the Sleeping Beauty.. which indeed, is the villain in said fairytale.

But what Sleeping Beauty is his routine based off?

Matthew Bourne. Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty.

I mean look.


If you’re sitting there thinking that this is just coincidental and that i’m just going off on a random thing…


I am pretty certain that his routine was based off this ballet. i think it’s just another nice addition to “Yuri on ice is based on reality stuff”

Sorry for the long post but i was proud when i saw this :3

If there’s a bison miraculous it should go to Kim, just saying… cause he’s bi and he’s my son



This is yet again completely @tyranttortoise fault, because she rebloged THIS and I had to draw it because Edge with cat ears and because I have no self control and Tortoise gives me constant inspiration for things I am not supposed to draw adjkawk

Also bonus Stretch as Luigi from the latest chapter of “Skeleton Squatters and the Landlady” as I had to fill up the page I drew Edge on so took the opportunity to draw Stretch because that moustache, also that joke he is saying is like one of my favourites of all fucking time

Wedding AU's for the Friends of the Couple

Because we need more wedding writing prompts for ships other than just getting married, so here goes:

- I was invited to a friend’s wedding a week ago and now I’m going through the pictures and you are literally making eyes at me in /every single one/. I don’t even know you. I barely remember seeing you there. But you’re kind of, um, well really hot, and you appear to think the same of me so now I’m asking around everywhere trying to get your contact information who knew this was sO HARD

-Welp they threw the bouquet and you caught it but someone bumped your back- not me I swear- and I caught it when it fell out of your hand. Please stop staring daggers into my skull. I don’t need this.

- You were hired to be the photographer and yeah you did that much well but now we’re both very drunk and very tired and very lonely so you’re showing me the pics that you took on your camera and we’re cracking up about the faces people make when they don’t know they’re being photographed. Maybe this shouldn’t be as funny as it is but it’s late and I can’t think straight and I want you to laugh more often because it’s such a great sound- crap I’m in deep aren’t I

- our friends just left us on babysitting duty together so now we have to try to keep all the kids here from fucking shit up good luck to you

- You were my plus one for the wedding and we just went as friends but appARENTLY weddings are really romantic places or something because I can’t deny that there’s some pretty serious sexual tension here

- Some crazy stuff happened during the dance bit and well now I’m in your arms and you’re so cute and sweet who are you

- or, alternatively, you noticed me standing off to the side instead of dancing, and I told you that I can’t dance but you just gave me the flirtiest smile and said that you’d teach me, and who am I to refuse, you seem sweet enough…

- I left my seat in the crowd for five seconds to refill my drink, and you stole my spot, and dude I don’t want to be rude but I really need to sit down the ceremony is nearly starting can you plEASE JUST MOV-

- dude I SAW you swipe some frosting off the cake with your finger wtf man

- Shit well okay we were rough housing a bit- nothing too big, you’re just an idiot- and one of us sort of got shoved into a table and destroyed half the entrees fuckfuckfuckfuck

And at last, the classic:

- Our friends just got married and left us behind in this single world and I know that we’re both feeling pretty tired and lonely right now watching our best friends go off and be happy so-

May I have this dance?

As much as I dislike MCU Wanda I have to admit a Scarlet Witch tsum tsum would be adorable. 

So imagine a Wanda tsum that is more like her MCU counterpart though: 

Unlike her bigger counterpart tsum Wanda has no problem with Tony and gets really mad at how bigger Wanda treats him. Whenever Wanda tries to use her powers to mess with him tsum Wanda fires back with her own power right away to defend him. So little tsum Wanda will be flying around Tony most of the time keeping her eyes out for other Wanda. 

Although Tony is still uncomfortable with Maximoff in general he can’t help but like the little tsum tsum version especially since she tries so hard to defend him so he lets her hang around him. 

I’ve seen a lot of headcanons where Tony is a skilled sewer/knitter and I 100% support it- So Tony ends up making tsum Wanda a new costume (maybe like her costume in the comics with the headdress and all) as thanks for watching out for him. 

Maybe some angsty stuff? Little tsum Wanda realizes Tony has nightmares so she tries to use her own power to help him but as soon as he sees that familiar red mist around his head he freaks out and lashes out at tsum Wanda. 

So Tony starts distancing himself from the little tsum and actual Wanda figures out that her tsum tried to get into Tony’s head and gets all smug about it. “It was only a matter of time before the little creature turned against you and realized what you really are- a monster.” And tsum Wanda happens to hear Wanda tell Tony this and she gets pissed and blasts a huge spurt of power at Wanda that actually manages to push her over (the little tsums previous attempts never did much so Wanda never took tsum Wanda seriously) and Tony is shocked but impressed. So Tony and tsum Wanda make up much to regular Wanda’s dismay.

I gave you parts of me that I never even gave myself.
—  r.s.

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a random thing i was just thinking about:

it’s pretty clear from the show that yuuri never wears contacts, he just like. skates blind

as a fellow glasses-wearing athlete (i’m a gymnast and a cheerleader) who trains without contacts, i’d like to share some things that inevitably happen during practice and competitions :)

- “lol how long have i been practicing i can’t see the clock”

- victor using some sort of hand motion from across the rink and thinking yuuri’s ignoring him but actually he has no idea he did anything

-migraines (oh look, whump. what a surprise) i get SO MANY migraines from training without glasses. note: this may include but is not limited to: headaches, nausea/vomiting, dizziness, temporary loss of vision in one or both eyes

-”dude why have you been staring at the score board for the last 5 minutes” “I’M TRYING TO READ IT”

-“seriously what the fuck is my score”

-*accidentally starts training with glasses on* *glasses go flying* “FUCK”

-no really what time is it

-”look out, there’s a little dent in the ice there” “where” “right there” “WHERE”

-yuuri squinting to see yurio, prompting a “WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT”

-drinking out of the wrong water bottle

-almost walking into the wrong washroom (especially in st. petersburg where he wouldn’t have the building layout memorized)

-yakov or victor writing down a training plan and yuuri just being like. fuck

Monsta X reaction to falling inlove with a dark-skinned girl who speaks Korean

requested by anon~


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Shownu; When Shownu and you first met, he’d be pretty cool about it to be honest but then he’d be star-struck by your beauty. Shownu wouldn’t really mind you being dark-skinned like all skin color, races and whatnots are beautiful to him. When he’d first heard you speak Korean, he’d be freaking amazed and impressed. Throughout the months of being together as friends, Shownu would sudden realize that he’s in love with you. At first he’d be confused but then he’d be happy about it to be honest. He didn’t fall in love with your looks but he fell in love with your personality. So yeah, Shownu would be happy about falling in love you and he’d probably be too shy to confess and would probably take him time to confess tho…. shy appa bear ;u;

Hey, [y/n].”

“*startled* Omo, Shownu, you’re here? What are you doing here?”

“I just wanted to give this to you. A-and… I hope you read the letter attached to that bouquet… and…. I-I better get going… just text me when you’ve read the letter. *hands you a bouquet of your favorite flowers and dashes off, blushing*”

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Wonho; This boy would really find you attractive to be honest. At first, he’d just casually flirt with you since let’s just say the two of you clicked right away when you spoke to him in Korean he was freaking surprised… that he screamed his lungs in aweAnyway, having to spend time with you since the two of you were like almost best friends made him grow attached to you and those friendly feelings developed into romantic attraction. He’d actually realize it when they’re on their tour and he couldn’t keep you out of his mind, and when the boys told him that he should stop blabbering stuff about you since you’re the only thing that would always come out from his mouth. He couldn’t help but feel giddy about it to be honest, and would take him a lot of time to think this through, whether he should confess to your or not.

“*thinking real hard that he doesn’t even notice you sit right across him*”

“Earth to Shin Hoseok, hello!”

“*jumps on his chair* Omo, o-oh, hey [y/n].”

“What were you thinking about, dude?”

“I was thinking whether I should tell you that I like you or not…. OMG *shook by his own words*”

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Minhyuk; When he first heard you speak korean, he’d be amazed to the point that he’d be asking you tons of questions. Of course, being the Minhyuk that he is, the two of you would be friends in just a snap of a finger. He’d frequently contact you to be honest, may it be videocall, a text or audiocall. Sometimes, he’d even ask if you’re free so that the two of you could hang out. But then, this boy already knew that he’s already falling in love with you by the minute you spoke korean. He’d consult the boys if whether it’d be a good idea to confess or not and when he’s got the answer, he’d just go for it. Just a simple date, taking you to the amusement park or beach and just immediately confess to you. But before he’d confess, he’d do small things to be honest like if ever you’re sick he’d buy medicine, placing a blanket over you when you’re asleep and whatnot.

Did you have fun [y/n]?”

“I did! Thank you so much, Minhyuk, You’re the best!”

“Anything for you, [y/n]. And [y/n], there’s something that I want to tell you…. I like you.”

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Kihyun; Just like the others, Kihyun would also be surprised when he heard you speak korean. He’d actually take this opportunity to befriend you and would practice his english with you to be honest, and vice-versa. Throughout the constant meetings for both your Korean and his English lessons with each other, he’d actually fall in love with you since you’re fun to be with and you just seem to wash away all his problems. He’d actually bring snacks for you to munch on since he knows how tiring it is to learn for two straight hours and would even take a break for a while if ever you’re feeling down. Since Kihyun is really greasy and all… he’d actually confess to you by teaching you a korean phrase that is…. his confession. 

Okay, now that you’ve learned this phrase, what do you think does it mean?”

“…. Uh… *reads the phrase again until you finally realize what it means* Wait… are you serious? Or is this a joke, Kihyun?”

“Hm… Why would I be joking about such thing? Should I read that to you in english so that you’d believe me? *wink*”

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Hyungwon; Hyungwon would be really curious about you. Like how different is Korea from your country and the cultural differences. But at first he spoke to you in English but when you spoke to him in korean, just imagine a pepe coming out of the blue. He’d be laughing, flushed that he didn’t expect that from you. Both of you would meet each other, just like Minhyuk, and the two of you would just talk about the most random things. He’d be pretty open about everything to be honest. He does not even care about skin colors and races since he finds everything equally beautiful in their own ways. Sometimes, he’d also ask to come over to watch some movie, ending with the two of you falling asleep. But then Hyungwon wouldn’t confess about his feelings tho since he’d be pretty shy. Well, maybe there’s this one time when he thought you were asleep when he decided to confess.

…. yeah… I know that you don’t practically look at me the same way as I do… but I just wanted to tell you that I love you… Aigoo, why am I confessing to her when she’s asleep? I should–”

“I love you too, dummy.”


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Jooheon; This ball of aegyo would literally be attracted to you by the moment he laid eyes on you. Of course, just like the other boys, he loves all races and skin colors. When he first heard you speak korean, he’d gawk at you to be honest before clarifying if you really know how to speak korean. Just like Kihyun, he’d also try to practice his English with you but when the two of you are busy learning new words, he’d just suddenly do random aegyos, making you burst out laughing. When he realizes that he’s falling in love with you, he’d be really cute in front of you. Like he’d just do random aegyos to hear you laugh or see you smile. He’d also surprise you with random things like if you told him that you’ve always wanted to like taste this korean delicacy or snack, he’d be bringing it with him the next time the two of you are meeting.

Hey, Jooheon, how are you?”

“I’m doing great, how about you? Oh, I have a surprise for you~ *shows you a bag filled with bungeoppang*”

“Woah! H-how, when.. you didn’t have to buy me this Jooheony~!”

“You said you wanted to try that so why not grant your wish? *wink*”

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I.M; Changkyun at first would talk to you in English, which the two of you would probably be doing for a couple of minutes until your friend calls and you speak to them in korean, only to surprise this boy. By the second you ended the call, he’d speak to you in korean to be honest and would actually praise and compliment your korean speaking skills. Telling you that you literally sound like a legit korean and many more. And your friendship with him would be the result of talking about random facts and strange things….. but hey, every meeting or text or call with Changkyun will be filled with laughter and smiles. Changkyun would already realize that he’s falling for you a week after the two of you became friends. Changkyun would actually send you memes to express his feelings for you to be honest.. like he’d confess like that.

Changkyun what the heck is this? Lol, this is funny tho.”

“*sends meme saying i love you*”

“Loool, are you saying that you love me? *sends back a hyungwon meme*”

“Maybe? *wink wink*”

Random Things

I just want to like, drag a pretty girl (or boy) onto my lap and make out for days right now. My couch is perfect for that sort of thing.

Now that I’ve finished Spideypool and am just editing I am falling even more in love with certain parts of the story and it’s awesome

Why are boys who wear eyeliner SO FUCKING BEAUTIFUL?? I can’t stand it! Gorgeous, pretty boys ugh. Slay me.   

Also, will someone teach me how to wear makeup? Because I literally have no actual clue how to apply it. Or even own it. I own zero makeup. Im actually terrifed to buy it. There is so much make up out there its horrifying.

Misha has taken to perching her fat ass on my neck, balancing her (very clawed) paws on my chest and then leaning down to put her head under my chin so I can still write and snuggle her at the same time. Such a worthless kitty oh my god.

I’m watching Sherlock (BBC) again because Martin Freeman is the cutest thing in the world and Benedict Cumberbatch in those suits just slays me.

I have an insanely awesome idea for my 2000 follower celebration! And Im so excited about it! We are right around 1850 I think? So whoohoo for almost 2000!

Alright, thats it. Im done. Have a good day, guys.

Unimportant Updates from the Ministry of Minor Grievances
  • So, it seems I’ve lost a large handful of longtime followers over the past few days. I’m pretty sure it’s just Tumblr doing that random unfollow thing, but it sucks either way. I don’t want to be that whiny person who reaches out to ask if someone unfollowed me on purpose. Ugh. Get it together, @staff. Pretty please.
  • My venerable MacBook Pro is getting long in the tooth. I’d been trying to find a way to finance the purchase of the newest model (yes, I could write it off, but I’d still need to come up with the money up front to actually buy it), but after buying and using an iPad Pro for the last couple of months, I wonder if I really need a new laptop. I have the Pencil and the keyboard and honestly it’s been a good replacement for about 90% of the stuff I’ve used my laptop for; I can’t do film ingest/editing/grading in the field with the iPad, but if I need that capability I can just carry along the old MacBook. So far the iPad can do everything I need it to do for my work when I’m mobile, so I think I just saved myself $4500. Yay me.
  • I’m participating in a clinical research study about athletic performance (because my trainer somehow talked me into it), which means that for the next 12 weeks I am at the gym five days a week; three days of intense cardio and two days of intense strength training. I don’t tend to talk about my fitness routines much, because This Is Not a Fitblr™ (no one wants to hear about your VO2 max, Tony), but there is some interesting body transformation happening already, which is pretty cool.
  • Fall is here! Finally! But it’s still 91º every day! Yay Florida! Sarcasm! I think I’m going to wear a cardigan outdoors today just out of spite. If you are in my area and happen to see a guy lying on the ground in shorts and a nice cashmere sweater, clearly overheated and dying, just leave him there please.
  • My TBR pile could likely be seen from space at this point. Yikes.
  • I know I’m really not great with replying to things quickly, but I do have an ask-box that goes largely unused. Ahem.