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Ok this blog is not about politics, but somehow it’s about my life.
So here I am, living in Russia, the country of beautiful people: talented musicians, artists, dancers, doctors, teachers and all other professionals who know how to be a good person and how to do things right.

But the rest of the world judge us just by one politician. Radical, homophobic, aggressive. The world says - that’s their leader as a representation of the nation. So let me show you what our nation is.

Today, on March 26, we had meeting protests against the government throughout the country in 99 (!) cities and towns. People were clamoring against the system and corruption with slogans ‘Russia shall be free’, ‘Russia without Putin’, ‘The criminal has to go to the prison’. In Brazil or South Korea that would end for the government in a fair law court…  But what we got as a feedback? When thousands of unarmed russians went to the street to shout out for justice, thousands of policeman and soldiers started to arrest them. There was no exception for women, children or oldman. I was there, in the heart of Moscow, protesting with others. 

And here I want to say that it literally hurts me when I see in social networks like tumblr all the hatred adressed to Russia. When you are afraid of russians, when you think of us as rude homophobic savages who barely know what civilization and human rights is.

, try to look deeper on what happens here.
We are people. And we need your support. 

As a bonus, photos from another date in St. Petersburg

Can Lesbian Identity Survive The Gender Revolution?
Maybe the future really can be female. That depends on how we define it.
By Shannon Keating

y’all…this article is seriously so fucking awful. it is basically saying lesbians are regressive and ~~~too exclusionary~~~~ yet again. YET AGAIN never attacking gay men or straight people for “””genital preferences”””…

perhaps the worst quote: “Some lesbians who don’t go full-out TERF are still all too eager to write off dating trans people because of “genital preferences,” which means they have incredibly reductive ideas about gender and bodies.”

did you know you’re an evil terf if you don’t like penis?

@terfmeanslesbian and so many more blogs i want to tag

I don’t care what you believe. As long as you aren’t going out and hurting people or advocating for people to get hurt, I’m cool with you. I wouldn’t be able to get every single person to agree with me, anyway, so we may as well coexist in peace.

Why do anti sjw ex muslims exist?

I think the answer is simply because “sjw’s” and “tumblr feminism” have failed ex muslims. When you have this ‘protect all muslims at all costs not matter what’ mentality where you can’t acknowledge the fact that muslims can infact oppress, abuse, disown and kill people for leaving islam, and just continue to ignore this and be ignorant and worry more about appearing like you are a worldly and caring person who cares about women and the world, but you refuse to acknowledge the struggles of people who actually are oppressed and who’s lives are ruined because of religion, you have failed them.

That’s why people become angry and bitter, because you’re implying they don’t matter and the people and religion that are hurting them and ruining their lives and causing them to live in fear and secrecy are worth more and need to be protected and aren’t doing anything wrong and you’re failing to protect people that really need to be protected too. 

This isn’t the oppression Olympics. Yes muslims suffer from a lot of prejudice. But you know what? Ex muslims get treated the exact same way, some of us still dress like muslims, we still have to pretend to be muslims in order to be safe and ontop of that deal with the shitshorm that comes with being an ex muslim, living a life where you can’t be yourself, worrying about your family finding out, disowning you and all the abuse and how badly muslims treat you. I don’t know why muslims think it’s some kind of oppression competition. It’s not hard to open your eyes and admit the way you treat ex muslims is disgusting and treat us like human beings. 

Hi! We’re friendly-disagreement and I just wanted to make this quick post to introduce us!

Mod Pink is a radical feminist, and I (Mod Blue) am a right leaning libertarian. Our goal with this blog is to open up a dialogue with all sides of the political spectrum. The political climate is so tense right now, and it becomes so easy to demonize those you disagree with. Hopefully this blog will help people learn to understand why the opposite side believes what they believe and serve as a place where sides can debate topics civilly.

If you’re reading this, I hope you have a fantastic day!

-Mod Blue

The Rules of Misogyny

Rule #1: Blame women for the negative actions of men.

  • Example: rape culture, victim blaming

Rule #2: Women’s bodies exist as objects for male consumption

  • Example: porn, BDSM culture

Rule #3: Female bodies exist as male property

  • Example: child brides, most traditional marriages

Rule #4: Women’s opinions do not matter, men know better.

  • Example: people asking specifically for a male opinion

Rule #5: All great achievements come from men.

  • Example: erasing women’s contributions from history

Rule #6: Male bodies and brains are inherently superior

  • Example: men’s vs. women’s sports, women in science

Rule #7: Sexuality is for men and is male centric

  • Example: ignoring the clitoris, lesbophobia

Rule #8: Women’s labor exists to serve men

  • Example: free labor in the home performed by women

Rule #9: Men must always be considered first and foremost

  • Example: anything women-only is considered offensive

Rule #10: Men must be the ones to control human reproduction

  • Example: abortion legislation, birth control legislation
Radical Feminism is NOT Feminism (Tumblr Feminism version since all of you are so butthurt).

I’ve been on Tumblr long enough to see heinous posts about men-haters and misandry. So let me clear this up for you hella quick.

I came from a third-world country, now having the privilege to live in a developed one for more than half my life. So let me tell you “Rad fems” a little something and I will be anything BUT nice about it.

Shaving leg hair and wearing makeup is NOT oppression. Being betrothed from the second you’re born is oppression. 

Having a guy call you “hot” or “cute” isn’t berating women. Having acid thrown on your face is. 

Having your gender mistaken because they don’t know what you identify as is not offensive. Being belittled for your gender (whether it be he OR she) is offensive.

Did you ever think that men AND women can enjoy rough sex? If it is consented, that is THEIR business and something THEY enjoy, and it’s not your place to judge how they like their sex to be. There are plenty of women who ENJOY rough sex. Shocker, I know.

Someone can be a housewife without a job, married to a MAN and still be a feminist. You are in no place to tell them otherwise.

Women can shave their legs and wear makeup and be a feminist, it’s THEIR choice. LET THEM BE. THEY LIKE SHAVING THEIR HAIR AND CAKING THEIR FACE. KEYWORD: LIKE.

Did it ever occur to you that girls ENJOY wearing makeup? I think makeup is art and my face is the canvas. I have days where I don’t want to wear makeup and days I do. 

And last but not least, man-hating. That’s misandry. In case you “feminists” forgot, feminism is EQUAL RIGHTS. Not superiority for women, inferiority for men. There are PLENTY of MEN who I know are feminists. My father, my brother, my friends. 

Did you forget about Barack Obama? Joseph Gordon Levitt? Matt McGorry? Men who ADVOCATE for women’s rights? Probably, if you’re that dumb to think all men are evil. 

Beyonce, Michelle Obama, Emma Watson, Malala Yousafzai, Benazir Bhutto are epitomes of ideal feminists TO ME.

I am a feminist. I advocate for equal wage, education rights, I advocate for pro-choice, I advocate for LGBT communities and minority groups. I run a community that fights domestic abuse and helps women in need, whether it be from abuse, poverty, anything. And guess what? Shaving their legs or wearing makeup is the LAST thing in their minds? I am a feminist who love men, love going to Sephora and buying a bunch of makeup and wearing it, and I LOVE shaving my legs to make them smooth af. 


Before you start thinking that all those petty issues are feminism causes, think about all those girls who have much bigger issues. Get out of your close-minded heads and stop giving real feminists a bad name. 

It’s not biphobic to not want to date a bi person because theyre bi. Lesbians are allowed to have sexual boundaries and they’re allowed to want someone with the same sexuality as them. Why does tumblr liberal politics have such a big problem with sexual boundaries lmao. Kinda like when transwomen get mad when people dont want their dicks. Can yall quit whining and being rape apologists my god!

Male Entitlement

Seriously men act like they are owed women’s labor, like they are being robbed or having something stolen from them if women do something for ourselves.

That’s why men are so offended by the idea that feminism doesn’t include them. Because in their eyes, women’s labor belongs to men.

They don’t believe women are allowed to do things just for ourselves.

They believe that right belongs only to men.

That’s why men get so offended when something is just for women.

They literally believe women are robbing men of something that belongs to them, of something they have a right to, because they view us women and our labor as their property, not as our own.

I love and support femmes so, so much. It’s so hard right now to locate yourself as a femme and as a lesbian. So much of what young femmes are seeing represented as just boils down to radical queer consumption, or straight liberal femininity repackaged and sold just the same. Femme has become associated with frivolity, with fluidity, with vagueness. Women who sleep with men call themselves femme for reasons I cannot even begin to approach. Meanwhile, femme lesbians are disappearing themselves into a broad queerness that tells us we should fix our attraction to other females. We’re told that we are regressive for desiring butches because they think that butch women are the same as men, somehow, and again for reasons I cannot comprehend. People assume that ‘femme’ is for all. Meanwhile, femme lesbians are searching for the women who came before us, begging for scraps like all lesbians do. It’s hard to see where the next turn it when everything is blurry and when there’s no road signs. I found myself in S/HE by Minnie Bruce Pratt, and in friends, and in my love for other women. I found femme in my anger especially, and continue to. I’m sure I’ll find that part of myself elsewhere in years to come.

If there are any femmes reading this, feeling lost or just kinda weird about being a gay woman and being femme and not being totally sure how to locate that, I’m there with you. I feel that part of your heart from miles and miles away. and I don’t have all the answers, but we as a community can rediscover what this means to us. We’re already here–we just have to sift through to find the words.

It’s so wild to me how confused my parents get about my wanting diversity in tv (especially the media I personally consume) when I’m literally…out as pansexual, vocally liberal and a feminist, am the product of THEIR interracial marriage, have a non-white immigrant grandmother who was a single mother working two jobs to provide for her kids, and I have multiple (biologically) half-siblings conceived and born outside of marriage…like why would I want to watch four hundred different ways two straight white ppl can fall in love, get married, and have kids (typically in that order) when that’s not even.,,,..how my (our) life is…..like why is it so confusing

a list of male excuses when called out on misogyny:
  • “freedom of speech! that means you have to shut up and can’t criticize anything I say!”
  • “jokes are just jokes! I don’t care what psychologists or sociologists or anthropologists say about their use in society! human beings are not affected by their environment, socialization doesn’t exist, culture isn’t a thing, and every idea exists in a vacuum!”
  • “you’re just supporting censorship! that’s why your critical analysis of this situation should be censored.”
  • “aren’t you the real intolerant one, since you won’t tolerate my intolerance?”
  • “you don’t have a sense of humor! I know this because you can’t possibly have a sense of humor unless you’re able to make fun of people who are suffering. that’s the best and only source of humor there is! I can’t imagine someone could have a more refined taste in jokes than this!”
  • “you’re just being a bitch! this is why no one likes you! if I keep calling you names, that’s the same as an argument! now, I am going to comment on how mean you are, completely ignoring that I am doing the exact same damn thing I’m complaining about.”
  • “being strong means having thick skin! I feel qualified to tell you this even though it’s literally impossible for me to experience the feeling I am telling you that you are obligated to feel.”
  • “but your beliefs make you a BIG MEANIE because it hurts my feelings when you accuse me of misogyny! nevermind the fact that I already hurt you, you were supposed to lay there and take it! when I said you need to have thick skin, that only applied to you, not to me! I can’t handle criticism!”
  • “your human rights and sense of dignity aren’t worth supporting unless you’re being super sweet and kind to me right after I have been very rude to you by saying this misogynistic thing.”
  • “Women can’t make feminism succeed on their own! They require men! That’s why winning over men should be the main goal of feminism. Men are the most important part of feminism! Know your place and be sweet to me or else I’ll withdraw my support for your human rights!”
  • “that isn’t misogyny at all! let me, a man, tell you, a woman, what real misogyny is!”
  • “real feminists don’t make men angry! real feminists make sure to prioritize my comfort over their own emotional satisfaction and their personal dignity! as a man I get to judge who the good feminists really are!”
  • “I’m a male feminist, that means it’s literally impossible for me to ever say or do anything misogynistic by virtue of the way I label myself. Nevermind the fact that I still act the same way as every other dude. I pay lip service! That should make me a saint!”
  • “but these other women agree with me! these are what good women look like. as a man, I get to make that decision, not you. be like these good women who agree with me! you should just agree with them and forget all of your own ideas because these women agree with me, a man!" 
  • “aren’t you being the real sexist by saying that men are sexist?”

LMAO yall …… i joined a libfem leftbook group on facebook just to see what the popular discourse these days is and i got into a convo with someone abt nonbinary identities and the second i was like “so how do these work? which bathroom is the kid who uses it/itself pronouns gonna use? which sports team are they gonna play on? if gender isn’t real then why do we even respect pronouns and stuff?” i got fuckin banned

i am literally dying these people are SO fragile they cannot handle the slightest criticism of their “identities” which they literally treat as the most important thing in the universe!!!!! it is truly amazing!!!!! i think they honest to god know that all of it is bullshit and they have to shut down criticism as fast as they can bc NONE OF IT MAKES SENSE

In 1st grade, a girl punched me in the stomach.
In 2nd grade, a girl pushed me and I hit my head on a metal bar.
In 3rd grade, a girl hit me and gave me a five star.
In 4th grade, two girls started beating me up because I disagreed with them.
In 5th grade, I saw a girl pick up a boy half her size and throw him onto the concrete.
In 6th grade, another girl punched me in the stomach.
In 7th grade, a girl pushed me to the ground.
In 9th grade, I saw a girl slap a boy across the face and call him a fag.
In 10th grade, I saw a girl push another girl into a wall.
But only boys can be violent, right?