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Seventeen reaction to you wanting to give them a blowjob because you are bored.

Woozi: *you are in the studio* “But jagi… yeah never mind you can do it” *lowkey agrees and tries to keeps the moaning to a minimum in his little work area*

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DK: “just because you are bored? Okay” agrees as well because he is bored too*

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Joshua: “Listen baby, you can just do that when ever you are bored. You can try asking again later tonight when we get home though”

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Jeonghan: “Well if we can make this quick because I have to go get my makeup done for the concert that starts in a couple of hours.”

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Seungkwan: “Babe can I suck your dick?” “BITCH WE ARE IN PUBLIC… later okay baby”

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S.Coups: “If that’s what my baby wants”

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Wonwoo: “Well… this movie was getting lame anyway”

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Mingyu: “Right now? The guys are in the other part of the house though… hmm okay then”

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Vernon: *this boy is actually so ready*

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Jun: “There is nothing else better to do… why stop at a blow job when I can pleasure you too with sex?”

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The8: “Okay baby” *no arguing needed because this boy can’t turn down one of your blow jobs*

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Hoshi: *becomes a shy fluff ball but eventually agrees*

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Dino: “Well… you see… uhm… yeah this episode is so boring and there are way too many commercials” *literally tries to stay quiet but you are just too good.*

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Lust and Pizza || Scott McCall

Scott McCall x Reader

Warnings: Smut, Swearing

Word Count: 4,084

Summary: You’re new in the town of Beacon Hills and you’re crushing hard first and best friend Scott McCall. Once fateful night he leaves his phone in your car and you finally have an excuse to go see him. 

A/N: Rough Scott McCall sex is what I live for. Needless to say, writing this was quite fun for me. Also- sorry for not posting for a few days. I was going to post this yesterday, but my cat fell asleep on my laptop and I didn’t have the heart to move her. I feel really bad for not posting the past few days but I think you’ll forgive me after you read this ; )

(Gif below has nothing to do with the story but it hot af)

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I pulled up to the McCall house in my black Comet, the roaring engine coming to a stop as I pulled into the driveway. Scott McCall, the boy I had been driving home almost every day since my return from boarding school had left his phone in my car, yet again. Except this time I didn’t notice it until he was long gone. Scott’s been kind to me since I got kicked out of the all girls fine-arts boarding school in San Francisco. Most people just ask me why I was expelled, or how could I possibly waste such an amazing opportunity by getting expelled. It got old fast. Scott was the only one who didn’t ask questions and was always supportive of me no matter what. He always made time for me, even when his friends try to pull him away. Don’t get me wrong, he’s got the physical aspects too. He has these beautiful brown eyes that glow and become gold in the sunlight. He runs his fingers through his hair when he talks to me which I know means he’s nervous. And his lips, oh those lips. Damn, I can’t believe I’m falling for this kid.

I stepped out of my car and saw that a few lights were on in the windows. It meant someone was home. I walked up to the door and knocked on it, but immediately felt dumb as I noticed the doorbell. I fixed my hair in the reflection of the glass door, preparing myself for the possibility that the hot lacrosse team captain was to answer it. When I heard the door click open, Scott was not on the other side. It was a very tall, broad shouldered man in a very intimidating suit. I almost cowered away back to my car but he had already started to talk.

“Can I help you?” His voice was deep and made me want to squeal.

“Uh, I’m Y/N- A friend of Scott’s. Is he home?” Just as I felt as though I was going to faint, a small, beautiful latino woman comes out from behind the door with warm eyes and a bright smile.

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Just wanted to ask. Why do you think Lance would be a Slytherin?

The Slytherin traits are cunning, resourcefulness and ambition. I feel Lance exudes these more so than the traits of the other houses.

We see cunning in Lance’s tactical approach at combat. Especially visible inside the Balmera in season 1. He’s crafty and schemeing, not just because you can’t exactly go Rambo in the Balmera because you might hurt it, but because this is his MO. Keith is the close combat specialist, well along-side Shiro, of the group. They have no problem going ham egg and cheese on the bad guys. Lance does, he is the ranged specialist, not suited to close combat. Go in hacking and slashing? No, close the bay doors. How do we get by these sentries? Easy, cause a distraction. Lance doesn’t have the luxury of bruting his way through his enemies, so he improvises. He’s either gonna trick you into playing yourself, or just pick you off.

This kinda goes along with my argument for cunning. While Lance isn’t on the same level of intelligence as Pidge or Hunk, we see he IS resourceful in his own respect. He uses his cunning and quick thinking to offer clever ways to overcome obstacles. Keith you can’t just go in there waving your sword around, I have a better idea I just thought of. Lance is gonna survey the situation (if he can) and come up with a solution suited to his style of combat. 

You can’t tell me Lance isn’t ambitious. Lance achieved his dream at the Garrison of being a fighter pilot. Though it’s stated that he only achieved it because Keith left, it doesn’t diminish his hard work and determination to make it there. With Keith present, he still would have been second in his class. Second! Keith is considered the greatest pilot of his generation and Lance is SECOND I don’t know about you but that’s saying something. But Lance didn’t just get handed this position, he worked for it. Hard I’m sure. His desire to achieve his dreams is strong. He is extremely ambitious.

I’m not saying that Lance doesn’t display other emphasizing traits of the other houses, I’m just saying that he meets the criteria of Slytherin a lot more to me than any other. This is my own personal headcanon, I’m not here stamping my foot down and whining that you can’t headcanon him as something else. Lance, to me, is a Slytherin. To you he might be a Gryffindor or a Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff and that’s fine. Honestly Lance could probably just shuffle around in the houses if he wanted to. He is a WELL rounded character, very balanced. 


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Rated: Slight M I guess?

Pairing: JinxReader

Summary: Journey’s are more important than destinations. Will this one change your mind about the destination you aren’t even looking forward to?

(A/N): My flight got delayed a painful 3 hours and I came up with this while eating dumplings and sipping a beer.

It’s not like you weren’t looking forward to this new adventure, it’s just that you weren’t particularly excited about uprooting your life for a job you didn’t even want. Still you bid goodbye to your old life and checked into your flight.

You sunk into your seat with a sigh, abhorring the hours ahead of you. Sure flights were nice, but 10 hours of being confined in one place didn’t sound appealing to anyone. Soon enough the drinks trolley was on it’s way and you started to relax, focusing on the work you had to finish on your laptop. You absentmindedly asked for a vodka tonic and earned a light chuckle, almost unnoticeable. You turned to the source to find a rather gorgeous flight attendant looking embarrassed.

“Sorry, I just couldn’t couldn’t help notice how bothered you look, I made a bet with myself to see what you’d get.” You just raised an eyebrow at him, not sure how to respond to the very friendly attendant. You ended up just giving him a smile and a sigh.

“Well now you know, though I’m usually a tequila kind of gal, Jin.” You read his nametag. You made a joke like you usually did in awkward situations because of course you have your foot in your mouth. You blushed red as he laughed wholeheartedly placing a cup in front of you. Then he placed another small bottle in front of you, the word ‘tequila’ written on it in all it’s mexican glory and you turned up to give him an amused expression. He just winked at you and moved on.

After a good hour of trying to focus on your work, your mind kept drifting back to the very attractive, very helpful attendant. Every time you heard footsteps, your eyes drifted up on their own to see who was walking by.

Finally it was time for food and your tray arrived with a side of another tequila bottle. You didn’t even look up at him, you couldn’t. The embarrassment only got worse with time as you sat and silently ate your tiny portioned food.

Three hours into the flight all you could think about was how utterly embarrassed you were, you even tried sleeping and failed, but you tried harder this time, avoiding meeting the gaze of any of the cabin crew. After what you could easily tag as centuries, you got up and walked down the aisle to where the crew usually stayed. As you just about the reach your destination, the curtains drew back revealing none other than the very perpetrator. You took in a deep breath and with all the courage you had mustered, walked right into the washroom.

After spending enough time inside to stop the excessive cringing you were doing, you opened the door and was face to face with Jin.

“I was going to knock, you’ve been in there for a while.” His eyebrows were knit together in a clear show of worry, his lips were upturned in a frown, they were the fullest lips you’d ever had the privilege of seeing. You looked up with a face much warmer than it was before.

“Why? Did you think I’d passed out?” His eyebrows knit further, in confusion this time and you instantly felt bad. “I’m sorry, look I’m not an alcoholic or the kind of person who drowns their worries in booze for that matter, I’m not sure what led you on to believe that.” You blurted all in one go, groaning instantly when you realised that you probably sounded drunk to him. You saw his expression clear instead, his eyebrows unknitting.

“I’m-I’m sorry, I was just trying to make you feel better because you looked sad for some reason. I’m so sorry I wasn’t insinuating anything. Oh god!” He groaned, “This is what happens when I try to flirt with a cute passenger, I was just trying to hit on a hot girl and now you hate me.” He was blabbering to himself you realised, your face still went through various shades of red at his progressing banter. He looked at you and instantly covered his mouth, eyes blown out to twice their size.

“I’m sorry I assumed things about you.” You mumbled awkwardly, he rubbed the back of his neck of his neck and smiled at you.

“I’m sorry I said all those things.”He winced like he was in a world of pain. You looked at him with wide eyes.

“No no! They were ni-” You stopped yourself when you realised the implication of it, you were absolutely on fire today. But you saw his lips tug at the sides anyway.

“Let’s start over, I’m Kim Seokjin, I’m about as subtle as a drunk uncle.” He extended his arm with a smile that took your breath away. You offered him your hand and giggled at his strange comparison.

“Seriously, he emphasised, I even make the bad jokes, what do you call a fly without wings?” He looked so genuinely serious that you broke into a fit of laughter. He grinned at you clearly very proud of himself.

5 hours into the flight and you were sitting on your seat grinning like a fool because of a particular cabin crew. He’d keep coming by to give you small things; water, soda and even a toothbrush at one point. The people around you seemed to be all in different phases of annoyed, amused, fascinated and jealous of the interaction but you were enjoying too much to care.

Soon enough the lights went off and everyone was off in deep sleep, you groaned and sat back. You didn’t know why but you could never sleep in flights and you were always thoroughly envious of people who could. After finishing work and trying to watch a movie you decided to stretch your legs and got up to take a quick walk. When you reached the end of the aisle you had a terrible urge to peek through the curtains and see if Jin was busy, after a good moment of contemplating the possible flaws of the plan you decided to just go for it. You poked your head in two find Jin and another attendant talking, they stopped to look at you and smiled politely though Jin’s felt more intimate.

“Can I get a cup of water?” You asked awkwardly, you decided to pretend to have a purpose and not just drop by to say hi. The other guy with him gave a quick reply and offered you a glass.

“Can’t sleep?” Jin asked with a grin. You shook your head and he laughed.

“I can’t sleep on flights.” You answered him honestly with regret in your voice.

“Me neither.” Was his sympathetic reply, you raised your raised your eyebrow at his remark. “Mostly because I have to work though.” He added sheepishly and you laughed so hard he had to remind you that people were sleeping. The other attendant walked away suddenly and you stood there holding an empty glass and wondering if you’d have to go back. Jin filled your cup with some cola and you looked up at him to see him wink at you.

“So what do you usually do when you can’t sleep on long flights?” He asked you.

“I don’t know I just keep fidgeting on my laptop or make conversation, this is my first long flight alone so it’s making me more restless.” You admitted very honestly to him.

“You have me.” He said with a killer smile which you had to take a second to recover from.

“I’m grateful.” You added with only a hint of skepticism in your voice. If he noticed he didn’t point it out. After a while of awkward silence Jin spoke up again.

“So what takes you to Korea? Travel or work?” He asked.

“Work.” You sighed into your glass, “I am being transferred to an office in Seoul.” You looked up him with a half smile.

“That’s great. You’ll love the place!” He said with a screaming whisper. You smiled wider at his excitement.

“Yeah maybe I need to give the place a chance. You never know what’s in store for you right?” You believed your words for the first time. You saw Jin nibble at his lip while staring at the floor.

“I mean I could always show you around.” He looked up with an expectant expression. Your lips parted and your breath stuck there before a response. Jin moved closer, his movement so natural that you wondered if you were imagining it. But soon enough his breath was fanning your face and he pushed a stray strand behind your ear.

“I’m sure there are many things I could show you.” He whispered against your cheek, a rogue whimper slipped past your lips.

“I don’t doubt it.” You whispered back, his lips curled into a smirk so delicious it was almost unfair. If it was even possible, he seemed to move closer.

“Would you like that?” His voice was so tender, yet the stray professionalism remained and for some reason it had your heart thumping in your throat. You had to stop and control your thoughts to remember that he asked a question.

“Like what?” You squeaked out in utter embarrassment. He only smirked, his face pulling so close you stopped breathing till his lips went to your ears.

“Would you like me to tell you the dishonourable thoughts thoughts I’ve been having about you since I saw you?” His words were clear despite the ringing in your ears that was growing. You gathered your courage for what you were about to say.

“I’d rather you show me.” He pulled back and grabbed your hand, guided you to the unoccupied lavatory. You didn’t think it was possible for your heart to beat as fast as it was right now. The anticipation combined with the rush and the fear of being caught was making you feel dizzy and your breathe was already shallow.

There was a moment’s darkness inside before the lock was placed and the small space was lit. In that moment it seemed to occur to you, you were about to do this. He turned with a look in his eyes that seemed to either clear all doubt or leave no room for it. Still your body moved to meet him halfway as after what seemed like too long, his lips met yours.

His lips were soft and so full that your mouth opened on its own. His tongue was warm and demanding in your mouth, your mewls seemed to be filling the small space with more tension as it build slowly.

A sudden jerk thrust you back and if your mouth wasn’t occupied in the moment you probably would have let out a yelp. Your hand moved behind you to grab the counter, both of you breathing heavily.

“Turbulence.” Was all he whispered in your ear before he just nibbled on your ear and you had to bite down on your lip hard to stop the scream stuck in your throat. His voice was raw and there was no professionalism left, you kept repeating that one completely unarousing word in your head and reveled in the effect it had on you, it was just the way his voice said it, the way his very appealing lips brushed against your ears as he said the basic word.

“Fuck.” It was just a natural response to the places your mind was going. You had to chastise it before you got carried away. He pulled back and looked at you with a worried expression.

“It’ll be fine, the weather is just a little off, turbulence is normal in flights over these areas.” You could tell this was a long memorised response to nervous customers.

“I’m fine, I’m not afraid of turbulence. That’s the last thing on my mind I assure you.” You scoffed with a stray grin touching your lips as you looked back on your thoughts from a moment ago. Jin chuckled and placed his forehead on yours.

“What were you thinking about then?” He asked the question like he already knew the answer. Again with a sudden fit of bravery you didn’t know the origin of you pulled in close to him. You heard the breathing seize from him and it made you feel a little power in the moment. You grabbed his bottom lip between your teeth, watching as his eyes closed.

“This.” You answered after you let his lip go, he seemed to still be transfixed by the moment, even with a shaky ‘that was hot’ leaving his lips with a chuckle. You bought caught each other staring and you knew you couldn’t look away. The moment was interrupted by a knock on the door, Jin immediately put a hand on your mouth before you could say anything.

“It’s just me. I’ll sit out the turbulence here.” Jin spoke up like he knew it was one of his fellow cabin crew members. An unconvinced ‘okay’ seemed to prove that, Jin just smirked and proceeded to return the favour your teeth left on his lips before.

When you finally settled back in your seat, you were sure everyone around you knew what you were doing. The person who knocked on the door probably knew, what caught you most off-guard here is how little you cared. You refrained yourself from going back again and decided on watching a movie.

You jerked up when a warm hand landed on your shoulder, confused for a moment before you removed your earphones.

“We’ll be landing shortly, please fasten your seatbelt.” The foreign female voice left a trace of disappointment in your mouth. After this you wouldn’t see Jin again and you didn’t how to feel about it yet.

As you waited patiently in the line that inevitably forms while getting off, you tried not to look around too much and when you finally got to the exit you tried to hide the way your eyes lit up. Jin bowed to the passenger standing before you and his polite smile turned into a grin that made your stomach jump to your throat. He with another female attendant bowed at you and you bowed back. Jin coughed awkwardly and bend down.

“You dropped this ma’am.” He said with a curt voice, you gave him a quizzical stare but took what looked like a boarding pass from his hand nonetheless. He gave you a quick wink that made you blush as you walked out of the flight.

When you finally came out into the airport you unfolded the card and looked it over before finding a number and a scribble of words reading, ‘call me if you really want me to show you around ;)’. You laughed how how he cut out the smiley like you wouldn’t see it but smiled staring at the number, you needed to get a local number soon. You sighed and walked out of the airport knowing that maybe your new life wouldn’t be as bad as you thought.

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"Not to mention Sansa has direct parallels to Elizabeth the first and Elizabeth of York." could you expand on that ? :)

Yes Nonny, yes I can! (Maybe I’ll write out my own interpretation on this one day but I’m too lazy, so have some links)!

Sansa Stark, Prophecy 

The Origins of Sansa and Elizabeth of York

Sansa and Elizabeth I

Sansa Stark: A Historical Figure

Those are just a few I found real quick (I’m at work while I answer this, so sorry  I didn’t compile a large list, I’ll edit this later to tack on some more because there’s so much out there it’s insane), though if you’d like you can search it up on google, and there are a great deal of video’s on it! 

Also, knowing this, many think Aegon is her Henry Tudor. Well, Aegon isn’t in the show anymore (I’m going to assume her ‘Harry’ ended up being Ramsay, since she took Jeyne’s story-line), and there’s only one last remaining heir to the Targaryen line that is considered ‘relevant’ in the world of Ice and Fire. Which is Jon. So yeah…

One Last Time- part 1

mr. Washington had called Alex into his office. Alex had no idea what for, and he was a little nervous. well, more than a little nervous. oh I know, he thought, maybe it was that time that I kissed Laurens? but that wasn’t wrong, we’re just kids being kids! that’s what mrs. Washington would say.

“you asked to see me, mr. Washington?” he asked warily.
“yes. I’m sorry, I know you’re busy with your writing,” he replied.
“sir?” (Alex had recently taken to calling every adult sir, for some reason)
“I need to tell you about something that’s going to happen.” worried, alex told him that whatever he had heard, Thomas started it!
“son, Thomas left early today,” said George. annoyed with the way his teacher had called him his ‘son’ (he wasn’t), but perplexed at what else he had said, Alex could only stammer a weak, “w-what?” mr. Washington needed a favor from him. Alex told him in total confidence that he would do anything he was called upon to do. but what came next was almost too much to handle.
“Alex,” said George, “I need your super amazing skills to write a letter to the class telling them that… I’m going away for a couple weeks.”
“AWAY???” cried the young Hamilton, prompting a quick shushing by his teacher.
“Alex, relax. have some apple juice.” Alex was struggling to hold tears back. he was already missing his big bald buddy. “I want the letter to talk about getting along.”
“but sir,” pondered Alex, still barely keeping composure, “would that be good to do? because the two schools 'cross the street, Great Britney and Francis, are really close to fighting! it’ll be a prank war!”
“Alex, it’s all going to be just fine,” said Washington with a smile. “Great Britney and France will work it out, even though they’ve been rivals forever. can you start writing now please?” Alex was so dumbfounded by what he’d just heard, that he had forgotten all about the letter. he was scared.

ok this is part 1 of the One Last Time AU story. enjoy and see if you can spot the history joke lol :-) @hamil-tots

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Captain Canary prompt: I don't think we ever see Leonard actually laugh in the show, or even break a genuine smile. Sara is delighted the first time she sees him laugh out of real amusement.

(I listened to ‘Smile’ by Mikky Ekko while writing this one and I suggest you all go have a listen to it before reading this. Or during it. It put a smile on my face though. And now I’m hoping I don’t mess this up)

It happened because of Ray.

The idiot had brought his suit up to work on in the bridge. Normally he would have done them in the cargo hold, but Jax and Stein were trying to work more on transmutation down there. He promised that it was just quick repairs, and that he’d be out of there in less than ten minutes. Knowing it was Ray, Sara and Leonard had decided to stick around off to the side to see if anything went wrong. They sat in their regular chairs as Ray worked on the suit that was stood in front of him.

Sure enough, five minutes after he first came up, the legs of the suit went crazy. They detached from the suit and started to fly around the bridge. Ray grabbed the control pad on the arm and tried to get them down, but it wasn’t working. The couple watching them wasn’t sure whether to duck and run just yet when the boots sporadically flew into Rip’s office. One made it through the doorway, but the other crashed through the glass. The Time Master looked up in time to see one slam into his chest and knock him off his feet while the other embedded itself in the wall.

A laugh came from beside Sara as she snickered over Ray running into Rip’s study apologizing frantically while the Englishman swore. When she looked over, she saw Leonard was grinning and chuckling at the events with her. Since they’d gotten him back from the Legion, he had been a little more withdrawn and closed off due to some of the things he had done with them. But even when he’d been with the team, he had never laughed or smiled like he was now. He looked happy and amused. This was a genuine smile and laugh that Sara had just heard.

Her own smile grew wider when he met her eyes. He was still smiling, but seemed a little more intrigued now.

“You’re staring,” he remarked, a teasing note in his voice.

“I’ve never seen you smile like that before,” she told him. “Not even when you were with us before the Oculus.”

“Raymond never pulled anything this ridiculous then.”

“True,” Sara agreed. “You have a nice smile, you know that.”

The comment only made him smile a little more as they watched Ray and Rip try to dislodge the boot of Ray’s suit from the wall.


Like/Reblog if you are an Undertale Character Roleplay Blog. It’s for fangame research.

If you are an Undertale RP Blog can you Like or reblog this post? I would like to check out some of them because I want to get the characters to act just right in the fangame. The fangame is a harmless, SFW, quirky dating sim with different characters similar to the Papyrus Date in the actual game. (Sans, muffet, grillby, etc.)

Please don’t take offense if I don’t follow! ;____; I’m just researching for the fangame because I want to get the characters to act right. The game’s just going to have official characters only so I would like to find blogs about those.

That or I should just stick to the source material. Don’t know if this was a good idea. Also I apologize in advance if I ask weird ass questions. They will be SFW questions, though. And if you are NOT a roleplayer feel free to recommend me some blogs.

Just a quick edit/update on my fan game since people are reblogging this post: I’m going to turn the dating sim into a much smaller simpler fan game. It WILL NOT be a full on date sim with all cast of characters anymore but it will involve Sans in some way. I will post a video when I have something close to playable. This is because a big fanmade dating sim is too much work for one person alone but more on that later. Trust me it will be worth it but I rather surprise everyone when I get to it.

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ALSO now you have to tell me what houses all the temeraire characters got sorted into, you realize.


(DISCLAIMER: I just did this for fun, and of course people should feel free to disagree with any or all of these!  I answered the questions based on my interpretations of the characers, so other people might get different results. Also this was the test I used, in case anyone is interested.)

Iskierka: Gryffindor

I think we can all agree that this outcome was pretty much inevitable.  Every time there is an option to fight someone, Iskierka will always choose to solve a problem with violence.  She fears nothing and nobody.

Temeraire: Gryffindor

Ravenclaw was a very close second, because obviously Temeraire is very very smart and loves books, but he is also a very big fan of leaping headfirst into things without much consideration of consequences, as is the Gryffindor Way. Really I think most of the dragons will get a lot of Gryffindor points as they are almost universally ready to fight anyone.

Laurence: Hufflepuff

Gryffindor was his next option, as he is very brave and also pretty quick to fight people (see: every time Granby desperately tries to restrain him for duelling someone), and he does have a temper, but it deflates easily.  Deep in his loyal, dependable, unassuming heart he really is a Hufflepuff.  He’s also open-minded and accepting, and values hard work, charity and compassion.  He might be brave and occasionally terrifying, but at his core he’s just too much of a softie to be anything else.

Tharkay: Ravenclaw/Slytherin (tied almost exactly)

Makes sense to me?  Tharkay is certainly not a coward but he prefers to be clever and cunning to achieve his ends, and he certainly can’t be called straight-forward in any of his dealings.  It’s not that he’s afraid to fight when he needs to, but he is smart enough to know that there are other ways to win. He is also not above a little petty antagonism for his own amusement.  

I’m undecided which house I like him better in, because in a Hogwarts AU Tharkay would be a half-blood probably, with a dad from high-class pureblood stock, so the thought of him in Slytherin with a bunch of HP-verse racists is both sad and intriguing?  But since the sorting hat seems to let you have some say in the matter if you’re right on the line, maybe he would ask not to be in Slytherin because that was his asshole father’s house and he doesn’t want to give him the satisfaction?  Or maybe he WOULD want to be in Slytherin just to stick it to his dad and all the pure-blood wankers, like “haha fuck you I’m in your precious pure-blood house being blatantly proud of my muggle ancestry and you have to deal with it because I live in your fucking dormitory”?  Which would also contribute to him not having a lot of friends because everyone hates Slytherins except other Slytherins, but the Slytherins would hate him too so he’d just be this jaded cynical outcast not really belonging anywhere and getting his kicks trolling his housemates on the one hand and playing up the “oooh I am a scary evil Slytherin, better stay away” to every one else?  Until he ends up up making friends with this rando Hufflepuff (the one he is vaguely aware has rich parents and is captain of the quidditch team and a school prefect) who tries to defend him against bullies, not knowing that Tharkay had the situation entirely under control and ends up landing them both in detention, and then proceeds to inexplicably think they are friends or something and always says hello to him in the hallways, and Tharkay is like ??? why this and eventually gets fed up with Laurence’s continual attempts to be his friend (for what Tharkay assumes is some kind of joke or out of pity) and tells him to fuck off, but then some sort of life-threatening situation occurs and they save each others lives and I’M PRETTY SURE I DON’T NEED TO CONTINUE THIS STORY BECAUSE WE’VE ALL READ THE SERIES but etc etc a beautiful friendship occurs and they end up dating, THE END, I APOLOGIZE, GOOD-BYE.

Granby: Hufflepuff

Like Laurence, he’s very close to Gryffindor (actually somewhat closer because he’s a little more hot-headed and confrontational, I think), but to me Granby’s defining traits are loyalty, dependability and unpretentious straight-forwardness more than anything else.  I bet Granby and Laurence would probably both assume they would be in Gryffindor and be rather surprised to end up in Hufflepuff, but I think they’d eventually realize it was where they belonged and be very protective of their house.  They’d also totes be on the quidditch team together and Laurence would be the captain and Jane would be captain of the Gryffindor team and she and Laurence start hooking up after she jumps him when they stay behind after a captains’ meeting or something.  ANYWAY.

Jane: Gryffindor

Jane was kind of hard, I often thought that none of the options really suited her and had to just go with my best guess.  I think Gryffindor works though; she’s brash, bold and prefers the straight-forward approach, even if she does have her share of guile when necessary.

Demane: Gryffindor

Demane got some Slytherin points because he has a lot of anger and is quick to hold a grudge, but he’s a true Gryffindor I think.  He is utterly fearless and won’t hesitate to fight anyone who threatens him or his brother (or makes a move on Emily…), even when they’re twice his size.

Sipho: Ravenclaw

I assume this is one we can all agree on.

Emily: Gryffindor

She’s a Gyrffindor like her mom; she fears nothing, takes shit from no one and like Demane is always to fight people twice her size if the situation calls for it. 

Lien: Slytherin

Lien also got a lot of Ravenclaw points, as she is extremely clever and also highly educated, but she definitely has a lot of cunning and her fair share of malice. She remembers those who wronged her, and instead of straight-up fighting them would rather play an extremely long game to achieve a much more brutal and complete revenge.

Rankin: Slytherin

Also got a lot of Gryffindor points, and not a coward by any means.  He’s a bit too sly and a bit too slippery to be a Gryffindor, though.  He’d rather be passive aggressive and snide than fight someone he knows full well could kick his ass.  (also in the case of a Hogwarts AU I am DEFINITELY not tempted to write after all this, I think we can all agree Rankin would definitely be Grade A snotty pure-blood trash right down to his core)

Perscitia: Ravenclaw

Surprising no one.  Perscitia is the only dragon to have Gryffindor as their lowest match, as she’s one of the only ones who actively avoids fighting.

Aaaand that’s all the characters I did.  I’M SORRY THAT WAS REALLY LONG, BUT IT TURNS OUT I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT THIS, anyone please feel free to violently disagree with me or add other characters I didn’t do, if you feel like it!

Crystal Twins #6


Masterpost (One shots/headcanon info/art work)

Rating: G

Summary: Steven Universe/Gravity Falls Crossover between me and @cirilee. This oneshot: Stan’s meeting with Wendy. Supernatural hi-jinks occur. (no particular order to the oneshots sorry)

AN: Silly little fun thing if you ask me :3 Thanks for the lovely messages I’ve received today ♥ You all made it a great birthday for me ^.^

Oneshot 6: Close Encounter

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One Direction - Favourite Sex Positions (NSFW)



It would be the closeness with Niall that was the reason that this was both your favourite sex position of the many you’d tried. Being like this meant you could take control, you picked the pace, and Niall could hold your hips tightly and guide you along. His fingers could roam around your body, because they wouldn’t need to keep him from squishing you underneath him. Other bonuses were that you could look each other in the eyes during climax, and it was easy access for lips.


You and Harry would love this position, he would be able to be as rough or as sweet as he wished and you could wrap your legs around his waist and pull him in deeper. Especially if Harry had just come in from rehearsals you’d be on your back before he could get his top off. But that was a bonus for you because you’d pull on it, trying to pull him closer as you climaxed, but that left Harry constantly having to buy new shirts because of the stretch marks you made.


Liam would always love eating you out, and you loved sucking Liam off, so doing both at the same time was a blessing sent from the gods above. He’d be on the bottom so neither of you had to worry about holding yourself up, a pillow under his head and his arms wrapped securely around your hips. He’d devour you with his mouth as you tried your hardest to sucking and moving. It would get to the point were you’d be shaking so bad you’d pull away and use your hands as you continued to shake through your orgasm. But Liam wouldn’t stop until he’d finished and you climaxed numerous times.


For both you and Louis, you being on top, riding him was at the top of your list. He’d love to come back sweaty from rehearsal or training and see you climb on top of him and doing most of the work. Of course Louis would always be in charge, his hands on your hips guiding your movements. He’d be able to look up at you and your body, while you held your hair because it was annoying you too much.


For you and Zayn it would be just a quickie in the bathroom before he goes on stage. But when I said quickie, it wouldn’t be quick, he’d love you get you all worked up while you were sitting on the bathroom counter before moving you to the wall. You’d have to try and grip the wall as Zayn entered you, even though it was almost impossible. His pace would be steady and constant, that boy could go for hours. He’d hold onto your ass cheeks and focused on giving you both maximum pleasure. But it wasn’t always a quickie before a show or interview, it could be afterwards in the shower or just against a hotel wall.

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Canonverse, post-series: Bellamy proposes to Clarke

It starts the same way most days do: the sound of the morning bells waking Clarke up much earlier than she wants to be woken, and her burying her face against Bellamy’s collarbone. It’s getting cold, which makes it worse; at least in summer, she’s eager to wash the sweat off.

“Do we have to get up?” she asks.

“At least briefly,” he says. “If you want to take the day off, we probably have to tell someone.” He presses his lips against her hair. “But I don’t think anyone would stop us.”

It’s much less responsible than his usual answer, which is dislodging her from his chest and throwing the covers off the bed without mercy, forcing her to get dressed or freeze, and she squints up at him, wary.

“That’s it?”

“What’s it?”

“You’re not going to just tell me to get up?”

“You deserve a day,” he says.

She sighs and drags herself out of bed. “It’s just early,” she says. “It’s fine.” And then, because it was sweet of him, she leans down and presses her mouth against his, quick and soft. “I appreciate it, though. We should plan to take some time off soon. You haven’t been getting enough sleep lately.”

“I know. I’m working on it.”

“Come to bed earlier,” she says. “It’s not hard. I actually have a chance to fall asleep before you wake me up for sex. That’s how late you’re staying up.”

He wraps his arms around her, presses his lips to her jaw. “I know. And I really appreciate that you’d rather get woken up in the middle of the night than go without getting laid.” He slides his hand under her shirt, teasing. “We could definitely be late. Just this once.”

“You’re a bad influence,” she says, twisting out of his arms. She leans up for a quick kiss. “See you at lunch?”

He looks confused for a second, and then a smile breaks out. “Yeah, lunch. Sounds good.”

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call and response - jongtae (2/4)

~6.5k words. pg-13 for this part. parallel idol au w/ composer!jong. side minkey. pure fluff.

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - epilogue

In which Jonghyun falls into a rabbit hole of emotion while producing Taemin’s solo album.

“Remember that time, a few days ago, when I met that cute guy at the coffee shop and flirted with him only to leave without asking for his number as a poetic gesture to symbolize the variability of life?”

Breathe, Jonghyun.

Minho raises a strong brow while he wrestles with the lid of the plastic container that is Jonghyun’s only protection against the terrible scent of spicy chicken breast. “I’m going to guess that life became much more variable, and in a poetic slap in the face, reintroduced you to him permanently.”

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swissclone  asked:

talk to me about male clones

Male Clones. Male….clones. M a l e   C l o n e s.

First off, I will gladly admit that I did not see this coming, and I’m remarkably pleased with how the writers pulled off the specifics of the reveal. That was the definition of shocking, but not unpurposeful. Just the right amount of importance mixed with cinematic flair (in my opnion.)

That being said, the actual presence of male clones is something I know I and the cloneclub will debate and consider endlessly over this hiatus.

Here’s the thing. I am very grey on this right now, but optimistic (if that makes sense.) I’ve been slightly disappointed with this show before and the paths they’ve taken. I was annoyed at the fast-forwarding of the Sarah and Helena relationship. I thought the Tony introduction was a little jarring and interruptive of more important matters. I was frustrated with the extreme disjointedness of our various worlds. Things like that. I also was very vocal with the way 2x09 went, and how it made me forgive a lot of those things. How it made me realize I could never be disappointed in this show for more than an instant, because it is just so fan-freaking-tastic. Because of that, I’m not quick to make personal judgement on the male clone situation, because whether I agree with it or not, somehow I know that this show is going to make it work.

Here’s my initial thoughts on the matter though. 

First and foremost, good things right now about the male clones:

  • they are not someone we already know well. I have been praying to god that there is nothing special about Felix. When Sarah said “I know him” my heart sank because a Felix clone is the last thing I want (or even a Paul clone). We need Felix to stay normal and sane and ground our show in reality. A Felix clone would be almost unredeemable to me at this point, and so I’m glad they didn’t go in that direction
  • that being said, if it had to be an existing character, Mark is an ideal choice. He’s already stuck being relevant to our plot after running off with Gracie. Because of the Helena baby thing, we all knew Gracie was going to be important come season 3. Now we have another link to our run-away couple, and that will help to make the plot feel more fluid and necessary. I was worried that that was going to be a random side-route (a problem that plagued this season to an extent) but having two separate reasons is a great thing
  • we keep the Proletheans relevant, and we can’t lose that aspect of the show completely (a fear I had when I saw the farm burning)
  • we can talk about feminism and still talk about men. One of the oft-overlooked aspects of feminism in the general populace is feminism and men. If our writers were smart (and you’re damn doodly darn right they are) then they will seize this as yet another opportunity to look at feminist issues from another side. We all need to carefully remember that this automatically doesn’t discount all of the amazing forward motion this show has had on gender issues, and it doesn’t mean that forward motion is going to stop suddenly. Rather, I’m hoping that this pushes forward in even more new and exciting directions.

Now, all of that being said, some of my fears:

  • we don’t talk about feminism and men
  • our focus shifts away from our core sisterhood
  • Mark becomes too important
  • less Tatiana Maslany (no offence Ari)

My hopes for the male clones:

  • like I said before, lets talk about men and feminism. Let’s talk about hyper masculinity and self awareness and hopefully reproduction. In a way, I’m hoping that the male clones are fertile actually, because that would bring up all sorts of issues surrounding women’s bodies and ownership and the choice of fertility. Then again, if the male clones are infertile we can view those issues from equally relevant yet different angles relating to how unimpactful it is and whatnot. Lets turn the male clones into a discussion relating to the female clones
  • that being said, I do not want this to be a major plot. Frankly, right now I’m a hell of a lot more interested in little Charlotte and the continuation of Leda than I am of Castor. There is a reason we didn’t start with male clones and there is a reason we shouldn’t end with male clones. This is a device that will make up a large portion of season 3, but it is not the show. The show is Tatiana, the show is women’s rights to their bodies, and the show is finding new and innovative ways to approach the portrayal of women in fiction. I am praying to god that the male clones act as an advancement of that largest message and little more. 
  • I have a feeling that we will not come to love the male clones as characters the way we do the Tatianas. Right now, I’m hoping that they exist more as a collective unit and are approached that way versus the individual characterizations and differences we see in the Tatianas. Let’s focus on how different the Tatianas are, and how “the same” the male clones are. Let’s have that mirror and contrast historical relegation of women to a collective underneath male individuality. LET’S DO THAT PLEASE. 
  • again, I really hope that our writers don’t lose focus of our main Tatianas and that we don’t lose time with them. They will always be the most important.

So yeah, that’s a big pile of ramble. One day eventually I’ll focus it more into distinct points and thoughts, but that’s my initial reaction here an hour after finishing the episode. 

Male clones though, it’s definitely a surprise. 

I’m optimistic, with the slightest twinge of caution. 

26.11.15 | 2/40 days of productivity
ok so admittedly today’s kind of a lazy day… though i finally started on my music work. picture above is just a quick gathering of information (or mindmap? hahaha) of what i have read so far about realism! it’s messy because i’ve given up trying to make it neat, so i’m just going to focus on getting as much information as possible! (is it just me or does studying in dark environments + a small source of light feel so cozy ???)

Noragami chapter 71 (spoiler summary, feels)

Wow…just when I thought things couldn’t get worse for our heroes, they totally get much worse.  I feel like next month is going to be even more awful, though.  Quick summary before the translation comes out for those who are interested and want to know what’s going on:

The title is “Bet your life” (at least, that’s how I would translate it because it works well in english and in japanese but everyone is going to have their own opinion).  Arabaki tells Hiyori who he is and that Yato will be reincarnated and Yukine will be trapped for eternity.  Hiyori is upset and Arahabaki says there’s nothing that can be done and that he should just reincarnate and be accepted back into heaven’s fold.  And that’s pretty much the end of that part.  The real problem is back at the Gods where Tenjin speaks for Yato’s righteousness (ukei).  The crowd yells that Tenjin is the real traitor.  Ebisu asks what he means by ‘ukei’ and Takemikazuchi explains that it is a direct appeal and that it is the only means of forgiveness…and that Amaterasu has no choice but to accept.  Basically, it’s like a gamble where three gods must offer up their shinki against the sacred treasures for judgment.  One shinki will die each time.  If heaven is judged ‘wrong’ in two or more rounds, all of the transgressions will be overlooked by heaven.  However, if earth (ie: our heroes) lose, then everyone (including those who volunteered for the ukei) will be judged guilty and punished.  Tenjin offers up Tsuyu and apologizes to her.  They have a touching conversation about how Tenjin was always content to be a spectator until he saw Yato stand up to heaven, and Tsuyu says she is happy that her lord has become a kinder person.  She is judged against Mitsurugi (the sword)…and loses her head.  Amaterasu asks for a second volunteer, and Ebisu offers up Kunimi (to everyone’s shock).  Yato yells “Kunimi risked his life to save your past life!” and Ebisu tells him, “I know.”  When Kunimi protests, Ebisu tells Kunimi that he owes Yato for his past life, and that he believes in his luck.  Kunimi agrees and Ebisu tells Yato and Tenjin “If Kunimi loses his head, then Heaven is ‘just’ and your your sacrifice was in vain.”  Yato is upset by this and says “Stop it, shinki are not dice”.  Kunimi is judged against Mitama (the jewel) and Mitama loses her head.  Amaterasu looks shocked by this and so is the crowd.  Amaterasu asks for a third volunteer to come forward.  Kiun tells Takemikazuchi that he doesn’t mind if he is offered up and Takemikazuchi says that it would be fine, but he thinks of how Kiun bowed to him and said “I’m on your side” and hesitates.  Just as it is looking like no one will come forward (to my personal horror and tears) Daikoku calls out that he will do it.  Kofuku begs him not to do it (because her luck is terrible and is sure to get him killed), but Daikoku says he couldn’t stand leaving Yukine imprisoned like that.  She gets upset and he tells her it will be alright.  Yato is clearly upset, shaking his head in horror, as Amaterasu announces that the third volunteer has stepped forward.  We then “hear” Yukine coughing and saying “It’s tight, please help me…please….Fathe-” just as Yato falls to the ground.  Yato’s father is watching and thinking “Now you understand, Yato…Heaven is our enemy.  Her head is within your reach.  We’ll have fun together once again.”  Then we see Yato start TURNING INTO A PHANTOM.  Just as his, I dunno, shadow-like thing almost reaches Amaterasu, Takemikazuchi tells him “Stop!  Yato god” and Yato returns to normal (I think that’s the first time he’s called him Yato god instead of insulting him).  He throws him down and tells him to calm down.  Yato says “Why is it always this way, even though you guys can do something…I will be the one to help Yukine!”, and Takemikazuchi tells “Just how do you think they feel, offering up their shinki? Even I couldn’t do it” (to which Kiun is surprised) and then says “Don’t say ‘I didn’t ask for this.’ Don’t you understand?  The one who moved the heavens was you!”  He then walks off and mutters “You’re worse than a disaster”.  Yato then looks at the faces of his friends just as Daikoku is about to be judged.  Yato closes his eyes as a swipe comes across…and it cuts off before we see what happens. 

My thoughts:

DAMMIT.  Horrible cliffhanger, yet again.  And I did cry when Daikoku stepped forward.  A little bit of translation notes: the ‘ukei’ seems to work like a bet, best out of three.  That’s why Yato says “shinki aren’t dice”.  Seems like Tenjin was thinking about this all along, and realizes that it’s their best bet to save Yato, Yukine and Bishamon.  However, when Yato started becoming a phantom…it made me wonder whether or not Yukine is ‘protected’ from that kind of thing in that box?  And if the effect goes onto Yato because of it.  Because normally, a god would not turn into a phantom…their shinki would and they would be blighted.  But this is the first time we’ve seen a god turn into a phantom.  So this is more troubling than I thought.  Or perhaps it was his absolute anger at the situation that started making him turn, I don’t know yet.  We hear Yukine say “Help me, father”…another clue that brings up his past.  Yato looks pretty terrible this whole chapter, but we don’t see or hear much of Yukine at all- it’s clear he’s seeing more of his past, though.  Also, I feel like Yato stepped in front of Amaterasu’s swing in that last panel.  The words that Takemikazuchi said…that he was the one who moved heaven yet others are the ones who are paying the price, it seems like it made Yato realize something.  And I feel like he probably got in the way when Amaterasu swung because of the way things were drawn in his panel.  What does this mean?  I hope Yato doesn’t die, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see him try to stop Daikoku from dying.  And I feel like Yato turning into a phantom will somehow come into play here…otherwise, why introduce it?  Also, rip Tsuyu…never thought she would be someone I would cry over, but their last conversation was so sweet and it was shocking to see her die.

So, anyway, if I made a mistake or two, my bad, just writing this up as I read it and mistakes happen.  Hope you enjoy and wow, will it suck waiting another month for this.

Ok. So after having had time to process the fact, here are my thoughts. This is my best friend on the left and my absolute favourite hockey player on the right. He got to meet him before I did, however only because I told him to get his butt there quick as he was working close to there. He is a Personal Support Worker and was having a crappy day with his clients and just in general. I knew I wouldn’t be able to make the meet and greet, but I told him to go. He knows erikkarlsson65 is one of my favourite people and that at times this gets out of hand lol. I just want to thank you Erik for making his day, for kind of breaking my heart a little bit (that’s okay though, I will meet you one day) and for everything you do for this community. Being a social work student, I know how much the boys and girls club means to these children first hand.

Not going to lie, even if I didn’t get to be in it, this is one of my favourite pictures. Meant a lot to him and I.

Stay kind to yourself Erik and keep being amazing!

anonymous asked:

I moved here from the states last year and I literally have to keep a New Zealand dictionary at my desk at work to look up things my coworkers say because I'm just ????????? I love it though

So I’m sitting outside the dairy in my jandals, stubbies and bucket hat out in the boonies and gawking at the cars going flat out down the motorway. My bro Jordan comes up to me and he says ‘mate, let’s have a quick squizz of the new batch down at the lake, eh?’ He hands me a chip that he bought from the takeaways. ‘Tu meke bro!’ I say with a grin. ‘but my car’s pakaru and you’re skint, we’d better ask Bruce to drive us down!’