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mama.... pleas.... i am dy in.... i need...... coran

….. i need u to understand that both of these requests came in like…. one right after the other…… and if that anon wasn’t just you again, i’m legit flabbergasted at the timing of that lmfao

look,,, we all know lance is coran’s favorite, buttttttt,,,,

i have a headcanon that coran and keith talk just as much as coran and lance. and that keith/lance both confide in coran about their crushes on each other and he meddles way too much but it’s perfect because he’s an amazing space uncle (and the only reason keith made sure to shower the day lance confessed to him tbh)


the olicity q: [16/?]

SnK vol 22

Vol 22 has finally arrived! It’s probably my fav right behind 12 and physically adding it to the collection feels really good lmao. Though I gotta say, the English release this time around is honestly…quite disappointing 

The false dialogue from ch 89 about Eren having to eat Historia is still in place, despite that Isayama wanted this fixed for the Japanese release of the volume in April. It’s been acknowledged to be false since January so…? Additionally the layout for the Reiss cave pages is actually inverted?

(Book version)

(proper layout)

Two big mistakes like that are honestly kind of disappointing, especially given that all these chapters are already half a year old at least. But oh well. Here’s hoping a future reprint like the colossal edition will fix the errors, that’s been done a few times already.

Other than that, Gross’ dialogue in the volume makes him seem like more of an ass, and Kruger appears more bad-ass, so I’m really happy about that. The chapter 88 title is now “the attack titan” which makes a lot more sense than the ridiculous “the attack continues” CR gave it. Additionally, “I am the owl” and “this is how you use the power of the titans” in physical format remain a downright sexual experience, Kruger Ilysm. 

(if only the missing shifter lines were fixed too but idek if Isayama did that)


Leon Kennedy, after crashing yet another car, again: I have done nothing wrong, ever, in my life

Ashley Graham: We know this, and we love you

President Graham, sweating: A-Ashley, sweetie, this is the fifteenth car he’s crashed this week–

Ashley Graham, squeezing her dad’s shoulder harder: We know this, and we love him