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Ever After High is still alive!...

I was convinced that 2018 will mean the death of Ever After High and… SURPRISE! Mattel will release a new line of Ever After High dolls this year! (Unknowing name or the moment. I just hope Mattel didn’t have the dare to name it like the Sugar Coated dolls!)

Obviously, most of accessories are recycled and dolls have less articulations like the Thronecoming Budget dolls… But I’m so happy to see a new collection that I don’t blame Mattel for that… =D

First, we have the “standard dolls”: Raven Queen & Darling Charming. Each doll wears a cute waitress dress and comes with accessories and a furniture from the Beanstalk Bakery playset. There must be a a third doll, C.A.Cupid but there is no picture or any information for the moment…

Raven Queen has a “good-little-girl-model look” again… but… for once, I though she is pretty! One thing I like with this line is the patterns (cakes and cupcakes) =3

FINALLY!!! A good Darling Charming doll! With all her last Budget dolls, I desespear to see a doll as beautiful as her Basic or Dragon Games outfits. I would just add white sockes on her… =D 

PS: The coffee machine and the hocus latte seems to be brand new accessories

Amy Santiago, ladies and gentlemen.


more zelink but this time it’s post botw and zelda is the queen of hyrule while link is the prince consort

they’re also a bit older so they have a little girl named roma ain’t she cute

give me this nintendo i want them to be happy


Witchsona commission for roseminer.

boardgames/roses/money witch + flying squirrel familiar


Queen Pony Head of the Pony Head Kingdom.

would pony head wear something like this?? i don’t know and i don’t even like pony head that much but i thought it’d be interesting to age her up since i never saw an aged up pony head

transcript of all the texts peter sent to happy

…Anyways, I’m out of school at 3 today
Need my assistance?
What is Tony up to?
Tell him I say hi!
Hey Happy!
Just checking in again.
Really miss our missions, hoping to do one again soon!
You think you’ll need me today?
Out of school at 2:45
Ready when you are!
Hey Happy
Just updating you on the latest!
Helped clear the road for an ambulance
Stopped a guy trying to mug an old man
Just being me, cleaning up Queens!
School is so boring
Wish I could be doing more
Just let me know!
This is your number, right?
Press 1 if yes, 2 if no
How’s Black Widow?
or should I say, “Natasha”
Big News! Quit Band Practice
Now I have more time for crime-fighting
Pretty big sacrifice
but I am completely committed
Hey Happy just checking in. I’m out of school at 2:45 PM 👊
Ready for my next mission!
It’s Peter BTW.