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  • Chat Noir: so what the plan? we just go in there and just -- pow pow pow
  • Ladybug: what was that noise?
  • Chat Noir: lazer guns
  • Volpina: no, Chat, i think you mean *imitates lazers firing* pow
  • Chat Noir: that sounds like fireworks
  • Ladybug: technically they're more like -- pa-choo pa-choo pa-choo
  • Queen Bee: alright, enough with the bad sound effects
  • Queen Bee: besides it's more like -- blam blam blam

What’s Left of Us

Chapter 3

Vic has always supported him, and slowly she also starts to forgive him, to not berate him for being an idiot, but try and help him become better.

They talk. Robert tells her more about himself than he thought he ever would. One thing he has to give her, she is amazing at people, and he starts finding relief in her stern but kind face, in her insight and suggestions, and in her ability to read people.

It one of these talks when he decides to tell her the worst of it.

“Dad knew,” he suddenly says, and she looks at him questioningly.

“Knew what?”

“Knew I was into boys.”

She grips her cup of tea tighter, and takes a deep breath.

Explicit, 3/3, 5k, Angst, Reconciliation

Five years later, when he was writing ‘Pierre’, he was insensible enough to his wife’s feelings to speak of the 'disenchanting glasses of the matrimonial days and nights.’ If he expected Lizzie to read his books, he must have been curiously indifferent to their effect on her, unless indeed he 'wished’ that effect. And the truth is that the masculine and feminine elements in Melville’s own nature were far too precariously balanced, far too unreconciled with one another, for marriage to be anything but excruciatingly problematic both for him and his wife. All the more so since he could not have had more than the dimmest, most flickering awareness of the reasons for his difficulty. He was conscious enough, no doubt, of the ardor and intensity of his feelings for members of his own sex, but the possibility that such emotions might have had a sexual undercurrent can only with the utmost rarity, and then fleetingly, have presented itself to his consciousness.

Herman Melville by Newton Arvin

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More about fairy tale retellings

If I were in charge of the next Sleeping Beauty reboot (which I won’t be because I don’t work for Disney, and also they already did their live action Sleeping Beauty reboot), I would make a big deal about her having been raised by fairies.  Oh, I know they tried to raise her as a normal peasant girl, but come on, the original movie makes a really big deal of how they suck at not using magic to solve their problems.  She was raised as a fairy.

When Aurora is queen, she’s going to respond to threats of war with “We’ll just ask the birds to let us know if they see the enemy on the horizon”, and Philip is going to have to explain to his spymasters that his wife can actually do that.  When a nobleman is rude to the servants at a dinner party, Aurora is going to tell him that if he keeps acting like that someone is going to curse him, and he’ll think the queen was just eccentric until one day he gets turned into a buffalo-wolf hybrid.

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I know my salt overfloweth when my first reaction is ‘Is that something he even wants or is it what everyone else wants for him and he’s going along with it because he’s so desperate to be a part of something?’ And then I sit tf down and examine my life and my choices.

That’s not even where my head is at, which would be more fitting, I suppose, for the story. And honestly, I have a lot of feelings about the whole couple/individual thing but I’ll be drummed out of fandom if I even consider writing that up. 

The writers like to remind us ad nauseam that Killian is a pirate. But they forget that he is a sailor first and foremost. He’s been a sailor longer than he’s been a pirate. And sailors just don’t let the sea go. Ever. I know this having grown up around sailors and being the daughter of one (my dad wants to be buried at sea, btw. That’s how much of a sailor he still is even after being out of the Navy for quite a while). If they are going to ask me to suspend my disbelief that he’s a  200+ year old fictional pirate, they could at least hold onto some of the details that speak to it beyond chunky jewelry and murder. But when they buried him in the ground I should have known better. Sigh.

I’ll be stfu now. 


Just wanted to be clear : I 100% understand the complaints about the scoobies not being on the cover. I get it. 

I’m just sad that this exciting and positive event is tainted for me now but I guess it’s also tainted for people who’s favorites aren’t on the covers. So it’s only fair. I JUST WISH WE COULD ALL BE HAPPY. 

Oliver Queen

This man tonight proved once again why his hero’s journey is the one to beat them all. Why he is the greatest superhero and how he has grown to such exponential heights. Not even a day after being tortured and he’s back in the Mayor’s office doing what he can to protect his city.

He proved Adrian wrong by not taking that knife and just ending the man’s life right then and there. He proved that he was worth more than just the damage his hands can do. There was literally zero reason for Oliver not to take out Adrian himself. None whatsoever. This was a man that spent the entire episode calling himself a monster. Saying that Adrian won. Saying that everything was a lie and he was nothing more than a murderer. So really he had nothing left to lose by killing Adrian himself.

Except hope. Oliver no matter how broken he seemed had the one thing that Diggle recognized and Thea knew of her brother. A part of him still had hope because if he didn’t he would have cared even less about his freedom the way he seemingly didn’t care about his soul.

This episode proved once again that Oliver Queen is the Hope of the Arrowverse and he has the Strength to carry that hope even in the darkest of times. When he has nothing left to lose that is what he holds onto; his own inner light.

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okay first of hats off!! to u guys (u and laura) ILYSM also Are u kidding me rn?? i just read ur Queen and i and me being a plus size girl obvs melted when i saw ur A/N anddd ohh myy godd u wrote that fic so BEAUTIFULLY it reached my heart and im saving it, framing it whenever i feel bad about my figure, its my go to. TYSM for that. REALLY THO the way u decribed each and every thing tysm fren. (i teared up a bit, is that even possible to do on a smut??) but really I ADMIRE U GUYS.

thank you so much. i’m super proud of that one, because it was the first request that i actually felt i related to and it meant so much to me, i had to give it the perfect story it deserved.

now that i got the cute, fluffy stuff out of the way with the plus size reader, i’m moving on to some more freaky stuff with it.

Million Reasons (Trixya) - Alex

A/N: Me writing a non-AU ? A concept. So our queens are just that, queens. I’m using all drag names, male pronouns (except Jinkx will always be female pronouns because ‘they’ can get confusing sometimes and she’s said that she’s comfortable with female pronouns). It’s set on a fictional tour and told in vignettes. So each time there’s some lines from the song, it’s the begging of a new vignette, but it’s still in chronological order if that makes any sense at all lol. If you’re confused, just ask. :) 

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It's my birthday guyssssssss

Wellll…. so I just turned 17 with you all guys. And in this year, I can’t believe that I get to know and explore how really cool tumblr can be. I had met so great people in here, and even if I don’t chat with them, just seeing them in my dash brings me happiness like. @sasu-thirst (* and I’m just a lucky bitch to have my birthday just after my Blossom Queen’s birthday lol *) Sooooo..please wish me a happy and *easy* year in my studies lol 😅

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everyone has that one character in a show they watch where during every ep they’re usually just waiting for that specific character’s scenes to come on and enjoy everything about them from the way they talk to the way they walk and smile whenever that person comes onscreen. a scene without that character in it feels like it’s just missing something and in your eyes they’re the best thing about the show and you don’t want anything bad to happen to them ever