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I Just Need You (NSFW)

Summary: When you have a nightmare, Steve calms you down with a long session of gentle sex.
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Word Counting: 1.3k
Warnings: Smut, gentle sex, parent Steve Rogers, you and Steve haven’t been intimate in months, post-civil war, fluff.

Mrs Captain - Masterlist

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You let out a short scream when your eyes opened wide, finding Steve’s face right above yours.

“Hey.” He muttered. “It’s okay. It was just a dream.”

You breathed deep, trying to relax. Looking at your side, you could clearly see the room had been disrupted by your powers, and you used them to put the furniture and dropped objects back in their places.

“You were dead.” You muttered. “I was at your funeral and…”

Steve immediately pulled you his arms, feeling as your body started to shake again.

“It’s okay.” He held you tightly, running his hands over your back and hair. “I’m here, I’m alive. I’m here with you.”

You close your eyes inhaling his husky smell and feeling his strong fingers massaging your back and scalp, calming you down.

“It was terrifying.” You confessed.

“I know.” He breathed under you. “The thought of losing you terrifies me too.”

You raised your head and looked into his eyes, the light from the windows only enough for you to focus on his blue gaze and leant down, joining your lips.

“I love you.” You murmured into the kiss. “Love you so much.”

His hands flew to your waist when you moved your leg to his hip.

“Y/N.” He exclaimed when you pulled away from the kiss. “Are you sure?”

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reddie for the otp ask please !!

of course anon! i love my gay boys

Which one sexts like a straight white boy?
- This is a tough one - but I have to say Richie, even if only for the fact that he’s the dom… The thing is, he starts off sounding like that, but once he gets into it, it’s all over.

Which one cried during a fucking disney movie?
- Again, Richie. It was The Odd Life Of Timothy Green - which is an emotionally-provoking movie, and he shoved Eddie off the couch for snickering at his tears. Eddie just climbed back up and snuggled back into Richie’s chest, causing Richie to put his face in Eddie’s hair as if he could block out the sad parts of the flick. (He really cried because he wished he had parents that loved him as much as Timothy’s loves him, but he “didn’t wanna be a little bitch and say anything about it while Eds was trying to enjoy the movie.”)

Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?
- Eddie. Though usually pretty meticulous, we all know our boy is still a certified gay dumbass that doesn’t even know forks can’t go in the microwave. When the microwave starts smoking, Eddie screams for Richie who comes bounding into the kitchen, yelling “DID YOU PUT A UTENSIL IN THE MICROWAVE?” “YEAH, WHY? WHY’S IT DOING THAT?” “FUCK!” And that’s how they destroyed their very first kitchen appliance together. Richie took a polaroid of Eddie looking downcast at the microwave (now on the floor) to commemorate the occasion.

Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing?
- Richie, and every time Eddie threatens to bite his fingers without fail. Eddie tried it once, though, coming up behind Richie while he was sitting in His Chair watching something, but ended up just getting fingerprints all over Richie’s glasses and Richie licking his hands. “Ew! You’re so gross!” “You weren’t saying that last night, Eddie Bear.” “That changes nothing, you’re disgusting here and now.”

Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?
- Eddie. Like Stan, Eddie is often pretty cold - a feeling he hates. Richie isn’t exactly like Mike, he’s not always warm, but he’s not always cold like his boyfriend either. On nights that Richie annoys him, while they lay in bed, Eddie will pull over the entire comforter to himself, meanwhile pulling up his legs and putting his cold feet on Richie’s back. “CHRIST, EDDIE!” Richie usually hisses, and it just makes Eddie laugh.

Who had that embarassing Reality TV marathon?
- Eddie. He’s a sucker for The Bachelor as well as America’s Next Top Model. Richie would’ve joined, but they couldn’t hold his attention long enough. For three consecutive days, Eddie sat on their living room couch with his eyes glued to the screen. “Tyraaaa! Yes! Oh my god, you tell that bitch.” Eddie would clap, eyes never leaving the T.V. “I hate to say it, but you look exactly like your mother right now.” Richie said on the third day. Eddie immediately turned the television off and got up. “You know, suddenly, I don’t wanna watch anymore.”

Who laughs more during sex?
- Eddie. Aside from laughing at usual things, like Richie putting his arms in an awkward place or bucking his hips up too hard, sometimes Richie will gently slide his hand down Eddie’s side (Eddie is extremely ticklish) and he’ll just burst into giggles. Sometimes sex doesn’t even occur, it just turns into a shirtless tickle fight.

- RICHIE IS THE LITTLE SPOON BECAUSE HE LIKES TO BE HELD AND MADE TO FEEL SAFE also if he’s not then Eddie will hog the covers. If Eddie’s upset, though, Richie will gladly assume the position of big spoon until his boy wants to take back over.

Ok guys, so this is why heat mats are FIRE HAZARDS. I don’t have much space in my house, so Mustache’s tub has been on the floor. I though bottle caps were sufficient to allow enough ventilation. I was very wrong. I only JUST discovered this while cleaning and I was going to reattach the bottle caps that popped off her enclosure. I had no idea what it was doing. I never even smelled anything. And YES my heat mat is hooked up to a thermostat. This is honestly terrifying for me to find out. I will putting her tub up on bricks now to avoid this ever happening again. I will be examining the table Merlin’s tub is on as well. The last thing I or anyone wants is a fire to kill my pets and potentially destroy my home.
Learn from my mistake.
Very thankful that I found this today, truly a blessed Thanksgiving.

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Yandere Gabe, Jesse, and Genji reacting to their s/o finally giving in and slowly starting to show affection?? Like, they just accept the fact that they can't escape and soon return their romantic feelings?

Decided to make this one into three separate pieces so it won’t be a giant wall of text and thus easier to read for all the phone app users (thanks for the suggestion!). Enjoy the first part, Anon, second one coming tomorrow. - M

Part 1 - Jesse McCree

The realization came to McCree at one of the lowest days he had. Nothing drives home the point you are pushing 40 and ain’t a young buck anymore like trying to put on your old clothes just to find out they don’t fit you. He tried again, sucking his breath in, but he couldn’t get those last few inches.
Finally gave up with a frustrated sigh. There was no denying it. His abs were gone. Life on the run didn’t exactly allow for training and exercise like during his Blackwatch days. He supposed the little drinking problem he’d developed didn’t help.
He was still poking at the soft fatty layer when you came into the room, a bundle of fresh washing in your arms.
-‘Have I been feeding you too well?’- Were you in trouble?
-‘Naw, Darl’, your grub’s the healthiest stuff I had in years.’- He gave his belly a smack.- 'Guess it’s just years catching up with me.’
-'Well, leather trousers are just silly.’ - you shrugged, putting the clothes away. -’ Besides, you look good, a bit of a soft belly doesn’t matter. It’s all muscles under and it’s better to cuddle.’
Facing away from him, you could not see his surprised expression. That was the nicest thing you’ve said to him since he kidnapped you. It was over eight months and even if you didn’t fight him and try to escape all the time, you treated Jesse with cold politeness. Speaking when spoken to, never more than was required.
Since pushing you into loving him didn’t seem to work, lately, he was trying his best to woo you. It was so much easier to do as he had you all to himself. He stopped forcing you to have sex- even if you accepted when it happened, your responses were just pure physiology. The was no emotion and you never initiated. This wasn’t what Jesse wanted. So he contented himself with chaste smooches on your cheeks and forehead, holding your hand and sometimes putting his arm around you when the two of you went to sleep. It drove him mad and he had to rub one out to the memory of your tightness more times that he could count. At the same time, Jesse had to admit he loved this game of playing old-fashioned suitor to his sweetheart. And finally, it has started paying off…
Jeans smacked him right in the face, bringing him back to reality.
-'Put these on, they make your ass look great. Bruce Springsteen great. Oh, and that rust red t-shirt. You know, the one without sleeves? Should be top shelf.’
He chuckled to himself as he started digging for the garment.
-'You know, if you want to get back in shape you could go to the gym… Maybe we both could go?’
Jesse whipped around, eyes narrowing. Have you been playing him all along? Pretending to be falling for him? Just to lull him and make your escape? Oh, you gonna be in a world of hurt…
He stopped in his tracks. You stood there, t-shirt pulled up on your belly, hands holding soft flesh into perfect O with your belly button at its center. Eyes focused on the mirror, turning this way and that, dismay clear on your face.
-'I have a doughnut belly’ – you murmured under your breath, Jesse being in the room completely forgotten.
He reminded you of himself, dropping down to his knees and blowing a raspberry on your tummy.
-'I love me some doughnuts, especially as sweet as you!’ - he gave you a quick lick and blew another raspberry, making you giggle and squirm, swatting him playfully.-'Hey, hey!’- he laughed.
-'What if we get our own gym? I can clean out the basement, get some equipment. Maybe a punching bag and teach you some moves? So you can protect yourself? We can spar from time to time. We can both get in shape.’
-'You’d do that? Get me my own gym and train me?’ - you always wanted to try martial arts but never had the courage to. You always felt too self-conscious around those lean, muscular bodies.
-'Sure thing, Pumpkin, but we’ll..mmmphh!’
He was cut off as you swooped down, cradling his head in your palms, lips pressing together. Jesse quickly found his footing, standing up, arms snaking around your waist. This was his chance. Bold tongue prodded at your lips. Hesitant, you let him in. He wasn’t forceful like before, more curious and taking his time exploring your mouth. You finally broke the kiss but stayed in his arms, hugging. Jessie smirked, rubbing his cheek on your hair. Looks like the old saying was right, you do catch more flies with honey.

If you want to support a project - support it

If you don’t want to support it - don’t

If you want to give people the benefit of the doubt - go for it

If you believe TS is a legendarily shitty company and will never trust them again, despite it being years since the lawsuit - that’s fine too

If you love and support the boys and enjoy their music - you’re a BABY no matter what, end of. And if anyone tries to tell you otherwise-

So just do whatever puts your mind at ease and makes you happy. ^^


It had been a long day. Not only did Nate miss his family, but he was worried for them. Laelia’s message had him on edge all day. She was understanding despite her pain and it was one of her most endearing attributes, as much as it was a dangerous one. 

He didn’t know what happened between his sister-in-law and his brother and frankly, he wasn’t too concerned to find out. His brother messed in shady business and the less he knew, the better his family was protected against any of the dangers it would cause. He wondered if Izabella’s fall out with his brother was just an excuse for her to barge in his life again. He didn’t put that past her. 

His thoughts swirled in his head, increasing his worry, and causing negative thoughts to emerge. He arrived at the front door, prepared to be greeted by his wife. He was however, surprised to see his ex, in the kitchen area. Pregnant and seemly comfortable in his home. 

Hearing the door open, she turned around and paused her actions when she saw him. Her eyes lowered before she straightened her spine and faced him. Izabella was already on the defense. 

“Nathaniel, I-”

“Why are you still here?” he growled and folded his arms in front of his chest. This was not what he wanted to come home to. 

“I just… I wanted to talk to you. Dom and I… He’s in-”

She hesitated. He didn’t trust her then. He didn’t believe her. She was up to something and if she weren’t pregnant he would have strongly insisted that she leave. 

“Don’t want to know about that. Listen, the only reason you’re allowed to even be here is because my wife is kind enough to let you stay a bit but trust me when I say this won’t be for long. I don’t know what you’re up to but keep my wife and I out of it. Keep my kids out of it.”

“You’ve grown cold, Nathaniel,” Izabella commented softly. 

“I wonder what happened to make me so cold to someone who I thought I knew,” he shot back.

Silence swelled between them. To think that ten years ago, such a thing would be foreign to them. They talked about everything and as their relationship developed into a romantic one, their talking turned into touches. Now looking at her, Nate could barely imagine what possessed him to love her. She was selfish, materialistic and petty. He thought he loved her but perhaps he had loved the convenience that their relationship offered or perhaps he had changed, grown. 

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how can i stop binging? 😫

You need to find something to help pull you out of the cycle. It takes a lot of trial and error to find something that works for you, but here are some suggestions.

Portion food every day/week. Put what you’re going to eat for each meal in a container or specific spot and then only eat what you’ve portioned out. 

Keep a small low cal snack with you and whenever you feel like binging. Eat the snack and wait 20 minutes before you let yourself think about eating again. 

Set a short term goal. Maybe you want to lose 10 pounds in four weeks. Think about the goal before you eat. You can’t binge if you want to reach that goal. 

Fast in between every meal. Sometimes binging can be caused by just wanting to have a small snack and losing control. If that’s the case, say goodbye to snacks and consider the time between every meal a fast. Set a timer if you have to. 

Count up the calories of whatever you’re eating before you eat it. This way if it’s a lot of calories you’ll be more discouraged from eating it, and if you have a meal planned then going back to wherever you track your calories and adding/changing the amount can sometimes be enough of a hassle to not want to eat something. 

If you’re eating for the taste, have low calorie snacks that you love already prepared. You can keep some nice flavored gum on hand, or bake some low cal brownies or make something like sugar free jello and set it to the side for later. Then when you feel like binging because of taste, you can eat the snacks you’ve made. And if you still end up eating a ton it’s much better than stuffing your face full of fatty foods. 

When you’re stuck in a habit like binging it can be hard to quit (I’ve struggled with it for so long until I finally managed to pull myself out) but finding something to help pull you out and changing your mindset can really help. All of these tips are about changing the way you think a bit, because if you don’t make the change in your head then you won’t make the change in what you put in your mouth. I hope at least one of these can help you! ❤

Someone help this is the first Thanksgiving my mom brother and I aren’t going to dinner with the rest of the family and none of us know how to prepare a turkey

  • I wish I could get pictures of the looks on my mom’s face at having to put her hands in a dead bird
  • Both my mom and brother are grossed out so I did it
  • “Do you feel a bag of giblets?” “No, just a cold, empty cavity.” “STOP DESCRIBING IT!”
  • “What’s a giblet?” - My brother
  • “Well, the bag says pull out two things and we pulled out two things so I guess those are it?”
  • “Do we take the plastic thing out?”
  • “Shannon, if you call [the bag of turkey juices] that again, I will have to throw up on you.”
  • “Shannon, you can keep [putting the foil over the turkey].” (smacks my hand away the second I get close to the juices spill) “NOT YET!” “WELL, THAT’S WHY I WAS WAITING”
  • “Do you want me to massage the turkey with oil?”
  • “Wow, mom, that’s a lot of pepper” “She’s pepperjacking the turkey”
  • “Yeah, mom, you salt that turkey”
  • “Can I burn these?” “No, those are the only trash cans we have.” “Sad as they are.”
  • (After asking several more times) “CAN I BURN THIS” “YOU KNOW WE CAN’T”
  • It took some effort to fit the whole turkey in the oven, we had to adjust racks and shove
  • After full minutes, my mom remembered: “THE POP TIMER!”
  • After failing to find a place to fit the pop timer: “JUST STICK IT IN THROUGH THE TINFOIL”
  • My aunt’s hosting Thanksgiving dinner at her house, safe in the knowledge that her turkey is better than ours and her windows and oven are the cleanest in the goddamn world

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It was a good few minutes before Yandere came back. He had his pjs on now. He frowned when he found the door locked before plucking two pins out of his hair, and picking it. Good thing you were done when he came in, “Skylar-pai locked the door! No need to do that when I’m around.” He picked you up again, carrying you to the bed. He slipped the two of you under the covers & positioned you to cuddle him again, kissing your forehead, “Now sleep, don’t worry, I’ll be right here when you wake up.”-🥀

I let out a paniced yep as he picked the lock, honestly looking quite nervous when he walked closer “i-i just um… i didnt want people walking in while i was changin- !” I was cut off when he picked me up, relaxing once he put us under the blankets. Though his words were still a but worrying in a way i just smiled up to him, snuggling close to him “thank you yandere… sleep well…”

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Omg Bending moments update was the most beautifulest thing I have ever seen thank you for being alive and sticking with it!!! Love how they're both head over heels and they've just met!! ❤️💙

Ah thank you so much!

Yeah I want to make it clear that I absolutely love working on this comic, so the hiatus was not me “getting sick of it” or “getting bored with it” or anything like that. It feels really nice to feel that sense of accomplishment of putting out pages again.

Also, because Keith and Lance have actually met now… the fun really begins. 

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prompt - Billy and Steve making dinner, either for the kids or just for themselves. I feel like neither of them can really cook so it'd be something like pasta with pasta sauce out of the jar

- billy tries to be romantic for steve and attempts to cook, but he sucks.
- he goes for the easiest thing he knows; spaghetti.
- so he throws some noodles in a pot of water and gets out the spaghetti sauce and waits.
- steve is all reluctant about it the entire time, but billy assures him he’s done it before.
- which is a lie
- when the noodles are done, he strains them and puts them in the pot again, mixing it with the sauce. he has no idea if it’s correct, but oh well.
- my boy knows his shit though; the whole “fork on the left” ordeal. so he whips out those paper plates and forks and makes steve sit at the dinner table with him.
- it totally doesn’t taste right, but steve assures him he likes it
- afterwards, steve helps him do dishes and billy keeps splashing him with water and poking the back of his neck with wet hands

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this is probably not the best comparison but i just thought of it. i had spine surgery a few years back and i had to learn how to walk again. i had physical therapy and my therapist was there to ills me and guide me, and encourage me. that’s the way i see joe. he was there to hold her and guide her when picking up her broken pieces and letting her heal. he didn’t put the pieces back himself, he let her do it and was there to help her and of course put some of those pieces back too.

this is a great analogy! just stood by her side while she took her time figuring things out.

I think I might own haunted fairy lights.

Once again they had turned off in my living room window while I was sleeping. Nothing had moved, can’t even blame the cat or anything. They did click obediently back on, so it wasn’t the batteries either.

They’re brand new and this is the second time they’ve done that now – the first time they didn’t turn back on so I just thought they were defective. Until I some time later realized the batteries were in upside down. I mean, I can’t be certain me and my mom hadn’t done that while trying to figure out the problem, but after I put them back in the right way they worked again.


a desert mirage 

we’ve always taken shelter in our unhelpable pride

Lucas Sinclair S2 Appreciation Post
  • Is the only one who actually works to get money for Dragon’s Lair
  • Fact: has the best poses when the boys are getting their pictures taken in their ghostbuster costumes
  • Calls out Mike for assuming he should be Winston because he’s black
  • “TooOOotALY toooobuuularrRRR”
  • When Dustin thinks he’s discovered a new species, Lucas’s first instinct is to show Mr. Clarke + when Will thinks it may be from the upside down Lucas suggests they take D’art to Hopper = the only sensible child in this show. Don’t be afraid to ask for help kids!!!
  • THE ICONIC DOOR KICK !!!!!!! !!!!!!1111!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Somehow makes jumping out of a dumpster look cool
  • Oh man, Caleb McLaughlin’s acting when he asks Max “how do you know about El?”
  • In that one line he conveys how much Lucas: 1. misses El, 2. cares about El, 3. wants to protect El, 4. is sad that El’s gone, and 5. feels guilty for not saving El. (asdjskafsdfh am I reading too much into this?? I’m sorry his friendship with El is just A Lot™ for me.)
  • Goes to his dad for love advice (seriously the only one that has any faith in adults) and listens to him (thank god there’s at least one healthy biological father-son relationship on this show)
  • After he tells Max about Eleven, he says, it feels “like yesterday” that they lost her. (Seriously FIGHT ME if you think El disappearing didn’t affect Lucas (or Dustin!))
  • Is such a good listener when talking to Max on the roof of the bus. He lets her pause as long as she needs to when she’s thinking about what she wants to say and when she finishes speaking, he doesn’t say anything right away because he’s processing what she said and wants to give a thoughtful, comforting response instead of saying the first thing that comes to mind.
  • Binoculars
  • Bandana
  • Wrist rocket
  • Most characters are lucky to get one (1) iconic accessory. This boy has THREE.
  • He also puts the black paint gunk stuff (i dont fucking know what it’s called ok??) under his eyes because when he’s gearing up to fight upside down monsters he commits to the Look™.
  • Anyone who kicks Billy Hargrove in the balls is a hero to me
  • Doesn’t let anyone talk shit about his girlfriend’s driving skills. Mike: she’s only driven in a parking lot. Lucas: “That counts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!11!!!”
  • Practices asking Max to dance. so. many. times.
  • Still manages to fuck it up. #RelatableAF.
  • His hesitation to put his hands on Max’s waist. Someone help this boy, he’s so nervous.
  • His face after Max kisses him is so precious. I can’t even describe it. Gifs don’t do it justice. Just go back and watch the whole snow ball scene again, you know you want to anyway.
  • In conclusion, Lucas Sinclair continued to be a icon in season 2 and idk how anyone couldn’t love him.