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One day Percy’s teacher at school (senior year, any teacher of choice) walks in on Percy having an intense conversation with the fish at the back of the classroom. Percy rants for a full 5 minutes about how the fish being in a tank is actually considered animal abuse before he realizes his teacher’s just gawking at him from across the room.

The following day Sally and Paul receive a letter that Percy had been admitted to an acute residential facility for insanity. He was removed a day later because one of the employees was a child of Apollo.

DJ bounces in from his bedroom with ‘just shagged’ hair’. He wears nothing but a silk, paisley-patterned dressing gown and purple, velvet slippers with elaborate gold brocade initials: 'DJ’.
He poses - deliriously. A cigarette in his mouth, bottle of malt whisky in his hand. He snorts a line from a small, coke-laden, mirrored coffee table and leaps in the air with uncontrollable joy. Now he starts dirty-dancing with the women. They bump and grind, having a ball.
—  Don Juan in Soho, stage directions at the beginning of Act Four

did you ever notice

WX names the lying robot Hal, right, that line’s been in there for a long time


and as of DST, wilson has agreed to go along with them, and also call it hal

ds Alone:

TRINKET_11 = “He whispers beautiful lies to me.”,

ds Together:

TRINKET_11 = “Hal whispers beautiful lies to me.”


Through to the End, Chapter 6

Emma is journeying to bargain with King George of her family’s neighbouring kingdom, when news comes that complicates her plans. The arrival of Killian Jones, childhood friend turned pirate and mercenary, gives her a solution - if she can convince him to take it. Enchanted Forest AU

AN: I am officially the worst at updating, but here I am, eventually. Thank you so much for the support you’ve given this fic, and your patience with my slow update schedule. This is the last proper chapter, but there will be an epilogue that will probably be chapter-length anyway.

As always, this is for my dear @seastarved, to whom I send all the hugs and love in the world.

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Through the layers of unconsciousness, Emma was still aware of a few things. Sunlight on her face. A blanket wrapped firmly around her. Something soft brushing her cheek, warmth against her shoulder.

Along with wakefulness came discomfort – she wasn’t in pain, but she felt a tiredness and an ache that went through her whole body. Taking a deep breath, she stretched out with every muscle she could, rolling her shoulders and inadvertently disrupting the warmth leaning against her. She heard a hitch in breathing and then fingertips brushed her cheek. “Emma?”

She reached toward it, but found herself slipping back into darkness.

When she next became aware of the world around her, the first thing she realised was quiet. Her eyes flickered slowly open, and she stared at the ceiling for a minute or so before she managed to lift her head enough to look around the room and see that it was empty. Had someone been here before, or had that tender touch been her imagination?

As if on cue, the door to her bedroom opened and Graham entered, stopping still when he saw her trying to sit up. Calling for Doc over his shoulder, he rushed to her side and, sliding his arm around her back, helped her to sit up. She took in his tightened jaw, the stiffness of his arm, the worry on his face, just as she took stock of herself. She felt foggy, as thought she’d slept either a moment or a year, and her muscles ached when she moved them to support herself. “What happened?” she asked, and found her voice hoarse.

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anonymous asked:

Thoughts and headcanons on Dark! Jon Snow? I feel like after all he's gone through it's pretty damn hard to stay honorable and positive (though he already broods a lot XD). Or maybe there's just a part of him that's dark and it comes out sometimes?

I’m not sure exactly what you mean but I have some ideas!

  • Jon is much more of an introvert than he is a people person and he needs space from all of his subjects so he can spend time with just his family and friends-if he’s not able to he gets irritable and frustrated 
  • He’s not always the most optimistic, especially since the war; he gets worried easily and he doesn’t like sudden changes in plans before he can consider all eventualities 
  • He’s super protective of his family-and he’ll utterly destroy anyone who ever desires them harm. He rarely ever gets so angry he sees red, but when he does everyone knows to stay out of his way 
  • He can be reluctant to bring up his problems or misgivings especially around Dany, who already has so much to think about as it is
  • He has nightmares a lot more than he lets on. Of course he and Dany both have them but he’s better at hiding them; there are nights were he barely sleeps because they’re so bad
  • Sometimes he wishes that he really was just a bastard with no name and no responsibility because being the king of the Seven Kingdoms can be overwhelming 
  • He definitely has a dark streak that he doesn’t show anyone and he barely even knows about himself. He doesn’t like it, but it’s more or less part of him-it helps him focus in battle and plan military strategies without giving faces and stories to the soldiers on the other side. He’s so used to hiding all of his fear and his worry and being the strong leader that Dany still has to remind him to open up to her and not try to take too much on at once. He tries to be strong for everyone, but sometimes it’s damn near impossible. 

Confession time: I fell in love with Dany because she’s so multi facted and so complex that she almost feels like a real person-I never really got that with Jon. Now I do a little bit more, after writing him and being able to go inside his head, but it can seem like he’s just your typical hero-maybe that’s because the show tends to gloss over most of his flaws. I want to see the cracks in his armor. I want the GA to be able to see that he’s not so perfect and there’s more to him than just one side. 

Even if it means he’s not blindly loved. I feel like some of the fan favorite characters aren’t understood as well as they should be because no one on the show (or in the books) is good enough to be loved blindly. And that’s what’s so different about it-the characters are complex, they do good things and bad things, and we love them for the people that they are. That’s why there’s vitriol hate for them too. Characters aren’t always portrayed this way.

Forgive me it’s 7 in the morning and I’m still trying to get used to being awake.